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Prediction of long-term outcomes of HIV-infected patients developing non-AIDS events using a multistate approach

13 / 16 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Mar MasiaÂ, Sergio Padilla, FeÂlix GutieÂrrez. Data curation: Mar MasiaÂ, Sergio Padilla, Santiago Moreno, Jose A. Iribarren, Jorge del Romero, Juan ... L. GoÂmez-Sirvent, MarÂõa Rivero, Francesc Vidal, Antonio A. Campins. Formal analysis: Mar MasiaÂ, Sergio Padilla, Xavier Barber, FeÂlix GutieÂrrez. Funding acquisition: Mar MasiaÂ, FeÂlix

MAM-E17 rat model impairments on a novel continuous performance task: effects of potential cognitive enhancing drugs

cm) modified to include a touch-sensitive monitor (Elo Touch Solutions, Inc., Milpitas, CA, USA; see Mar et al. 2013; Oomen et al. 2013) controlled through in-house software (Visual Basic 2010 ... antinociceptive agent acting vianeuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: II. In vivo characterization . J Pharmacol Exp Ther 285 : 787 - 794 . doi: 10 .1002/(ISSN) 2052 - 1707 Bari A , Eagle DM , Mar AC et al

Environmental factors influencing the spatio-temporal distribution of Carybdea marsupialis (Lineo, 1978, Cubozoa) in South-Western Mediterranean coasts

ValparaÂõso, ValparaÂõso, Chile, 2 Marine Biology and Oceanography Department, Institut de Ciències del Mar, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones CientÂõficas , Barcelona , Spain , 3 Dipartimento di Scienze ... ( 15 mm) individuals. The Spanish Ministry of the Environment (DireccioÂn General de Sostenibilidad de la Costa y el Mar) and the regional environmental authority (DireccioÂn General del Agua) supported

Ethnicity and the first diagnosis of a wide range of cardiovascular diseases: Associations in a linked electronic health record cohort of 1 million patients

Background While the association of ethnic group with individual cardiovascular diseases has been studied, little is known about ethnic differences in the initial lifetime presentation of clinical cardiovascular disease in contemporary populations. Methods and results We studied 1,068,318 people, aged ≥30 years and free from diagnosed CVD at baseline (90.9% White, 3.6% South Asian ...

Die Migrantin retten!?

. Gender trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity . London: Routledge. Butler , Judith. 2004 . Precarious Life: The Powers of Mourning and Violence . London: Verso. Castro Varela , María do Mar, und ... Nikita Dhawan . 2015 . Postkoloniale Theorie . Eine kritische Einführung , 2. Aufl ., Bielefeld: transcript. Castro Varela , María do Mar . 2005 . Integrationsregime und Gouvernementalität

Procalcitonin for selecting the antibiotic regimen in outpatients with low-risk community-acquired pneumonia using a rapid point-of-care testing: A single-arm clinical trial

Objective We aimed to assess the role of procalcitonin (PCT) to guide the initial selection of the antibiotic regimen for low-risk community-acquired pneumonia (CAP). Methods A single-arm clinical trial was conducted including outpatients with CAP and Pneumonia Severity Index risk classes I-II. Antimicrobial selection was based on the results of PCT measured with a rapid ...

Unintentional weight loss: Clinical characteristics and outcomes in a prospective cohort of 2677 patients

Background Whereas there are numerous studies on unintentional weight loss (UWL), these have been limited by small sample sizes, short or variable follow‐up, and focus on older patients. Although some case series have revealed that malignancies escaping early detection and uncovered subsequently are exceptional, reported follow-ups have been too short or unspecified and necropsies ...

PREditOR: a synthetic biology approach to removing heterochromatin from cells

It is widely accepted that heterochromatin is necessary to maintain genomic stability. However, direct experimental evidence supporting this is slim. Previous studies using either enzyme inhibitors, gene knockout or knockdown studies all are subject to the caveat that drugs may have off-target effects and enzymes that modify chromatin proteins to support heterochromatin formation ...

Leveraging workflow control patterns in the domain of clinical practice guidelines

Background Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) include recommendations describing appropriate care for the management of patients with a specific clinical condition. A number of representation languages have been developed to support executable CPGs, with associated authoring/editing tools. Even with tool assistance, authoring of CPG models is a labor-intensive task. We aim at ...

PREditOR: a synthetic biology approach to removing heterochromatin from cells

It is widely accepted that heterochromatin is necessary to maintain genomic stability. However, direct experimental evidence supporting this is slim. Previous studies using either enzyme inhibitors, gene knockout or knockdown studies all are subject to the caveat that drugs may have off-target effects and enzymes that modify chromatin proteins to support heterochromatin formation ...

Controlled delivery of tauroursodeoxycholic acid from biodegradable microspheres slows retinal degeneration and vision loss in P23H rats

Successful drug therapies for treating ocular diseases require effective concentrations of neuroprotective compounds maintained over time at the site of action. The purpose of this work was to assess the efficacy of intravitreal controlled delivery of tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) encapsulated in poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres for the treatment of the ...

Human metapnuemovirus infections in hospitalized children and comparison with other respiratory viruses. 2005-2014 prospective study

Background Human metapneumovirus (HMPV) has an important etiological role in acute lower respiratory infections in children under five years. Our objectives were to estimate the relative contribution of HMPV to hospitalization in children with acute respiratory infection, to define the clinical and epidemiological features of HMPV single and multiple infections, and to compare HMPV ...

Body image satisfaction and weight concerns among a Mediterranean adult population

Background People tend to underestimate their current weight and overestimate their height minimizing health risk factors. The aim of this study was to assess body weight satisfaction, acceptance of body image, weight concern and dieting habits among a Mediterranean adult population. Methods Cross-sectional survey was carried out (2009–2010) in the Balearic Islands, Spain. A random ...

Key Knowledge Gaps for Plasmodium vivax Control and Elimination

There is inadequate understanding of the biology, pathology, transmission, and control of Plasmodium vivax, the geographically most widespread cause of human malaria. During the last decades, study of this species was neglected, in part due to the erroneous belief that it is intrinsically benign. In addition, many technical challenges in culturing the parasite also hampered ...

Correlates of sex trading among male non-injecting drug users in Myanmar: a cross-sectional study

Background Sex trading is a recognized risk factor for human immune deficiency virus infection and other sexually transmitted infections among non-injecting drug users (NIDUs). However, very little research has addressed the factors associated with sex trading among male NIDUs in Myanmar. Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted from January to February 2010 using the ...

Aspergillus sydowii and Other Potential Fungal Pathogens in Gorgonian Octocorals of the Ecuadorian Pacific

(Corallium rubrum L.) . Mar Biol . 2006 ; 149 : 1059 ± 1070 . doi: 10 .1007/s00227-006- 0302-8 6. Gates RD , Ainsworth TD . The nature and taxonomic composition of coral symbiomes as drivers of performance ... limits in scleractinian corals . J Exp Mar Bio Ecol . Elsevier B.V. ; 2011 ; 408 : 94 ± 101 . doi: 10 . 1016/j.jembe. 2011 . 07 .029 7. NystroÈm M , Folke C , Moberg F. Coral reef disturbance and

Traffic-related air pollution and spectacles use in schoolchildren

, China, 9 IMIM-Parc Salut Mar , Spain - OPEN ACCESS Funding: The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Research Council under the ERC Grant Agreement number 268479 ... and the BREATHE project was approved (No. 2010/41221/I) by the Clinical Research Ethical Committee of the Parc de Salut MAR, Barcelona, Spain. Outcome and covariate data We considered the use of

FLIPPED-TIC: Una experiencia de Flipped Classroom con alumnos de Magisterio / FLIPPED-TIC: A Flipped Classroom experience with preservice teachers

Flipped TIC es un proyecto de innovación docente que se desarrolló en la Facultad de Educación de la Universidad de Murcia (España). El principal objetivo de este proyecto ha sido la realización de una experiencia de Flipped Classroom en un aula universitaria. Tradicionalmente los alumnos reciben del docente en el aula una primera aproximación a los contenidos de la asignatura, ...

A guide to performing a peer review of randomised controlled trials

that only emerges after a detailed read or © 2015 Del Mar and Hoffmann. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (http

Executive Functioning in Men with Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorders. Influence of Lifetime Suicide Attempts

Background Lifetime suicide attempts in patients with comorbidity between psychotic disorders and Substance Use Disorder (SUD), known as dual diagnosis, was associated with a worse clinical and cognitive state, poor prognosis and premature death. However, to date no previous study has examined the cognitive performance of these patients considering as independent the presence or ...