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How artificial intelligence is changing drug discovery

has signed a deal to use UK start-up Exscientia’s artificial-intelligence (AI) platform to hunt for metabolic-disease therapies, and Roche subsidiary Genentech is using an AI system from GNS Healthcare ... , in particular, need to get to grips with what AI can do and how best to acquire the skills they need to be employable in the job market of tomorrow.When the time comes for the history of artificial

Artificial intelligence in safety system

This research aims to study learning environment, and let the learning environment become smart. Swarm intelligence, cloud computing, and active Ultra-High Frequency RFID were used on it. We built ... system into the users’ pad phone, and provides a solution (including hardware solutions) to promote campus safety environment. Chen combines the swarm intelligence and Web Services to transform a

Artificial intelligence in cardiology

algorithms, also termed artificial intelligence that are able to extract meaningful patterns from data collections and build decisions upon identified patterns may be useful assistants in clinical decision ... ; Cardiology; Artificial intelligence Introduction In modern medicine, decision-making is a complex process that ideally is based on the availability of objective and reliable evidence, immediate access to

From Big Data to Big Artificial Intelligence?

ground for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), and even moves them from research labs to production. That is, the problem has shifted from collecting massive amounts of data to understanding ... many fields and sectors. That is, only then we can achieve Big AI. This special issue of the German Journal of Artificial Intelligence (KI) constitutes an attempt to highlight the recent progress made

An interview with Dr. Raj Reddy on artificial intelligence

, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He was awarded the ACM Turing Award in 1994. Dr. Reddy has shown great interest in the 'New-Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan ... and Libratus by CMU are two examples of systems that learn from scratch. Do you think learning from scratch is a generic approach to artificial general intelligence? Dr. Reddy: My answer is No. There

2018 special issue on artificial intelligence 2.0: theories and applications

Germany, part of Springer Nature 2018 2 Zhejiang University , Hangzhou 310027 , China - Editorial: In July 2017, the Chinese government issued a guideline on developing artificial intelligence (AI ... ), namely, the ‘New-Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan’, through 2030 to the public, setting a goal of becoming a global innovation center in this field by 2030. According to the development

Optimization of ambient intelligence systems

, operations research, information management, artificial intelligence, and computational intelligence, as well as for practicing managers and engineers. This special issue features a balance between state-of ... have higher yields. To this end, Chen and Wang proposed a fuzzy collaborative intelligence (FCI) approach. In the FCI approach, each expert constructs an artificial neural work (ANN) to fit an uncertain

From Data to Knowledge to Discoveries: Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Workflows

Scientific Programming From data to knowledge to discoveries: Artificial intelligence and scientific workflows Yolanda Gil 0 0 Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California ... automating important aspects of scientific exploration and discovery. Workflows; computational experimentation; scientific computing; artificial intelligence; automated discovery; knowledge systems 1

Editorial: Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Robotic Networks

robotics. It has also brought new challenges to the artificial intelligence community. The aim of this special issue is to provide a platform to share up-todate scientific achievements in this field. This ... Excellent Young Researcher of MEXT Japan. His research interests include computer vision, robotics, artificial intelligence, and ocean observing. Li He received the B.E. and M.E. d e g r e e s f r o m H u

Minds and Machines Special Issue: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

collection of essays tackling various questions concerning ethics and artificial intelligence. Interest in this profoundly important area is gaining momentum, powered both by the increasingly impressive ... achievements in artificial intelligence, and also a corresponding growth in specific projects and initiatives asking hard questions about the ethical implications of this new technology. The initial impetus for

Computational Intelligence in Image Processing 2018

Guadalajara, Avenida Revolución 1500, Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico 2Departamento de Ingeniería de Software e Inteligencia Artificial, Facultad Informática, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 28040 Madrid, Spain ... , distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Computational intelligence (CI) represents a set of robust information processing approaches for knowledge

Foreword to the special issue on recent advances on pattern recognition and artificial intelligence

years have witnessed the great progresses of artificial intelligence and its applications in a wide range of fields. Particularly, there has been an increasing interest in artificial intelligence combined ... with pattern recognition techniques, to build learning models that solve complicated problems in different fields. As we know, pattern recognition has its roots in artificial intelligence, engineering

What Is Artificial about Life?

The announcement of “Artificial Life” by the Craig Venter group, and the media stir that arose from the news, provoked thoughts about the current technologies in contemporary science and the cultural ... impossible. Claiming that one has created artificial life only because a ―stylized‖ genome has been inserted into a bacterium deprived of its own genome sounds like a somewhat exaggerated claim if not actually

Automatically measuring brain ventricular volume within PACS using artificial intelligence

constant neighboring and boundary tracking [ 9, 10 ] and more recently artificial intelligence (AI) approaches that use voxel-based feature extraction in their core. Some of them require multi-modality

Artificial intelligence for automatic prediction of required surface roughness by monitoring wear on face mill teeth

. The use of artificial intelligence methods is suggested in this paper for real-time prediction of surface roughness deviations, depending on the main drive power, and taking tool wear, \(V_{B}\) into ... wear, machining time, and cutting power- that are required to generate a given surface roughness, thereby making the most efficient use of the cutting tool. A series of artificial intelligence methods

An Extreme Learning Machine Based on Artificial Immune System

generated “bad” parameters may be introduced to bring negative effect on the final generalization ability. To overcome such drawback, this paper combines the artificial immune system (AIS) with ELM, namely ... superior performance. 1. Introduction In recent years, many computational intelligence techniques, such as neural networks and support vector machines (SVMs) [1], have been widely used in many real-world

Artificial Intelligence: Application Today and Implications Tomorrow

This paper analyzes the applications of artificial intelligence to the legal industry, specifically in the fields of legal research and contract drafting. First, it will look at the implications of ... ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: APPLICATION TODAY AND IMPLICATIONS TOMORROW SEAN SEMMLER 0 ZEEVE ROSE 0 0 Duke University School of Law , J.D. expected 1 Carlton Reid, How the Bicycle Beats Evolution , B

The Artificial Moral Advisor. The “Ideal Observer” Meets Artificial Intelligence

We describe a form of moral artificial intelligence that could be used to improve human moral decision-making. We call it the “artificial moral advisor” (AMA). The AMA would implement a quasi ... and emotions in human morality without their downsides, such as biases and prejudices. Moral artificial intelligence; Ideal observer theory; Moral psychology; Moral enhancement; Artificial moral

The brain as artificial intelligence: prospecting the frontiers of neuroscience

This article explores the proposition that the brain, normally seen as an organ of the human body, should be understood as a biologically based form of artificial intelligence, in the course of which ... - In what follows, I explore the proposition that the brain, normally seen as an organ of the human body, should be understood as a biologically based form of artificial intelligence (AI). As I observe

Social Intelligence

ability that not only human but also artificial agents have, as modelled in artificial intelligence and agent-based research in particular. The interactions between philosophy, social sciences and computer ... science around social intelligence are manifold, and many concepts and theories from social science have found their way into artificial intelligence and agent-based research. In the latter, coordination