Conference Planning

NASIG Newsletter, Mar 2012

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Conference Planning

Committee Reports 0 Kevin Furniss , Registrar (Tulane) Michael Arthur, Registrar in Training , University of Central Florida , USA 1 Members Ann Ercelawn, Co-chair (Vanderbilt University) Beverly Geckle, Co-chair (Middle Tennessee State University) Deborah Broadwater, member (Vanderbilt University) Jennifer Clarke, member (Bucknell University) Kay Johnson, member (Radford University) Shana McDanold, member (University of Pennsylvania) Sarah Perlmutter, member (EBSCO Information Services Jennifer Sauer, member (Fort Hays State University) Danielle Williams, member, University of Evansville , USA 2 Submitted by: Ann Ercelawn, Beverly Geckle , Co-chairs 3 Jennifer Arnold, board liaison (Central Piedmont Community College) Joyce Tenney, consultant, University of Maryland , Baltimore County , USA Completed Activities Continuing Activities - Website being added to as needed; Sarah Perlmutter will do sponsors page Dine arounds being worked on by Danielle Williams Program details received on the 10th by Registrar; Registrar working on registration Hotel ½ rooms and VIP rooms being compiled to send to hotel • • • • • • • • • • • Menus for the hotel have been finalized – We will have a “Nuevo Latino” themed dinner on Thursday night Budget submitted for approval Options for Saturday night investigated. They include: ball game, attendance at CMA event downtown, dine arounds, commercial tours that pick up from hotel and include ticket to Grand Ole Opry or river cruise with show; free hotel shuttle to several nearby restaurants Tours of TV News Archive set up during non-conflict times Room for Editeur group set up with hotel Additional rooms for Tuesday and Wednesday to accommodate pre-conference registrants negotiated by Joyce Tenney Reviewed flyer for publicity at NC Serials Conference and Electronic Resources in Libraries Music licensing investigated for open mic night Recommendations to Board: Purchase 3 music licenses for liability protection for open mic night

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