People Profile: Buzzy Basch

Against the Grain, Dec 2007


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People Profile: Buzzy Basch

People Profi le: Buzzy Basch Part of the Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Editor Article 17 Follow this and additional works at: Rumors from page 6 The report from the study carried out for the Research Information Network on the use of libraries by researchers in the UK is now published. Using empirical data and qualitative insights from over 2250 researchers and 300 librarians, the results should prove useful to inform the future development of academic libraries and the services that they provide to researchers. Recently met up with Char Booth, a good friend of the indispensable Melinda Scharstein (Pam Cenzer’s niece). Char just attended the ACRL Conference in Baltimore a few weeks ago and sends glowing reports. Hope to get a full report from her in the June issue of ATG. In the meantime, there is a brief report in the current issue of The Charleston Report (v.11#5). And speaking of The Charleston Report, the incredible Kristen DeVoe is the editor of TCR as well as a columnist for Against the Grain, see this issue, p. 88. Kristen is one of the featured speakers in the South Carolina Library Association’s College & University Section’s Workshop entitled “Keeping up with our Patrons: Adapting to User Expectations.” HomePage Besides being pregnant and holding down a fulltime job, Cris Ferguson <cris@furman. edu> is working on the questions / surveys for the second eBook rollout which we will publish in our June issue. Watch for it! Coming up! I can’t believe that Debbie Hodges (Shew maker is her married name) <Deborah. > is retiring to the mountains of North Carolina. Not yet, but soon! Was talking to her the other day. She has a new darling little black puppy called Angel who besides chewing on stuff likes to get up early. Sounds like a good alarm clock for retired people! Wasn’t many years ago it seems like that I had lunch with Don Beagle and his lovely wife. Heard recently that Don had just published a book called The Information Commons Handbook with contributions from Donald Russell Bailey and Barbara Tierney, NealSchuman, 2006. I haven’t seen it yet but am looking forward to it and see our upcoming interview with Don in a future issue of ATG, probably June! And did you know that Don used to work at the Charleston County Library and did a wonderful online city tour back when no one was doing such things. What an innovator! Oklahoma State University (OSU) Library has chosen AquaBrowser Library to be implemented with their Endeavor Voyager Against the Grain / April 2007 “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” — L. P. Barthartley against the grain people profile h Born & lived: My mother gave me the nickname Buzzy — she said I was buzzing c around the crib. I grew up on the ocean in Winthrop Massachusetts. s Family: Two adult children. A son in Cambridge Mass and a daughter and a grandson in Santa Rosa CA, B education: Undergraduate and MBA from Washington university in St Louis ) where I serve on the olin library national council. y First joB: My first job at 10 was sweeping the floor and cleaning up my dad’s z service station. z Pro Fessional career and activities: Lots of jobs — The first out of u college was at mcdonnell aircraft as an analyst in the flight test division, St B Louis. In the Library Profession I have had the opportunity to participate as an ( elected officer and as an appointee in ala , sla , asis&t and nasiG . In addition to reading and writing lots of articles I coauthored with judy mcQueen Buying d Serials, published by neal-schuman . r in my s Pare time i like to: In my spare time I have taken up collecting stamps a and enjoy vegetable gardening. n PhilosoPhy: My philosophy is it isn’t how badly one screws up that counts; r it’s how quickly you recover and that everyone makes mistakes — that’s how e we learn. B most meaninGFul career achievement: Starting my own subscription agency and watching the individual staff members grow and take on more reN sponsibility has been the most rewarding experience. Goal i hoPe to achieve Five years From noW: is tomorrow. It is a challenge I enjoy. My long range planning Where do you see the industry in Five years: How/Where do I see the industry in five years? Where is it all going? If I knew I would pick stocks not sell subscription services. The publishing, distribution, and collection of serial publications is certainly changing. What we do not know is the time frame and when these changes will be accepted. My sense is they will move slowly, over a long period of time and be segmented. In our society I believe there is a growing awareness and demand for competent and knowledgeable service. The subscription agencies that can keep their costs in line and provide quality service will continue to provide meaningful services to the library community. ILS. The Stillwater Campus will be the first to implement AquaBrowser, with the rest of the Oklahoma A&M Library System to follow. The OSU Library has a collection of over 2.5 million volumes, 96,500 serials, more than 4.5 million microforms, and 420,000 maps and aerial photographs. The OSU Library h a s b e e n a member of the A s s o c i a t i o n of Research Libraries for over 40 years. The Oklahoma A&M Library System is a coalition of twelve libraries, nine of which are governed by the Board of Regents for Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges (OSU/A&M). It was in October 2003 that Michelle Flinchbaugh contacted Audrey Fenner about editing ATG’s “Biz of Acq” column. Can you believe that Audrey has been editing the column for nearly four years! And, I have to tell you confidentially that Audrey always turns in her columns way ahead of the deadline. Gosh! What a feat! And how time flies when we’re having fun! Anyway, Audrey is stepping down with the September, 2007 issue and we are looking for a new editor. If you are interested, please contact yours truly at <>. Audrey says that editing the column has put her in contact with librarians all over the country, and allowed her to see projects and their plans from the inside. How can you turn this opportunity down? This tidbit from the awesome Helen Ivy (librarian, Marine Resources Library, Col continued on page 10

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