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High-permeability region size on perfusion CT predicts hemorrhagic transformation after intravenous thrombolysis in stroke

. Liebeskind, GoÈtz Thomalla, Bijoy K. Menon, Andrew Demchuk, Max Wintermark, Salvador Pedraza, Mar Castellanos. Data curation: Pepus Daunis-i-Estadella, Mar Castellanos. Formal analysis: Josep Puig, Gerard ... Blasco, Pepus Daunis-i-Estadella, Mar Castellanos. Funding acquisition: Mar Castellanos. Investigation: Josep Puig, MarÂõa Carrillo-GarcÂõa, Carlos Aboud, MarÂõa HernaÂndez-PeÂrez, JoaquÂõn Serena

Correlates of sex trading among male non-injecting drug users in Myanmar: a cross-sectional study

Background Sex trading is a recognized risk factor for human immune deficiency virus infection and other sexually transmitted infections among non-injecting drug users (NIDUs). However, very little research has addressed the factors associated with sex trading among male NIDUs in Myanmar. Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted from January to February 2010 using the...

Aspergillus sydowii and Other Potential Fungal Pathogens in Gorgonian Octocorals of the Ecuadorian Pacific

(Corallium rubrum L.) . Mar Biol . 2006 ; 149 : 1059 ± 1070 . doi: 10 .1007/s00227-006- 0302-8 6. Gates RD , Ainsworth TD . The nature and taxonomic composition of coral symbiomes as drivers of performance ... limits in scleractinian corals . J Exp Mar Bio Ecol . Elsevier B.V. ; 2011 ; 408 : 94 ± 101 . doi: 10 . 1016/j.jembe. 2011 . 07 .029 7. NystroÈm M , Folke C , Moberg F. Coral reef disturbance and

Controlled delivery of tauroursodeoxycholic acid from biodegradable microspheres slows retinal degeneration and vision loss in P23H rats

Successful drug therapies for treating ocular diseases require effective concentrations of neuroprotective compounds maintained over time at the site of action. The purpose of this work was to assess the efficacy of intravitreal controlled delivery of tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) encapsulated in poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) microspheres for the treatment of the...

FLIPPED-TIC: Una experiencia de Flipped Classroom con alumnos de Magisterio / FLIPPED-TIC: A Flipped Classroom experience with preservice teachers

Flipped TIC es un proyecto de innovación docente que se desarrolló en la Facultad de Educación de la Universidad de Murcia (España). El principal objetivo de este proyecto ha sido la realización de una experiencia de Flipped Classroom en un aula universitaria. Tradicionalmente los alumnos reciben del docente en el aula una primera aproximación a los contenidos de la asignatura...

Optical system for measuring the spectral retardance function in an extended range

Background Optical retarders are key elements for the control of the state of polarization of light, and their wavelength dependance is of great importance in a number of applications. Methods We apply a well-known technique for determinig the spectral retardance by measuring the transmission spectra between crossed or parallel polarizers. But we we develop an optical system to...

Preclinical Immunomodulation by the Probiotic Bifidobacterium breve M-16V in Early Life

This study aimed to investigate the effect of supplementation with the probiotic Bifidobacterium breve M-16V on the maturation of the intestinal and circulating immune system during suckling. In order to achieve this purpose, neonatal Lewis rats were supplemented with the probiotic strain from the 6th to the 18th day of life. The animals were weighed during the study, and faecal...

Impact of hyperkalaemia definition on incidence assessment: implications for epidemiological research based on a large cohort study in newly diagnosed heart failure patients in primary care

failure patients in primary care Mar Martín-Pérez Ana Ruigómez Alexander Michel Luis A. García Rodríguez Background: Various definitions of hyperkalaemia have been used in clinical research, and data

Executive Functioning in Men with Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorders. Influence of Lifetime Suicide Attempts

Background Lifetime suicide attempts in patients with comorbidity between psychotic disorders and Substance Use Disorder (SUD), known as dual diagnosis, was associated with a worse clinical and cognitive state, poor prognosis and premature death. However, to date no previous study has examined the cognitive performance of these patients considering as independent the presence or...

Traffic-related air pollution and spectacles use in schoolchildren

, China, 9 IMIM-Parc Salut Mar , Spain - OPEN ACCESS Funding: The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Research Council under the ERC Grant Agreement number 268479 ... and the BREATHE project was approved (No. 2010/41221/I) by the Clinical Research Ethical Committee of the Parc de Salut MAR, Barcelona, Spain. Outcome and covariate data We considered the use of

Educational interventions to improve people’s understanding of key concepts in assessing the effects of health interventions: a systematic review protocol

study . Integr Cancer Ther . 2007 ; 6 : 345 - 53 . doi: 10 .1177/1534735407309482. 17. Hoffmann TC , Del Mar C. Patients' expectations of the benefits and harms of treatments, screening, and tests . JAMA

Mixtures of Two Bile Alcohol Sulfates Function as a Proximity Pheromone in Sea Lamprey

Unique mixtures of pheromone components are commonly identified in insects, and have been shown to increase attractiveness towards conspecifics when reconstructed at the natural ratio released by the signaler. In previous field studies of pheromones that attract female sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus, L.), putative components of the male-released mating pheromone included the...

A conserved role of the RSC chromatin remodeler in the establishment of nucleosome-depleted regions

The occupancy of nucleosomes governs access to the eukaryotic genomes and results from a combination of biophysical features and the effect of ATP-dependent remodelling complexes. Most promoter regions show a conserved pattern characterized by a nucleosome-depleted region (NDR) flanked by nucleosomal arrays. The conserved RSC remodeler was reported to be critical to establish NDR...

Anticancer Effect of Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract in Human Cancer Cell Lines

Many medicinal plants are used as chemo preventives and antitumor agents in numerous experimental models of carcinogenesis. Moringa oleifera is a plant that contains several phytochemicals, which have been used for medical purposes including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, metabolism activator, anti-asthmatic, anti-anemia, hormone-producing, liver protector, and detoxifier, among...

Dietary patterns are associated with lung function among Spanish smokers without respiratory disease

Background Diet can help preserve lung function in smokers, in addition to avoidance of smoking. The study aimed to evaluate associations between dietary patterns and lung function in smokers without respiratory disease. Methods This cross-sectional study analysed baseline data from randomised representative smokers without respiratory disease (n = 207, aged 35–70 years...

KRAS and BRAF somatic mutations in colonic polyps and the risk of metachronous neoplasia

conflict of interest). Carla Guarinos and Mar Giner Calabuig received a predoctoral grant from Conselleria d'Educacio de la Generalitat Valenciana (VALi+d. EXP ACIF/2010/ 018, ACIF/2016/002) and Eva ... , Araceli GarcÂõa-MartÂõnez, Cristina Alenda, Mar Giner-Calabuig, Oscar Murcia, Carolina Mangas, Artemio PayaÂ, Jose R. Aparicio, Francisco A. Ruiz, Juan MartÂõnez, Juan A. Casellas, Jose L. Soto, Pedro

Bleeding Risk with Long-Term Low-Dose Aspirin: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies

Background Low-dose aspirin has proven effectiveness in secondary and primary prevention of cardiovascular events, but is also associated with an increased risk of major bleeding events. For primary prevention, this absolute risk must be carefully weighed against the benefits of aspirin; such assessments are currently limited by a lack of data from general populations. Methods...

Gene Expression Profiling in the Hibernating Primate, Cheirogaleus Medius

D. Yoder 1 0 Evolutionary Genomics Group, Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB), Hospital del Mar Research Institute (IMIM), Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) , Barcelona , Spain 1