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Correction: Bleeding Efficiency, Microbiological Quality and Oxidative Stability of Meat from Goats Subjected to Slaughter without Stunning in Comparison with Different Methods of Pre-Slaughter Electrical Stunning

- Slaughter Electrical Stunning The PLOS ONE Staff Bleeding Efficiency, Microbiological Quality and The corresponding author is listed incorrectly. The correct corresponding author is Awis Qurni Sazili. The

Correction: Uncovering the molecular and physiological processes of anticancer leads binding human serum albumin: A physical insight into drug efficacy

Staff In the Author Contributions section, Jin Wang (JW) should be listed as one of the persons responsible for writingÐreviewing & editing. The following information is missing from the Funding

Correction: Mental health and adjustment to juvenile idiopathic arthritis: Level of agreement between parent and adolescent reports according to Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire and Adolescent Outcomes Questionnaire

Adolescent Outcomes Questionnaire The PLOS ONE Staff Notice of Republication view the correct version. Misterska E, Kaminiarczyk-Pyzaøka D, Adamczak K, Adamczyk KA, Niedziela M, Gøowacki M, et al. (2017