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The method of generating functions in exact scalar field inflationary cosmology

The construction of exact solutions in scalar field inflationary cosmology is of growing interest. In this work, we review the results which have been obtained with the help of one of the most ... , University of Zululand , Private Bag X1001, Kwa-Dlangezwa 3886 , South Africa 1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University , 2-nd Baumanskaya Street, 5, Moscow 105005 , Russia 2 Astrophysics and Cosmology

Gravitational wave astronomy: chance and challenge to fundamental physics and astrophysics

physics and astrophysics 0 Gravitational Wave and Cosmology Laboratory, Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University , Beijing 100875 , China - Expected for a long time, the direct detection of ... much more than that apparently carried by GW. So how to decode such an inverse problem is the challenge GW astronomy provides to us. Currently, the idea is firstly solving the direct problem to construct

Stellar structure and compact objects before 1940: Towards relativistic astrophysics

Einstein’s theory to an astrophysical compact object can be regarded as a milestone in the path eventually leading to the emergence of relativistic astrophysics in the early 1960s. ... established a new relationship between physics and astronomy. When quantum theory decoded the enigma of spectral lines, astrophysics became to grow as a branch of physics. The lively debate about the structure

New observational constraints on f(T) cosmology from radio quasars

dependence on redshifts and intrinsic luminosity and thus represent standard rulers in cosmology, we constrain three viable and most popular f(T) gravity models, where T is the torsion scalar in teleparallel ... Cosmology, Institute of Physics, University of Silesia , Uniwersytecka 4, 40-007 Katowice , Poland 1 Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University , Beijing 100875 , China Using a new recently compiled

Aims and Scopes of the Special Issue: Foundations of Astrophysics and Cosmology

cosmological models, partly based on purposely built “dark” or unknown ingredients. Ironically, we are awkwardly confronted with a largely unknown universe, and yet we adopt the term “precision cosmology ... ”. Indeed, cosmology faces puzzling observations. First, galactic rotation curves, lensing and clustering do not appear to be generated by conventional baryonic matter. Second, it is commonly, although not

The cosmology of sub-MeV dark matter

the other hand, models with absorption signatures of dark matter are less restricted by cosmology even with future observations. ... dark matter. 3.2 Electron interactions Cosmology and astrophysics are the dominant bounds on ge for light mediators with m 10 MeV. In the range MeV{GeV, bounds are placed by beam dump experiments while

The Effective Field Theory of nonsingular cosmology

In this paper, we explore the nonsingular cosmology within the framework of the Effective Field Theory (EFT) of cosmological perturbations. Due to the recently proved no-go theorem, any nonsingular ... (MOE), Central China Normal University 3 Wuhan 430079 , P.R. China 4 Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 5 CAS Key Laboratory for Research in Galaxies and Cosmology, Department

A survey of dark matter and related topics in cosmology

selected topics in astrophysics and cosmology, which are intended to supply some of the needed background for students in particle physics. Sections 9 and 13 are introductory cosmology. The three ... . The detailed calculations are carried out mostly in Part II in topics of cosmology/astrophysics. They are for the purpose of providing a better understanding, or checking some of the results given in

Encircling Astronomy and the Egyptians: An Approach to Abraham 3

Egypt (New York: Thames & Hudson, 2001 ), 116 . 25. Michael Zeilik , Stephen A. Gregory , and Elske V. P. Smith , Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics, 3rd ed. (New York: Saunders College Publishing

An exciting time for gravitational wave astronomy

Gravitational Wave and Cosmology Laboratory, Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University , Beijing 100875 , China This year marks the centenary of Einstein's general relativity (GR), a theory whose ... ( 2015 ) Gravitational wave astronomy: the current status . Sci China Phys Mech Astron 58 : 120402 3. Lee HM , Le Bigot EO , Du ZH et al ( 2015 ) Gravitational wave astrophysics, data analysis and

Cornering pseudoscalar-mediated dark matter with the LHC and cosmology

ed model, taking into account a large set of collider constraints and concentrating on the parameter space regions favoured by cos- Beyond Standard Model; Cosmology of Theories beyond the SM ... experimental analysis, which are not su cient to draw a meaningful contour. (5.3) (5.4) (5.5) omnjet 8 ( e T ) V t t 03 + m A [ G e V ] 04 cu = cd = 2 (scenario S1). The region favoured by cosmology and

The effective field theory of nonsingular cosmology: II

, P.O. Box 2735, Beijing 100190 , China 1 Institute of Astrophysics, Central China Normal University , Wuhan 430079 , China 2 School of Physics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences , Beijing 100049

Challenges on Ultraviolet Astronomy 2014

We are pleased to present this Special Issue of Astrophysics & Space Science; “Challenges on Ultraviolet Astronomy 2014”. This volume comes at a crucial time in Ultraviolet (UV) astronomy. The NASA ... , Germany 1 B. Barbuy Instituto de Astronomia, Geofisica e Ciencias Atmosfericas of the Universidade de Sao Paulo , Sao Paulo, Brazil 2 A.I. Gmez de Castro ( 3 M. Sachkov Institute of Astronomy of the Russian

Cosmology with bulk viscosity and the gravitino problem

gravitino abundance turns out to be weakly depending on the reheating temperature. 1 Introduction Imperfect fluids in cosmology are characterized by the fact that the different components of cosmic fluids ... condition that naturally arises in a cosmological expanding Universe. histories of (relic) particles, compared with cosmology with perfect fluids, and therefore their abundance.2 The aim of this paper is to

Preface: High energy astrophysics

High energy astrophysics is one of the most active branches in the contemporary astrophysics. It studies astrophysical objects that emit X-ray and γ-ray photons, such as accreting super-massive and ... Front. Phys. Preface: High Energy Astrophysics Bing Zhang 1 2 Peter Mesaros 0 0 Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Department of Physics, and Center for Particle and Gravitational

Space-based aperture array for ultra-long wavelength radio astronomy

The past decade has seen the advent of various radio astronomy arrays, particularly for low-frequency observations below 100 MHz. These developments have been primarily driven by interesting and ... radio astronomy experiment (LORAE ), pp. 19 - 28 . Low frequency astrophysics from space ( 1990 ) 23. Burns , J.O. , Duric , N. , Taylor , G.J., Johnson, S.W.: Observatories on the moon . Sci. Am . 262

General scalar–tensor cosmology: analytical solutions via noether symmetry

We analyze the cosmology of a general scalar–tensor theory which encompasses generalized Brans–Dicke theory, Gauss–Bonnet gravity, non-minimal derivative gravity, generalized Galilean gravity and ... , S.D. Odintsov , Phys. Rep. 505 , 59 ( 2011 ). arXiv:1011.0544 2. S. Capozziello , V. Faraoni , Beyond Einstein gravity : a survey of gravitational theories for cosmology and astrophysics . Fundam. Theor

Dark matter as the Bose–Einstein condensation in loop quantum cosmology

. The behavior and time evolution of the condensate dark matter fraction is also analyzed. - When one considers a universe following the standard Einstein cosmology, that is, when the dynamics of the ... deficiency of Einstein cosmology at high energies [1]. Actually, one can assert that the big bang implies the breakdown of general relativity at scales with high energies, whereas we know from the

25 Years of Self-Organized Criticality: Solar and Astrophysics

Solar Flares” by Lu and Hamilton (1991). In the following years, an inspiring cross-fertilization from complexity theory to solar and astrophysics took place, where the SOC concept was initially applied ... . Astronomy, New Mexico State University , P.O. Box 30001, 4500 Las Cruces, USA 6 S. Hergarten Institute fr Geo- und Umweltnaturwissenschaften, Albert-Ludwigs-Universitt Freiburg , Albertstr. 23B, 79104

On relativistic generalization of Perelman’s W-entropy and thermodynamic description of gravitational fields and cosmology

methods considered in Perelman’s work can be developed for theories of generalized relativistic geometric flows. We consider how such constructions can be applied in modern cosmology and astrophysics ... application in modern gravity and cosmology. Nevertheless, we cannot argue that certain analogs of generalized/modified Hamilton’s equations would describe in a selfconsistent manner certain evolution processes