The Catholic Lawyer Post-Convention Tour

The Catholic Lawyer, Apr 2016

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The Catholic Lawyer Post-Convention Tour

The Catholic Lawyer Post-Convention Tour Recommended Citation - Article 9 Follow this and additional works at: Following the American Bar Association Meeting in London a tour of Ireland, France and Italy covering places of particular interest to Catholic lawyers, as well as points of general interest, is being arranged by THE CATHOLIC LAWYER in conjunction with the Catholic Travel Division of the American Express Company. The party will include American lawyers who speak the language of the countries visited and who are familiar with the places which American Catholic lawyers would naturally like to see. Care has been taken to give delegates much free time to visit places in which they may have a particular interest. The itinerary is as follows: Wednesday, July 31 - DUBLIN - Morning plane from London. Thursday, August 1 - DUBLIN - Delegates who wish to attend the formal reception to be tendered by the "Irish Benchers and. the Bar Council" in honor of the American delegates, to be held on Thursday evening August 1, at the Building of the Four Courts, Dublin, should make reservations with Mr. Vincent P. McDevitt, Chairman, 1000 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Friday, August 2-DUBLIN and PARIS-Morning: meeting of MedicoLegal Society of Ireland for all delegates interested in medico-legal matters. Afternoon plane to Paris. Delegates who wish to participate in the events which are being scheduled by the ABA in Paris should communicate with E. Smythe Gambrell, Esq., 825 C. and S. National Bank Building, Atlanta 3, Georgia. Saturday, August 3 - PARIS - Tour of Paris and ABA sponsored activities. Sunday, August 4 - PARIS - Mass at a time and place to be announced. Visit to the famous Sainte Chapelle in the Palace of Justice. [See 1 CATHOLIC LAWYER 214 (1955)]. Monday, August 5 - PARIS - Visit to the School of Law of the University of Paris. Afternoon and evening free. Tuesday, August 6 - MILAN - Morning plane from Paris. Plans for meeting with Catholic lawyers being arranged.1 'The official plans of the ABA for meetings in Italy have not yet been announced. Information, when available, can be obtained from John Prizer, Esq., 1740 Suburban Station Building, Phila. 4, Pa. Wednesday, August 7 - MILAN and VENICE - Afternoon train to Venice. All expense tour from London to Rome - $509.00. All expense tour from London including air tourist return to New York - $869.20. For further information and reservaitions write: THE CATHOLIC LAWYER TOUR 96 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn 1, New York The tour is not limited to members of the ABA, nor to lawyers, nor even to Catholics, although it is particularly designed for such groups. Persons who have been unable to attend the ABA Meeting in London may join the tour in Dublin on July 31 or August 1 or in Paris between August 1 and 4. Thursday , August 8 - VENICE - Morning tour on foot. Afternoon tour by gondola . Friday , August 9 - BOLOGNA - Morning train from Venice. Visit to the oldest university in Europe whose law school was founded in 1088. Saturday , August 10 - FLORENCE - Morning train from Bologna. Visit to Uffizi Gallery to see painting of the Young Thomas More by Holbein . Sunday , August 11 - FLORENCE - Mass* at the Cathedral. Visit to art treasures for which Florence has been famous since the Middle Ages . Monday , August 12 - ASSISI and ROME - Motorcoach from Florence to Rome via Perugia and Assisi. Visit to shrine of St. Francis of Assisi. Tuesday , August 13 to Saturday, August 17 - ROME - Visits to Vatican City, the Vatican Museum and other points of historic interest. Visit to papal courts, particularly The Sacred Roman Rota and to the papal administrative offices. Guided motorcoach tour of Rome. A papal audience requested through the North American College in Rome will depend upon the schedule and health of the Holy Father .

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