Standards Column -- COUNTER Online Metrics

Against the Grain, Nov 2017

Peter T. Shepherd, Anne Osterman

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Standards Column -- COUNTER Online Metrics

Standards Column -- COUNTER Online Metrics Peter T. Shepherd COUNTER Anne Osterman Usus - Usus — A New Community Website on Usage by Peter T. Shepherd (Director, COUNTER) <> and Anne Osterman (Chair, Supervisory Board, Usus) Smission of COUNTER has been to ince it was launched in 2003, the develop standards for the recording and reporting of the usage of online publications. During that time an important feature of our development process has been listening to the communities we serve and ensuring that their needs are taken into account in new Releases of the COUNTER Codes of Practice. In 2014 we shall be taking this process further by sponsoring a new community Website — Usus — which will be editorially independent of COUNTER. For the last 12 years the officialCOUNTER Website (, which is beautifully hosted by IOP (The Institute of Physics), has provided a valuable platform for the publication of the COUNTER Codes of Practice, the official Register of COUNTER Compliant Vendors, and the list of COUNTER Members; it has also been a very useful channel for feedback on the development of the COUNTER Codes of Practice. The COUNTER Website will continue to fulfil these important functions. The role of COUNTER continues to expand, with the publication of new Codes of Practice for Articles and for the Usage Factor, and the world of online metrics grows in complexity, notably with an expanding range of altmetrics. For this reason we have decided that it is important to provide a new forum for scholars, librarians, and publishers to share information and discuss developments in the wider field of usage metrics. This is the role of the new Usus Website. The name Usus, the Latin for usage, encapsulates our aspiration that this Website will provide a lingua franca for those interested in usage worldwide. While COUNTER sponsors Usus, it will be an independent, community controlled Website with its own supervisory board. Usus Features Usus will have the following features: • A forum for community discussion on issues relating to the COUNTER usage reports, as well as wider usage issues. Usus will link to the existing JISCmail lib-stats online discussion group, which is already so well used (https:// cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=LIB-STATS) • • • • A place for COUNTER (and SUSHI) to solicit feedback on future plans and ideas A collection point for suggestions for new COUNTER usage reports and metrics Troubleshooting hints, where platforms and reports with known problems are identified and solutions to these problems proposed A list of vendors/reports with problems that are affecting the accuracy or usefulness of the COUNTER reports. Supervisory Board The Usus Supervisory Board will ensure that the Website is editorially independent and will serve the needs of the community. Chaired by Anne Osterman, Deputy Director of VIVA (the Virtual Library of Virginia), the members of the Supervisory Board are: Anne Osterman, VIVA, USA (Chair) Simon Bevan, Cranfield University, UK Melissa Blaney, ACS Publications, USA Anna Creech, Univ. of Richmond, USA Lorraine Estelle, JISC, UK Oliver Pesch, EBSCO, USA Kari Schmidt, Montgomery College, USA Mark Tullos, ProQuest, USA Visit the Usus Website Please visit the Usus Website at: www. Call for Submissions Contributions are invited for Usus, in particular for the News and Opinion section of the Website. To encourage submissions COUNTER has offered to provide a travel award worth $1,500 to a librarian that contributes the best opinion piece for the News & Opinions section of the Usus site. The award can be used to travel to the Charleston Conference , UKSG of 1 ,000 words or less to by 31 December 2014 . A by 31 January 2015 .

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