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Rural food security, subsistence agriculture, and seasonality

Many of the world’s food-insecure and undernourished people are smallholder farmers in developing countries. This is especially true in Africa. There is an urgent need to make smallholder agriculture ... smallholder agriculture and food systems more nutrition-sensitive. African farm households are known to consume a sizeable part of what they produce at home. Less is known about how much subsistence agriculture

The Era of Contract Agriculture

Environmental cleanup costs 62 Home office 62 Income averaging 62 IRA-Roth 62 Returns 62 S corporations Basis of stock 63 Discharge of indebtedness 63 Sale of residence 63 State Regulation of Agriculture ... Livestock confinement facilities 63 Trespass Timber cutting 63 Agricultural Law Digest Volume 10, No. 8 April 16, 1999 ISSN 1051-2780 THE ERA OF CONTRACT AGRICULTURE — by Neil E. Harl* The signs of

The Detroit Frontier: Urban Agriculture in A Legal Vacuum

American Cities Promoting Urban Agriculture as an Alternative Land Use for Vacant Properties in the City of Detroit: Benefits, Problems and Proposals for a Regulatory Framework for Successful Land Use

Innovation, cooperation, and the structure of three regional sustainable agriculture networks in California

geography and institutional histories, which may influence the capacity to respond to regional environmental change. Editor: Jamie Pittock Agriculture; Sustainability; Social network analysis; Exponential ... parallels Burt’s concept of structural holes, where individuals whose ties span different parts of the system can access more and a greater variety of resources (Burt 2004) . In the context of agriculture

Global Agriculture: Vision and Approaches

optimism, anxiety and complacency, about the world food situation and outlook. Agriculture in the 21st century has multiple challenges. Globally, Agriculture it seems is back on the development agenda to ... paper is to analyse and trace insights of past and present of global agriculture and frame new vision of it. The status of global agriculture in general and continents and country-wise policies in

Converging and diverging principles and practices of organic agriculture regulations and agroecology. A review

change, and social justice. Among other options, agroecology and organic agriculture are discussed. Both have similar goals and use a systems approach; however, they are recognised and received differently ... principles and practices defined and described in EU organic agriculture regulations, International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movement (IFOAM) norms, and agroecology scientific literature. The main

Special issue of Organic Agriculture—Organic 3.0

It is an honor to be able to present this special issue of Organic Agriculture: Organic 3.0 for the Organic World Congress in India 2017. In this issue, we have collected a number of papers relevant

Microbiological risk infection assessment using QMRA in agriculture systems in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

. QMRA; Health risk; Agriculture system; Wastewater; Surface water; Côte d'Ivoire Introduction Poor sanitation management often has a negative impact on the quality of the water that is used for urban ... agriculture (UA) in developing countries. The sanitation situation in Sub-Saharan Africa continues to be critical, with a high proportion of people practicing open defecation (20%). Wastewater contains a large

Human health implications of organic food and organic agriculture: a comprehensive review

organic or conventional production impacts in different ways on growth and development. In organic agriculture, the use of pesticides is restricted, while residues in conventional fruits and vegetables ... conventional agriculture, e.g., in integrated pest management. Agricultural crops; Antibiotic resistance; Food safety; Nutrients; Organic food; Pesticide residues Background The long-term goal of developing

Traditional agriculture: a climate-smart approach for sustainable food production

. Moreover, it threatened the age-old traditional agricultural practices. Agriculture is one of the largest sectors that sustain livelihood to maximum number of people and contribute to climate change

Evaluating the Efficacy of Fertilisers Derived from Human Excreta in Agriculture and Their Perception in Antananarivo, Madagascar

become input streams into new processes has been recognised [ 3 ]. This is especially true in agriculture where the predicted increase in fertiliser demand is combined with finite mineral nutrient ... [ 35 ] yet agriculture is a pillar sector of the economy, employing 80% of the workforce but producing only around one-third of the GDP [ 36 ]. The urban population in Madagascar is rapidly increasing

VAT and agriculture: lessons from Europe

Little has been written about the treatment of agriculture under the value added tax (VAT). This article attempts to fill the void by surveying and evaluating the situation in the Member States of ... , subject to the general threshold, appears to be the preferred choice. VAT; Agriculture; European Union; Flat-rate compensation scheme; Reduced rates; Incidence B Sijbren Cnossen 1 Introduction In the

Leadership in Kansas Agriculture: Examining Organization CEOs’ Styles and Skills

. Kansas State University 0 0 Duke Rogers Ph.D. 0 0 Bethany College Part of the Agriculture Commons, Business Administration, Management, and Operations Commons, Leadership Studies Commons, Nonprofit ... of the Agriculture Commons, Business Administration, Management, and Operations Commons, Leadership Studies Commons, Nonprofit Administration and Management Commons, Organizational Behavior and The ory

Sustainable intensification in agriculture: the richer shade of green. A review

. Current industrial agriculture privileges economic resource use efficiency over the other dimensions, claiming that that pathway is necessary to feed the world. Current agronomy and the concept of ... subsequent weighing of trade-offs, based on scientifically acceptable, shared norms, thus making agriculture “green” again. Here, we review different forms of intensification, different principles and concepts

Microbial metabolites in nutrition, healthcare and agriculture

obtained from microorganisms have proved their value in nutrition, agriculture and healthcare. Primary metabolites, such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, organic acids and alcohol are used as nutritional ... animals and thus increase the life expectancy. Additionally, microorganisms and their products inevitably play a significant role in sustainable agriculture development. Microorganisms; Metabolites

A regional case in the development of agriculture and crop processing in northern China from the Neolithic to Bronze Age: archaeobotanical evidence from the Sushui River survey, Shanxi province

the social organization of agriculture, and what arable weeds might imply about cultivation practices. The current study will address some of these issues, especially the implication of changes in crop ... further from the major recognized centers. In addition, these data allow us to assess whether a change in the social organization of agriculture, inferred from crop processing evidence in the Ying valley

Statistical modelling for precision agriculture: A case study in optimal environmental schedules for Agaricus Bisporus production via variable domain functional regression

technologies. These technologies are improving the monitoring of farming environments. The output of such technology has led to the rise of data analytics in this precision agriculture environment, in order to ... optimization. Furthermore, there is a new emerging field in this area which involves indoor commercial farming precision agriculture. In this field there is the a technological push for the adoption of

Analysis of agriculture data using data mining techniques: application of big data

In agriculture sector where farmers and agribusinesses have to make innumerable decisions every day and intricate complexities involves the various factors influencing them. An essential issue for ... accurate yield estimation for the numerous crops involved in the planning. Data mining techniques are necessary approach for accomplishing practical and effective solutions for this problem. Agriculture has