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Morphine Plus Bupivacaine Vs. Morphine Peridural Analgesia in Abdominal Surgery: The Effects on Postoperative Course in Major Hepatobiliary Surgery

neoplasm and were candidates for major surgery. We compared two different pharmacological approaches, i.e., morphine plus bupivacaine (30 patients, Group A)versus morphine alone (30 patients, Group B). Each ... postoperative pain in patients who underwent major abdominal surgery for hepato-bilary diseases. MATERIALS AND METHODS In a prospective randomised trial we enrolled 60 patients; 28 were male their mean age was

Equine Intestinal Surgery

In professional literature pertaining to veterinary medicine very little has been published on surgery of the equine digestive tract. Many veterinarians are endowed with the belief that abdominal ... . Conner* IN PROFESSIONAL literature pertaining to veterinary medicine very little has been published on surgery of the equine digestive tract. Many veterinar­ ians are endowed with the belief that ab­

Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 and Tissue Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 in Sepsis after Major Abdominal Surgery

Background. The role of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) and tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-1 (TIMP-1) in sepsis after major abdominal surgery and sepsis-associated organ dysfunction ... , TIMP-1, and MMP-9/TIMP ratio were good diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers of sepsis after major abdominal surgery and were linked to sepsis-associated organ dysfunction. 1. Introduction Sepsis, a

Postoperative abdominal complications after cardiopulmonary bypass

Background To summarize the diagnostic and therapeutic experiences on the patients who suffered abdominal complications after cardiovascular surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass(CPB). Methods A total ... cardiovascular surgery with CPB in our hospital from Jan 2004 to Dec 2010 were involved. The clinical data of any abdominal complication, including its incidence, characters, relative risks, diagnostic measures

Acute kidney injury in major abdominal surgery: incidence, risk factors, pathogenesis and outcomes

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common complication in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery. Various recent studies using modern standardized classifications for AKI reported a variable ... after major abdominal surgery ranging from 3 to 35%. Several patient-related, procedure-related factors and postoperative complications were identified as risk factors for AKI in this setting. AKI

2013 WSES guidelines for management of intra-abdominal infections

Despite advances in diagnosis, surgery, and antimicrobial therapy, mortality rates associated with complicated intra-abdominal infections remain exceedingly high.The 2013 update of the World Society ... Society of Emergency Surgery (WSES) guidelines for the management of intra-abdominal infections contains evidence-based recommendations for management of patients with intra-abdominal infections

Increased visceral tissue perfusion with heated, humidified carbon dioxide insufflation during open abdominal surgery in a rodent model

) carbon dioxide (CO2) increased visceral tissue perfusion and core body temperature during open abdominal surgery in a rodent model. Using two different rodent models of open abdominal surgery, visceral ... reports for the first time the use of LASCA to measure visceral perfusion in open abdominal surgery and shows that insufflation of open abdominal cavities with HH CO2 significantly increases visceral tissue

Adnexal torsion in the first trimester of a spontaneous pregnancy: detorsion and oophoropexy

intervention should be considered to treat pregnant women suffering from adnexal torsion regardless of the gestational week, abdominal surgery carries some risks to the pregnant woman and unborn fetus. ... . PubMed PMID: 1624012 . 11. Visser BC , Glasgow RE , Mulvihill KK , Mulvihill SJ . Safety and timing of nonobstetric abdominal surgery in pregnancy . Dig Surg . 2001 ; 18 ( 5 ): 409 - 17 .

The Small Molecule Inhibitor QLT-0267 Decreases the Production of Fibrin-Induced Inflammatory Cytokines and Prevents Post-Surgical Peritoneal Adhesions

Peritoneal adhesions develop after abdominal surgery, trauma or intraperitoneal infections, and have important consequences. The deposition of peritoneal fibrin is a common pathophysiological pathway ... peritoneal adhesion in patients undergoing abdominal surgery. Introduction Intra-abdominal adhesions develop after abdominal surgery, trauma or intraperitoneal infections. Adhesions are the main cause of

The prognostic impact of abdominal surgery in cancer patients with neutropenic enterocolitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis, on behalf the Groupe de Recherche en Réanimation Respiratoire du patient d’Onco-Hématologie (GRRR-OH)

to select surgery as the first-choice treatment, concerns being raised regarding the potential risks associated with abdominal surgery during neutropenia. Nevertheless, no published studies comforted ... , literature is scarce and surgery has never been compared to medical treatment. This review and meta‑ analysis aimed to determine the prognostic impact of abdominal surgery on outcome of neutropenic cancer

Nutrition of Liver Transplant Patients

parameters. When considering impaired glucose tolerance in the early postoperative period, requirements of energy intake and macronutrients are no different from those established in major abdominal surgery ... in major abdominal surgery. Preference should be made to use the enteral route whenever possible. Fat emulsions containing medium- and long-chain triglycerides have neither a negative impact on


A 29 year old male with a history of swallowing objects and recent abdominal surgery presented to the emergency department (ED) after “accidentally” swallowing a pen. A chest radiograph was performed ... Acuphagia Saurabh Bansal - A 9 year old male with a history of swallowing objects and recent abdominal surgery presented to the emergency department (ED) after “accidentally” swallowing a pen. A

Preoperative fluid retention increases blood loss during major open abdominal surgery

calculate a composite “fluid retention index” (FRI) in 97 patients prior to major abdominal surgery. Goal-directed fluid volume optimization, with hydroxyethyl starch supplemented with a background ... : Preoperative fluid retention, as detected in a urine sample, was associated with a greater blood loss and a more positive fluid balance during major abdominal surgery. Trial registration:

Combined epidural-general anesthesia was associated with lower risk of postoperative complications in patients undergoing open abdominal surgery for pheochromocytoma: A retrospective cohort study

Background Current evidences show that regional anesthesia is associated with decreased risk of complications after major surgery. However, the effects of combined regional-general anesthesia remain ... ) of 5.2% after laparoscopic surgery; whereas in the study of Elfenbein et al, [ 8 ] complications occurred in 18.8% of patients who underwent open abdominal surgery. Despite of these advantages, open

Modern Evaluation of Abdominal Trauma

Abdominal trauma can be mysterious to some physicians. If patients are evaluated for being stable or unstable, then abdominal trauma can be easily managed. Using a combination of physical examination ... positive result is helpful. Drawing back 5 - 10 cc of frank blood mandates immediate surgery. Microscopic evidence of abdominal trauma is important but should not necessitate a patient’s remaining unstable

Ventral Abdominal Hernia with Corynebacterium Pyogenes Infection

anteriorly, laterally, and elevated dorsally. The enlarged flank indicated a herniation of abdominal viscera or an accumulation of exudate in the subcutaneous tissues. It was impossible to make a positive ... to prepare the patient for surgery if necessary. Exami­ nation was completed and the diagnosis of ventral abdominal hernia was made. Reduction by surgical methods was se­ lected as the course of

Urine neutrophil gelatinase–associated lipocalin predicts outcome and renal failure in open and endovascular thoracic abdominal aortic aneurysm surgery

Urine neutrophil gelatinase–associated lipocalin (uNGAL) has been evaluated as a biomarker for AKI detection and adverse outcome in open and endovascular thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm surgery ... Kidney Injury (AKI) after Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) and Impact on Outcome. European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery: the official journal of the European Society for

Impact of perioperative nutritional status on the outcome of abdominal surgery in a sub-Saharan Africa setting

determinant of delayed wound healing, surgical site infections and mortality in the postoperative period. There is limited information available regarding the outcome of surgery in malnourished patients in sub ... . Overall, our results emphasize the need of optimizing perioperative care through routine nutritional assessment and management of surgical patients in Cameroon. Abdominal surgery; Nutritional status

Hepatic Surgery in the Ussr

technique 17-20. In the USSR hepatic surgery is now one of the most rapidly developing areas of abdominal surgery, making use of modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods. There are specialized units for ... HEPATIC SURGERY IN THE USSR EDUARD I. GALPERIN SUREN R. KARAGIULIAN The history of hepatic surgery in the USSR goes back to the work of Russian surgeons in the late nineteenth century. The first

Intestinal manipulation affects mucosal antimicrobial defense in a mouse model of postoperative ileus

Aim To explore the effects of abdominal surgery and interleukin-1 signaling on antimicrobial defense in a model of postoperative ileus. Methods C57BL/6 and Interleukin-1 receptor type I (IL-1R1 ... patients undergoing abdominal surgery. Introduction Post-operative ileus (POI) is an iatrogenic impairment of propulsive gastrointestinal motility, frequently occurring after abdominal surgery. Although