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Oxford SWIFT integral field spectrograph and multiwavelength observations of the Eagle galaxy at z= 0.77

Michael C. Cooper 8 Jeffrey A. Newman 13 Kevin Bundy 12 C. J. Conselice 7 A. M. Koekemoer 2 Lihwai Lin 3 Leonidas A. Moustakas 4 Tao Wang 1 0 Present address: Astrophysics Science Division, Goddard Space

Validation of the IOF quality of life questionnaire for patients with wrist fracture

, University of Milan , Italy S. Boonen, University of Leuven , Belgium P.M. Christensen, University of Odense , Denmark C. Cooper, University of Southampton , UK J.P. Devogelaer, St. Luc University Hospital ... subjects. The data sets (baseline data, three questionnaires) were sent to C. Cooper (Southampton) for data analysis. The wrist fracture questionnaire was scored as follows: Every question had five answer

Use of anti-depressants and the risk of fracture of the hip or femur

Netherlands 2 A. C. G. Egberts Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University Medical Centre Utrecht , Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX, Utrecht, The Netherlands 3 C. Cooper Institute of Musculoskeletal Sciences

Use of anti-depressants and the risk of fracture of the hip or femur

Netherlands 2 A. C. G. Egberts Department of Clinical Pharmacy, University Medical Centre Utrecht , Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX, Utrecht, The Netherlands 3 C. Cooper Institute of Musculoskeletal Sciences

Metabolic aspects of pig-to-monkey (Macaca fascicularis) islet transplantation: implications for translation into clinical practice

A. Casu R. Bottino A. N. Balamurugan H. Hara D. J. van der Windt N. Campanile C. Smetanka D. K. C. Cooper M. Trucco Aims/hypothesis Attempts to use an alternative source of islets to restore glucose

Extragalactic background light inferred from AEGIS galaxy-SED-type fractions

. Davis 14 P. Guhathakurta 13 P. Barmby 9 C. J. Conselice 4 M. Lozano 8 J. A. Newman 5 M. C. Cooper 3 0 Visiting Student at the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP), University of California

Failure to perceive increased risk of fracture in women 55 years and older: the Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW)

Department of Medicine, Hospital del Mar-IMIM-Autonomous, University of Barcelona , Barcelona, Spain 8 C. Cooper Institute of Musculoskeletal Sciences, University of Oxford , Oxford, UK 9 C. Cooper MRC

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence: the colour–density relation at fixed stellar mass persists to z∼ 1*

M. C. Cooper et al. E-mail: 0 0 Some of the data presented herein were obtained at the W. M. Keck Ob- servatory, which is operated as a scientific partnership among the California Institute of

Individual differences in trait rumination and the neural systems supporting cognitive reappraisal

Cognitive reappraisal can alter emotional responses by changing one’s interpretation of a situation’s meaning. Functional neuroimaging has revealed that using cognitive reappraisal to increase or decrease affective responses involves left prefrontal activation and goal-appropriate increases or decreases in amygdala activation (Ochsner, Bunge, Gross, Ochsner, Ray, et al., 2004). ...

A study of the gas–star formation relation over cosmic time*

We use the first systematic data sets of CO molecular line emission in z∼ 1–3 normal star-forming galaxies (SFGs) for a comparison of the dependence of galaxy-averaged star formation rates on molecular gas masses at low and high redshifts, and in different galactic environments. Although the current high-z samples are still small and biased towards the luminous and massive tail of ...

Hip fracture in Hong Kong over the last decade - a comparison with the UK

living in Hong Kong.2 Moreover, the age- and sex-specific rates in Hong Kong Chinese slightly exceeded those in the UK2 in 1985. We report here a further investigation into the trends of C. Cooper,2

PARL Leu262Val is not associated with fasting insulin levels in UK populations

Aims/hypothesis PARL, the gene encoding presenilins-associated rhomboid-like protein, maps to chromosome 3q27 within a quantitative trait locus that influences components of the metabolic syndrome. Recently, an amino acid substitution (Leu262Val, rs3732581) in PARL was associated with fasting plasma insulin levels in a US white population (N=1031). This variant was also found to ...

Poor response to recombinant erythropoietin is associated with loss of T‐lymphocyte CD28 expression and altered interleukin‐10 production

Background. Recombinant erythropoietin (Epo) therapy is well established as an effective treatment for the anaemia of end‐stage renal disease. However, 5–10% of such patients do not respond adequately and an important contributory factor to this is chronic inflammation. Methods. The present study compares the circulating T‐cell phenotypes of haemodialysis patients who respond ...

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is associated with increased axial bone density in men and women from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study: evidence for an indirect effect of insulin resistance?

Aims/hypothesis Previous studies have suggested that the high bone density often observed in type 2 diabetic patients may be explained by insulin resistance. We explored this hypothesis in the Hertfordshire Cohort Study. Methods A total of 465 men and 444 women aged 59 to 71 years and with no prior diagnosis of diabetes attended a clinic where a glucose tolerance test was performed ...

The effects of aerobic exercise on metabolic risk, insulin sensitivity and intrahepatic lipid in healthy older people from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study: a randomised controlled trial

Aims/hypothesis We sought to determine the effect of an aerobic exercise intervention on clustered metabolic risk and related outcomes in healthy older adults in a single-centre, explanatory randomised controlled trial. Methods Participants from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study (born 1931–1939) were randomly assigned to 36 supervised 1 h sessions on a cycle ergometer over 12 weeks or ...

The role of AGN in the colour transformation of galaxies at redshifts z≈ 1

We explore the role of active galactic nuclei (AGN) in establishing and/or maintaining the bimodal colour distribution of galaxies by quenching their star formation and hence, causing their transition from the blue to the red cloud. Important tests for this scenario include (i) the X-ray properties of galaxies in the transition zone between the two clouds and (ii) the incidence of ...

European guidance for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women

Summary Guidance is provided in a European setting on the assessment and treatment of postmenopausal women with or at risk from osteoporosis. Introduction The European Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone disease (subsequently the International Osteoporosis Foundation) published guidelines for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis in 1997. This manuscript updates these in a ...

The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: the role of galaxy environment in the cosmic star formation history

Using galaxy samples drawn from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey, we study the relationship between star formation and environment at z∼ 0.1 and 1. We estimate the total star formation rate (SFR) and specific star formation rate (sSFR) for each galaxy according to the measured [O ii]λ 3727 Å nebular line luminosity, corrected using empirical ...

Birth Weight, Infant Weight Gain, and Cause-specific Mortality: The Hertfordshire Cohort Study

Low birth weight, a marker of adverse intrauterine circumstances, is known to be associated with a range of disease outcomes in later life, including coronary heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis. However, it may also decrease the risk of other common conditions, most notably neoplastic disease. The authors describe the associations between birth weight, ...