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Testing spatial heterogeneity with stock assessment models

This paper describes a methodology that combines meta-population theory and stock assessment models to gain insights about spatial heterogeneity of the meta-population in an operational time frame ... hypothesis of spatial dynamics of a meta-population, the comparison of assessment results of the meta-population and the combined results of its components, allows testing the existence of closed sub

Pilot testing and evaluation of a toolkit for menstrual hygiene management in emergencies in three refugee camps in Northwest Tanzania

guidance on effective, coordinated multi-sectoral approaches for a complete menstrual hygiene management response. This paper describes one effort to address this gap, the development and pilot testing of ... evaluation (M&E). The toolkit also included a few simple diagrams, checklists, assessment tools, and training materials. The toolkit framework operates from the central premise that a complete MHM response

Testing the validity and reliability of the Arabic version of the painDETECT questionnaire in the assessment of neuropathic pain

(95% CI, 0.951–0.971), respectively. The Cronbach’s α values for the post-assessment measures in the overall sample, NP group, and nociceptive pain group, were 0.764, 0.684, and 0.746, respectively. The ... %) patients were classified as having NP [ 27 ]. To achieve an accurate diagnosis, assessment by an expert pain physician including meticulous history, clinical examination, and neurological evaluation must

Risk Assessment

the Topical Collection on Preoperative Evaluation Risk Stratification Tools Preoperative evaluation; Preoperative risk assessment; Prehabilitation; Surgical risk assessment Introduction Perioperative ... ] guidelines) provide a framework for preoperative testing and optimization of a patient’s cardiac status [ 45, 46 ]. The similarity of these guidelines represents a reasonably stable consensus on assessment

Clinical evaluation of semi-automatic open-source algorithmic software segmentation of the mandibular bone: Practical feasibility and assessment of a new course of action

same anatomy using 10 CT lower jaw data-sets from the clinical routine. Assessment parameters were the segmentation time, the volume, the voxel number, the Dice Score and the Hausdorff distance. Results ... number of voxel (voxel units). These parameters are known as commonly used standard sizes in the evaluation of 7 / 26 Fig 4. (a) Segmentation assessment: Overlay and accordance between the semi-automatic

Nanotoxicology assessment in complementary/alternative models

Despite all the applications of nanotechnology, limited data are available on their environmental and health risks. Many nanomaterials have been developed; however, their safety evaluation is not ... ) Nanomaterial characterization: considerations and needs for hazard assessment and safety evaluation . Anal Bioanal Chem 396 : 953 - 961 . 1007/s00216-009-3103-3 Chakraborty C , Sharma AR

The evaluation of alternative method of ferrous ions assessment in pharmaceutical preparations

, Ankara , Turkey The atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) method is one of the most accessible procedures for ferrous ions testing in various compositions including pharmaceutical preparations. The aim of ... , fast, and hassle-free method. The samples during dissolution process were measured using conductivity probe in entire dissolution assessment protocol. The conductivity results were compared to data

Reservoir assessment using non-invasive geophysical techniques

comprehensive non-invasive assessment to be used as common practice by local authorities and environment agencies whereby remedial action could be recommended to protect assets and civilians. ... ) for the monitoring of river embankments (Di Prinzio et al. 2010) and detection of seepage, combined with drill testing (Antoine et al. 2015) . Since air-filled voids provided an excellent dielectric

The Impact of Remittances on the Import Demand Function in Jordan: An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach

integrated of order 2, while the bounds testing provided evidence of the existence of a long-run equilibrium relationship between the included variables. Moreover, the diagnostic tests showed that the ... bounds testing approach to cointegration over the period 1980– 2015, Mugableh (2017) found that income has positive and significant impacts, while relative prices exert negative impacts on Jordan’s imports

Sit still and pay attention: Using the Wii Balance-Board to detect lapses in concentration in children during psychophysical testing

During psychophysical testing, a loss of concentration can cause observers to answer incorrectly, even when the stimulus is clearly perceptible. Such lapses limit the accuracy and speed of many ... particular—may struggle to sustain their attention throughout a prolonged period of testing. Their mind may wander, and such lapses in concentration can result in perceptual estimates becoming noisy or biased

Performance comparison of two whole genome amplification techniques in frame of multifactor preimplantation genetic testing

direct (Sanger sequencing, fragment size analysis, SNaPshot) and indirect mutation assessment (STR marker haplotyping), and embryo aneuploidy testing by array comparative genome hybridization (aCGH ... underwent postnatal mutation assessment, and preimplantation genetic testing results were confirmed. The overall pregnancy rate is 83%. t l u s e r T G P l l a r e v O t l u s e r G H C a d e m H ro G fr C e

Targeting critical source areas for phosphorus losses: Evaluation with soil testing, farmers’ assessment and modelling

evaluated had the highest risk of legacy soil P transfers. While these approaches offer some advantages to, or in combination with, soil testing for identifying CSAs, transport pathways and appropriate ... management plans, a significant challenge remains. In order for this type of modelling and soil testing to be used at an individual farm level, policy makers and farmers must be convinced that the costs

Operational evaluation of rapid diagnostic testing for Ebola Virus Disease in Guinean laboratories

Background Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) at the point of care have the potential to increase access and acceptability of EVD testing and the speed of patient isolation ... Guinea was introduced in October 2015. This paper presents concordance data between EVD RDTs and PCR testing in the field as well as an assessment of the acceptability, feasibility, and quality assurance

Assessment of burned coal shale properties based on cyclic load

improved subgrade (soil replacement). This material was the subject of the analysis. The evaluation was based mainly on the results of pilot studies covering cyclic loads of the layer/course made of the so ... suitability for the assessment of the behaviour of the disintegrated medium under the conditions of test loads simulating the movement of vehicles. static and cyclic plate load testing; burned coal shale - 1

Limbic system damage in MS: MRI assessment and correlations with clinical testing

Volume loss in some limbic region structures has been observed in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. However, in vivo evaluation of existing tissue cellular microstructure integrity has received less ... right hemispheres, respectively. FDR with Benjamini-Hochberg procedure [28] was used to correct for multiple testing. After correction, p <0.05 was considered significant. Results Gender effects on R2t

Factors Affecting Vulnerability of Ready-Made Garment Factory Buildings in Bangladesh: An Assessment Under Vertical and Earthquake Loads

1977) . To check the stability of the models, a hypothesis testing was carried out. For this purpose, first both the datasets (assessment data of 3746 buildings for vertical loads and a subset of 478 ... that Bangladesh has progressed a lot in terms of achieving workplace safety compliance. Nevertheless, assessment alone is not enough to ensure a safe working environment for all factories in the RMG

Evaluation of nationwide supplementary immunization in Lao People's Democratic Republic: Population-based seroprevalence survey of anti-measles and anti-rubella IgG in children and adults, mathematical modelling and a stability testing of the vaccine

were averted by the 2011 SIA. A stability testing was applied to the MR vaccine at 4°C, 25°C, and 35°C to examine stability differences between measles and rubella vaccine components. Measles IgG

Evaluation of colistin stability in agar and comparison of four methods for MIC testing of colistin

Susceptibility testing for colistin remains challenging primarily due to its inherent properties. We evaluated colistin stability in agar and reproducibility of colistin MICs obtained by agar ... (2001) Contemporary assessment of antimicrobial susceptibility testing methods for polymyxin B and colistin: review of available interpretative criteria and quality control guidelines. J Clin Microbiol 39

A dystrophic Duchenne mouse model for testing human antisense oligonucleotides

dystrophin production [ 18, 19 ]. While this model has been useful to show proof-of-concept of the exon skipping approach in vivo, it does not allow testing human specific AONs, since generally one or more ... Ltd, Bleiswijk, the Netherlands) and Sanger sequence verified prior to cloning in the destination vector. Building and testing of the TALENs facilitating the targeting of the hDMD gene To enhance

Using machine learning on cardiorespiratory fitness data for predicting hypertension: The Henry Ford ExercIse Testing (FIT) Project

interventions, using the cardiorespiratory fitness data. The dataset of this study contains information of 23,095 patients who underwent clinician- referred exercise treadmill stress testing at Henry Ford Health ... learning techniques examined in this study. The results have also shown that it is critical to carefully explore and evaluate the performance of the machine learning models using various model evaluation