February 28, 2015 Conference Call

NASIG Newsletter, Sep 2015

Published on 05/01/15

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February 28, 2015 Conference Call

Executive Board Minutes NASIG Board Conference Call February 0 1 Ex Officio: Kate Moore 0 1 0 Regrets: Joyce Tenney , Past-President 1 Executive Board: Steve Kelley, President Carol Ann Borchert, Vice President/President-Elect Shana McDanold , Secretary Beverly Geckle, Treasurer Kelley reports the request for Great Ideas Showcase and Snapshot sessions has been distributed. The Task Force is working on creating a trivia contest. They are also discussing an "old timers" reception during the dine arounds time slot. NASIG Newsletter Attendees The meeting came to order at 4.05pm 1.0 CPC Update (Tenney) Registration will open when the hotel has confirmed reservation of the rooms reserved for speakers and others. 2.0 PPC Update (Kelley) 3.0 Joint NASIG-SSP Programming Update (Kelley) A press release regarding the joint programming day has been prepared, and Kelley is coordinating with SSP on distribution. One of the sessions will be a discussion of copyright, with a panel of lawyers and other experts discussing issues. The other speakers are lined up, with Boissy facilitating a panel Q&A at the end. 4.0 30th Anniversary Task Force Update (Borchert) Borchert reports the Task Force is working on a t-shirt design for the t-shirt giveaway. They are interested in contacting the designer of the logo to see if they are interested in designing the t-shirt and what it would cost for a design. They are also working on a "where are they now" for past award winners. They would like to include it in the rotating PowerPoint that cycles through prior to Vision Sessions. The big event will be a dessert reception plus a DJ after Friday dinner. Kelley is starting the legal process of changing the name to NASIG on all our documents. Kelley will work with Tenney on this piece. ACTION ITEM: CMC must review website to ensure everything says just NASIG. (Borchert) NASIG needs to update the logo on Membership Brochure (Borchert) and other locations the logo exists. For copies of the Membership Brochure, make copies as needed and submit for reimbursement (or use NASIG credit card). For letterhead mailings, use a Word template rather than ordering letterhead. Old letterhead will be recycled. There is an issue with the resolution on the current logo. Can we create a high resolution version for people to print on demand on posters, etc.? Geckle will ask her brother about converting the current logo to a high-res version. ACTION ITEM: At 2015 Conference, give previous versions to the Archivist/Photo Historian for a photograph to be filed in the archives (no physical objects in the archives besides paper/photographs). (McDanold) ACTION ITEM: Research obtaining a new banner. Dimensions to hang from a table, printed on cloth for flexibility. (McDanold) Collins has not received any applications for the Proceedings Editor but has at least one person possibly interested. Collins will pull a list of previous Newsletter Editors and start looking for interested parties. A vote on monetary support for the Ebook Freakout event support is forthcoming. Kelley will also be plugging NASIG when he speaks at the event. Kelley is also speaking at the NC Serials Conference about NASIG and what's new. Kelley will solicit feedback from the Board on topics. Kelley will be having conversations with two representatives from LPC on cooperative activities on Monday, 2/23. Borchert will join in on the conversation. Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm. Minutes submitted by: Shana McDanold Secretary, NASIG Executive Board 6.0 Next Steps on Name Change (Kelley)

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