Volume 12, Autumn 1966, Number 4

The Catholic Lawyer, Dec 2016

Published on 12/08/16

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Volume 12, Autumn 1966, Number 4

A. Frizzell 0 Joseph Houlihan 0 Neil S. Lang 0 Robert J. Mauceri 0 Martin E. Randall. 0 M. Berman 0 Murray B. Frischer 0 Robert T. Gerken 0 Charles A. Mantell 0 Robert C. Rosenberg 0 Steven A. Sternlicht 0 Richard J. Walsh 0 John F. Williamson. 0 0 Published quarterly (Winter [Feb.], Spring [May], Summer [Aug.], and Autumn [Nov.]) by @ The St. Thomas More Institute for Legal Research of St. John's University School of Law , 1966, 96 Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 11201. Foreign and domestic subscription rate: $5.00 a year; single copy $1.50. Second Class postage paid at Brooklyn , New York Recommended Citation - Article 1 Follow this and additional works at: http://scholarship.law.stjohns.edu/tcl THE CATHOLIC LAWYER EDITOR EDWARD T. FAGAN* THE ST. THOMAS MORE INSTITUTE FOR LEGAL Director, EDWARD T. FAGAN* Consultant, HAROLD F. MCNIECE* Consultant, JOHN J. MURPHY* Consultant, JOHN J. REGAN, C.M.* Student Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief, Thomas G. Cody Publications Editor Henry S. Berman Articles Editor Joseph G. Giannola Managing Editor Edward J. Boyle Notes & Comments Editor Gerard M. Geary Survey Editor, William S. Block Associate Editors: Arthur P. Berg, Anthony C. Caterino, Michael A. Corriero, Thomas Staff: Fred THE BOARD OF ADVISORS Active Member of The Catholic Press Association of the United States, Inc. A volume index is published biennially. Current contents are indexed in the INDEX TO LEGAL PERIODICALs and the CATHOLIC PERIODICAL INDEX. The views expressed in this periodical are to be attributed to their authors and not to THE CATHOLIC LAWYER, its Editors, St. John's University or the Catholic Church. * Member of the Federal Bar and the New York Bar.

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Volume 12, Autumn 1966, Number 4, The Catholic Lawyer, 2016,