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A tutorial on Bayes Factor Design Analysis using an informed prior

Achtergracht 129-B, 1018WS Amsterdam , The Netherlands 3 Eric-Jan Wagenmakers Well-designed experiments are likely to yield compelling evidence with efficient sample sizes. Bayes Factor Design Analysis (BFDA ... allows researchers to conduct BFDAs with ease. Two practical examples highlight how researchers can use a BFDA to plan for informative and efficient research designs. Sample size; Design analysis; Bayes

Research on establishing numerical model of geo material based on CT image analysis

the macroscopic mechanical response [11, 12]. Yuezhongqi proposed the digital image finite element analysis method (DIP-based FEM) for geotechnical engineering materials. This method integrates digital ... modes of granite under uniaxial compression and uniaxial direct tensile loading are simulated. Then, some scholars apply digital image processing technology to seepage analysis, Sheng et al. [22]. By

Bladder cancer stage-associated hub genes revealed by WGCNA co-expression network analysis

tumor stage as well as tumor patients’ prognosis. COL5A1, COL8A1(P < 0.01) may serve as therapeutic targets for the disease. KeywordsBladder cancer Weighted gene co-expression network analysis (WGCNA ... topological overlap measure WGCNA weighted correlation network analysis Backgrounds Bladder cancer was ranked fourth of the most common cancers in male, with an estimated 17, 240 deaths and 81, 190 new

Correction to: Incremental-iterative model for time-variant analysis of SFRC subjected to flexural fatigue

. 1 Correction to: Materials and Structures (2017) 50:62 The article Incremental-iterative model for time-variant analysis of SFRC subjected to flexural

"Declaration of Conscience": A Rhetorical Analysis

First, I did thorough research on Margaret Chase Smith and her involvement and position in politics. I also researched the Cold War and McCarthyism so that I could accurately and clearly give a background on Chase's speech. I then decided what parts of rhetoric were most and least prominent in Chase's speech and based the format of paper on that. I looked into these parts of...

Rawls’s Self-Defeat: A Formal Analysis

simplify our analysis, let \( u_{M} \left({r_{M} + \Delta} \right) = u_{L} \left({r_{L} + \Delta} \right) \) and \( u_{M} \left({r_{M} - \Delta} \right) = u_{L} \left({r_{L} - \Delta} \right) \) for ... weakened21; however, it will greatly simplify our analysis, and, can also be interpreted as an implication of Rawls’s normality assumption. This completes the setup of our model. Before moving on, I would

Hi-C analysis: from data generation to integration

focus on the increasing complexity of available Hi-C datasets, which parallels the adoption of novel protocol variants. We also review the complexity of the multiple data analysis steps required to ... genome length. As such in this review on big-data challenges in epigenomics, we will focus especially on datasets obtained from mammalian genomes, as well as on data analysis solutions used in this context

Pharmacological Treatments for Disordered Gambling: A Meta-analysis

. KeywordsGambling disorder Pharmacological treatment Meta-analysis  Disordered gambling is defined based on the criteria for substance use including preoccupation with maladaptive behaviors, lack of control ... ). The latest meta-analysis (Bartley and Bloch 2013) was limited to placebo controlled trials, and to the single outcome variable “gambling severity”. Furthermore, the impact of study quality and other

Tear protein analysis in presumed congenital alacrima

Tear protein analysis in presumed congenital alacrima Shigeharu Yaginuma,1 Yoko Akune,2 Chika Shigeyasu,1,2 Yoji Takano,3 Masakazu Yamada1 1Department of Ophthalmology, Kyorin University School of ... analysis may be useful in making a diagnosis of congenital alacrima and in assessing the efficacy and mechanism of punctal occlusion. Keywords: alacrima, albumin, dry eye, lactoferrin, tears

Meat consumption, behaviour and the media environment: a focus group analysis across four countries

; Philo et al. 2015;). A recent analysis of potential policy pathways to lower meat consumption (Wellesley et al. 2015) finds that, while information provision alone is unlikely to be sufficient to trigger ... design Focus group analysis was undertaken looking at meat-eating habits and public attitudes in Brazil, China, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries were chosen because they are (a

Teresa Kowalska, Mieczyslaw Sajewicz and Joseph Sherma (Eds): Chromatographic Techniques in the Forensic Analysis of Designer Drugs

which cocaine is derived. Chapter 5 is the start of the main topic of the book—chromatographic analysis of designer drugs and is followed by a further 17 chapters covering various aspects of drug analysis ... the book’s title was just “Techniques in the Forensic Analysis….” There is nothing wrong with these chapters; it is just that they are not as covered by the title. Dismissing my editorial quibbles

Analysis of temporal diversification of African Cyprinidae (Teleostei, Cypriniformes)

result, the analysis of fossil records ?can give the impression that the diversity of life has increased inexorably through time? (Crisp and Cook 2009). In the face of the limitations of fossil records ... available incomplete DNA sequences to assemble a complete phylogenetic tree. The resulting phylogeny from Thomas et al.?s approach is showed multiple times to be suitable for the analysis of diversification

Scoping the nascent: An analysis of K-12 OER research 2012-2017

articles studied, a variety of research methods were represented. Analysis showed Professional and Applied Sciences were overwhelmingly represented with the majority of articles within the discipline of ... publication. The equal distribution between open and closed access journals may reflect changes to past scholarly publication practices. Citation analysis revealed divergences and reinforces the nascent quality

Experimental Verification of Modal Identification of a High-rise Building Using Independent Component Analysis

Independent component analysis is one of the linear transformation methods based the techniques for separating blind sources from the output signals of the system. Recently, the method has been ... Analysis AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Jae-Seung HwangJung-Tae NohSang-Hyun LeeAhsan Kareem Open Access Research First Online: 07 January 2019 449 Downloads Part of the following topical


particular, metal, objects are judged on short-term wedging tool in the drilling process, the scratches on the bottom of the drill string, as well as on the outer surface of rock cutting tools. The analysis

Cardiometabolic risk factors in vegans; A meta-analysis of observational studies

-metabolic risk factors. Methods Meta-analysis of observational studies published between 1960 and June 2018 that reported one or more cardio-metabolic risk factors in vegans and controls eating an omnivorous ... vegan compared to an omnivorous diet on cardio-metabolic risk factors. Meta-analysis of observational studies published between 1960 and June 2018 that reported one or more cardio-metabolic risk factors

Decision Analysis: Decision Analysis in Negotiation

do? A field known as "decision analysis" can help answer this type of question and many others in a wide range of situations.1 When parties understand what their chances of success are for each of