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Enhanced photovoltaic property by forming p-i-n structures containing Si quantum dots/SiC multilayers

Si quantum dots (Si QDs)/SiC multilayers were fabricated by annealing hydrogenated amorphous Si/SiC multilayers prepared in a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition system. The thickness of amorphous Si layer was designed to be 4 nm, and the thickness of amorphous SiC layer was kept at 2 nm. Transmission electron microscopy observation revealed the formation of Si QDs after...

Pulse Oximetry: A Non-Invasive, Novel Marker for the Quality of Chest Compressions in Porcine Models of Cardiac Arrest

Objective Pulse oximetry, which noninvasively detects the blood flow of peripheral tissue, has achieved widespread clinical use. We have noticed that the better the quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the better the appearance of pulse oximetry plethysmographic waveform (POP). We investigated whether the area under the curve (AUC) and/or the amplitude (Amp) of POP...

Total ionizing dose (TID) effects of γ ray radiation on switching behaviors of Ag/AlO x /Pt RRAM device

The total ionizing dose (TID) effects of 60Co γ ray radiation on the resistive random access memory (RRAM) devices with the structure of Ag/AlO x /Pt were studied. The resistance in low resistance state (LRS), set voltage, and reset voltage are almost immune to radiation, whereas the initial resistance, resistance at high resistance state (HRS), and forming voltage were...

Bridging the translation gap and building the translation platform: translational medicine at Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Translational medicine is a fashionable term describing the inclination of basic science and clinical researchers to ultimately help patients through facilitating the incorporation of basic research findings into clinical practice. The development of translational medicine in recent years has been rapid—focusing on a new medical research model advocating “patient-centered...

New Approaches for Studying Alcoholic Liver Disease

models of ALD are providing new insights into the pathogenesis of the different stages of ALD, which may provide new targets for therapy. Compliance with Ethics Guidelines Conflict of Interest Jun Xu

Tunable nonlinear optical properties in nanocrystalline Si/SiO2 multilayers under femtosecond excitation

The nonlinear optical properties of nanocrystalline-Si/SiO2 (nc-Si/SiO2) multilayers have been investigated through Z-scan technique by using a Ti-sapphire laser with 50-fs pulse duration at 800 nm as a pump laser. It is interesting to note that with increasing the annealing temperature to make the sample change from amorphous phase to nanocrystalline state, the nonlinear...

Effects of reduced β2-glycoprotein I on the expression of aortic matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitor matrix metalloproteinases in diabetic mice

Background Reduced β2-glycoprotein I (reduced β2GP I), which has free sulfhydryl groups, is present in plasma and serum; it can protect vascular endothelial cells from damage due to oxidative stress in vitro. We investigated the effects of reduced β2GP I on the expression of various matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases (TIMPs) in the...

Reversibility of Liver Fibrosis and Inactivation of Fibrogenic Myofibroblasts

]. Disclosure Xiao Liu and Jun Xu declare that they have no conflict of interest. David A. Brenner holds a patent for inducing inactivation of fibrogenic myofibroblasts. Tatiana Kisseleva holds a patent for

Rickettsia raoultii in Haemaphysalis erinacei from marbled polecats, China–Kazakhstan border

We found Rickettsia raoultii DNA in 2 out of 32 (6.25 %) Haemaphysalis erinacei ticks. Result showed that the sequences of five genes (17-kDa, gltA, ompA, rrs, and ompB) were 100 % identity with that of R. Raoultii in GenBank. This study is the first report on the presence of R. raoultii in H. erinacei from wild marbled polecat, Vormela peregusna. Our findings suggest that H...

Positive Effects of bFGF Modified Rat Amniotic Epithelial Cells Transplantation on Transected Rat Optic Nerve

Purpose Effective therapy for visual loss caused by optic nerve injury or diseases has not been achieved even though the optic nerve has the regeneration potential after injury. This study was designed to modify amniotic epithelial cells (AECs) with basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) gene, preliminarily investigating its effect on transected optic nerve. Methods A human bFGF...

Identification and characterization of microRNAs in Baylisascaris schroederi of the giant panda

Guang-Hui Zhao 1 Min-Jun Xu 0 Xing-Quan Zhu 0 0 State Key Laboratory of Veterinary Etiological Biology, Key Laboratory of Veterinary Parasitology of Gansu Province, Lanzhou Veterinary Research

Genome Analysis and Characterisation of the Exopolysaccharide Produced by Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum 35624™

this manuscript have the following competing interests: David Groeger, Elisa Schiavi and Ray Grant are employees of Alimentary Health Pharma Davos AG, Jun Xu is an employee of Procter & Gamble, while

Resting-state brain activation correlates with short-time antidepressant treatment outcome in drug-naïve patients with major depressive disorder

Objective A resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging study (fMRI) to investigate pretreatment regional differences in brain function, in patients with early treatment responsive (ERD) and early treatment nonresponsive (END) major depressive disorder (MDD).

Necrolytic migratory erythema as the first manifestation of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor

Necrolytic migratory erythma (NME) is an obligatory paraneoplastic syndrome. Here we describe a woman admitted to the dermatology ward with NME which was later found to be associated with glucagonoma, a slow-growing, rare pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. Even more rarely, the tumor was located in the pancreas head, while most of such lesions are located in the distal pancreas...

A Super Energy Mitigation Nanostructure at High Impact Speed Based on Buckyball System

The energy mitigation properties of buckyballs are investigated using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. A one dimensional buckyball long chain is employed as a unit cell of granular fullerene particles. Two types of buckyballs i.e. C60 and C720 with recoverable and non-recoverable behaviors are chosen respectively. For C60 whose deformation is relatively small, a dissipative...

Characterization of the Xiamenmycin Biosynthesis Gene Cluster in Streptomyces xiamenensis 318

Xiamenmycin (1) is a prenylated benzopyran derivative with anti-fibrotic activity. To investigate the genetic basis of xiamenmycin biosynthesis, we performed genome mining in the xiamenmycin-producing Streptomyces xiamenensis wild-type strain 318 to identify a candidate gene cluster. The complete gene cluster, consisting of five genes, was confirmed by a series of gene...

The Clinical Application Value of Cytokines in Treating Infectious Diseases

We performed a prospective study to evaluate the abilities of inflammatory cytokines to rule out the potential risk of sepsis and intracranial infection and to estimate the function of inflammatory cytokines in discriminating Gram-negative bacteria from Gram-positive ones through ROC analysis. During the course of the study, Levels of serum inflammatory cytokines were measured by...

Two members of TaRLK family confer powdery mildew resistance in common wheat

. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Authors’ contributions XEW, TTC and BQ designed the experiments. TTC, Jun Xu, WTW and CD performed the experiments. TTC, Jin

Whole lung lavage combined with Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor inhalation for an adult case of refractory pulmonary alveolar proteinosis

feng Sun 0 Yan xun Wang Zuo jun Xu Hui Huang 0 Equal contributors Department of Respiratory Medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical