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Maintenance rituximab following induction chemoimmunotherapy may prolong progression-free survival in mantle cell lymphoma: a pilot study from the Wisconsin Oncology Network

Background: There is no standard first line treatment for mantle cell lymphoma. Patients and methods: This was a multicenter phase II pilot study of rituximab and modified hyper-fractionated cyclophosphamide, vincristine doxorubicin, dexamethasone (modified R-hyperCVAD) administered every 28 days for four to six cycles followed by rituximab maintenance therapy consisting of four ...

Delayed onset of seizures and toxicity associated with recreational use of Bromo-dragonFLY

Introduction Many countries have specific legislation, such as the Controlled Substances Act (1970) in the United States and the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) in the United Kingdom to control recreational drugs. There is a growing market and supply of “novel” recreational drugs, which include the misuse of pharmaceutical compounds and research chemicals. These are often not covered ...

Incidence, Risk Factors, and Impact of Severe Neutropenia After Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Mitomycin C

Background Cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) are considered the standard of care for patients with peritoneal dissemination of appendiceal cancer and are increasingly being evaluated for use in patients with carcinomatosis from colon cancer. Mitomycin C (MMC) is one of the most frequently used HIPEC agents in the management of ...

Inhibitory effects of estrogen receptor beta on specific hormone-responsive gene expression and association with disease outcome in primary breast cancer

elements in breast tumor cells . Genome Biol 2004 , 5 : R66 . 29. Frasor J , Danes JM , Komm B , Chang KC , Lyttle CR , Katzenellenbogen BS : Profiling of estrogen up- and down-regulated gene expression in ... and ERbeta in mice . Mol Endocrinol 2003 , 17 : 203 - 208 . 31. Stossi F , Barnett DH , Frasor J , Komm B , Lyttle CR , Katzenellenbogen BS : Transcriptional profiling of estrogen-regulated gene

Salvage radiotherapy for biochemical relapse after complete PSA response following radical prostatectomy: outcome and prognostic factors for patients who have never received hormonal therapy

hormonal therapy Alexandre A Jacinto*, Angelo BS Fede, Lvia A Fagundes, Joo V Salvajoli, Marcus S Castilho, Gustavo A Viani, Ricardo C Fogaroli, Paulo ERS Novaes, Antonio Cssio A Pellizzon, Maria AC Maia and ... . Stephenson AJ , Shariat SF , Zelefsky MJ , Kattan MW , Butler EB , Teh BS , Klein EA , Kupelian PA , Roehrborn CG , Pistenmaa DA , Pacholke HD , Liauw SL , Katz MS , Leibel SA , Scardino PT , Slawin KM

NOR association in Canis familiaris

M Rnne 0 BS Poulsen 0 Y Shibasaki 0 0 Odense University, Institute of Medical Biology, Department of Anatomy and Cytology , Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M , Denmark The domestic dog has 78 ... (Vlammalia, Canidae). Cytogenet Cell Genet 34, 112-118 Poulsen BS, Shibasaki Y, Ronne M (1991) Banding studies in Canis familiaris. I. Replication patterns in karyotypes from lymphocyte cultures. Cytobios, in

Controlled management of public relations following a public health incident

This paper describes the management of public relations following an outbreak of multidrug resistant TB at a London hospital. Eight patients were involved, all of the secondary cases occurred in HIV seropositive patients, and three cases died. The paper describes how the Incident Committee undertook to recall contacts of the cases for screening, inform the general practitioners of ...

Genetic determinants of susceptibility to estrogen-induced mammary cancer in the rat

-00-1-0247, and DAMD 17-00-2-1-0384. JD Shull1,3, BS Schaffer1,3, LM Bartsch1,3, LK Buckles2,3, KA Gould1,3, M Tochacek3, B Xie3, CM Lachel1,3, KL Pennington1,3, TE Strecker2,3, KK Hansen1,3 Estrogens

Metabolic, hormonal and gastric fluid and pH changes after different preoperative feeding regimens

Purpose: To evaluate the metabolic, hormonal and gastric fluid and pH changes after administration of a small volume of different preoperative feeding regimens. Methods: In a prospective, randomized, double-blind study 375 adult patients were allocated to one of five groups. Patients ingested 60 ml honey, glucose-fructose-sucrose-maltose mixture (GFSM), apple juice or water two ...

Subsystem throughputs of a clinical picture archiving and communications system

We measured the throughtput rates of individual picture archiving and communications system (PACS) subsystems including the acquisition, archive, display, and communication network as a basis of evaluation the overall throughput of our clinical PACS. The throughput rate of each PACS subsystem was measured in terms of average residence time of individual images in the subsystem. The ...

Does intrathecal morphine alter the stress response following coronary artery bypass grafting surgery?

Constance MacLaren RN Allan McIntyre FRCPC Ri h r B rk r MB CHB FRCA FRCPC D vi Imri MB BS FFARCS FRCPC Christopher Allen MB BS FFARCS FRCPC John Gl nn MB CHB FRCPC Kenneth Fairhurst MB CHB FRCPC Ri ... h r M L r n MB BS FFARCS FRCPC Richard Hall MD FRCPC FCCP, Natasha Adderley MSc, Purpose: Intrathecal morphine administered prior to coronary artery revascularization (CABG) surgery was studied to

Wound closure tramadol administration has a short-lived analgesic effect

Purpose: To evaluate the effects of tramadol administration at wound closure on postoperative pain and analgesic requirements in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Methods: In a prospective, randomized, double-blind study 80 patients were allocated into two groups (n=40 in each) to receive either 200 mg tramadol or placeboiv at the time of wound closure. ...

Selective spinal anesthesia for outpatient laparoscopy. III: Sufentanilvs lidocaine-sufentanil

Purpose: The efficacy of low dose intrathecal lidocaine-sufentanil was compared with intrathecal sufentanil for short duration outpatient gynecological laparoscopy. Methods: Thirteen ASA I and II patients undergoing gynecological laparoscopy were studied in a randomized double-blind trial. Patients received either intrathecal 10 mg lidocaine plus 10 µg sufentanil (Group LS) or ...