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Against the Grain, Dec 2014

Published on 01/01/14

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Publisher Profile -- SAGE Publications

Publisher Profi le -- SAGE Publications Part of the Library and Information Science Commons Recommended Citation - Article 35 Follow this and additional works at: Interview — SAGE and PeerJ from page 55 JH: Structurally, nothing changes from the previous round other than David McCune joining the Board. Probably the most exciting change now though is the different dynamic you get with a new Board makeup. David McCune and Tim O’Reilly both come from very successful, yet varied, publishing backgrounds. It’s early days of course, but so far it’s been an excellent combination that is already impacting how we think. One example of that is in how we think about approaching different market segments. Tim and David each have experience with different segments (or entire markets), so it’s very beneficial to draw upon those perspectives as we chart our own course. It’s difficult to imagine a more suited makeup for a small start-up board aimed at 21st-century academic publishing; we’re really quite lucky in that regard. ATG: We understand that it was PeerJ’s “innovative model” that caused SAGE to make the investment. That strikes us as a fairly broad explanation. Are there more specific reasons to invest in PeerJ? Were there other “innovative models” besides PeerJ that were considered for possible investment? DM: SAGE is constantly searching for ways to increase the creation and dissemination of quality, scholarly research. We also look for ways to foster active dialogue and debate among scholars, and seek sustainable models to do this. OA can be an important ingredient in reaching this goal. We work in close concert with our primary constituents: scholars, scholarly societies, libraries, research funders and students, and any model for better dissemination of research needs to be of value to all of these groups. PeerJ’s model of rigorous review, low-cost memberships, and very fast publication seems attractive, especially in the natural sciences. With our rich history of publishing in the social sciences, we are intrigued to see whether some variation of the model can work in the social sciences and humanities, where the funding picture is very different from STM. ATG: Does this mean that we can expect to see a future version of PeerJ for the social sciences and humanities? Has the possibility of such a journal been part of your discussions? That would be an exciting development, and we’d love to hear more about it. PB: At the moment we have no plans to move into the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our cost-effective pricing structure is very attractive to researchers in those areas, and so we get this question a lot. However, we launched in the Biological/Medical/Health/Life Sciences (already a very large field to cover), and when we start to expand we will most likely do so by expanding out from our current core areas. DM: We launched a Social Science and Humanities mega-journal, SAGE Open, more than three years ago. It has since published more than 600 papers and established a firm continued on page 59 Against the Grain / November 2014 against the grain publisher profile SAGE SAGE Publications USA, 2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 AFFiliATed CoMPAnieS: CQ Press; Adam Matthew http://www.amdigital.; Corwin; MD Conference Express; Learning Matters ASSoCiATion MeMBerSHiPS: SAGE has forged strong partnerships with societies and associations for nearly half a century, publishing on behalf of more than 290 societies. Read more at viTAl inForMATion: Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, SAGE has been a privately owned company since its founding. Our founder and executive chairman, Sara Miller McCune, has guaranteed the company’s independence indefinitely. KeY ProdUCTS And ServiCeS: Journals, books, and digital media. Core MArKeTS/ClienTele: Academic, educational, and professional markets. nUMBer oF eMPlo YeeS: More than 1,200. nUMBer oF BooKS PUBliSHed AnnUAll Y: 800+ ToTAl nUMBer oF JoUrnAlS CUrrenTl Y PUBliSHed: 700+ HiSTor Y And BrieF deSCriPTion oF Y oUr CoMPAnY/PUBliSHinG ProGrAM: Guided by an unwavering dedication to academia and an entrepreneurial spirit, the passionate and determined Sara Miller McCune founded SAGE in 1965 just a few months shy of her 24th birthday. With the help of her mentor and future husband George McCune, Sara set out to start a publishing house that would allow scholars to disseminate quality research in their own voices, often breaking ground in new or emerging areas of study. Simultaneously, Sara and George endeavored to support the dissemination of useable knowledge by publishing innovative, high-quality scholarship and pedagogical content. Their company’s name — SAGE — is derived from the first two letters of their names. Nearly 50 years later, SAGE remains an independent company that shares with librarians the belief that flourishing educational programs and engaged scholarship create healthy minds and healthy societies. Our publishing program ranges across the social sciences, humanities, medicine, and engineering and includes journals, books, and digital products for academic and professional markets. We value working closely with librarians to achieve shared goals, including partnering on white papers and research projects to ensure that together we meet the changing needs of students and researchers. AddiTionAl iTeMS oF inTereST To ATG reAderS: Earlier this year, SAGE acquired The Goodwin Group International, LLC, publisher of MD Conference Express, the first publication to subject medical conference highlights to the rigorous test of peer review. MD Conference Express reports are written entirely from primary source materials, with content selected in partnership with the scientific planning committees of the conferences themselves. The presenting faculty is invited to review and comment on the short summaries, which are then subjected to rigorous peer review by an advisory board of experts from top medical institutions around the world. Core to SAGE’s mission is the belief that authors should feel at liberty to express their unique points of view without restriction. As part of this mission, we are the proud publishers of Index on Censorship, which promotes and defends the right to freedom of expression. We are also active supporters of ALA’s Banned Books Week Effort. With feedback from librarians and their patrons, we commission, select, and curate the highest quality content on easy-to-use platforms to create innovative digital products. So far in 2014, we have launched manipulative data and statistical tools such as SAGE Stats and US Political Stats, an interactive research resource, SAGE Research Methods Cases, and later this year, we will be launching a new streaming video program with high-quality pedagogical content to meet both curricula and research needs. Other upcoming digital products for SAGE include in-depth reports written by expert journalists in business, health, and education as well as business and management-focused products with real-life case studies and reports for students.

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