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Nur jedes dritte Kleinkind bei der Zahnvorsorge

, bezahlen die dentale Frühprävention bei Kleinkindern ab sechs Monaten, die auch von vielen Zahnärzten für sinnvoll erachtet wird. red/sas

Länderübergreifende Mobilität von Patienten bleibt gering

Anzahl. red/sas Gute Nachrichten aus der Kinderzahnmedizin: Noch nie war die Zahngesundheit von Erstklässlern so gut wie heute. Dies belegt eine Studie der Universitätsmedizin Mainz, wo angehende

Book Review: Regulating Obesity?: Government, Society, and Questions Of Health, by W.A. Bogart

Questions Of Health, by W. A . Bogart Sas Ansari - Book Review REGULATING OBESITY? GOVERNMENT, SOCIETY, AND QUESTIONS OF HEALTH, by W.A. Bogart1 SAS ANSARI* PROFESSOR BOGART,2 IN REGULATING OBESITY ... self-critical prescription, see Sas Ansari, “Globalisation and Legal Scholarship: William Twining's Call for Revolutionary Jurisprudence” ( 2013 ) 4:4 Transnat'l Legal Theory 660 at 662-65. 16

The influence of metabolic imbalances and oxidative stress on the outcome of critically ill polytrauma patients: a review

OH . Advances in biomarkers in critical ill polytrauma patients . Clin Lab . 2016 ; 62 ( 6 ): 977 - 86 . 26. Rogobete AF , Bedreag OH , Popovici SE , Sas AM , Stan AT , Stoicescu ER , et al. Detection


WITH DIS-LUB-TOUT FA Shabbeer SAS Aly 0 0 Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy College, Al Jouf university , Al Jouf Region, KSA Dis-Lub-Tout, a newly co-processed bi-functional tableting excipient was ... , Tabletting properties of dika fat lubricant Drug Dev & Ind. Pharm.,vol.16, pp. 1203-1216. Aly, SAS. 2006, The resistance to compression index as a parameter to evaluate the efficacy of lubricants in


WITH DIS-LUB-TOUT FA Shabbeer SAS Aly 0 0 Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacy College, Al Jouf university , Al Jouf Region, KSA Dis-Lub-Tout, a newly co-processed bi-functional tableting excipient was ... .295-301. Onyechi, JO and Udeala, OK 1990, ? Tabletting properties of dika fat lubricant? Drug Dev & Ind. Pharm.,vol.16, pp. 1203-1216. Aly, SAS. 2006, ?The resistance to compression index as a

Ecological strategy for soil contaminated with mercury

) (Sas-Nowosielska et al. 2008) and hydrogen sulphide were recorded in each tube. The results were correlated with probability tables. The MPN of the bacterial population was expressed as counts per gram ... nitrates into atmospheric nitrogen. The number of sulphur-amino acid decomposing bacteria was found to be in an inverse correlation with root mercury uptake in soil from the chlor-alkali plant (Sas

Circular RNAs are long-lived and display only minimal early alterations in response to a growth factor

. 5. Avraham , R. , Sas-Chen , A. , Manor , O. , Steinfeld , I. , Shalgi , R. , Tarcic , G. , Bossel , N. , Zeisel , A. , Amit, I. , Zwang , Y. et al. ( 2010 ) EGF decreases the abundance of microRNAs

Transversal incision of the vagina favors the remaining of the tape in the middle-third urethra compared to longitudinal incision during transobturator sling procedures for stress urinary incontinence

and Gynecology Timisoara County Hospital. The author presents interest and expertise in urogynecology, and has published many articles in the field of urogynecology. I. Sas–PhD, Senior Consultant and

Effect of Time on Dynamic Shear Modulus of Selected Cohesive Soil of One Section of Express Way No. S2 in Warsaw

resonant column apparatus successfully used in this research was manufactured by British company GDS Instruments Ltd (GDS 2010). The device is presented in detail by Sas and Gabry (2012), and Gabry et al ... - General Rules , European Prestandard ENV. Gabry , K. , W. Sas, and A. Szyma ski ( 2013 ), Resonant column apparatus as a device for dynamic testing of cohesive soils , Prz. Nauk. In . Kszta t. rod. 59 , 3

Use of prophylactic uterotonics during the third stage of labor: a survey of provider practices in community health facilities in Sierra Leone

Background Postpartum hemorrhage remains the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Administration of uterotonics during the third stage of labor is a simple and well established intervention that can significantly decrease the development of postpartum hemorrhage. Little is known about the use of prophylactic uterotonics in peripheral health centers, where the majority of ...

Analysis of the Behavior of Mitochondria in the Ovaries of the Earthworm Dendrobaena veneta Rosa 1839

We examined six types of cells that form the ovary of the earthworm Dendrobena veneta ogonia, prooocytes, vitellogenic oocytes, trophocytes, fully grown postvitellogenic oocytes and somatic cells of the gonad. The quantitative stereological method revealed a much higher “volume density” of mitochondria in all of the types of germ-line cells except for the somatic cells. Fluorescent ...

A Case-Control Study of the Protective Effect of Alcohol, Coffee, and Cigarette Consumption on Parkinson Disease Risk: Time-Since-Cessation Modifies the Effect of Tobacco Smoking

in SAS v 9.2 (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC). Bootstrapped 95% confidence intervals were estimated via 100 bootstrap replications of the original data and taking the 2.5th and 97.5th percentiles of the

Organisation of the endosperm and endosperm–placenta syncytia in bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae) with emphasis on the microtubule arrangement

Multinucleate cells play an important role in higher plants, especially during reproduction; however, the configurations of their cytoskeletons, which are formed as a result of mitosis without cytokinesis, have mainly been studied in coenocytes. Previous authors have proposed that in spite of their developmental origin (cell fusion or mitosis without cytokinesis), in multinucleate ...


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of pre-irradiation with microwaves on the induction of radioadaptive response. In the 1st phase of the study, 110 male mice were divided into 8 groups. The animals in these groups were exposed/sham-exposed to microwave, low dose rate gamma or both for 5 days. On day six, the animals were exposed to a lethal dose (LD). In the 2nd ...

An enhanced weighted performance-based handover parameter optimization algorithm for LTE networks

This article introduces an enhanced version of previously developed self-optimizing algorithm that controls the handover (HO) parameters of a long-term evolution base station in order to diminish and prevent the negative effects that can be introduced by HO (radio link failures, HO failures and ping-pong HOs) and thus improve the overall network performance. The default algorithm ...

Structural Integrity of the Contralesional Hemisphere Predicts Cognitive Impairment in Ischemic Stroke at Three Months

After stroke, white matter integrity can be affected both locally and distally to the primary lesion location. It has been shown that tract disruption in mirror’s regions of the contralateral hemisphere is associated with degree of functional impairment. Fourteen patients suffering right hemispheric focal stroke (S) and eighteen healthy controls (HC) underwent Diffusion Weighted ...

The interaction between ER and NFκB in resistance to endocrine therapy

) -induced apoptosis in antiestrogen-resistant breast cancer cells . Mol Cancer Ther 2005 , 4 : 33 - 41 . 79. Trinh XB , Sas L , Van Laere SJ , Prové A , Deleu I , Rasschaert M , van de Velde H , Vinken P

Lowering the apoptotic threshold in colorectal cancer cells by targeting mitochondria

Background Colorectal cancer is the third most-common cancer and the second most-common cause of cancer related death in UK. Although chemotherapy plays significant role in the treatment of colorectal cancer, morbidity and mortality due to drug resistance and cancer metastasis are yet to be eliminated. Recently, doxycycline has been reported to have cytotoxic and anti-proliferating ...

Passive transfer of collagen XVII-specific antibodies induces sustained blistering disease in adult mice

Background Bullous pemphigoid is a subepidermal blistering disorder associated with tissue-bound and circulating autoantibodies directed mainly to the hemidesmosomal component collagen XVII. While recapitulating the main immunopathological features of the human disease, frank skin blistering does not develop in the absence of skin rubbing in experimental pemphigoid models that have ...