Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association

The Catholic Lawyer, Apr 2016

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Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association

Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association Recommended Citation Follow this and additional works at: - Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association* AUGUST, 1956 DALLAS, TEXAS HE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION will hold its annual meeting in Dallas, Texas, from August 27 to August 31. As in the past, the Catholic lawyers guild of the host city has arranged a program for the Catholic members of the American Bar Association attending the meeting. ' The St. Thomas More Society of the Dallas-Fort Worth Diocese will sponsor a Red Masst at 12:00 o'clock noon, on Sunday, August 26, 1956. Charles W. Webster, President of the Society and a member of the law faculty at Southern Methodist University, has announced that the Mass will be celebrated at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Ross Avenue and Pearl Street, Dallas. His Excellency, the Most Reverend Thomas K. Gorman, D.D., D.Sc.H., will be the celebrant, and His Excellency, the Most Reverend Robert J. Dwyer, D.D., Ph.D., Bishop of Reno, will preach the sermon. Dallas, the site of this year's American Bar Association meeting, abounds in places of particular interest to visitors. One of these, the newly dedicated Church of Christ the King at Preston Road and Colgate Avenue, is admittedly the finest specimen of Norman architecture in the Southwest. Also noteworthy, and only twenty minutes from downtown Dallas on Texas Highway 183, is the campus of the new University of Dallas, presently under construction and scheduled for opening on September 24, 1956, under diocesan auspices. Inasmuch as the St. Thomas More Society of the Dallas-Fort Worth Diocese has only recently been organized, and in view of the fact that tThe Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, commonly referred to as the Red Mass, has always marked the official opening of the judicial year of the Sacred Roman Rota. Through the years the custom has been observed in Rome, London and Paris. In 1928, the Guild of Catholic Lawyers of New York introduced the observance in the United States. Since then the tradition has flourished in this country, until today, in many cities, it is regarded as indispensable to the proper commencement of the court year. See 1 CATHOLIC LAWYER 215 (July 1955). *Prepared for the St. Thomas More Institute of Legal Research by the Reverend William J. Smyth of the Diocese of Dallas-Fort Worth. many receptions, of various types, have already been scheduled for Sunday afternoon, August 26, 1956, it was deemed advisable to forego the brunch that customarily follows the Red Mass. The Sacred Heart Cathedral is approxi mately a 10-minute walk from Convention Headquarters, at the new Statler-Hilton Hotel, and for the convenience of those who plan to attend the Red Mass, bus transportation will be available. As was done most successfully in April of this year, at the Red Mass in connection with the Ninth Conference of the InterAmerican Bar Association, an opportunity will be afforded those who attend the Red Mass at the Cathedral to meet the celebrant, Bishop Gorman, and the preacher, Bishop Dwyer, in the rectory adjoining the Cathedral, immediately after Mass. Sacred Heart Cathedral and Rectory A REMINDER! Plans for the London meeting of the American Bar Association in July, 1957 are now being completed. Through the cooperation of the Department of Meetings of the American Bar Association and the American Express a modification of tour No. 12 is being planned which will include a visit to Paris, Lourdes, Rome, Madrid and Lisbon. In addition to the program being prepared by the Catholic lawyers in London, there will be an opportunity for the American visitors to participate in the activities of the Catholic lawyers in Rome and Paris. Plans are also being made to enable the American lawyers to examine the proofs for the miracles which have been certified by the Medical Bureau at Lourdes. Mr. Richard O'Sullivan of London, England, has requested a list of the Catholic delegates in advance, and in order to supply Mr. O'Sullivan with the information he requests, Catholic members of the American Bar Association who plan to attend the London meeting are requested to write to THE CATHOLIC LAWYER as soon as possible.

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