CPC Update

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 2017

Danielle Williams, Sue Wiegand

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CPC Update

Upcoming Conference News CPC Update: Racing to the Crossroads Food Speakers Features Danielle Williams Sue Wiegand CPC Co-Chairs We're getting closer to NASIG in Indianapolis-the June conference when we all converge at the crossroads of innovation and transformation in libraries. There will be good food and fun with our speaker, Sally Perkins talking about “The Harm, the Charm, and the Daring of Dillinger” to kick off the opening reception and many exciting nearby adventures to choose from. The AV contract is signed, and includes live streaming for the vision sessions. Our speakers will be Dr. Michel Dumontier (Maastricht University), April Hathcock (NYU), and Carol Tilley (University of Illinois). With topics including data science, scholarly communications, and the intersection of young people, comics, and libraries, the conference should rev up all participants to learn the latest while enjoying the amenities of Indianapolis, a walkable city with a lot going on. - The dine-arounds will be close to the action, with 6-7 diverse choices on both Friday and Saturday nights. Plus, there will be food trucks in the area and lists of nearby places to grab a quick lunch. Local activities, near and not-so-near, will be listed and promoted. The link to Café Press is on the website, and vendor logos are being added on an ongoing basis. Souvenir t-shirts should be available ahead of the conference. The board has approved an idea to give out a fun item to attendees to remember the conference, and CPC is currently considering what fun item to suggest! We are recruiting volunteers with a flyer and working with the student mentoring committee to attract area LIS students to the conference. 1

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Danielle Williams, Sue Wiegand. CPC Update, NASIG Newsletter, 2017,