Dec. 1992

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 1992

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Dec. 1992

FAX:( )U BITNEECXAWIB@OHSlMWABM Iatmmthrlal~odu PRESIDENT'S CORNER NASIG 8 m ANNUAL CONFERENCE (1 REPORT FROM THE CONFERENCE PUNNINGCOMMITTEE VOLUMEERS NEEDED FOR CONFERENECVEALUATIOFNORM TREASURER'S REPORT ANNOUNCINNGEW FEATURE: "TITLECHANGES" LIBRARYm C E STUDENT PROGRAM: CALL FOR APPUCA'TIONS ' ' RECIPIENTS' REPOR~OSN 1992 NASIG CONFERENCE AWARD ANNOUNCEMENTS: BOWKER/ULRICHSE'SRIALS LIBRARIANSHAIPWARD LAPT RESEARCHAWARD CORRECITONTSO THE SEFTEMBER1992 NEWSLETIER CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS 5 7 Greetiues! I ,. .,....'>., i.Ii.:,._'.. " 8 1' A *rl This year the Ex&tive Board'h e l h '&W k& meetingin New York City ou Saturday,November 7th. It was a productive meeting and I would like to share some of the highlightdwith you. (The minutes of the meeting will appear in the next issue.) Much time was devoted to discussion and decision-makingfor conferences,past, present and ** future. 1992 UIC Conference The Board reviewed the conference evaluation report from our 1992conferenceat the University of Illinois at Chicago, prepared by Ann Okerson, our past president,with assistancefrom her staff at the Office of ScientificPnbtishing, Association of Research Libraries. The report confirms many of the informal comments attendees shared with me during and after the conference. new programs. The conferencefinancialstatement and the conferenceevaluationreportwillappearin the next issue. [Continued on Page 31 The NASIG Newsletter (ISSN 0892-1733)ispublished 5 times a year for the members of the North American SerialsInterest Group, Inc. It is availableonly through personal membership in the organization. Members of the Editorial Board of the Newsletter are: Editor-in-ChieE Enen Finnie Duranceau MTT Submissions Editor: Daphne C. Miller Wright State University School of Medicine Distribution Editor: Maggie Horn Universityof California, Davis Production Editor: Kathy Wodrich Schmidt University of Wisconsin-La Crosse NASIG Executive Board Liaison: ElaineNorthern Illinois University Publisher Liaison: Isabel aech Institute for ScientificInformation The Newsletter is published in February, April, June, September, and December. Submission deadlinesare 4 weeksprior to the publication date (January 1, March 1, May 1, August 1, & November 1). The submission date for the next issue is Janunry 1. NO LATE SUBMISSIONSWILL BE ACCEPTED. Send all snbmissions,and Calendar of Events items to: Daphne Miller, Serials Library Media Assistant, Wright State UniversitySchool of Medicine, Fordham Health SciencesLibrary, P.O. Box 927, Dayton, OH 45401-0927 513-813-3574 FAX: 513-879-2675 Bitnet: dcmillSend all editorial comments and items for Title Changes" (see p.5) to: Ellen F i e Dnranceau, Assodate Head, Serials & AcquisitionsSeMces, MassachuscttsInstitute of Te.chnology, The Libraries, Room 14E-210, Cambridge, MA 02139 617-253-702S FAX: 617-253-2464 Internet: Send all inquiries concerningthe NASIG organizationand membership, and change of address information to: Send all daims for unreceived issuesof the Newsletter to: Maggie Horn, Head Serials CatalogLibrarian, University of California,Davis, ShieldsLibrary, Davis, CA 95616 916-752-2600 FAX: 916-752-3148 Bitnet: mehorn@ucdavis Resident's Comer [continued from Page 11 1993 Brown Conference No doubt many of you are eager for news about our 1993 conference to be held at Brown University in Providence, RI, June 10-13. The F'rogram PlanningCommittee,co-chairedbyCindy Hepfer ( S U N Y Buffalo) and October IviDs (Louisiana State University), selected the theme, "New Scholafihip: New Serials," and is currently reviewing proposals for plenary papers and workshops. The program will once again offer plenary sessions and a selection of eighteen workshops. Also planned is a session that will feature a plenary speaker followed by four "breakouts"or panel discussions, which will focus on specificaspects of the topic presented by the plenary speaker. The Conference Planning Committee, co-chaired by Pat Putney (Brown University) and Jean CaUaghan (Wheaton College), is working with the conference staff at Brown University and has startedplanning the localarrangementsand social events. Providence and Newport, which is less than an hour away, offer a variety of historical sites, galleriesand museums. At the meetingthe Board reviewedthe conference budget and set the registration fees Profits from the 1993 conferencewill allow us to "hold the line on fee increases." The 1993 conference fees are $275.00 for resident attendees housed in the recently built Thayer Street Quad dorm complex, $245.00 for resident attendees housed in other dormitories, and $175.00 for commuters. AU dorms have single moms and shared rest mom facilities. 1994 Conference Site Looking to the future,the Boardselecteda site for our 1994 conference after reviewing final reports on three campuses in the Pacific Northwest the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon, University of Washington in Seattle,Washington, and Universityof British Columbiain Vancouver, BC. The 1994 conference will be held on the campus of the Universityof British Columbia. A number of factors are consideredwhen selecting a site, including the dates available,the condition of the dorm facilities,quality of the food seMce, and the general ambienceof the campus. Special thanks to our members who participated in the 1994 site selection for the Pacific Northwest: Karen Darling (University of Oregon), Mary D e v h (Faxon), Kat McGrath (University of British Columbia) and Laurie Sutherland (Universityof Washington). Focus on Current F'roiects John Tagler (Elsevier) presented a draft report on the 1992 membership survey. As you may recall, the membership survey was distributedlast spring approxhately75% of the membershipresponded. Because the report, which focuses on members' perceptions of NASIG activities, is extensive, the Board asked the Task Force to draft an executive summary. We willbe sharingthese documents and other informationaboutthe survey resultswithyou in the coming months. The Board received exciting news from the ElectronicCommunicationsCommittee. With the support of our colleagues at the American Mathematical Society, a test file of papers presented at the 1992conferencehas b n created and the Committee will begin testing a Gopher applicationthat willoffer full-text retrievalto users who access NASIGNET over the INTERNET. The Board asked the committee to continue its efforts and to work with the editors of our Newsletter to develop and test a similar applicationfor the NASIG Newsletter. These are the first stepstoward providingthe Newsletterand proceedings to members in an electronicformat. Finally, I would like to welcome our new Editorial Board for the NASIG Newsletter: Ellen Duranceau, Editor-in-ChieS Maggie Horn, Distribution Editor; Daphne Miller, Submissions Editor; and Kathy Schmidt, Production Editor. This is their first issue! Very best wishes to you all for the holidays! See you at ALA in Denver. A warm Ocean State welcome from the Brown University Conference Planning Committee! The Committee is hard at work planning the first NASIG conference to be held in New England. Brown University, founded in 1764, is located in historic Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is located 1 hour from Boston, 3 hours from New York City, 45 minutes from Newport, and 1 hour to the beginning of Cape Cod. It is an ideal location as a Staaing point for a New England vacation! Rhode Island, the "smallest state in the union,"offersmany attractions,including384 miles of coastline. providence is easily accessible by all modes of transportation: by air V.F. Greene Airport/ Providence is a 15 minute drive to the Brown campus); by train (Amtrak offers seMce to Providence on the Northeast Comdor route; the train station is 5 minutesfrom campus); by car (via Route 95, the main East Coast north/south interstate); by bus (seMced by both Greyhound and Bonanza, with hourly seMce to downtown Boston and to Logan AirpoNBoston);and by sea! (Providence is located at the top of Narragansett Bay). The members of the Conference Planning Committee are: Jean Callaghan, cochair (Wheaton College), Mary Beth Clack (Harvard University), Marilyn Geller (Mm,Jane Hedberg (Welldey College), Deborah Jensen (The Faxon Co.), LeslieKnapp (ESSCO),PatriciaPutney, CoChair (BrownUniversity), Joseph Raker (Boston Public Library), Marian Reijnen (Martinns Nijhof j , and SteveThompson(BrownUniversity). Full details on the conference, including travel information, will be published in the next issue of the Newsletter. For further information, please contact either: Jean CaUaghan, Sen& Liirarian Wallace Library,Wheaton College Norton, MA 02766 Phone: 508285-77mJ 3 0 BI"ERJCALL@WHEARIMA Or: Patricia Putney Head, Acquisitions Department Rockefeller Library, Box A, Brown University Providence, RI 02912 Phone: 401-863-2954 B m AP201001@BROWNVM Rhode Island's state motto is HOPE - we HOPE to see you June 10-13, 1993 at Brown University for NASIG's 8th Annual Conference! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR CONFERENCE EVALUATION FORM I Ann OLerson At the NASIG board meeting on Saturday, November 7,it was decided that NASIG should invest some time in working with the conference evaluationform, in order to: -Prepare an evaluationform for 1993 Conference -Review 1992 evaluation form and evaluation report (prepared using Survey Pro software) -Explore ways to provide more usehl feedback to speakers -Consult with current and past Program Committeemembers for their input -Review and recommend softwarepackages -Consider separateforms for general conference feedba&speaker/swrLshop feedbaaand other aspects of the Conference Accordingly, w e Rast and I willbe participating in such a Task Group, which will do its work over the first quarter of 1993. We are seeking a few volunteers to join in the process. We are particularly interested in volunteers with the following skills -Developmentof evaluation forms, particularlyfor conferences -Use of m e y or similar software, preferablybut not necesady more than one package -Skill with spreadsheetprograms such as Lotus 1-2-3, Excel, and others -Possiile willingnessto write and later tabulate the m e y (a timeansnming pr-!) We mention the above, not becauseother skills are irrelevant, but because these may be harder to locate. If you are interested,please send a note of your interest and relevant experience or qualificationsto: Ann Okerson, NASIG Past-President Phone: 202-232-8656 FAX: 202-462-7849 Internet: TREASURER'S REPORT I Ann Vidor Renewals Alongwithyour copy of the SeptemberNewsletter, you should have received the 1993 Renewal form and the Directory informationform. These forms are bright pink and orange in the hope that they would be too conspicuousto be ignored or if they were set asideon your desk, they would eventnaliy be n o t i d ! Although the September Newsletter was a little late being sent out, we are still going to follow the original timetable. This is because we need to have an updated membership databaseby early January. Reminderswill be sent out in midNwember if your renewal has not been received. p NASIG now has a permanent address. It was decided at the Board meeting last June, at the request of the Treasurer, that we establish an address which would not change each time there was a new Treasurer. Tbe addresswillnot be used for routine activities such as renewals and conferenceregistration,but for officialtransactions such as filingour tax returns, directoryListings,and for use with organizations requesting NASIG's Federal identification number and our address. The permanent address is a mailbox location in Atlanta. For the remainder of this year, mail will be forwarded to my home address. After July 1993, any mail will be forwarded to the new Treasurer. NASIG membershiphas reached 1,ooO for the first time. Janet Gaisford of the Metro Toronto ReferenceLiirarywas the loooth member to join. [And as of November 9, NASIG membershiphad reached 1,035, according to Joan Luke Stephens, Chair of the Directory and Database Committee. -- Ed1 ANNOUNCING "TITLE CHANGES" With the next issue, the Newsletter win include a new feature: a column descriiig NASIG members' "title changes" -- their promotions, new positions, and other significant professional milestones. n e goal of the column is to help NASIG members keep track of each other and to giveus a way to recognize each other's achievements The column will depend to a large extent on member contributions, so if you change jobs, receive a promotion, complete a degree, win an award,or have any other professionalnewg please send a note to the Editor. Contributionson behalf of fellow members are weloome, and will be cleared with the person mentioned in the news item before thev are Drinted. LIBRARY SCIENCE STUDENT GRANT PROGBAM: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS I Hnrriet K c m y NASIG is currently seeking candidatesfor grants to attend the Eighth Annual Conferenceto be held at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, June 10 to 13, 1993. Through the granting of these awards, NASIG desires to encourage participation in the serials information chain by students who are interested in some aspect of serialswork upon completion of their professional degree. SCOPE OF AWARD: Recipientsare expectedto attend the entire conference and submit a brief written report to NASIG. Expenses for travel, registration, meals, and lodging will be paid by NASIG. E L I G I B I L W Studentscurrently enrolled at the graduate level in any ALA amedited library school, who do not already have an ALA amedited degree, and who have expressed an interest in serials and/or technical seMcss work, are eligible. Applicants be full- or part-time students at the time of application. In order to accept an award, a recipientmust not be employed in a position requiring an ALA accrediteddegree, nor on leave from such a position,at the time of acceptance of the grant. Equal considerationwill be given to all qualifiedapplicanywith preference given to those graduating the year of the conference. APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Application forms will be available after January 15, 1993, in ALA accredited l i b r a r y schools and from Harriet Kersey, Chair, Library Science Student Grant Committee. Completed applications should be sent to: Harriet Kersey, Asst. Head, Information Control and Management, Georgia Tech Library, Atlanta, GA 30322-0900. Phone: 404-894-4523. [Continuedon next page] APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 1, 1993. Applications received after this date will not be considered. AWARD NOTIFICATION Award recipientswill be notified by April 15,1993. A maximum of six grants may be awarded for 1993. LIBRARY SCIENCE STUDENT GRANT PROGRAM: RECIPIENTS'REPORTS ON 1992 W I G CONFERENCEI Bnrriet Kersey Each year, recipients of the grant to attend the NASIG conference are asked to submit a written report, s t ~ d u r e d as responses to speciijc questions, about their conference experience. Here, the Student Grant Committee shares with the NASIG membership some of the students' comments. Why do pu feel it is worthwhile for students to attend a NASIG conference? NASlG exposes [thestudent] to the multiple facets of the profesdon - revealingthe varied specialties a serials librarian may develop. The chance to interact with a wide variety of liiarians,publishem, and vendors gave me a wider perspective on the chain of serialsinformation. Serials represent a tremendous investment on the part of all libraries Issues concerning serials tonch upon every department within a library. Attending a NASIG conference is a unique and wonderful opportunity for a library school student (0 bemme better educated about the various aspects of this extremelyimportant facet of library operations. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about addition to classroom learning or work experience. A student can see how a liiary conference works and how dedicated members need to be. It gives students a taste of what belonging to a professional society is like and thus prepares them for their future involvement. How did attending the conference benefit you personally? To see hiarians who are aggressively pursuing problem-solving for a challenging area of librarianship breaks all stereotypes I had of the traditionallibrarian. I appreciate the experience with "professional" behavior. Having seen any number of excellent models of professionalism at its best, I certainly have MIlack of standards to emulate in my career as a librarian. I enjoyed the plenary sessions in which several speakers piqued my thoughts on matters of concern to serials librarianship. Some of these speakers (as well as many of the NASIG committeespeakers)displayed good oratory styles, and in this way set valuable examples of presentation skills. It gave me an idea of where I might find a place in the organization. I came to a better understanding of so many aspects regardingserialsand the role of librariesin these changingtimes. I feel that I made some life-long friends, and I believe that this experience will benefit me throughout my professional career. 3. Did attending the confernnee innuence yonr career plans? It heightened my interest in serials and, also, in many ways made me feel more comfortable about them and their ambiguities. It was comfortingjust hearing that others are equally confounded by them, and yet, enjoy the challenge of them. The conference intrigued me [and iespied me] to explore further the challengesof serialswork. It reinforced my interest in serials. I was already planning a career built around serials, and the NASIG conference confirmed my decision. It opened my eyes to the possibility that there is more to do with a Masters of Liirary Sciencethan be a librarian. Wbat suggestions do you have for the 1993 NASIG Student Grant Program? The program seems to work well as is. The interest and dedicationof committeememberswas evident,and I enjoyedthe warmth and friendliness, which certainly made me feel welcome. Don't change a thing! To facilitate integration [of students and NASIG members], having other NASIG members join pairs of students for breakfast or lunch the fmt andfor second day might be expose the students to other NASIG members. A d d i t i d mmments or suggestions. I think NASIG does itself and the studentsa great service through the Grant Propram. By encouraging students in serials librarianship, NASIG benefitsthroughthe futureparticipationof these new librarians. Having spoken with a few of the Grant's past recipients, I should think that NASIG would be pleased at such additionsto the group. I was struck, vexy early on in the conference, by the strong senseof community among the NASIG membership. The profession of librarianshipas a whole is so large and so diverse. that I find it difficult to imagine a similar sense of community at [ALA]. This strong sense of community is a valuable tool for effective action...NASIG seems better equipped [than A I A ] to envision and actualize its own future. I jnst can't say enough about my experience attending the NASIG conference in Chicago. I loved it from beeinnine to end. A W A R D ANNOUNCEMENTS: BOWKEMJUICE'S SERIALS L I B R A R I A N S ~ A W A R D Presented by the Serials Section, Association for Library Collections & Technical SeMces. An annual award consisting of a citation and a S1500cashawardfor distinguishedcontniutionsto serials librarianship, including but not limited to those made within the previous three years, demonstrated by such activities as leadership in serials-related activities through participation in professional associationsandfor library education programs, contriiutions to the body of serials literature, conduct of research in the area of serials, development of tools or methods to enhance access to or management of serials, or other advances leading to a better understanding of the Geld of serials. 1992 Winner: Linda K. Bartley Send nominationsby December 15,1992,to: Rex Bross, Head, MonographsDept. University of Toledo Libraries 2801 W.Bancroft St. Toledo, OH 43606 Phone: 419-537-2137 Bitnet: FAC3265@uoftO1 Please include all supportingdocumentation. For more information, contact Rex Bross or call the ALm office. AWARD ANNOUNCEMENTS: LIBRARY ACOUISITIONS:PRACIlCE & THEORY 1993 RESEARCH A W A R D The Librarv Awuisitions: Practice & Theory (LAF'T) Research Award provides an annualprize of S1,OOO for research in the broad areas of acquisitions, serials, publishink and collection management. The award will be given for one proposal and administeredintwoparts: $500 when the proposalis selectedto fund the research effort and $500 when the completed manuscript is submitted to Liirarv Acauisitions: Practice & m. The award will be granted to the individual,not the institution,and may be used to wver expensesincurred in conductingthe research outlined in the Winning proposal including travel, postage, staff support, supplies, and other items The winning proposal will identify a critical issue in aquisitions, serials, publishing, or collection management and outline a rigorous approach to testing or solving the issue raised. Proposals will be judged on their sigdkance, clarity, and originality. The proposal shouldbe.a brief, concise description (no more than 500 words) of the project. A budget proposal and a one pagevita of

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