December 3, 2015 Conference Call

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 2017

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December 3, 2015 Conference Call

Executive Board Minutes NASIG Board Conference Call December 0 1 2 Ex Officio: Kate Moore 0 1 2 0 3.1 Board Activity Report 1 Regrets: Anna Creech, Vice President/President-Elect Beverly Geckle , Treasurer 2 Executive Board: Carol Ann Borchert, President Steve Kelley, Past-President Kelli Getz , Secretary Michael Hanson, Treasurer-Elect Attendees 1.0 Welcome (Borchert) The meeting was called to order at 3:23 pm. 2.0 Treasurer’s Report (Geckle) Geckle was unable to make the conference call. 3.0 Secretary’s Report (Getz) 3.1 Board Activity Report Two votes were held during the conference call: VOTE: To approve the meeting minutes from the Oct. 27 Fall Board Meeting. Made by: Borchert. Seconded: Kelley. The vote passed unanimously. VOTE: To approve the updated reimbursement policy that reflects that the Board no longer meets at ALA Midwinter for the Winter Board Meeting. Made by: Robertson. Seconded: Oberg. The vote passed unanimously. Votes approved since the last conference call include: VOTE: To accept the Treasurer's corrected report from the Fall Board Meeting. Motion made by Kelley. Seconded: Oberg. Vote passed with 10 votes in favor and 2 abstentions on 11/12/15. VOTE: To approve having October Ivins as our consultant for the Strategic Planning Session. Motion made by: Kaplan. Seconded by Getz. Motion passed unanimously on 11/18/15. ACTION ITEM: Borchert, Getz, & Oberg will investigate alternatives to the Google Sheets document used by the Board to organize action items. The group will begin their investigations in February after the Winter Board Meeting. Per Collins, the advertisement for the Proceedings Editor position will go out before the Winter Board meeting. Hanson announced that NASIG now accepts American Express credit cards. 4.0 Committee Updates (All) Kaplan and MDC will review older conference surveys to see if those surveys contain enough information as to why people chose to stop attending NASIG conferences. If more information is needed, MDC will send out a poll to see why people chose not to attend the NASIG conference in DC. A bigger picture issue is that one person needs to coordinate NASIG advertising and how often surveys are conducted. ACTON ITEM: Borchert will contact the NASIG Publicist to see if the announcement regarding free student memberships will be going out soon. Kaplan will take the investigations of the petition process done by the Board sub-group to the Bylaws Committee now that the sub-group has made their recommendations. Per Kelley, CPC has a conference call scheduled where they will be picking items for the Cafe Press store. CPC will make sure that Cafe Press has the new NASIG logo. Also, Leigh Ann DePope, NASIG Publicist, will speak to the company that has the video of the vision speakers so that CPC can try to get the video online. The NASIG Archives can only handle paper materials, so the disc does not meet the requirements of being archived. ACTION ITEM: CPC will add to their manual instructions for uploading the vision speaker videos to the NASIG website right after the annual conference. (Kelley) The online NASIG membership registration form currently only allows for individuals to join as regular members. ACTION ITEM: Burris will work with CMC to add in the additional categories of membership onto the online NASIG membership registration form (e.g. student membership, etc.). Per Burris, Beth Ashmore announced that the SERIALST listserv now accepts attachments as Word documents. The official announcement will go out on the listserv in January. 7.0 Adjourn (Borchert) The meeting adjourned at 4:06 pm. Minutes submitted by: Kelli Getz Secretary, NASIG Executive Board 1/13/16 5.0 Archivist & Archives Task Force (Borchert/Getz) [ Board discussion] 6 .0 CMC / Publicist - Free Student Membership Announcement (Kaplan/Burris)

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