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Disrupting ROS-protection mechanism allows hydrogen peroxide to accumulate and oxidize Sb(III) to Sb(V) in Pseudomonas stutzeri TS44

Background Microbial antimonite [Sb(III)] oxidation converts toxic Sb(III) into less toxic antimonate [Sb(V)] and plays an important role in the biogeochemical Sb cycle. Currently, little is known about the mechanisms underlying bacterial Sb(III) resistance and oxidation. Results In this study, Tn5 transposon mutagenesis was conducted in the Sb(III)-oxidizing strain Pseudomonas...

A Novel and Effective Method for Congestive Heart Failure Detection and Quantification Using Dynamic Heart Rate Variability Measurement

Risk assessment of congestive heart failure (CHF) is essential for detection, especially helping patients make informed decisions about medications, devices, transplantation, and end-of-life care. The majority of studies have focused on disease detection between CHF patients and normal subjects using short-/long-term heart rate variability (HRV) measures but not much on...

Is hyperlipidemia a potential protective factor against intraoperative awareness in cardiac surgery?

Medical University , Inner Mongolia , China 2 First co-authors are Qingshui Zheng and Qian Wang 3 Department of Anesthesiology, Fuwai Hospital, Peking Union Medical College, Chinese Academy of Medical

1,25(OH)2D3 and VDR Signaling Pathways Regulate the Inhibition of Dectin-1 Caused by Cyclosporine A in Response to Aspergillus Fumigatus in Human Corneal Epithelial Cells

Background The objective of this study is to observe whether cyclosporine A (CsA) inhibits the expression of dectin-1 in human corneal epithelial cells infected with Aspergillus fumigatus (A. fumigatus) and to investigate the molecular mechanisms of the inhibition. Methods Immortalized human corneal epithelial cells (HCECs) were pretreated with 1,25(OH)2D3 and VDR inhibitor for 1...

A multicenter randomized controlled open-label trial to assess the efficacy of compound kushen injection in combination with single-agent chemotherapy in treatment of elderly patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Background With the aging of the global population, an increasing number of elderly are diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Although systematic chemotherapy has been one of the primary treatments for advanced non-small cell lung cancer worldwide, the elderly cannot always tolerate standard platinum-based doublet chemotherapy, thus resulting in treatment failure...

Friction behavior and wear protection ability of selected base lubricants

. Preparation and properties of lubricant basestocks from epoxidized soybean oil and 2-ethylhexanol . J Amer Oil Chem Soc 80 ( 8 ): 811 - 815 ( 2003 ) Qian WANG . She received her Ph.D degree from Northwestern

Mapping and Congenic Dissection of Genetic Loci Contributing to Hyperglycemia and Dyslipidemia in Mice

Background Patients with dyslipidemia have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and diabetic patients often have dyslipidemia. Potential genetic connections of fasting plasma glucose with plasma lipid profile were evaluated using hyperlipidemic mice. Methods 225 male F2 mice were generated from BALB/cJ (BALB) and SM/J(SM) Apoe-deficient (Apoe−/−) mice and fed a...

A preliminary study of skin ultrasound in diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis: Does skin echogenicity matter?

Objective To evaluate the usefulness of skin ultrasound and acoustic radiation force impulse (ARFI) quantification in diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc). Patients and methods 28 patients with dcSSc, and 15 age gender matched normal controls were recruited. Skin echogenicity, thickness, and ARFI quantification were measured by ultrasound at 17 sites corresponding to the...

Identification of endoplasmic reticulum-shaping proteins in Plasmodium parasites

University. Sha Sun, Li Lv, Zhi Yao, Purnima Bhanot, Junjie Hu and Qian Wang declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not contain any studies with human or animal subjects performed by

Biodegradation of lignin and nicotine with white rot fungi for the delignification and detoxification of tobacco stalk

Background Tobacco stalk is one kind of abundant crop residues in China. The high lignification of tobacco stalk increases its reusing cost and the existing of nicotine will cause serious pollution. The biodegradation of lignocellulosic biomass has been demonstrated to be an environmental and economical approach for the utilization of plant stalk. Meanwhile, many nicotine...

Epithelial ovarian cancer stem-like cells expressing α-gal epitopes increase the immunogenicity of tumor associated antigens

Background As ovarian cancer stem cells (CSCs) are responsible for tumor initiation, invasion, metastasis, and chemo-resistance, new stratagems that selectively target ovarian CSCs are critically significant. Our previous work have demonstrated that ovarian cancer spheroid cells are tumorigenic and chemo-resistant, and have the properties of ovarian CSCs. Herein, we hypothesized...

Atg3 Overexpression Enhances Bortezomib-Induced Cell Death in SKM-1 Cell

Background Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is a group of heterogeneous hematopoietic stem cell malignancies with a high risk of transformation into acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Clonal evolutions are significantly associated with transformation to AML. According to a gene expression microarray, atg3 is downregulated in MDS patients progressing to leukemia, but less is known about...

Engineering Corynebacterium glutamicum to produce 5-aminolevulinic acid from glucose

Background Corynebacterium glutamicum is generally regarded as a safe microorganism and is used to produce many biochemicals, including l-glutamate. 5-Aminolevulinic acid (ALA) is an l-glutamate derived non-protein amino acid, and is widely applied in fields such as medicine and agriculture. Results The products of the gltX, hemA, and hemL genes participate in the synthesis of...

Robust Global Stabilization of Spacecraft Rendezvous System via Gain Scheduling

of the spacecraft rendezvous operation instead of a linearized one show the proposed robust gain scheduling method finishes the rendezvous mission successfully. Qian Wang is currently a Ph. D

Eplerenone inhibits atrial fibrosis in mutant TGF-β1 transgenic mice

The purpose of the present study was to study the impacts of eplerenone (EPL), an antagonist of mineralocorticoid receptors (MR), on atrial fibrosis in a mouse model with selective fibrosis in the atrium, and to explore the possible mechanisms. Using mutant TGF-β1 transgenic (Tx) mice, we first demonstrated that EPL inhibited atrial fibrosis specifically and decreased macrophage...

Solutions of the boundary value problem for a 2nth-order nonlinear difference equation containing both advance and retardation

In this paper, we consider the boundary value problem for a 2nth-order nonlinear difference equation containing both advance and retardation. By using the critical point theory, some sufficient conditions of the existence of solutions of the boundary value problem are obtained. The proof is based on the linking theorem. An example is given to illustrate our results.

Construction of cellulose-utilizing Escherichia coli based on a secretable cellulase

Background The microbial conversion of plant biomass into value added products is an attractive option to address the impacts of petroleum dependency. The Gram-negative bacterium Escherichia coli is commonly used as host for the industrial production of various chemical products with a variety of sugars as carbon sources. However, this strain neither produces endogenous cellulose...

Effect of Jian-Pi-Zhi-Dong Decoction on striatal glutamate and γ-aminobutyric acid levels detected using microdialysis in a rat model of Tourette syndrome

Cui,1 Xiaofang Liu,2 Qian Wang,1 Sumei Wang2 1Department of Pediatrics, The Third Affiliated Hospital, 2Department of Pediatrics, Dongfang Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing

Vegetation Changes in the Permafrost Regions of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau from 1982-2012: Different Responses Related to Geographical Locations and Vegetation Types in High-Altitude Areas

Science Foundation of China (91547119) and the Guizhou Academy of the Agricultural Sciences Foundation ([2016]0032). The authors, Zhiwei Wang, Qian Wang and Puchang Wang were affiliated with Guizhou Science