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The risks of hospitality

Peter Nick Handling Editor: Peter Nick 0 ) Botanical Institute, Molecular Cell Biology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Kaiserstrasse 2, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany - Cellular integrity is

Defence Signalling Triggered by Flg22 and Harpin Is Integrated into a Different Stilbene Output in Vitis Cells

Plants can activate defence to pathogen attack by two layers of innate immunity: basal immunity triggered by pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) triggered immunity (PTI) and effector-triggered immunity (ETI) linked with programmed cell death. Flg22 and Harpin are evolutionary distinct bacterial PAMPs. We have previously shown that Harpin triggers hypersensitive cell death ...

Tracking Se Assimilation and Speciation through the Rice Plant – Nutrient Competition, Toxicity and Distribution

Michael Riemann Peter Nick Lenny H. E. Winkel Jörg Göttlicher Ralph Steininger Rita Brendel Matthias von Brasch 0 Gabriele Konrad 0 Thomas Neumann 0 0 Institute of Applied Geosciences (AGW), Karlsruhe

Why the taxpayer profits from plant cell biology—special issue “Applied Plant Cell Biology”

Peter Nick Kang Chong - Plant cell biologists are often perceived as the guys that produce esthetically appealing images, and are deeply rooted in the realm of pure science, far away from anything

Genetic diversity of stilbene metabolism in Vitis sylvestris

Philippe Hugueney 1 Peter Nick 2 0 DLR Rheinpfalz State Education and Research Center of Viticulture and Horticulture and Rural Development , Breitenweg 71, D-67435 Neustadt , Germany 1 Métabolisme

A Bird’s View on Cell Biology

Peter Nick 0 ) Molecular Cell Biology, University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Botany , Kaiserstr. 2, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany - Founded in 1926, Protoplasma is the cell biology journal with the

A green version of Haeckel’s rule

Peter Nick 0 ) Molekulare Zellbiologie, Botanisches Institut, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Kaiserstrae 2, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany - During individual development, many organisms

Rise and fall of plant mitochondria

Peter Nick 0 ) Botanisches Institut , Lehrstuhl 1 Molekulare Zellbiologie, Kaiserstrasse 2, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany The acquisition of mitochondria by an endosymbiotic event represented a

The molecules of persuasion—how cells talk to each other

Peter Nick 0 ) Molecular Cell Biology, Botanical Institute, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Kaiserstr. 2, 76128 Karlsruhe, Germany - The emergence of multicellularity was a key step in

Stress, ROS, and actin—a volatile menage à trois?

Peter Nick 0 ) Botanisches InstitutLehrstuhl 1 Molekulare Zellbiologie, Universitaet Karlsruhe , Kaiserstrasse 2, 76128 Karlsruhe, Germany - Life is not easythis is especially true for plant cells

Fat is not always lazy—the astonishing dynamics of intracellular lipid droplets

Peter Nick 0 ) Botanical Institute 1 , Kaiserstrasse 2, 76128 Karlsruhe, Germany - There would be no life without lipidsit is the selforganization of these amphiphilic molecules into bilayers that

The cytoskeleton is disrupted by the bacterial effector HrpZ, but not by the bacterial PAMP flg22, in tobacco BY-2 cells

Plant innate immunity is composed of two layers. Basal immunity is triggered by pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) such as the flagellin-peptide flg22 and is termed PAMP-triggered immunity (PTI). In addition, effector-triggered immunity (ETI) linked with programmed cell death and cytoskeletal reorganization can be induced by pathogen-derived factors, such as the Harpin ...

Glimpses on microtubule accessory proteins

Peter Nick 0 ) Botanical Institute 1, University of Karlsruhe , Kaiserstr. 2, 76128 Karlsruhe, Germany Microtubules allow cells to regulate their architecture, movement, and division in a very

De Novo Characterization of a Cephalotaxus hainanensis Transcriptome and Genes Related to Paclitaxel Biosynthesis

Cephalotaxus hainanensis, an endangered plant, is known to contain several metabolites with anti-cancer activity. Despite its clinical impact, the alkaloid metabolism of this species has remained largely uncharacterized. The potential of Cephalotaxus for metabolic engineering of medically interesting compounds has, so far, not been exploited, due to the almost complete lack of ...

Cellular footprints of plant evolution—news from the blepharoblast

Peter Nick 0 ) Botanical Institute 1 , Kaiserstr. 2, 76128 Karlsruhe, Germany - The microtubular cytoskeleton of higher plants diverges considerably from its animal counterpart. This divergence

The jasmonate pathway mediates salt tolerance in grapevines

Salt stress is a major constraint for many crop plants, such as the moderately salt-sensitive economically important fruit crop grapevine. Plants have evolved different strategies for protection against salinity and drought. Jasmonate signalling is a central element of both biotic and abiotic stress responses. To discriminate stress quality, there must be cross-talk with parallel ...

The cytoskeleton enhances gene expression in the response to the Harpin elicitor in grapevine

The cytoskeleton undergoes dramatic reorganization during plant defence. This response is generally interpreted as part of the cellular repolarization establishing physical barriers against the invading pathogen. To gain insight into the functional significance of cytoskeletal responses for defence, two Vitis cell cultures that differ in their microtubular dynamics were used, and ...

A kinesin with calponin-homology domain is involved in premitotic nuclear migration

Interaction and cross-talk between microtubules and actin microfilaments are important for numerous processes during plant growth and development, including the control of cell elongation and tissue expansion, but little is known about the molecular components of this interaction. Plant kinesins with the calponin-homology domain (KCH) were recently identified and associated with a ...