Publisher Profile -- AMALIVRE

Against the Grain, Nov 2017

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Publisher Profile -- AMALIVRE

Publisher Profi le -- AMALIVRE Part of the Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Article 33 Follow this and additional works at: Interview — Rochefoucauld from page 44 We have recently signed with a large publisher a partnership agreement, and we will be marketing 80 titles each month from their catalogue. This is a first initiative, and we hope that it will catch on with other publishers. ATG: Given the dramatic changes the publishing industry is experiencing, mergers like yours may become commonplace. Do you have any words of wisdom for other companies considering such a merger? GLR: You’re right. When I attended my first ALA meeting, 25 years ago next year, there was an entire aisle devoted to foreign vendors. In Las Vegas last June, we were five or six gathered together at the end of one aisle. The movement towards consolidation is thus clearly visible. As concerns business mergers, people often say that the human element is the most delicate. In our case, this was the easiest. By contrast, I understand better the difficulties that libraries face when they undertake a system change. Based on our experience, the advice I’d give, in the case of merging two bookselling operations, would be to devote some time to carefully study the compatibility of information systems and put everything in place for a complete, reliable, and useful consolidation of past activity. ATG: Gilles, thank you so much for taking the time to talk us about this exciting new venture! GLR: Thank you and thanks to your readers for your interest in AMALIVRE. Rumors from page 20 conversation among librarians, publishers, aggregators, and repository managers so that we can all get the best possible usage reports for our electronic resources. The Usus Website provides: 1) a source of hints and tips on solving known problems; 2) a list of vendors with problems that are affecting the credibility and/or usefulness of the COUNTER reports; 3) a collection point for suggestions for new COUNTER usage reports and metrics. The Usus Supervisory Board will ensure that the Website is editorially independent and will serve the needs of the community. Chaired by Anne Osterman, Deputy Director of VIVA (the Virtual Library of Virginia), the members of the Supervisory Board are: Anne Osterman, VIVA, USA (Chair); Simon Bevan, Cranfield University, UK; Melissa Blaney, ACS Publications, USA; Anna Creech, University of Richmond, USA; Lorraine Estelle, JISC, UK; Oliver Pesch, EBSCO, USA; Kari Schmidt, Montgomery College, USA; Mark Tullos, ProQuest, USA. And, thanks for Project COUNTER’s financial support to get Usus off the ground. COUNTER has also offered to provide a travel award worth £1,000/$1,500 to a librarian who contributes the best opinion piece for the News & Opinions section of the Usus site. The award can be used to travel to the Charleston Conference, UKSG Conference, or Electronic Resources Against the Grain / November 2014 AMALIVRE against the grain publisher profile AFFiliATed CoMPAnieS: Editions Clément Juglar (Law and economics), Distributor for the Voltaire Foundation, (Oxford), Centre d’études sur le XVIIIe siècle (Ferney-Voltaire, France) and Société Diderot (Langres, France). oFFiCerS: Gilles de la rochefoucauld, Christèle Giboire, lionel Chaumontet. ASSoCiATion MeMBerSH iPS, eTC.: Member of Sniel (French Association of vendors which sell abroad); ACrl-WeSS. viTAl inForMATion: We maintain a database of over 650,000 new French language titles with bib records published around the world. KeY ProdUCTS And ServiCeS: Monographs (print and electronic), journals, series, DVDs, microfiches, out-of-print material marketed through firm ordering, approval plans, standing orders, or subscriptions. ServiCeS: Bibliographic information, cataloging (MARC21 FCR), tables of contents (pdf and MARC21), shelf-ready processing… Core MArKeTS/ClienTele: Academic Libraries, Public Libraries, Museums and Research Institutions, Foreign Booksellers marketing French materials… nUMBer oF eMPlo YeeS: 35 HiSTor Y And Brie F de SCri PTion oF YoUr CoMPAnY/PUBli SHin G Pro Gr AM: Founded in 1935, initially as a dealer for antiquarian books and as a publisher. Began working with North American libraries as a bookseller and subscription agent in 1945. Focused on current and out-ofprint search since 1990 on the Amateurs de Livres side and since 2013 on the Touzot side. AGAINST THE GRAIN DEADLINES VOLUME 26 & 27 — 2014-2016 2014 Events ALA Midwinter 2015 Events Annual Repot, ACRL 01/08/15 02/19/15 04/09/15 06/18/15 08/20/15 11/12/15 Ad Reservation Camera-Ready Ad Reservation Camera-Ready 11/28/14 01/22/15 03/12/15 04/30/15 07/09/15 09/10/15 11/27/15 FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT & Libraries Conference. Send submissions of 1,000 words or less to <> by December 31, 2014. Good luck! And we must not leave out the elegant Peter Shepherd, the creator of Project COUNTER! He has a letter to the editor in this issue and will also be in Charleston in November! A whopping 130 exhibitors will be featured in the Charleston Conference Vendor Showcase. We will be using the Gold Ballroom as well as the Carolina Ballroom in the Francis Marion Hotel. This is a golden opportunity to connect with the vendors, publishers, and aggregators Dec . 2014- Jan . 2015 11/13/14 February 2015 continued on page 63

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