October 27, 2015 Meeting

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 2017

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October 27, 2015 Meeting

Date: October Ex Officio: Kate Moore 0 1 2 3 0 Guests: Betsy Appleton, CPC Co-Chair Mary Ann Jones, CPC Co-Chair Anne McKee , Conference Coordinator Danielle Williams, PPC Chair 1 Members at Large: Eugenia Beh Christian Burris Maria Collins Laurie Kaplan Steve Oberg Wendy Robertson 2 Executive Board: Carol Ann Borchert, President Steve Kelley, Past President Anna Creech, Vice President/President Elect Kelli Getz, Secretary Beverly Geckle , Treasurer Michael Hanson, Treasurer-Elect 3 CPC/PPC Report , Kelley, Creech, Appleton, Jones, McKee, Williams October Board Meeting Attendees 1.0 Welcome (Borchert) The meeting was called to order at 9:09 am. 2.0 CPC, PPC, and Anne McKee met with the Board to discuss the logistics of the 2016 Annual NASIG Conference. Per CPC and McKee, there will be free Wi-Fi in the hotel rooms for NASIG attendees. Also, there will be free WiFi in the hotel conference rooms. After the Board Meeting, CPC would be meeting with a representative of the hotel to do a walk-through of the conference space after meeting with the Board. Additionally, CPC would be meeting with a representative of the Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau the afternoon of 10/27 to look at venues for an off-site event. Keeping attendees hydrated will be an issue at the conference due to the heat and low humidity. CPC will need to make sure that the conference rooms have plenty of water throughout the day. CPC will need to inform conference attendees that the Q-Bar in the hotel has an enforced dress code. There are several bike rental options close to the hotel. CPC will include this information on the conference website. CPC is also looking into an optional off-site event for NASIG attendees to go to a local baseball game. PPC said that the three vision speakers for the 2016 conference have been confirmed and MOUs sent. The call for proposals will close on November 15 but can be extended to December 18. When the online schedule (Sched) goes live, payment will need to be made. Williams will add the CPC co-chairs and the Treasurer as Sched administrators. Williams will also investigate if there is a way for Sched to go live and keep it private so that the Board can view the schedule before it is made public. ACTION ITEM: Creech will report back to the Board regarding PPC’s investigations of being able to have Sched go live without it being visible to the public. ACTION ITEM: Geckle will work with PPC to pay for Sched when the program slate is finalized. There was much discussion around finding the best time slot for the Vendor Expo. It was agreed that Saturday lunchtime would work best. There will not be problems with space this year and vendors liked the non-compete timeslot. This will also encourage vendors to stay through the whole conference and will also help them so that they won’t lose a day of sales ability. Last year PPC asked the Tier 1, Tier 2, and organizational members to participate in the Vendor Lightning Talks (VLTs). This year we need to have at least 5 speakers for the VLTs with speeches to last no longer than 7-8 minutes. ACTION ITEM: PPC will work to get at least 5 speakers for the Vendor Lightning Talks. PPC can work with the Registrar to see which vendor reps will be attending the conference and contact them in the event that PPC has difficulty getting responses from the sponsorship contact. ACTION ITEM: Creech will complete the PPC annual report from the 2015 conference. The Business Meeting was set to go from 7-8 pm on PPC’s schedule. The Board felt that this was too late to hold the meeting. ACTION ITEM: PPC will adjust the preliminary schedule to find a better timeslot for the Business Meeting (Creech). ACTION ITEM: Williams will take the Board’s suggestions for additional workshops back to PPC. Williams will then report back to the Board on how PPC will be proceeding with the additional workshops (Creech). Since the student award winners are no longer required to write a report to be printed in the NASIG Newsletter, student award winners could now choose from either writing a report for the newsletter, participating in the Snapshot Sessions, or creating a Great Idea. However, the Board agreed that this can begin with the Indianapolis conference in 2017 since there will likely be more students attending the conference due to the proximity of several library schools. 3.0 Secretary’s Report (Getz) 3.1 Action Items Update The Board went through the outstanding action items from April and May to incorporate them into the current set of action items. There is now only one set of action items instead of three sets of action items. 3.2 Board Activity Report ● October 10, 2015: Board approved the PPC slate of Vision Speakers for the 2016 conference October 21, 2015: Board approved the First Timer’s Award and the Capstone Award as proposed by the Awards and Recognition Committee, with the minor edits suggested by the Board. 3.3 Approval of Oct. 2 Conference Call Minutes Robertson moved to approve the minutes from the October 2 conference call. Oberg seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously. 4.0 Treasurer’s Report (Geckle) 4.1 2015 Conference Financials Geckle reported that the numbers from the D.C. conference look good. NASIG made a total of $32,516 from the D.C. conference, which was slightly less than the Fort Worth conference net of $39,522. However, the D.C. conference had additional contingency fund expenses to cover such as the 30th Anniversary Celebration and the joint conference day with SSP. Geckle reported that the 2016 committee budget proposal has been set. The committees asked for a total of $96,550, although committees usually overbudget for committee expenses. To date, in 2015, the committee expenses are $62,664.08. Geckle said that the archival information that the Treasurer needs such as conference attendance, membership numbers, etc. is not readily available in one place. ACTION ITEM: Geckle and Hanson will explore options for keeping track of information such as conference attendance, membership numbers, etc. Ideas at the meeting included AMO and Google docs. Additionally, Geckle and Hanson might employ the help of the FPTF to go through old newsletter issues to look for historical information from previous treasurers. Oberg pointed out that the Executive Board Travel and Reimbursement Policy was out-of-date for the upcoming Winter Board Meeting since the NASIG Board no longer meets in conjunction with ALA Midwinter. ACTION ITEM: Oberg and Borchert will revise the wording on the Executive Board Travel and Reimbursement Policy so that the policy reflects current practice regarding the Midwinter Board Meeting. Oberg and Borchert will then bring the revised wording to the Board for a vote. 4.4 Non-Receipt of Payment from Conference Registration Per Geckle, she is still following up with several individuals regarding non-receipt of payment from conference registration. ACTION ITEM: Geckle, Kelley, and the Registrar will work together to resolve the issue of non-payment at the conference. ACTION ITEM: Geckle and Hanson will explore using PayPal instead of authorize.net to see if PayPal will accept American Express credit cards. 5.0 Committee Updates (All) ● ● ● Archives - Nothing to report. Archives Task Force - Nothing to report. Awards and Recognition A&R felt that the serials specialist award should be renamed since the other awards are named after distinguished members of NASIG. The Board felt that the award would continue as the Serials Specialist Award for another year because the call for nominations will be going out too soon to make a change this year. Borchert suggested changing the name next year. VOTE: Robertson moved to change the name of the Serials Specialist Award to Library Specialist for 2016 and then name it after a NASIG paraprofessional after that. Burris seconded. The motion passed unanimously. ACTION ITEM: Kelley will investigate other potential names for the Library Specialist Award for next year. The Birdie MacLennan award is a new award targeting mid-career professionals. Collins suggested broadening the award criteria to include e-resources expertise in addition to serials experience to better fit with NASIG’s vision. ACTION ITEM: Creech will take the suggestion from Collins to A&R to broaden the Birdie MacLennan award to include e-resources expertise in addition to serials experience. A&R needed to know from the Board whether or not to budget for the Champion Award. Per the Board, the Champion Award is only given every 5 years so A&R should not budget for it this year. ● Bylaws The Bylaws Committee is working on updating the Bylaws with NASIG’s new vision. ● Communications & Marketing Committee Searching on the NASIG website is difficult because the newsletter, blog, and even some of the AMO content is not available to be searched on the NASIG website. This discussion will be addressed later in the NASIG Newsletter searching discussion. Dresselhaus recommended purchasing a physical recorder that works with Dragon software to be used for vision speaker speeches. The price of the physical recorder is $100. VOTE: Oberg moved to accept the request from Dresselhaus for the $100 recorder intended to be used to record vision speaker speeches. Creech seconded. The vote passed unanimously. The Proceedings Editors were also concerned with the quality of submissions. The Board suggested strongly encouraging speakers to write their own papers and including the presentation abstract if no write-up is available. It is still too expensive to video record each session. Collins will check with Editors to see if they need more physical recorders so that one can be left in each concurrent session room (5) and one can be left in the larger vision speaker room (1) for a total of 6 recorders. ACTION ITEM: Collins will ask the Proceedings Editors if they would like to request an additional 5 recorders on top of the one that the Board approved for them. ACTION ITEM: Creech will notify PPC that they need to include language when sending out the MOUs to encourage speakers to write up their own presentations. Dresselhaus said that for the anniversary editions of the Conference Proceedings that the NASIG President usually writes a letter to be included. ACTION ITEM: Kelley will write a letter as NASIG President of the 30th anniversary conference for the Proceedings. ACTION ITEM: Collins will check on the due date for Kelley regarding the NASIG President’s letter for the anniversary edition of the conference proceedings. ● Conference Proceedings Editors The Conference Proceedings Editors brought to the Board a proposal to restructure the Conference The editors are concerned with the quality of the Proceedings Editors and change the recordings from the devices that recorders are using. reimbursement/stipend structure. Currently, there are 4 NASIG Newsletter March 2016 2 editors that both get a stipend. In the proposal the Editors would like to see the following: ● Have four positions instead of the current system of two positions. The four positions would be: Lead Proceedings Editor [second-year], Proceedings Editor [first-year], Production Manager, and Production Assistant. This model resembles the Newsletter model. ● The Proceedings Editor would be a two-year position where the incoming Proceedings Editor would spend the first year in training and move into the second-year position where he/she would be the lead editor. ● The Production Manager would appoint the incoming Proceedings Editor. ● The Production Manager would also be in charge of coordinating workflows and assignments, serve as the liaison to the Taylor & Francis editor, and recruit recorders. ● The Production Assistant would support the Production Manager as needed. ● The current $1,000 stipend would be split between the Lead Proceedings Editor and the Production Manager since those two positions would have to attend the conference, as opposed to the current model of both Proceedings Editors receiving a stipend to split. ● In the proposal, the Editors are requesting reduced conference registration rate for the incoming Proceedings Editor and the Production Assistant. The Production Manager and Lead Proceedings Editor will split the $1,000 conference stipend. VOTE: Oberg motioned to approve the proposal as proposed by the Proceedings Editors including the reduced conference registration rate of $200 for the incoming Proceedings Editor and the Production Assistant. Burris seconded. The vote passed unanimously. ● CEC committee chairs so that they will be prepared to lead their committee meetings at the conference. The webinar needs to be recorded and available so that both the committee chairs and web liaisons can refer to it later. ACTION ITEM: Robertson will let CEC know that they are tasked with providing a committee chair training webinar before the conference that needs to be available for future reference. The CEC chair (Jeannie Castro) stepped down. The vicechair (Esta Tovstiadi) will be stepping into the chair position. ACTION ITEM: Creech will find a new CEC member and appoint a new vice-chair. ACTION ITEM: Robertson will notify the Board when a new CEC vice-chair is selected. ● Database & Directory - Nothing to report. ● Evaluation & Assessment - Nothing to report. ● Financial Planning Task Force FPTF will be checking the NASIG Newsletter for historical information regarding NASIG’s finances. Per Borchert’s conversations with October Ivins, it is industry standard to have 2-3 times the annual operating expenses in reserve. ACTION ITEM: Geckle and Hanson will work with FPTF to make sure that NASIG has 2-3 times the annual numbers in reserve. ● Membership Development Committee MDC would like to make the membership brochure easier to find on the website. The Board recommended that CEC provide committee ACTION ITEM: Kaplan will work with MDC to synthesize chair training before the conference to the incoming and standardize the membership across the NASIG 5 NASIG Newsletter March 2016 website. They will revise things with the help of CMC. Additionally, they will pull out the benefits to put on the membership page. ACTION ITEM: Burris will work with CMC to put membership information and benefits to the “About” menu. Additionally, CMC will aid MDC in synthesizing and standardizing the membership information on NASIG’s website. ● Mentoring Group The Mentoring Group needed suggestions for door prizes at the First Timers’ Reception. The Board felt that gift cards would be appropriate. ● Newsletter The call for a new Copy Editor will go out soon. ● Nominations & Elections N&E will be sending out another call soon reminding people about the nominating colleagues for the upcoming election. ● Scholarly Communications Core Competencies Task Force Chair William Joseph Thomas will be stepping down as chair to remain on the committee as a member. Two additional members will be added to the committee to assist with the large volume of work assigned to the committee. ACTION ITEM: Robertson will report back to the Board when a new committee chair for SCCCTF has been selected. ● Site Selection - Nothing to report. ● Student Outreach Committee Ideas Showcase. They are aiming to begin this for the Indianapolis conference because there will be several library schools relatively close to Indianapolis for marketing purposes. 6.0 Petition Process (Kaplan, Kelley, & Oberg) Kaplan, Kelley, and Oberg had a conference call last week to discuss the petition process. They began researching the petition process by looking through the NASIG bylaws for direction. There are pieces of the existing bylaws surrounding the business meetings at the conference that could be reworded and/or expanded to allow for a petition process. The group noticed in the NASIG Bylaws in Article V. Executive Board, Section 3. Duties that some of the language may be more appropriate under Article VIII. Meetings. ACTION ITEM: Kaplan will work with Bylaws to see if some of the language in the NASIG Bylaws in Article V. Executive Board, Section 3. Duties should be moved to Article VIII. Meetings. The sentence in question is “The membership may, by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at any meeting as provided for in Article VIII, revise the actions of the Executive Board.” The group recommends that the petition process go to the Bylaws Committee for further investigation and for potential inclusion in the NASIG bylaws. ACTION ITEM: Kaplan will take the investigations of the petition process from the Board sub-group to the Bylaws Committee to create an article on the petition process. The Board sub-group also recommends creating a more formal way for NASIG members to be able to petition the Board. While the Board does have an email address (), the sub-group would like to see a template on the NASIG website. ACTION ITEM: Kaplan, Kelley, and Oberg will draft a petition template for the NASIG website. The SOC would like to see the student award winners present either at the Snapshot Sessions or the Great 6 NASIG Newsletter Digital Preservation (Borchert) At the 2015 conference, vision speaker Anne Kenney made a list of suggested action items for NASIG in the area of digital preservation. The Board discussed how to move forward on some of the action items suggested by Kenney. Conference Rate Discussion (All) ACTION ITEM: CMC will continue to work with the logo 3 to make sure that it displays correctly on the website, in the footer, in the header, and on documents such as the Core Competencies (Burris). ACTION ITEM: Burris will talk to Chris Bulock to see if it is possible to get a black and white version of logo 3. If Bulock is unable to create a black and white logo, Geckle will talk to Jim Geckle to see if he is able to do it. The NASIG Board discussed the conference registration rates for the 2016 conference but these have not yet been finalized. 12.0 Parking Lot Issues (All) There were no parking lot issues. NASIG Newsletter Searching (Oberg) 13.0 Adjourn (Borchert) Oberg brought up the issue of searching on the NASIG website. The search currently only searches the actual NASIG website and does not search newsletter content or the NASIG blog. Both the Newsletter and the blog have separate search features. Moore felt that there is a way to incorporate a Google search on the NASIG website that would search all of NASIG’s website, social media sites, and the NASIG Newsletter. ACTION ITEM: Burris will work with CMC to put a Google search box on NASIG’s website to search the website, the blog, and the Newsletter. 10.0 Strategic Planning Session (Borchert) The Board discussed the strategic planning session that is scheduled to take place in January with the winter Board meeting. 11.0 Logo Issues (Borchert) There were some issues with the twisty sphere logo displaying correctly. The flat sphere logo displays better. VOTE: Oberg moved to go with logo 3 [the flat sphere with straight lines] because it is easier to reproduce. Robertson seconded. The motion passed unanimously. Creech moved to adjourn at 5:10 pm. Oberg seconded. Minutes submitted by: Kelli Getz Secretary, NASIG Executive Board Revised December 1, 2015

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