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Impact of Participation in the Adalimumab (Humira) Patient Support Program on Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Course: Results from the PASSION Study

. Jasmina Kalabic is an employee of AbbVie and may hold stock or options. Chen Wang is an employee of AbbVie and may hold stock or options. Naijun Chen is an employee of AbbVie and may hold stock or options

Distributed acoustic sensing with Michelson interferometer demodulation

The distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) has been extensively studied and widely used. A distributed acoustic sensing system based on the unbalanced Michelson interferometer with phase generated carrier (PGC) demodulation was designed and tested. The system could directly obtain the phase, amplitude, frequency response, and location information of sound wave at the same time and...

An update on the Pauwels classification

Background Femoral neck fractures typically occur as a result of high-energy mechanisms among non-geriatric patients. Complications, including femoral neck shortening, non-union, and avascular necrosis, are relatively common after the internal fixation of this fracture pattern. These complications have serious effects on young patients. The Pauwels classification, which is the...

Blend sign predicts poor outcome in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage

with ICH. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Qi Li, Peng Xie. Data curation: Qi Li, Wen-Song Yang, Xing-Chen Wang, Du Cao, Dan Zhu, Yang Liu, Gang Zhang, Xin Xiong, Rui Li, Yun-Xin Hu. Formal ... analysis: Wen-Song Yang, Xing-Chen Wang. Funding acquisition: Qi Li. Investigation: Qi Li, Wen-Song Yang, Xing-Chen Wang, Du Cao, Yang Liu, Gang Zhang, Xin Xiong, Rui Li, Yun-Xin Hu. Methodology: Wen

Bee Inspired Novel Optimization Algorithm and Mathematical Model for Effective and Efficient Route Planning in Railway System

Railway and metro transport systems (RS) are becoming one of the popular choices of transportation among people, especially those who live in urban cities. Urbanization and increasing population due to rapid development of economy in many cities are leading to a bigger demand for urban rail transit. Despite being a popular variant of Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), it appears...

Interferometric distributed sensing system with phase optical time-domain reflectometry

: Chen WANG 0 School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, The University of New South Wales , NSW, 2052 , Australia 1 Shengli Oilfield Xinsheng Geophysical Technology Co. Ltd. , No. 23 Xingfu

Bedding down new words: Sleep promotes the emergence of lexical competition in visual word recognition

Lexical competition processes are widely viewed as the hallmark of visual word recognition, but little is known about the factors that promote their emergence. This study examined for the first time whether sleep may play a role in inducing these effects. A group of 27 participants learned novel written words, such as banara, at 8 am and were tested on their learning at 8 pm the...

How eye movement and driving performance vary before, during, and after entering a long expressway tunnel: considering the differences of novice and experienced drivers under daytime and nighttime conditions

Introduction Driving environment in tunnels is quite different from the ordinary roadway sections, especially the entrance locations, which causes great difficulty in obtaining and interpreting information through fixations and saccades that are relevant to driving safety. Therefore, it is necessary to understand driver's visual behaviors while entering a tunnel so as to take the...

Drug discovery using clinical outcome-based Connectivity Mapping: application to ovarian cancer

Background Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States (5 % of cancer deaths). The standard treatment for patients with advanced EOC is initial debulking surgery followed by carboplatin-paclitaxel combination chemotherapy. Unfortunately, with chemotherapy most patients relapse and die resulting in a five-year overall...

Characterization of eleven monosomic alien addition lines added from Gossypium anomalum to Gossypium hirsutum using improved GISH and SSR markers

Background Gossypium anomalum (BB genome) possesses the desirable characteristics of drought tolerance, resistance to diseases and insect pests, and the potential for high quality fibers. However, it is difficult to transfer the genes associated with these desirable traits into cultivated cotton (G. hirsutum, AADD genome). Monosomic alien addition lines (MAALs) can be used as a...

Oncogenic miR-19a and miR-19b co-regulate tumor suppressor MTUS1 to promote cell proliferation and migration in lung cancer

, Chen-Yu Zhang, Tao Wang, Chen wang, Junfeng Zhang, and Xi Chen declare that they have no competing interests. All procedures followed were in accordance with the ehhical standards of the responsible

Risk alleles for IgA nephropathy-associated SNPs conferred completely opposite effects to idiopathic membranous nephropathy in Chinese Han

were found to be significantly associated with the susceptibility of IMN, with rs9275596 as the top one (p = 1.97E-43, Xiaosong Qin and Chen Wang contributed equally to the work. - Department of

Model Development for Risk Assessment of Driving on Freeway under Rainy Weather Conditions

additional informed consent was required. In addition, Dr. Xiaonan Cai and other researchers in Transportation Research Center including Chen Wang, and Jian Lu administered this questionnaire. Moreover, the

Enhanced performance of solar cells via anchoring CuGaS2 quantum dots

Ternary I–III–VI quantum dots (QDs) of chalcopyrite semiconductors exhibit excellent optical properties in solar cells. In this study, ternary chalcopyrite CuGaS2 nanocrystals (2–5 nm) were one-pot anchored on TiO2 nanoparticles (TiO2@CGS) without any long ligand. The solar cell with TiO2@CuGaS2/N719 has a power conversion efficiency of 7.4%, which is 23% higher than that of...

Positive Correlation between Enhanced Expression of TLR4/MyD88/NF-κB with Insulin Resistance in Placentae of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Insulin resistance (IR) is a critical factor of the pathophysiology of Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Studies on key organs involved in IR, such as livers and adipose tissues, showed that Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) can regulate insulin sensitivity. As a maternal-fetal interface with multi-functions, placentae could contribute to the development of IR for GDM. Thus, we...

Improvement of sexual function in POEMS syndrome after combination therapy of Lenalidomide and dexamethasone

Background POEMS syndrome is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome due to an underlying plasma cell neoplasm. Hypogonadism is the most common endocrine abnormality in POEMS syndrome. There is no data about improvement of hypogonadism and sexual dysfunction after appropriate treatment of POEMS syndrome so far. In this single-center prospective study, the efficacy of low-dose lenalidomide...

NanoString-based breast cancer risk prediction for women with sclerosing adenosis

Purpose Sclerosing adenosis (SA), found in ¼ of benign breast disease (BBD) biopsies, is a histological feature characterized by lobulocentric proliferation of acini and stromal fibrosis and confers a two-fold increase in breast cancer risk compared to women in the general population. We evaluated a NanoString-based gene expression assay to model breast cancer risk using RNA...

Identification of downstream target genes regulated by the nitric oxide–soluble guanylate cyclase–cyclic guanosine monophosphate signal pathway in pulmonary hypertension

Objective To investigate the downstream target genes regulated by the nitric oxide–soluble guanylate cyclase–cyclic guanosine monophosphate (NO-sGC-cGMP) signal pathway and their possible roles in the pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension (PH).