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Contribution of Risk Factors to Extremely, Very and Moderately Preterm Births – Register-Based Analysis of 1,390,742 Singleton Births

Background Preterm birth, defined as birth occurring before 37 weeks gestation, is one of the most significant contributors to neonatal mortality and morbidity, with long-term adverse consequences for health, and cognitive outcome. Objective The aim of the present study was to identify risk factors of preterm birth (≤36+6 weeks gestation) among singleton births and to quantify...

Socioeconomic inequalities in stillbirth rates in Europe: measuring the gap using routine data from the Euro-Peristat Project

), Laust Mortensen (Denmark), Luule Sakkeus (Estonia), Mika Gissler (Finland), Béatrice Blondel (France), Marie Delnord (Project Coordination, France), Jennifer Zeitlin (Project Leader, France) Nicholas Lack ... , Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University; Anne-Marie Nybo Anderson, Laust Hvas Mortensen, University of Copenhagen; Estonia, Luule Sakkeus, Estonian Institute for Population Studies, Tallinn University; Finland, Mika

An International Contrast of Rates of Placental Abruption: An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

-reproductive-health/parturientsdeliveries-and-births/perinatal-statistics-parturientsdelivers-and-newborns Contact: Mika Gissler, THL National Institute for Health and Welfare, PO BOX 30, 00271 Helsinki, Finland

Birth weight, gestational age, fetal growth and childhood asthma hospitalization

Background Childhood asthma may have a fetal origin through fetal growth and development of the immunocompetence or respiratory organs. Objective We examined to which extent short gestational age, low birth weight and fetal growth restriction were associated with an increased risk of asthma hospitalization in childhood. Methods We undertook a cohort study based on several...

Maternal care and birth outcomes among ethnic minority women in Finland

Background Care during pregnancy and labour is of great importance in every culture. Studies show that people of migrant origin have barriers to obtaining accessible and good quality care compared to people in the host society. The aim of this study is to compare the access to and use of maternity services, and their outcomes among ethnic minority women having a singleton birth...

The Increased Risk for Autoimmune Diseases in Patients with Eating Disorders

Objective Research suggests autoimmune processes to be involved in psychiatric disorders. We aimed to address the prevalence and incidence of autoimmune diseases in a large Finnish patient cohort with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. Methods Patients (N = 2342) treated at the Eating Disorder Unit of Helsinki University Central Hospital between 1995...

Intrauterine contraception: incidence and factors associated with uterine perforation—a population-based study

STUDY QUESTION What are the incidence and factors associated with uterine perforation by modern copper intrauterine device (Cu-IUD) and the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system (LNG-IUS)?

Socioeconomic status affects the prevalence, but not the perinatal outcomes, of in vitro fertilization pregnancies

STUDY QUESTION Does maternal socioeconomic status (SES) confound or modify the association between IVF and perinatal outcome among singleton births?

Psychological Stress and Hospitalization for Childhood Asthma-a Nationwide Cohort Study in Two Nordic Countries

ObjectiveExposures to psychological stress in early life may contribute to the development or exacerbation of asthma. We undertook a cohort study based on data from several population-based registers in Denmark and Sweden to examine whether bereavement in childhood led to increased asthma hospitalization. MethodsAll singleton children born in Denmark during 1977-2008 and in...

Smoking during Pregnancy Is Associated with a Decreased Incidence of Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries in Nulliparous Women

Background Smoking is a modifiable lifestyle factor that has been shown to be associated with adverse perinatal outcomes and to have adverse health and dose-dependent connective tissue effects. The objective of this study was to examine whether smoking during pregnancy was associated with the incidence of obstetric anal sphincter injuries (OASIS) among six birthweight groups in...

The risk of childhood autism among second-generation migrants in Finland: a case–control study

Background Studying second-generation immigrants can help in identifying genetic or environmental risk factors for childhood autism. Most previous studies have focused on maternal region of birth and showed inconsistent results. No previous study has been conducted in Finland. Methods The study was a nested case–control study based on a national birth cohort. Children born in...

Differences in perinatal and infant mortality in high-income countries: artifacts of birth registration or evidence of true differences?

Background Variation in birth registration criteria may compromise international comparisons of fetal and infant mortality. We examined the effect of birth registration practices on fetal and infant mortality rates to determine whether observed differences in perinatal and infant mortality rates were artifacts of birth registration or reflected true differences in health status...

Preeclampsia complicated by advanced maternal age: a registry-based study on primiparous women in Finland 1997–2008

Background Preeclampsia is a frequent syndrome and its cause has been linked to multiple factors, making prevention of the syndrome a continuous challenge. One of the suggested risk factors for preeclampsia is advanced maternal age. In the Western countries, maternal age at first delivery has been steadily increasing, yet few studies have examined women of advanced maternal age...

The Burden of OASIS Increases along with Socioeconomic Position – Register-Based Analysis of 980,733 Births in Finland

Background Obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASIS) has been identified as a major preventable risk factor for anal incontinence. Objective Aim was to measure national variation in incidence of OASIS by socioeconomic status (SES). Methods A retrospective population based case-control study using the data derived from the Finnish Medical Birth Register for the years 1991–2010. A...

International Comparisons of Fetal and Neonatal Mortality Rates in High-Income Countries: Should Exclusion Thresholds Be Based on Birth Weight or Gestational Age?

Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University (Denmark); Luule Sakkeus, Estonian Institute for Population Studies, Tallinn University (Estonia); Mika Gissler, THL National Institute for Health and Welfare (Finland ... Ruuge, National Institute for Health Development, Department of Health Statistics; Finland Mika Gissler, National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES); Anneli Pouta National

Sex Differences in Age-Related Cardiovascular Mortality

Introduction Sex-related physiological differences result in different expressions of diseases for men and women. Data are contradicting regarding the increase in the female risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) at mid-life. Thus, we studied possible sex differences in age-adjusted mortality for CVD and non-vascular diseases stratifying our findings by specific age groups...

Contribution of socioeconomic status to the risk of small for gestational age infants – a population-based study of 1,390,165 singleton live births in Finland

Background Small for gestational age (SGA) infants are at increased risk of short- and long-term adverse outcomes. Methods Population-based case–control study using data derived from the Finnish Medical Birth Register for the years 1987–2010 (total population of singleton live births n = 1,390,165). The aim was to quantify the importance of risk factors for SGA and describe their...

Varying gestational age patterns in cesarean delivery: an international comparison

2 11 Francisco Bolumar 7 11 Ashna Mohangoo 6 11 Mika Gissler 4 5 11 Katarzyna Szamotulska 9 11 Nicholas Lack 8 11 Jan Nijhuis 10 11 Petr Velebil 11 13 Luule Sakkeus 11 14 James Chalmers 11 12 Jennifer ... : Gerald Haidinger (Austria), Evelyne Martens (Flanders), Peter Velebil (Czech Republic), Luule Sakkeus (Estonia), Mika Gissler (Finland), Béatrice Blondel (France), Nicholas Lack, Björn Misselwitz, Paul

Relation of Prenatal Smoking Exposure and Use of Psychotropic Medication up to Young Adulthood

, Finland (Mika Gissler); Nordic School of Public Health, Gothenburg, Sweden (Mika Gissler); Department of Psychiatry, University of Turku, Turku, Finland (Jyrki Korkeila); and Department of Psychiatry

Development of the Migrant Friendly Maternity Care Questionnaire (MFMCQ) for migrants to Western societies: an international Delphi consensus process

Anita J Gagnon 0 1 Rebecca DeBruyn Birgitta Essn Mika Gissler Maureen Heaman Zeinab Jeambey Dineke Korfker Christine McCourt Carolyn Roth Jennifer Zeitlin Rhonda Small for the ROAM Collaboration 0 ... ), Birgitta Essn (Uppsala University, Sweden), Anita J Gagnon and Lisa Merry (McGill University and McGill University Health Centre Research Institute, Canada), Mika Gissler (National Institute for Health and