Student Outreach

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 2010

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Student Outreach

Continuing Activities: Completed Activities: Board Liaison: Katy Ginanni 0 Completed Activities: 0 0 Committee members: Kara Killough, Serials Solutions (Chair); Eugenia Beh, University of Texas at Austin (Vice-Chair); Marcella Lesher, St.Mary's University; Kristen Blake, North Carolina State University; Carol Green, University of Southern Mississippi; Sara Newell, University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill; Bob Boissy, Springer , USA The committee continues to recruit new ambassadors through announcements in the NASIG Newsletter and through personal contact at the NASIG annual meeting. Committee members are to contact ambassadors a minimum of twice a year to remind them that they will be asked to make sure that their schools know about the awards program. Contact should be made in September and April. The April contact will be to verify continuation in the program and check to see if the ambassador will be attending the NASIG conference. Ambassadors will begin to update information about the schools that they are assigned to at the appropriate pages at the NASIG web site. The committee hopes to have an intern, as recommended by Bob Boissy at the committee's meeting at the 2010 Annual Conference. The committee will continue to update its space at the NASIG web site as needed. An email list for ambassadors has been approved by the board. Will contact ECC to get list of names and emails for ambassadors as we add them. Will add all documentation from the Google Groups to the committee workspace on the website. - • • • • • • • • • • Ambassadors are assigned to the following universities: Ambassador Sanjeet Mann Susan Chinoransky Kate Seago Emma Cryer Joseph Hinger Alita Pierson Sarah Sutton Carol Ann Borchert Brenda Battleson Angela Dresselhaus Linda Smith Griffin Eugenia Beh Bob Boissy Carol Green Marcella Lesher School UCLA University of Maryland University of Kentucky Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill St. John's University, Queens College Univ. of Washington Texas Woman’s University University of South Florida, Florida State SUNY-Buffalo Indiana University Louisiana State University Univ. of Texas, Austin Simmons, Syracuse, SUNY Albany Univ. of Southern Mississippi St. Mary’s Liaison Bob Boissy Bob Boissy Carol Green Carol Green Eugenia Beh Kara Killough Kristin Blake Marcella Lesher Marcella Lesher Sara Newell Sara Newell Eugenia Beh Bob Boissy Carol Green Marcella Lesher Statistical information: The committee has 15 confirmed ambassadors for 19 schools, including committee members. Questions/Recommendations for the Board None at this time.

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