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General Practitioner Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme Study (GAPS): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

. 2011 ; 52 Suppl 5 : S397 - 428 . 11. Mc Kenzie D , Rawlins MD , Del Mar C. Antimicrobial stewardship: what's it all about? Aust Prescr . 2013 ; 36 : 116 - 20 . 12. Antibiotic resistance: a problem for ... rates for acute respiratory-tract infections: a multinational, cluster, randomised, factorial, controlled trial . Lancet . 2013 ; 382 ( 9899 ): 1175 - 82 . 20. Spurling GK , Del Mar CB , Dooley L , Foxlee

Glycerol Production from Glucose and Fructose by 3T3-L1 Cells: A Mechanism of Adipocyte Defense from Excess Substrate

Cultured adipocytes (3T3-L1) produce large amounts of 3C fragments; largely lactate, depending on medium glucose levels. Increased glycolysis has been observed also in vivo in different sites of rat white adipose tissue. We investigated whether fructose can substitute glucose as source of lactate, and, especially whether the glycerol released to the medium was of lipolytic or ...

Development of an activity disease score in patients with uveitis (UVEDAI)

To develop a disease activity index for patients with uveitis (UVEDAI) encompassing the relevant domains of disease activity considered important among experts in this field. The steps for designing UVEDAI were: (a) Defining the construct and establishing the domains through a formal judgment of experts, (b) A two-round Delphi study with a panel of 15 experts to determine the ...

Reproductive cessation and post-reproductive lifespan in Asian elephants and pre-industrial humans

, Mason G : A review of the welfare of zoo elephants in Europe . Horsham, UK: RSPCA; 2002 : 203 - 205 . 27. Clubb R , Rowcliffe M , Lee P , Mar KU , Moss C , Mason GJ : Compromised survivorship in zoo ... . Hayward AD , Mar KU , Lahdenper M , Lummaa V : Early reproductive investment, senescence and lifetime reproductive success in female Asian elephants . J Evol Biol 2014 , 27 ( 4 ): 772 - 783 . 39. Mar KU

Apaf1 inhibition promotes cell recovery from apoptosis

. COMPLIANCE WITH ETHICS GUIDELINES Anna Gortat, Mónica Sancho, Laura Mondragón, Àngel Messeguer, Enrique Pérez-Payá and Mar Orzáez declare that they have no conflict of interest. This article does not contain

Subtle Gardeners: Inland Predators Enrich Local Topsoils and Enhance Plant Growth

Inland vertebrate predators could enrich of nutrients the local top soils in the area surrounding their nests and dens by depositing faeces, urine, and prey remains and, thus, alter the dynamics of plant populations. Surprisingly, and in contrast with convincing evidence from coastal habitats, whether and how this phenomenon occurs in inland habitats is largely uncertain even ...

The prevalence of excessive weight in Balearic Islands’ young and middle-aged women and its association with social and socioeconomic factors: a ten-year trend (2000–2010)

Background Knowledge about trends in the socioeconomic patterning of overweight and obesity in women provides insights into the nature of the obesity epidemic. Therefore the aim was to assess a ten-year trend (2000–2010) in the prevalence of excessive weight in Balearic Islands’ women and its association with socioeconomic factors. Method Young (18–35 year-old) and middle-aged ...

Key Role of Amino Acid Repeat Expansions in the Functional Diversification of Duplicated Transcription Factors

, Spain 2 Evolutionary Genomics Group, Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB), Hospital del Mar Research Institute (IMIM) , Barcelona , Spain 3 Centro de Investigacion Biome`dica en Red en

Variability of Gene Expression Identifies Transcriptional Regulators of Early Human Embryonic Development

; 15 ( 10 ): 1388 - 92 . doi: 10.1101/gr.3820805 PMID: 16204192; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC1240081. 4. Mar JC , Rubio R , Quackenbush J. Inferring steady state single-cell gene expression distributions ... the United States of America . 1997 ; 94 ( 3 ): 814 - 9 . PMID: 9023339 ; PubMed Central PMCID : PMC19596 . 13. Mar JC , Matigian NA , Mackay-Sim A , Mellick GD , Sue CM , Silburn PA , et al. Variance

The effects of an Audio Visual Assisted Therapy Aid for Refractory auditory hallucinations (AVATAR therapy): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Background Psychological interventions which adopt an explicitly interpersonal approach are a recent development in the treatment of distressing voices. AVATAR therapy is one such approach which creates a direct dialogue between a voice-hearer and a computerised representation of their persecutory voice (the avatar) through which the person may be supported to gain a sense of ...

Beyond objective testing and peer assessment: alternative ways of assessment in MOOCs

María del Mar Sánchez-Vera Senior lecturer in the Department of Didactics and School Organisation of the Faculty of Education at the University of Murcia and member of the Research into Educational

How Big Is It Really? Assessing the Efficacy of Indirect Estimates of Body Size in Asian Elephants

/j.biocon. 2008 . 05 .007 10. Jaquet N. A simple photogrammetric technique to measure sperm whales at sea . Mar Mammal Sci . 2006 ; 22 : 862 - 879 . doi: 10 .1111/j.1748- 7692 . 2006 . 00060 .x 11. Lindstedt ... technique for measuring Hector's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus hectori) in the field . Mar Mammal Sci . 2010 ; 26 : 296 - 308 . doi: 10 .1111/j. 1748- 7692 . 2009 . 00326 .x 21. Jeffreys GL , Rowat D , Marshall H

Co-Transcriptomes of Initial Interactions In Vitro between Streptococcus Pneumoniae and Human Pleural Mesothelial Cells

Streptococcus pneumoniae (Spn) is a major causative organism of empyema, an inflammatory condition occurring in the pleural sac. In this study, we used human and Spn cDNA microarrays to characterize the transcriptional responses occurring during initial contact between Spn and a human pleural mesothelial cell line (PMC) in vitro. Using stringent filtering criteria, 42 and 23 Spn ...

Distribution of algal aggregates under summer sea ice in the Central Arctic

The sea ice cover of the Arctic Ocean has changed dramatically in the last decades, and the resulting consequences for the sea-ice-associated ecosystem remain difficult to assess. Algal aggregates underneath sea ice are of great importance for the ice-associated ecosystem and the pelagic-benthic coupling. However, the frequency and distribution of their occurrence is not well ...

Selective Pressures Explain Differences in Flower Color among Gentiana lutea Populations

Flower color variation among plant populations might reflect adaptation to local conditions such as the interacting animal community. In the northwest Iberian Peninsula, flower color of Gentiana lutea varies longitudinally among populations, ranging from orange to yellow. We explored whether flower color is locally adapted and the role of pollinators and seed predators as agents of ...

RNA-Seq reveals a xenobiotic stress response in the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, when fed aphid-resistant soybean

Background While much recent research has expanded our understanding of the molecular interactions between aphids and their host plants, it is lacking for the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines. Since its North American invasion, A. glycines has become one of the most damaging insect pests on this important crop. Five soybean genes for host plant resistance to A. glycines have been ...

A Genetic Algorithm for the Bi-Level Topological Design of Local Area Networks

Local access networks (LAN) are commonly used as communication infrastructures which meet the demand of a set of users in the local environment. Usually these networks consist of several LAN segments connected by bridges. The topological LAN design bi-level problem consists on assigning users to clusters and the union of clusters by bridges in order to obtain a minimum response ...

Distinguishing between determinate and indeterminate growth in a long-lived mammal

ghorensis can inform their conservation management . Aquat Conserv Mar Freshw Ecosyst . 2015 ; 25 : 61 - 70 . 26. Arlinghaus R , Matsumura S , Dieckmann U. The conservation and fishery benefits of protecting ... a monogamous and monomorphic mammal: The case of Alpine marmots . Oecologia . 2013 ; 172 : 427 - 36 . 36. Hayward AD , Mar KU , Lahdenperä M , Lummaa V. Early reproductive investment, senescence and

Multicentric randomized clinical trial to evaluate the long-term effectiveness of a motivational intervention against smoking, based on the information obtained from spirometry in primary care: the RESET study protocol

Background Spirometry is the recommended method of evaluating pulmonary function when respiratory disease is suspected in smokers. Nonetheless, no evidence exists of the usefulness of information obtained from this test as a motivational strategy for smoking cessation. The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a motivational intervention based on ...

Review of a two-year methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus screening program and cost-effectiveness analysis in Singapore

Background Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) poses an increasingly large disease and economic burden worldwide. The effectiveness of screening programs in the tropics is poorly understood. The aims of this study are: (i) to analyze the factors affecting MRSA colonization at admission and acquisition during hospitalization and (ii) to evaluate the cost-effectiveness ...