Congratulations to the 2018 TMS Young Leaders

JOM, Feb 2018

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Congratulations to the 2018 TMS Young Leaders

JOM Congratulations to the 2018 TMS Young Leaders 0 TMS Foundation 5700 Corporate Drive Suite 750 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 , USA The opportunities outlined by the young professionals highlighted in this article would not be possible without the TMS Foundation and its commitment to developing the next generation of minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers. Visit to learn more about the TMS Foundation and to help continue its important work through an online donation. Please direct donations by mail to: - For more than two decades, the TMS in nurturing the careers of early career professionals by funding the TMS Young Leaders Professional Development Awards program. Many of these award recipients have gone on to hold leadership positions on the TMS Board of Directors and various committees, while also actively shaping the programming, publication content, and TMS as a professional society. A number of them cite the access to high-level networking, recognition, and mentoring that was opened to them as TMS Young Leaders as a turning point in their professional development and engagement with the Society. The 2018 TMS Young Leaders introduced on these pages join the ranks of past honorees who have now positioned themselves in the vanguard of the next generation of minerals, metals, and materials professionals. They will formally accept their awards at the TMS2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition, March 11–15, 2018, in Phoenix, Arizona. Please congratulate them in person, if you have a chance, as they take this next important step on their professional journey. Jacob McMurray Fiseha Tesfaye Niaz Abdolrahim Stephen McDonnell 2018 Young Leaders Professional Development Award Recipients EXTRACTION & PROCESSING DIVISION (EPD) FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS DIVISION (FMD) Jacob McMurray “The TMS Foundation has student and now as an early career professional,” says Jake McMurray a member of the research staff in the Materials Science and Technology Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “The Young Leaders Professional Development Award is an opportunity to develop my leadership skills, present my current research, and grow my professional network, particularly with prominent TMS members.” McMurray currently manages several projects that are a part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fuel Cycle Research and Development Accident Tolerant Fuel campaign in computational and experimental materials thermodynamics. Niaz Abdolrahim “The TMS Foundation has always provided great academic and career opportunities to me from the early days of my graduate studies,” noted Niaz Abdolrahim, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Rochester. “As a junior faculty member, engaging in various TMS events and activities was always very rewarding to me as I got more involved with my research community and gained more support and experience.” Abdolrahim’s research uses computational techniques to predict the performance of nanoscale metallic materials (NMMs) based on their governing deformation mechanisms. scale modeling of nanoscale metallic multilayers, the computational prediction of the structure of semicoherent interfaces, the use of core-shell structures, and the mechanisms that control the deformation of nanoporous metals under equilibrium and non-equilibrium shock loading conditions. Fiseha Tesfaye Fiseha Tesfaye is an academy postdoctoral researcher and project manager in the Johan Gadolin Process Chemistry Centre at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. His achievements include research in solidstate electrochemistry for thermodynamic studies of chalcogenide materials, and contribution of new experimental thermodynamic data for several alloys and compounds. He has published more than 27 peer-reviewed articles and given presentations at leading metallurgical conferences. “ both as a graduate student and now as an early career professional.” —Jacob McMurray Stephen McDonnell An assistant professor at the University of Virginia (UVA), Stephen McDonnell has currently focused his research interests on the integration of 2D materials into device architectures involving interfaces with 3D materials. “As a young faculty member whose prior experience focused on surface science, TMS has exposed me McDonnell says. “This has enabled better integration with faculty, both at UVA and other universities. Organizing a symposium at an early stage of my career has allowed me to interact with colleagues from other disciplines and will eventually lead to new collaborations. TMS has also provided me with new forums to publicize my research to the broader community.” “The TMS Foundation has always — Niaz Abdolrahim Victoria Miller “I chose my career in metallurgy engineering puzzles as part of a team,” states Victoria Miller, assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at North Carolina State University. “TMS is the organization that brings together all of my past, current, and future teammates. I walk away from every TMS-sponsored meeting feeling inspired, excited, and re-energized. From the cutting-edge content of the technical talks themselves, to the ability to participate in committees, to the invaluable opportunities for networking, TMS meetings are a highlight of my professional year. TMS and the TMS Foundation provide the opportunities to get outside of my bubble and to be involved in the broader materials community, so that I can play a role whole.” Currently, Miller’s work focuses on deformation processing of metals and the associated microstructural evolution, particularly texture evolution, recovery, and recrystallization. Chuan Zhang Chuan Zhang, principal materials scientist at Computherm, LLC, has been Are You the Next TMS Young Leader? Deadline for Applications: August 15, 2018 Visit the TMS Honors and Awards website at to learn more and download an application form. Recipients will receive support to attend the TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition for the year of the award, as well as a complimentary year of TMS membership. Awardees are expected to work actively with their TMS technical division, to participate in young professional events and activities, and to take advantage of the invitations extended to them to attend technical and administrative committees and a TMS Board of Directors meeting. “TMS and the TMS Foundation provide the opportunities to get role in shaping the future of the working in physical metallurgy since his undergraduate studies, with his current research interests established in the “As a proud TMS member for almost ways throughout my graduate studies materials science,” Zhang said. “By joining the TMS community, I am able to access the frontier research in my from all over the world. This provides great opportunities to enhance my professional development. I am looking forward to getting more involved in TMS committees and activities in the future.” LIGHT METALS DIVISION (LMD) Alan Luo, TMS Light Metals Division (LMD) Chair, (center) recognizes Wenjun Cai (left) and Yi Wang (right) as the 2017 LMD Young Leaders Professional Development Award recipients. The 2018 recipients presented in this article will be honored at TMS division luncheons held throughout the week at the TMS 2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition. —Victoria Miller Victoria Miller Chuan Zhang MATERIALS PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING DIVISION (MPMD) Eric Lass STRUCTURAL MATERIALS DIVISION (SMD) Joseph Jakes “As an early career researcher, my TMS membership provides me both a community to foster my career and the opportunity to serve the research community,” relates Joseph Jakes, a research material engineering with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Products Laboratory. “Attending and presenting at TMS meetings has given me the opportunity to connect with fellow researchers and develop new collaborative research projects. Participating in TMS committees, coorganizing technical symposia, and serving as a JOM guest editor have allowed me to both serve and help shape TMS content. I look forward to continuing to use the career.” Jakes’s current research interests include developing advanced material characterization techniques to probe structures and properties at micrometer length scales and below, and applying the techniques to develop structure–property relationships in wood cell walls. Michael Titus Michael Titus currently works as an assistant professor at Purdue University’s School of Materials Engineering. “I am extremely grateful for this recognition, especially because it comes from my professional society home. TMS and its networking, engagement, and scholarly opportunities, and the two have enabled numerous successful collaborations throughout the years,” Titus said. “The comprehensive symposia offered at the TMS annual meetings and other TMSsponsored events have provided me with many opportunities to share my research with academics and industry members.” Titus has co-authored more than 15 peerreviewed journal articles and was selected to be the Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Iron Research in Dusseldorf, Germany. Eric Lass At the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Eric Lass is currently the leader of the Materials Science and Engineering Division project titled, “Advanced Materials Design: Structural Applications” and also has a leadership role on an additive manufacturing project where he is coordinating much of the experimental investigation. His current research interests lie within the and microstructural evolution in metals and alloys. and serving as a JOM guest editor and help shape TMS content.” —Joseph Jakes Janelle Wharry Janelle Wharry, assistant professor in the School of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University, noted, “TMS meetings feature the most comprehensive programming in such as metallurgy, nanomaterials, and characterization. This enables me and my students to learn about the most recent research advances that crosscut materials science. We can then subsequently extend and apply these advances to our nuclear/ irradiated materials niche.” Wharry is an expert on microstructure, characterization, and nano- and micro-mechanics of irradiated metals and alloys and has been published in 40 peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers. —Michael Titus Amber Genau Named TMS/JIM International Scholar Amber Genau will present her work at a Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM) annual meeting as the 2018 TMS/JIM Young Leaders International Scholar. “TMS is my primary connection to my professional community. Opportunities provided by the TMS Foundation have served to strengthen those ties,” said Genau, an associate professor at the University of Alabama. “Recognition and travel support from the Foundation have made me feel like a valued and important member of that community and motivated me to get more involved and to give back.” Genau was the recipient of the MPMD Young Leaders Professional Development Award in 2014. The TMS/JIM Young Leaders International Scholar Award was established in 2006. Made possible by funding from the TMS Foundation, the program enables early career TMS members to travel to the JIM annual meeting to present a paper and tour nearby universities, research labs or industrial facilities. 2018 Early Career Faculty Fellows Announced The TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow Award, funded by the TMS Foundation, honors two assistant professors each year for accomplishments that have advanced the academic institution at which they are employed. The award also acknowledges the recipients’ potential to broaden the technological profile of TMS. Honorees Cong Wang present talks at the Young Leaders Tutorial Luncheon during the TMS annual meeting in the year that they receive the award. The following year, they must play an organizing role in one of the TMS annual meeting symposia. “It couldn’t be more wonderful to receive this prestigious award on my 10th consecutive attendance of the Sung Woo Nam TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition,” said Cong Wang, junior professor of the School of Metallurgy at Northeastern University in China, and one of the 2018 TMS Early Career Faculty Fellows. “TMS has played a pivotal role in shaping my career. TMS and the TMS Foundation offer a one-ofa-kind academic exchange platform—I feel immensely honored and humbled and intend to bridge the Chinese and to provide avenues for professionals to — Sung Woo Nam metals community with the rest of the world.” Currently, Wang’s research focuses on high temperature metallurgical processing, with a special interest in oxide metallurgy and directing microstructure by effective utilization of inclusions. He is chair of the TMS Energy Committee, participates on the editorial boards of a number of journals, and is the 2011 recipient of the LMD Young Leaders Professional Development Award. Sung Woo Nam, the second recipient of the 2018 Early Career Faculty Fellow Award, is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is currently researching innovations in controlled deformation of atomically thin, two-dimensional materials to explore how unique shapes of atomically thin materials enable new functionalities. On being named a TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow, Nam said, “The TMS Foundation’s mission to support and enrich the development of professionals in the minerals, metals, and materials community and to provide avenues for professionals to communicate and engage is truly impactful. I am very excited to be part of the TMS community and to further its important mission. I look forward to participating in the annual meetings and JO technical division activities, as well as young themagazine professional events.”

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Congratulations to the 2018 TMS Young Leaders, JOM, 2018, 263-267, DOI: 10.1007/s11837-018-2759-6