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Seven myths of organic agriculture and food research

Organic agriculture and food research (OAFR) is well established and there is an ongoing and vibrant discussion about the future research needs of organic farming. However, reviews of the research ... International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements Principles and organic regulations, (3) research priorities are defined in collaboration with practitioners, (4) transdisciplinarity is a key strategy in

Tri-State Agriculture Lenders Seminar, 2017

Educating Agricultural Lenders on Risk Management as it relates to a Dairy Farm has economic implications for loan success and dairy farm profitability. Due to demand from Agricultural lenders, the 31st Annual Tri-State Agricultural Lenders Seminar was held in Dubuque, IA to increase understanding and management of commodity prices and market risk. One hundred seventy lenders and...

The Political Economy of Global Agriculture: Effects on Agriculture, Farmers, Consumers and Economic Growth

International political economy deals with mutual interaction of international politics and international economics. The ever-changing political scenarios, be it right-wing or left-wing, agriculture ... of political economy on agriculture, farmers, consumer welfare and economic growth. The data on indicators collected from FAO, World Bank, IMF, UNDES, WEF, OECD, CGIAR reports. The growth rates

Multi-GNSS precise point positioning for precision agriculture

The main objective of this research was to examine the feasibility of Multi-GNSS precise point positioning (PPP) in precision agriculture (PA) through a series of experiments with different working ... Research Centre, Wuhan University , Wuhan 430079 , China 2 School of Engineering, Newcastle University , Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU , UK 3 School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Newcastle

Efficient use of nitrogen in agriculture

applications techniques and precision agriculture (Sommer and Hutchings 2001; Robert 2002) , different soil tillage strategies (Myrbeck et al. 2012) , cover crops (Schipanski et al. 2014) and managing the ... hold the key? Trends Biotechnol 27 : 388 - 397 Robert PC ( 2002 ) Precision agriculture: a challenge for crop nutrition management . Plant Soil 247 : 143 - 149 Sajeev EPM , Ammon C , Zollitsch W

The molecular processes of urea hydrolysis in relation to ammonia emissions from agriculture

. Ammonia emissions from agriculture originate from manure slurry (livestock housing, storage, and fertilization of fields) as well as urea-based mineral fertilizers. Consequently, political attention has ... carbonic acid. Urease is present in many different organisms, encompassing bacteria, fungi, and plants. In agriculture, microorganisms found in animal fecal matter and soil are responsible for urea

Opportunities to reduce nutrient inputs to the Baltic Sea by improving manure use efficiency in agriculture

coastal sewage effluent inputs and atmospheric N-deposition, agriculture remains the largest source of external nutrients, contributing about half of waterborne loads (HELCOM 2011). The situation in the ... Baltic Sea region is not unique; nutrients from agriculture contribute to eutrophication in many regions globally (Moss 2008; Withers et al. 2014) . To improve the effectiveness of nutrient abatement

War zone refugia? Establishing a baseline for protected waterbirds in a wildlife refuge flanked by agriculture and militarization

reverberation [ 10 ]. In 2003, a formal ceasefire was declared. Ironically, this action increased anthropogenic pressure and revealed a complex dynamic between militarization and agriculture, found here [ 10 ... wetland for farming. Complex dynamics between militarization and agriculture Locally, farmers not only endure stray firing, they also compete with wildlife for crops. As occurs in most avifauna refuges

Rural food security, subsistence agriculture, and seasonality

Many of the world’s food-insecure and undernourished people are smallholder farmers in developing countries. This is especially true in Africa. There is an urgent need to make smallholder agriculture ... smallholder agriculture and food systems more nutrition-sensitive. African farm households are known to consume a sizeable part of what they produce at home. Less is known about how much subsistence agriculture

The Era of Contract Agriculture

Environmental cleanup costs 62 Home office 62 Income averaging 62 IRA-Roth 62 Returns 62 S corporations Basis of stock 63 Discharge of indebtedness 63 Sale of residence 63 State Regulation of Agriculture ... Livestock confinement facilities 63 Trespass Timber cutting 63 Agricultural Law Digest Volume 10, No. 8 April 16, 1999 ISSN 1051-2780 THE ERA OF CONTRACT AGRICULTURE — by Neil E. Harl* The signs of

Global Agriculture: Vision and Approaches

optimism, anxiety and complacency, about the world food situation and outlook. Agriculture in the 21st century has multiple challenges. Globally, Agriculture it seems is back on the development agenda to ... paper is to analyse and trace insights of past and present of global agriculture and frame new vision of it. The status of global agriculture in general and continents and country-wise policies in

Utilization of coal fly ash and municipal sewage sludge in agriculture and for reconstruction of soils in disturbed lands: results of case studies from Greece and China

Coal fly ash (CFA) and municipal sewage sludge (MSS) management is a great concern worldwide. An alternative gaining high interest, is their use in agriculture and for reclamation of degraded lands ... improving nutrients’ conditions and promoting revegetation of disturbed/degraded lands), agriculture (for improving soil pH, aeration, percolation, providing nutrients, and enhancing growth and yield), waste

Putting concerns for caution into perspective: microbial plant protection products are safe to use in agriculture

therefore are safe to use in agriculture. ... human or animal health has been published. This also indicates that the risk is negligible. 3. The result of practically all interventions in agriculture has some sort of unpredictability for the simple

Climate change-induced hazards and local adaptations in agriculture: a study from Koshi River Basin, Nepal

Changes in climate, associated hazards, local adaptations in agriculture, and socioeconomic factors affecting adaptation were investigated using data from a large survey of 2310 households (HHs) in ... that HH dependence on external sources for food had increased. Only 32% of HHs had taken some form of adaptive actions in agriculture to address these challenges; actions included not planting certain

Home-grown school feeding: promoting local production systems diversification through nutrition sensitive agriculture

commodity specific examples. The findings of this study may help strengthen operational linkages between agriculture production and nutrition for HGSF and other similar interventions. ... Introduction Evidence suggests that the mono-culturization of agriculture production towards staple foods-based systems in developing countries has crowded out the production of other food groups such as

A watershed approach to managing rainfed agriculture in the semiarid region of southern Mali: integrated research on water and land use

beneficial SWC practices that could be adapted for wider application. In this paper, a watershed approach to managing rainfed agriculture is presented to show potential benefits of SWC practices at field and ... drying of rivers and loss of topsoil to the arid conditions, shallow soils and lack of adequate SWC practices. Rainfed agriculture is the main livelihood in Kani village with the production system mainly

The Detroit Frontier: Urban Agriculture in A Legal Vacuum

American Cities Promoting Urban Agriculture as an Alternative Land Use for Vacant Properties in the City of Detroit: Benefits, Problems and Proposals for a Regulatory Framework for Successful Land Use

Special issue of Organic Agriculture—Organic 3.0

It is an honor to be able to present this special issue of Organic Agriculture: Organic 3.0 for the Organic World Congress in India 2017. In this issue, we have collected a number of papers relevant