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Psoriasis Vulgaris Hastalarında Subklinik Ateroskleroz Gelişiminin Karotid Arter Ultrasonografi ile Değerlendirilmesi

Psoriasisde kalıcı deri inflamasyonu endotelyal disfonksiyonu ve sonrasında gelişen ateroskleroz ile kardiyovasküler hastalıkların başlangıcını oluşturmaktadır. Subklinik aterosklerozun değerlendirilmesinde karotid arter intima media kalınlığının (kİMK) ultrasonografi ile değerlendirilmesi önem taşımaktadır. Biz de çalışmamızda psoriasis hastalarında kardiyovasküler hastalıkların...

Use of prophylactic uterotonics during the third stage of labor: a survey of provider practices in community health facilities in Sierra Leone

Background Postpartum hemorrhage remains the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Administration of uterotonics during the third stage of labor is a simple and well established intervention that can significantly decrease the development of postpartum hemorrhage. Little is known about the use of prophylactic uterotonics in peripheral health centers, where the majority...

Analysis of the Behavior of Mitochondria in the Ovaries of the Earthworm Dendrobaena veneta Rosa 1839

We examined six types of cells that form the ovary of the earthworm Dendrobena veneta ogonia, prooocytes, vitellogenic oocytes, trophocytes, fully grown postvitellogenic oocytes and somatic cells of the gonad. The quantitative stereological method revealed a much higher “volume density” of mitochondria in all of the types of germ-line cells except for the somatic cells...

Diminishing the risk on lead and zinc ore regions by subtle modulation of soil properties

. Lead and cadmium in soils located in vicinity of non-ferrous industry are usually complemented by high concentrations of zinc (Sas-Nowosielska et al., 2010; 2011) which drastically impair plant ... were found in leaves with observable signs of chlorosis and necrosis (Sas-Nowosielska et al., 1999, 2000) . Data presented on Fig. 7 show decrease of zinc content in leaves after application of the

Organisation of the endosperm and endosperm–placenta syncytia in bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae) with emphasis on the microtubule arrangement

Multinucleate cells play an important role in higher plants, especially during reproduction; however, the configurations of their cytoskeletons, which are formed as a result of mitosis without cytokinesis, have mainly been studied in coenocytes. Previous authors have proposed that in spite of their developmental origin (cell fusion or mitosis without cytokinesis), in...

Technologies for Beneficial Microorganisms Inocula Used as Biofertilizers

Microbiology, vol. 54, no. 10, pp. 876–886, 2008. View at Publisher · View at Google Scholar · View at ScopusE. Malusà, L. Sas-Paszt, and E. Zurawicz, “The effect of a mycorrhiza-bacteria substrate and foliar ... , 2004. View at Google ScholarE. Malusà, L. Sas-Paszt, and J. Ciesielska, “Effect of new organic fertilizers on growth of strawberry cv. Elsanta. Preliminary results,” in Proceedings of the XIV

"Zaporożci u polśko-moskowśkij wijni naprikinci Smuty 1617-1618 rr.", Petro Sas, Biła Cerkwa 2010 : [recenzja]

— początek 1617 r. (s. 26). Charakteryzując literaturę przedmiotu Petro Sas nie uwzględnił kilku podstawo­ wych dla dziejów Kozaczyzny Zaporoskiej pozycji badaczy polskich. Uderza głównie brak opracowań ... tradycyjnych wrogów Tatarów, dla których podstawową bronią był łuk i szabla ( s. 177). Sporo miejsca poświęcił Sas taborowi kozackiemu. Odwołując się do dzieł Jakuba Sobieskiego, Szymona Starowolskiego i Szymona

“Two Markets, Two Universities”: An Experimental, Cross-Cultural, and Cross-Institutional Course Using Online Educational Technologies

Sas is a doctoral candidate at the University of Gyor, Gyor, Hungry and teaches marketing in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Pannonia in Veszprem, Hungary. Irene Yukhananov ... Professor Annamaria Sas who would become his faculty partner in Hungary for the “Two Markets, Two Universities” course. In addition, he was approached about the possibility of a formal relationship with UMass

A Case-Control Study of the Protective Effect of Alcohol, Coffee, and Cigarette Consumption on Parkinson Disease Risk: Time-Since-Cessation Modifies the Effect of Tobacco Smoking

in SAS v 9.2 (SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC). Bootstrapped 95% confidence intervals were estimated via 100 bootstrap replications of the original data and taking the 2.5th and 97.5th percentiles of the

An enhanced weighted performance-based handover parameter optimization algorithm for LTE networks

This article introduces an enhanced version of previously developed self-optimizing algorithm that controls the handover (HO) parameters of a long-term evolution base station in order to diminish and prevent the negative effects that can be introduced by HO (radio link failures, HO failures and ping-pong HOs) and thus improve the overall network performance. The default algorithm...

Study Assessing the Quality of Quantification of Estrogen Receptor Protein Expression by Immunohistochemistry and Gene Expression in Breast Cancer

; Accepted 30 January 2014; Published 6 March 2014 Academic Editor: Paul J. Van Diest Copyright © 2014 Sas Leen et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution

Lowering the apoptotic threshold in colorectal cancer cells by targeting mitochondria

Background Colorectal cancer is the third most-common cancer and the second most-common cause of cancer related death in UK. Although chemotherapy plays significant role in the treatment of colorectal cancer, morbidity and mortality due to drug resistance and cancer metastasis are yet to be eliminated. Recently, doxycycline has been reported to have cytotoxic and anti...

The interaction between ER and NFκB in resistance to endocrine therapy

) -induced apoptosis in antiestrogen-resistant breast cancer cells . Mol Cancer Ther 2005 , 4 : 33 - 41 . 79. Trinh XB , Sas L , Van Laere SJ , Prové A , Deleu I , Rasschaert M , van de Velde H , Vinken P

Structural Integrity of the Contralesional Hemisphere Predicts Cognitive Impairment in Ischemic Stroke at Three Months

After stroke, white matter integrity can be affected both locally and distally to the primary lesion location. It has been shown that tract disruption in mirror’s regions of the contralateral hemisphere is associated with degree of functional impairment. Fourteen patients suffering right hemispheric focal stroke (S) and eighteen healthy controls (HC) underwent Diffusion Weighted...

De representatieve fictie. Politieke vertegenwoordiging tussen oude orde en moderniteit

, 1963) 207. 5 G. K. van Hogendorp, Bijdragen tot de huishouding van staat, III (Den Haag, 1819) 289. 6 Ibidem, VII (Den Haag, 1824) 94. 7 Vgl. N. C. F. van Sas, De metamorfose van Nederland. Van oude orde ... dit grondwetsartikel vanaf 1848 tot heden ook Th. Veen, De Staten-Generaal vertegenwoordigen het gehele Nederlandse volk (Nijmegen, 1994). 17 Van Sas, De metamorfose van Nederland, 28-30. 18 Vgl. H. de

Passive transfer of collagen XVII-specific antibodies induces sustained blistering disease in adult mice

Background Bullous pemphigoid is a subepidermal blistering disorder associated with tissue-bound and circulating autoantibodies directed mainly to the hemidesmosomal component collagen XVII. While recapitulating the main immunopathological features of the human disease, frank skin blistering does not develop in the absence of skin rubbing in experimental pemphigoid models that...

Does Doxycycline work in synergy with cisplatin and oxaliplatin in colorectal cancer?

Background In recent years, apart from antibacterial properties, doxycycline is reported to have cytotoxic and anti-proliferative actions in various cancers including colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer constitutes one of the most common cancers in the western population. Apart from surgery, chemotherapy plays crucial role in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Cisplatin and...