Feb. 1990

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 1990

Published on 02/01/90

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Feb. 1990

0892-1733 The Newsletter qf the North American Serials Interest Group, Inc. According to Esther Sleep, Chair of the NASIG 1990 Conference Local Arrangements Committee, everything is on schedule. The Committee is diligently working to make sure that the conference programs and arrangements move as smoothly as possible, and that our stay on the Brock University campus will be a pleasant and memorable one. In my last "President's Corner," I named the members of the Conference Local Arrangements Committee, but forgot to mention one outstanding and hard working member: Susan Davis, SUNY Buffalo. Susan also attended the Special NASIG Board Meeting in Charleston, and the NASIG Semi-Annual Board Meeting in Chicago and gave the Board an update on the progress of the Local Arrangements Committee. Susan, please accept my apologies for having left you out in the last issue. The conference registration packets are scheduled to be mailed to all current NASIG members around the second week in February, 1990. PRESIDENT'S CORNER/Roger Presley PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF FEBRUARY 1, 1990, ESTHER SLEEP, CHAIR OF LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS, WILL BE INSTALLING A SPECIAL TELEPHONE NUMBER JUST FOR QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS REGARDING CONFERENCE REGISTRATION. THAT NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER IS: LENORE WILKAS RESIGNS AS NASIG NEWSLETTER EDITOR/Roger Presley The NASIG Executive Board and membership would like to dedicate this issue of the NASIG Newsletter to Lenore Wilkas of the University of Pennsylvania. For four years, Lenore has solicited articles, produced the newsletter, and stuffed and mailed it to our almost 800 members. This work has taken many hours and much blood, sweat and tears. NASIG has been extremely fortunate to have someone of Lenore's caliber who was willing to devote so much time and energy to our organization. Due to professional and other commitments, Lenore has resigned as newsletter editor. Volume 4, number 6 was her last issue. We will never be able to thank Lenore enough for her hard work, devotion, and commitment to NASIG. NASIG would not be what it is today if we did not have people as outstanding as Lenore. Thanks again, Lenore, for a job well done! MUSINGS OF A RETIRED EDITOR/Lenore Rae Wilkas It doesn't seem that long ago that Tina Feick called upon Jean Farrington and me at the University of Pennsylvania for a business discussion and ended by telling us about a new organization for all people interested in serials -­ NASIG. She gave us information and a questionnaire to be returned to John Riddick. On that questionnaire I offered to "help" with a newsletter. Well, the rest - as they say - is history and, as of this newsletter, so am I! After four years of "helping" and of harrassing a lot of you to get your articles in on time, I've decided to let someone else share in the fun! (A hint for the next editor: set the deadline at least one week before your actual deadline -it's better for your nerves!). But seriously -- as some of you already know, I am back in school on a part-time basis, pursuing a bachelors degree in Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania while working full-time. This has made life quite hectic since July and it will continue until August 1993. I should live so long! I would like to thank all of the NASIG members who have contributed articles and/or suggestions for the newsletter and all of the members of the Executive Boards over the years who have been so very supportive. In particular, I would like to thank John Riddick, Tina Feick, Roger Presley, and Mary Beth Clack for their support and direction (even if they didn't always meet the deadline). Aside from the stress of getting the newsletter together, input, printed and mailed - I will miss talking to so many of you over the phone; I will miss getting the news first; and I will miss the sense of both relief and accomplishment that I felt when the last box of newsletters was hauled to the post office. I hope to remain active in NASIG and hope to see you at the conferences. (By the way, Roger, does this mean I get to man the first aid stations at the conferences?). Thanks and best wishes to all of you! MINUTES OF THE EXECUTIVE SEMI-ANNUAL BOARD MEETING/Teresa Malinowski R. Presley welcomed members and guests. Members and guests were asked to introduce themselves. OLD BUSINESS The minutes of the Special Executive Board Meeting, 11 November 1989, were approved with the following corrections: 8.1 In the second sentence change "Vauderhoof" to "Vanderhoof" NEW BUSINESS Nominations Committee Guidelines The Board discussed the revised Nominations Committee Guidelines. S. Martin questioned the number of days the ballots will be retained given the fact that election challenges must be made within 90 days following the close of the election (see p. 2 #7). The Board agreed that ballots should be retained for 120 days instead of 90 days. E. Rast noted that the wording of 5B should restate the wording in the NASIG Bylaws. R. Presley suggested that the position statement on the Candidate Profile for Ballot form be changed from a 250 word limit to a 150 word limit. The Board agreed on the changes and unanimously approved the guidelines. R. Presley will make the changes and distribute the revised guidelines. 3.2 Nominations Committee Report Adrian Alexander, Chair of the Nominations Committee, reported that nominations for the 1990 election are closed. The Committee is in the process of contacting potential nominees and drawing up a slate. Ballots are scheduled to be mailed on February 15, 1990. Members will be asked to return ballots within 30 days. 4.0 Newsletter Editor Resigns 4.1 Newsletter Task Force R. Presley announced that Lenore Wilkas has resigned her position as editor. The Board expressed its appreciation of the work done by L. Wilkas as the inaugural editor of the newsletter. The Board discussed the need to draw on the expertise of more members and divide the work of producing a newsletter. The idea of having an editorial board with a managing editor and production editor was discussed. The Board endorsed the idea and established a Task Force. Members of the Newsletter Task Force include M.B. Clack, B. Scanlan, T. Feick, A. Vidor. The Task Force was asked to prepare an announcement for the February newsletter detailing the responsibilities of the editorial board and editors, and inviting members to apply. The Task Force will also review the applications for the Editorial Board and investigate production options, productions costs, and bulk mailing. The New Editorial Board would assume their responsibilities beginning with the August 1990 issue. 4.2 Interim Production of the Newsletter The Board agreed that the next three issues should be produced by an interim Board. B. Scanlan offered to assume the responsibility for the production and mailing of the next three issues. Scanlan will also investigate the procedure for applying for second class mailing privileges. T. Feick suggested that Judy Rieke, Chair of the Membership Directory Sub­ Committee, and Jean Callaghan, who helped prepare the membership directory, be asked to serve on the interim board. J. Callaghan will input the text on Word Perfect (IBM) and send the disk to J. Rieke for final editing. The Executive Board agreed; R. Presley will contact J. Rieke and J. Callaghan. B. Scanlan asked that copy for the next issue be sent to him by 2/1/90. M. Buckholz, a guest who is co-editor of "Serials News II in Serials Librarian, offered to serve on the interim board if Rieke and Callaghan are not available. 5.0 5.1 Brock 1990 Conference Conference Report from Esther Sleep R. Presley distributed documents detailing the recent activities of the Local Arrangements Committee. Presley reported that arrangements for the conference banquet have been made and the site is a short walk from Niagra Falls. Three tours will be offered on Tuesday afternoon, June 5, 1990. The Board expressed its appreciation of the ongoing efforts of the Local Arrangements Committee. 5.2 Local Arrangements Committee Concerns R. Presley noted that Brock University can handle the finances for the conference. The University would set up an account for NASIG free of charge and for deposit of registration checks. Checks for conference expenses could be issued from the account. A number of concerns about the arrangements were raised. B. Scanlan asked if the University can issue checks in both Canadian and U. S. funds. R. 0' Neil asked if a fee is charged for issuing checks and converting funds. T. Feick noted that NASIG would not earn interest on the money deposited in the University account. After some discussion it was proposed that an initial deposit of $500.00 be sent to establish the University account and only Canadian checks would be deposited. The account will be used primarily to reimburse the expenses of the Local Arrangements Committee. Esther Sleep will be asked to send U.S. checks to A. Vidor. R. Presley will contact E. Sleep about concerns and options. The Local Arrangements Committee asked the Board to consider purchasing dBaseIII+ software for conference use. R. Presley questioned whether future local arrangements committees would use dBaseIII+ software because later versions are now available. The Board agreed not to purchase dBaseIII+ software and asked R. Presley to explore other options with the Committee. E. Rast will explore options for converting the dBaseIII+ file used by the 1989 Committee. The Board concurred with the Committee's recommendation to ask the Ontario Library Association to run an announcement of the conference in their publication but not have the organization prepare a mailing. R. Presley reported that Bell Canada is willing to provide promotional plastic briefcases for the conference. The Board refused the offer because NASIG has a policy of not accepting commercial support. 5.3 Conference Publicity 5.4 Conference Program R. O'Neil asked about the advertising for the conference. R. Presley noted that announcements are sent to journals and the local arrangements committee handles local publicity for the conference. R. Presley asked T. Malinowksi to contact the regional coordinators, Anna McCalla (West Canada) and Bill Tiffany (East Canada), to help promote the conference. R. O'Neil offered to distribute information on the conference at the Maritimes Provinces Library Association. M.B. Clack reported that an advance program was distributed at various meetings and exhibits at ALA Midwinter and was met with positive response. She thanked Board Members for their help in reviewing program proposals and in enabling us to distribute this advance information for the first time. Clack also thanked A. Weller and T. Malinowski for their assistance in contacting speakers. Eighteen workshops will be offered (2 sets of 9) and a schedule of days and times will be formulated. A Speakers meeting has been tentatively scheduled on Saturday June 2, 1990 at 4:00 p.m. Lists of speakers and workshop leaders were distributed. T. Malinowski agreed to gather information concerning Informal Discussion Groups and prepare an announcement for the February newsletter. 5.5 Travel by Russell Negotiations and Services 6.0 1991 Conference--Trinity Site Visit R. Presley reported that Travel by Russell will provide ground transportation to/from the Buffalo and Toronto airports for a round trip fee of approximately $35.00. Presley will ask the travel agency to prepare information concerning transportation and a request form for the registration packet. Travel information will also be published in the February newsletter. M.B. Clack distributed a report on the site visit to Trinity University. Clack reported that the campus facilities are exceptional and all buildings are air conditioned. The campus is located 4 miles from the San Antonio airport and has dorm facilities for over 350 attendees. Special arrangements will have to be made to allow liquor to be sold to attendees. Clack noted that the costs quoted by the University are final and not subject to increases. Trinity conference staff can provide assistance in several areas, including registration, brochure production and mailings. The Board discussed the costs outlined by the conference director and asked Clack to follow up on a few issues. The Board agreed to accept Trinity University as the site for the 1991 conference and asked Clack to appoint a local arrangements committee. Kathy Soupiset, Head, Acquisitions at Trinity University and Danny Jones, Asst. Library Director for Collection Development at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, will be asked to co-chair the committee. 7.0 Budget 8.0 Regional Council and Membership Committee -- Membership Brochure A. Vidor distributed a financial statement for September-December 1989, showing an account balance of $25,691.91. Renewals from approximately half of the members have been received. R. Presley and members of the Finance Committee will be sending membership cards and renewal reminders to members in late January. S. Davis distributed a revised report on the Scripps Conference showing a net profit of $5,484.91. R. Presley presented a proposed budget for 1990. After a number of changes, the Board unanimously approved the budget. The Board agreed that options to reduce the cost of producing and distributing the newsletter should be explored. T. Malinowski presented a draft of a membership brochure and a cost estimate prepared by the Ad Hoc Subcommittee to Prepare a NASIG Brochure. Subcommittee members included Bill Tiffany (Chair), Rita Broadway, Bobbie Carlson and Anna McCalla. The Board expressed its appreciation for the work done by the committee and agreed that an insert card should be used for the membership form. The Board also agreed that 3,500 brochures and 1,000 insert cards should be printed. Board members were asked to review the draft and cost estimate, and send comments to T. Malinowski by February 1, 1990. R. O'Neil offered to get a second cost estimate for the Board to consider. 10.0 Board Member Assignments A. Vidor, on behalf of the Library Science Grant Committee, asked the Board to decide on the number of grants to be awarded to Library School students this year. In 1989, grants in the amount of $2,300.00 were awarded to fund the attendance of six students. T. Feick reported that the National College and University Serials Association is seeking support for 2 Chinese librarians, currently studying library science in the U. S. The Board agreed that 6 grants covering the cost of travel and registration should be awarded to students and, if possible, one grant should be awarded to a Canadian student. In addition, the Board agreed to fund the cost of registration for one of the Chinese students. In an effort to improve communications within NASIG, R. Presley asked board members to serve as liaisons with NASIG Committees, and to communicate with the chair of the committee on a monthly basis. R. Presley will inform Committee Chairs about the new arrangement. Board members agreed to assume the following assignments: Continuing Education Job Placement Library Science Student Grant Nominations and Bylaws Professional Liason Publications Regional Councils STH Representative E. Rast R. O'Neil A. Vidor S. Martin A. Weller B. Scanlan T. Malinowski K. Courtney 11.0 Continuing Education Committee M.B. Clack reported on Committee activities. The Subcommittee Programming for Support Staff has arranged for NASIG to jointly sponsor with the Texas Library Association a preconference workshop for support staff on binding in April 1990. Subcommitte members include Marifran Bustion, Win Gelantes and Becky Schwartzkopf. Clack is gathering additional information on the financial aspects of this endeavor. Clack reported that the Task Force to develop a Serials Information Program for Library Schools presented a program on serials acquisitions, publishing and management at the University of Pittsburgh Library School and Rosary College. Members and panel participants included Buzzy Basch, John Tagler, Rita Broadway and Percy Murphy. The program was well received and future programs, one in California, are planned for 1990. The Speakers Bureau project, being handled by Gerry Williams, has developed a database of speakers and is actively seeking additional speakers. M.B. Clack asked the Board to consider expanding the Committee to seven members. In this way, members could include librarians, a publisher, subscription agent, systems vendor, library educator, etc., and thus better represent the constituencies of our membership. The Board expressed its appreciation of the work done by the Committee and agreed to expand its membership. 12.0 Travel Subsidies for Special and Semi-Annual Board Meetings Considering the funds available in the 1990 budget, the Board discussed limiting the reimbursement of travel expenses for board members. The Board voted unanimously to set a limit of $1,500.00 for reimbursement of travel funds for each meeting and an individual limit of $300.00 per meeting. 13.0 Economics on Access to Library Materials Task Force 14.0 Next Meeting K. Courtney, NASIG representative to the Task Force, reported that the Task Force report has been drafted and should be published and distributed to organizations in Summer 1990. The Task Force is planning one day seminars to discuss the report. The Executive Board will meet on June 1, 1990, at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario. NASIG'S FIFTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE BROCK UNIVERSITY, ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO, CANADA JUNE 2-5, 1990 ADVANCE PROGRAM INFORMATION SUNDAY, JUNE 3. 1990 Keynote Speaker: Lucretia McClure, Director, Edward G. Miner Library, School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester; President-Elect of the Medical Library Association "The Crisis of Rising Serial Prices in a Canadian Context." Gayle Garlock, Associate Librarian, Collection Development and Preservation, University of Toronto "CISTI: Meeting the Needs of the Canadian Scientific and Technical Community." Brenda Hurst, Head, Acquisitions, CISTI (Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information) "The Elephant and the Mouse Revisited: Periodical Prices and the Canadian Market. II Becky Rogers, Space Planning and Administrative Librarian, and Patricia Greig, Associate Director for Public Services, University of Western Ontario "The EDI Horizon: Implementing an ANSI X12 Pilot Project at Faxon." Frederick E. Schwartz, Manager, Electronic Data Interchange, The Faxon Company "Managing Electronic Subscriptions." Patricia E. Sabosik, Editor and Publisher, Choice MONDAY. JUNE 4. 1990 PANEL: "The Peer Review Process: Strengths and Weaknesses." Lewis Gidez, PhD, Director of Publications, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Bethesda, Maryland; Bruce Squire, MD, Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Medical Association Journal, Ottawa, Canada; Bruce Dancik, PhD, Chairman, Department of Forest Service, Edmonton, Alberta; and Ann C. Weller, Deputy Librarian for the Health Sciences, Library of the Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago. TUESDAY. JUNE 5. 1990 "A Longitudinal Study of Journal Prices in a Research Library." Kenneth Marks, University Librarian, and Steve Nielson, Fiscal Officer, Utah State University "A Cost-Per-Use Method for Weeding a Journal Collection." Dorothy Milne, Science Collections Librarian, and Bill Tiffany, Acquisitions/Periodicals, Memorial University of Newfoundland Head "Serials Cataloging: Time for a New Perspective." Sheila S. Intner, Associate Professor, Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science A short presentation by Ann Anderson "'RAP-UP' Session: Bringing it Altogether." Keith Courtney, Sales Manager, Taylor & Francis, Ltd.; Rosanna O'Neil, Library Liaison Officer, OCLC; and Lisa Peterson, University of California, Riverside WORKSHOPS There will be 18 workshops offered at the Conference: TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE 1990 NASIG CONFERENCE/Roger Presley As most of you know, the Travel by Russell agency has been designated NASIG's official travel agency for the 1990 NASIG Conference. Russell Wade, President of Travel by Russell, has made two trips to Brock University to meet with the Local Arrangements Committee and various transportation companies for the purpose of making travel arrangements for the NASIG Conference. Russell and I will return to Brock University at the end of April or beginning of May to finalize all arrangements. Ms. Wade recommends Budget Rent-A-Car as the official car rental supplier for the NASIG Conference in St. Catharines. They have offered the best rates and have an ample supply of cars in both Buffalo and Toronto. Conference attendees may take advantage of these rates for up to one week before and after the conference. For the Conference, Budget will provide wallet-size credential cards for us to distribute to attendees. When presented at the Budget counter, these cards will enable attendees to receive special convention rates. For your convenience, attendees may book their reservations through Budget's convention desk at 1-800772-3773. Trained meeting and convention specialists will provide quick assistance and information. A confirmation number will be given to be recorded on the credential card. Also, complimentary Direction Cards will be provided to help attendees find their way around town fast. Rapid Return lets customers charging the rental on a credit card avoid delays at the rental counter. Taxes, refueling, and optional coverages are not included. BUDGET RENT-A-CAR RATES Toronto International Airport North American Serials Interest Group May 26, 1990 through June 12, 1990 ~:rm; Economy Compact Intermediate Full-size 2 door Full-size 4-door Luxury DAY ~ WEEKEND N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A @ - 200 kilometers per day Additional KM - .15 per kilometer Rates quoted in Canadian currency BUDGET RENT-A-CAR RATES Buffalo Airport and Downtown North American Serials Interest Group May 26, 1990 through June 12, 1990 CAR TYPE AIRFARE RATES TO THE BUFFALO AND TORONTO AIRPORTS Travel by Russell has selected USAir as the official airline for the NASIG Conference. USAir has agreed to give NASIG members from the United States discounted rates into both Buffalo and Toronto. The discounts are as follows: TO BUFFALO: 40% off full "Y" fares (not Y/YN) subject to "B" class availability 5% off published fares, excluding first class, government fares, and tour fares following all restrictions TO TORONTO: 35% off full "Y" fares (not Y9/YN) with a two night minimum stay requirement subject to liB" class availability 30% off full "Y" fares (not Y9/YN) with no minimum stay requirement subject to "B" class availability Travel Restrictions: Travel valid round trip on USAir May 30-June 8, 1990 only Travel by Russell is still negotiating discount airfares with Air Canada. In order for these discounts to be obtained you must make your reservations and buy your tickets through Travel by Russell. They urge you to call them as soon as you have definite travel dates as discounted seats are limited. MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS DIRECTLY WITH TRAVEL BY RUSSELL 1-800-762-1039 or 404-493-4941 OFFICE HOURS: 8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. EST GROUND TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM ST. CATHARINES FROM EITHER BUFFALO OR TORONTO Travel by Russell can offer NASIG Conference attendees round trip bus transfers to St. Catharines, Ontario from either the Buffalo or Toronto Airports for $35.00 per person (or $18.00 one way per person). These prices are based on 47 passengers per bus or 8 passengers per mini van. ADVANCE RESERVATIONS AND PREPAYMENT ARE REQUIRED!! The buses and vans will run on Saturday June 2,1990 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and again on Tuesday June 5, 1990 from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CONSEQUENTLY, IT WILL BE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO COORDINATE YOUR FLIGHTS WITH THE BUS AND VAN SERVICES. EVEN THOUGH YOU MIGHT NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT THROUGH TRAVEL BY RUSSELL, YOU MUST BOOK AND PREPAY YOUR BUS AND VAN SERVICE ARRANGEMENTS THROUGH THEM. FOR ADDITIONAL CONFERENCE REGISTRATION INFORMATION CONTACT: ESTHER L. SLEEP HEAD, SERIALS DEPARTMENT BROCK UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ST. CATHARINES, ONTARIO L2S 3Al CANADA PHONE: 416-688-5550, EXT. 3718 INFORMAL DISCUSSION GROUP MEETINGS AT BROCK CONFERENCE/Teresa Malinowski We have the time and the place for groups to meet! Informal discussion groups can meet during our annual conference at Brock University on Monday June 4, 1990 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. Two groups have already scheduled, the Informal Catalogers' Discussion Group and the GEAC Users Group. Last year's groups also included: INNOVACQ Users, NOTIS Users and Serials Standards Group. If you would like to lead a discussion group, or schedule a group meeting, please contact Teresa Malinowski by May 1, 1990. ADDRESS: Serials Coordinator, California State University, Fullerton, P.O. Box 4150, Fullerton, CA 92634-4150. PHONE: 714-7733713 FAX: 714-449-7135 BYLAWS COMMITTEE TO MEET AT BROCK CONFERENCE Martin Gordon, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, has announced a committee meeting will be held at the Annual Conference on Sunday June 3, 1990 at 4:00 p.m. (place TBA). The Committee welcomes visits from interested parties and ammendments to the Bylaws will be accepted at that time. Any ammendments to the Bylaws would be subject to a mail ballot of all NASIG members. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR NASIG NEWSLETTER EDITOR/Mary Elizabeth Clack At the request of the Executive Board, the Publications Committee has created a Task Force to appoint an Editor-in-Chief for the NASIG Newsletter. The Task Force will be reviewing applications from librarians, publishers, vendors and other interested members who are willing to serve as Editor-in-Chief for a two­ year term, beginning in Summer 1990. Individuals with editorial experience, familiarity with a standard word processing program and access to a computer are invited to apply. Please send letters of application and supporting documentation to: Mary Elizabeth Clack (Vice President and Chair of the Publications Committee), Serial Records Librarian, Harvard College Library, Cambridge, MA 02138. FAX: 617-4950403, Phone: 617-495-2422. Deadline date for applications is March 30, 1990. Other members of the Task Force are Brian Scanlan, Elsevier Science Publishing Co.; Ann Vidor, Emory University; and Tina Feick, B.H. Blackwell, Ltd. CALL FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP/Bonnie Postlethwaite In compliance with NASIG bylaws, the Continuing Education Committee will begin a 2-year rotation of membership as of June 1990. In order to implement this membership rotation, 3 of the 5 current members will continue to serve on the Committee. Those members are Buzzy Basch, John Tagler, and Bonnie Postlethwaite. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Geraldine Williams and Nancy Terry who are stepping down from full Committee membership in June. They have been instrumental in getting the Continuing Education Committee programs going and both will continue to be active in those programs. In addition to replacing the 2 outgoing Committee members, we will be adding 2 additional members at the same time for a total of 7 members. The size of the Committee is being expanded to include representation from all aspects of the serials information chain so that continuing education programs can fully meet the needs of the entire membership. The composition of the Committee will consist of a range of expertise including librarians, library school professors, subscription agents, systems vendors, publishers, binders, and indexers. We are now looking for four new members who can balance out the membership group. Each committee member will be responsible for coordinating a continuing education program during their 2 year term. If you are interested in becoming a member of this committee, please contact Bonnie Postlethwaite, Chairperson of the Continuing Education Committee, by April 1, 1990. Bonnie Postlethwaite Linx Services Department The Faxon Company 15 Southwest Park Westwood, MA 02090 800-225-6055 (phone) 617 329-9875 (Fax) Linx Courier: BONNIE TREASURER'S REPORT/Ann Vidor Finance Committee members, Judy Luther and Joan Luke, and President Roger Presley met at my home in Atlanta on January 20th. Membership cards were sent to all members who had renewed this fall. Reminders were sent to members who had not yet renewed. If anyone knows of a NASIG member who has not received a renewal or knows of potential new members, please have the individual contact me (1981 Innwood Road, Atlanta, GA 30329 or 404-727-6833). We discussed creating guidelines to assist committee chairs, Executive Board members, etc. in completing official voucher forms. Lack of consistency has occasionally been a problem in the past. The committee also will be investigating the possibility of changing insurance companies in the future. It maybe more practical for the insurance company to be located in the same city as the Treasurer. LIBRARY SCIENCE GRANT COMMITTEE/Carole McIver The NASIG Library Science Grant Program provides library science students interested in serials and/or technical services work an opportunity to attend a NASIG conference with all expenses paid. If you know of any library school students "who have expressed an interest in serials and/or technical services work," please encourage them to apply. Application forms should be requested from: Carole McIver, Administrative Services Librarian Atkins Library University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte, NC 26223 Work on the Program by the Committee has been progressing according to schedule letters were sent to library schools to establish contact people, a data base of contact people was made, publicity was sent to several professional journals, including some in Canada, and announcements and application forms have been updated. The next step, to be completed by February 1, 1990, is to send letters with announcements and application forms to the contact people at the library schools and to those students who were referred to the Committee by NASIG members. The deadline for receipt of applications is March 1, 1990. Grant recipients (there will be 6) will be notified of their selection by April 15, 1990. The Committee will meet March 19, 1990, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to select the grant recipients. Members of this Committee are Carole McIver, Chair (UNC-Charlotte), Nancy Rogers (EBSCO Subscription Services), Mary Ellen Soper (Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Washington), Lois Upham (College of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina), and Harriet Kersey (Georgia Institute of Technology). WORST SERIAL TITLE CHANGE OF THE YEAR NOMINATIONS DUE/Karen Darling Are unnecessary serial title changes driving you nuts? Seek revenge by nominating them for the Worst Serials Title Change of the Year Awards. These awards, sponsored by the Serials Section, will be presented at the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago in June, 1990. At that time, we will honor serials whose titles have changed since January 1989. Please send us your favorites. We need the complete citation for the change, including the old title with the number and date of its last issue, the new title with the number and date of its first issue, and the name and address of the publisher. Photocopies of relevant title pages or cataloging printouts are also useful for verification. Please send nominations to: Karen Darling, Chair, Worst Serials Title Change of the Year Award Committee, Serials Dept., Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403. Don't miss this opportunity to vent your frustration. Submit your nominations today. Deadline: May 15, 1990. POSTCARDS FROM SAN ANTONIO AND CHICAGO/Mary Elizabeth Clack San Antonio, December 12-13, 1989 - - Expecting a respite from the subzero temperatures in Boston, I set off for a site visit to Trinity University on December 12th. I met with Kathy Soupiset (Head of Acquisitions at Trinity) and Danny Jones (Asst. Library Director for Collection Development, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio) and we toured the campus and spoke with the Conference Arrangements Office. What I found was a l17-acre campus located 4 miles from the airport and with excellent conference and residence facilities, all of which are modern and air- conditioned. Chicago, January 9, 1990 - - The Executive Board voted to hold the 1991 Conference at Trinity. It will bring us to yet another region of the U.S. and enable some Mexican librarians to attend. We were impressed by the facilities and the experienced Conference Arrangements Office. Most importantly, we have excellent local arrangements co-chairs in Kathy Soupiset and Danny Jones. Kathy's knowledge of the campus and Danny's past experience with local arrangements will serve us well in our preparations. They are working now to form a local arrangements committee and are very enthusiastic about hosting our sixth annual conference! I look forward to reporting on our progress in future newsletter issues. NASIG MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION/Teresa Malinowski A new function has been added to the position of NASIG Secretary. The position now serves as Chair of the Membership and Regional Councils Committee. All requests for information regarding membership should be sent to: Teresa Malinowski, NASIG Secretary, California State University, Fullerton, P.O. Box 4150, Fullerton CA 92634-4150. PHONE: 714-773-3713 FAX: 714-449-7135 NASIG ROYALTIES/Tina Feick As part of our agreement with Haworth Press, the publisher of our proceedings, NASIG receives 10% of the gross sales of all copies sold in the U.S. and 5% of the foreign sales. Out of our royalty payment comes the cost of producing the index. Our recent royalty checks cover sales from January 1989 through June 1989: TOTAL $439.55 ($307.05 without index) NASIG 1 July 1987-December 1988 $226.59 ($20.84 without index) NASIG 3 Has yet to make the charts Reminder: Hardbound copies of the proceedings are available from: Haworth Press, Inc. 10 Alice Street Binghamton, NY 13904-1580 Mention that you are a NASIG member and you get a 50% discount on the proceedings! CHINESE LIBRARY SERIALS ASSOCIATION/Tina Feick The National Serials Society for Colleges and Universities (in the People's Republic of China) is holding a conference in Dalian, Liaoning Province, June 18-21, 1990. The topic will be the possibility of establishing a serials science. If you are interested, please write to: Mr. Ye Jiyuan Nanjing University Library Nanjing People's Republic of China Very interesting topic!! FIRST EUROPEAN SERIALS CONFERENCE/Tina Feick The USKG (United Kingdom Serials Group) along with the Gauthier-Villars and Swets Subscription Service are sponsoring the first European Serials Conference. For further information contact: Mrs. Jill Tolson UK Serials Group Administrator 114 Woodstock Road Witney, Oxon OX8 6DY UK 2-5 April 1990 University of Southampton Southampton, UK Mrs. Jill Tolson UK Serials Group Administrator 114 Woodstock Road Witney, Oxon OX8 6DY UK Phone: 011-44-993-703466 Fax: 011-44-993-778879 THE UNITED KINGDOM SERIALS GROUP 13TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE/Tina Feick The co-founder of NASIG, John Riddick, of Central Michigan University, will speak on "New World in the Morning: Artificial Intelligence - The Dawn of a Solution for Serials. 1I U.S. fees - $237 for non-members; $200 for members (UKSG) For further information contact: VISIT CORNWALL AFTER THE U.K. SERIALS GROUP MEETING/Marcia Tuttle A group of people are planning to spend a week in Cornwall after the USKG meeting in April. This is an invitation to NASIG members and friends to join us. As nearly as I can tell now, our costs will be the vans/drivers/ gratuities, automobiles, petrol, 7 nights bed & breakfast, 7 bar lunches, 7 dinners, and admissions. Cost figures should be available very soon. We will hire a van and driver to take us from Southampton to Truro, via Salisbury and Stonehenge, on the afternoon of Thursday, April 5, 1990. Then, four nights in Truro at a guest house. It will help us stay together (though probably not reduce the price) if we share rooms. Pick up cars (one will be automatic transmission) on Friday morning. Take day trips (together or separately) from Truro on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Monday make our way to Bossiney, just north of Tintagel, and (I hope!) stay at the Old Borough House, a 17th century guest house, for three nights. Monday through Wednesday make day trips. On Thursday, April 12, make an early start back to Truro, drop off the cars, and meet a van and driver, to take us to Gatwick Airport (about 300 miles). There the tour ends. Those staying on can go into London, or whatever they want to do; those flying home the next day can stay overnight near the airport or at a location of their choice. Truro is centrally located, 30 miles from Penzance, and 40 miles from Land's End, as nearly as I can figure it. There are "fast" roads and "slow" roads, with lots of places and things to visit (Newlyn and Mousehole, Lamorna Cove, Falmouth, and Mevagissey). Some people may want to make the helicopter trip from Penzance to the Isles of Scilly. In 1986 a round trip cost about 35 pounds. From Bossiney, northern Cornwall, Devon, and even Dartmoor, are very accessible. I intend to find the Hurlers stone circle somewhere on Bodmin Moor. I spent a lot of time up on the moor chasing down single-track roads looking for it four years ago! There is a coastal walk all the way around Cornwall and Devon, and the views are spectacular. We need volunteers to be resource persons for parts of the trip: DuMaurier, Poldark, Arthur, Cornish names, antiquities. Choose early for the best selection! Shall I compile a bibliography??? Who's willing to drive? I can only drive one car! The reason I'm recommending cars instead of another van is the roads in Cornwall. Some of them are narrow, curvy, and steep. Fun! It will be the off season, so things should not be too crowded. As for weather: prepare for the worst: rain, wind, sleet, snow, mud. Then maybe we can enjoy the sunshine. I found in 1986 that Cornish weather is very much like serials: its most constant quality is change. This is the time to pack your boots -­ weather boots, not fashion boots! And your camera - it's gorgeous! If you want to go or to know more, call me at 919-962-1067 or send me an e-mail message: BITNET: TUTTLE@UNC.BITNET or Datalinx: TUTTLE. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS OUESTIONNAIRE? Two libraries have received a questionnaire from the International Foundation for Scientific Cooperation with the address of P.O. Box 34127, Washington, D.C. 20043. Maurice Levy is given as the Director of the Foundation. The questions cover library budget and other statistics. The last section deals with pricing studies, specifically asking if libraries cancel titles due to pricing studies such as the ARL Study and the Physics Today article. If you have received this questionnaire, please contact the ARL (Association of Research Libraries) office in Washington, D.C. An indepth article will appear in Marcia Tuttle's newsletter and ARL is sending a memorandum to all ARL libraries. A OUESTION FOR PUBLISHERS, LIBRARIANS. ET AL. This question is posed by a NASIG member and is directed to anyone willing to answer (please submit replies to the Editor): "Why are we receiving so many errata for mistakes made in journal articles? Are those errors the fault of the authors, or the editors, or the publishers? They are a serious problem for the users, and mean additional work for serials staff. Their erratic appearance and placement make them difficult to control. I'm interested in knowing how other libraries handle errata, whether or not anyone else has noticed an increase in their numbers, and if any publishers can explain why they appear so frequently and if they have any policies about standardizing their publication." March 1, 1990 March 1, 1990 April 2-5, 1990 May 15, 1990 June 2-5, 1990 June 18-21, 1990 June 23-28, 1990 Sept. 10-12, 1990 Jan. 12-17, 1991 June 14-17, 1991 June 29-July 4, 1991 CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS Deadline for 1990 NASIG renewals Application deadline for NASIG Conference Library Science Grant Awards 13th Annual UKSG Conference, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK Deadline for NASIG Conference Registration NASlG's 5th Annual Conference, Brock University, St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada National Serials Society for Colleges and Universities Conference, Dalian, Liaoning Province, People's Republic of China ALA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL 1st European Serials Conference, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands ALA Midwinter Meeting, Chicago, IL NASIG's 6th Annual Conference, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX ALA Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA The NASIG Newsletter (ISSN: 0892-1733) is published bimonthly for the members of the North American Serials Interest Group, Inc. It is available only through personal membership in the organization. This issue of the Newsletter was compiled by Jean Callaghan, Serials Librarian, Wheaton College, Norton, MA02766; Judith Rieke, Monographs Librarian, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Library, Nashville, TN 37232; Brian Scanlan, Senior Editor, Elsevier Science Publishing Co., Inc., 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10010; and Joan Luke, Assistant Head, Acquisitions Department, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303. Deadline for the April 1990 newsletter is March 30, 1990. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Send all submissions to: Jean Callaghan, Serials Librarian, Wallace Library, Wheaton College, Norton, MA 02766. Phone: 508-285-7722 x530 FAX: 508-285-2908 BITNET: JCALL@WHEATNMA Send all inquiries concerning the NASIG organization, membership, and change of address information to: Teresa Malinowski, NASIG Secretary, California State University, Fullerton, P.O. Box 4150, Fullerton, CA 92634-4150 Thanks, Lenore! 1. CONSER and the Multiple Versions Questions 2. Classifying Serials and Improving Physical Access 3. Collection Development Allocation Formulas for Serials 4. Decentralization of Serials Check-In in an Automated Environment 5. Looseleaf Services and Collection Management 6. Microcomputer-Based Serials Management Systems 7. Organization of Serials in Canadian Libraries 8. Preserving Serial Literature 9. Retrospective Conversion Projects 10. SERLINE 11. Serials Control and Interface Development 12. Serials Vendor Review and Evaluation 13. The SISAC Code 14. Title Changes 15. Training for Serials Work 16. USMARC Format for Holdings and Locations: Training Issues 17. Union Listing in the U.S. and Canada 18. Current Issues in Serials Collection Development 10 - 12 September 1990 Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

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