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Experimental Design and Data Analysis in Computer Simulation Studies in the Behavioral Sciences

of Minnesota - Twin Cities , USA Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Applied Statistics Commons, Social and Behavioral Sciences Commons, and the

Behavioral interventions to eliminate fear responses

highlights three behavioral approaches that are currently used to manipulate fear memory in healthy participants and clinical populations (Figure 1): (i) enhancing fear extinction during wakefulness, (ii ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 et al., 2016; Smits et al., 2014) . In addition to pharmacological interventions, non-pharmacological strategies can also promote extinction. Behavioral interventions, including expectancy

Toward a “constitution” for behavioral policy-making

Behavioral policy interventions aimed at redirecting individuals’ behavior toward optimal choices are characterized by an important issue which is often overlooked: the lack of an instrument to ... economics.6 More recently, governments and policy-makers have become interested in the implementation of the insights coming from behavioral sciences into the rule-making process. Indeed, the recently

Exacerbating Inequalities? Health Policy and the Behavioural Sciences

Behavioural Sciences Team (SBST). This team was created with the aim of translating “findings and methods from the social and behavioral sciences into improvements in Federal policies and programs” [ 71 ... : Palgrave Macmillan. 70. Smith , M. J. ( 2015 ). Health equity in public health: Clarifying our commitment . Public Health Ethics , 8 ( 2 ), 173 - 184 . 71. Social and Behavioral Sciences Team. ( 2015

Quetelet and the emergence of the behavioral sciences

Adolphe Quetelet was one of the most prominent figures of the second half of the nineteenth century, yet in present-day histories of several social sciences the impact of his ideas is widely ignored ... various social phenomena, notably crime, whose implications were widely debated. In the second part the influence he exerted on some key figures in the then emerging social sciences is traced in some detail A versatile crowdsourcing data acquisition platform for the behavioral sciences

that are common to the social and behavioral sciences. Like MTurk, TurkPrime is an Internet-based platform that runs on any browser and does not require any downloads or installation. Tasks that can be ... ; Online research - Leib Litman and Jonathan Robinson share first authorship of this article. Access to participants is of central importance to researchers in the social and behavioral sciences. Until the

Behavioral problems of school children: impact of social vulnerability, chronic adversity, and maternal depression

This study’s objective was to identify the predictive effect of indicators concerning social vulnerability, chronic adversity, and maternal depression on behavioral problems among school-aged ... behavioral problems identified. A General Questionnaire, the PHQ-9, the Chronic Adversity Scale, and the (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire) SDQ were applied to the mothers; the Raven's Colored

Bringing Darwin into the social sciences and the humanities: cultural evolution and its philosophical implications

Social Sciences, which is the result of a collaborative project between scholars and scientists from the universities of Lille and Ghent. Furthermore, we explain how they add to the discussions about the ... . ( 2006 ). Why we need memetics . Behavioral and Brain Sciences , 29 ( 4 ), 349 - 350 . Boehm , C. ( 1999 ). Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior . Cambridge: Harvard University

Behavioral Plasticity in Probing by

phloem salivation and acquire bacteria during phloem sap ingestion. Behavioral changes in D. citri associated with different plant parts would affect how long it takes to reach phloem and how long the ... J Insect Behav Behavioral Plasticity in Probing by Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera, Liviidae): Ingestion from Phloem Versus Xylem is Influenced by Leaf Age and Surface Timothy A. Ebert 0 1 Elaine A

The art of co-production of knowledge in environmental sciences and management: lessons from international practice

This review paper addresses the challenging question of “how to” design and implement co-production of knowledge in climate science and other environmental and agricultural sciences. Based on a ... 41 ( 3 ): 179 - 194 . NRC (National Research Council Board on behavioral, cognitive , and sensory sciences) ( 2015 ) Enhancing the effectiveness of team science

Assessing Individual Intellectual Output in Scientific Research: Mexico’s National System for Evaluating Scholars Performance in the Humanities and the Behavioral Sciences

statistical random sample of researchers listed in the area of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences—one of SNI’s first and better consolidated academic divisions comprising a wide range of research disciplines ... disciplines officially comprised in SNI Area IV: the Humanities and Behavioral Sciences. Although the members of a Review Committee are representative of the spectrum of disciplines normally encompassed in the

Applied Mathematics in the Humanities: Review of Nonparametric Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences by Sidney Siegel and N. John Castellan, Jr. (2nd ed., 1988)

Sydney Siegel and N. John Castellan, Jr. Nonparametric Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition (New York NY: McGraw Hill, 1988). 399 pp. ISBN: 9780070573574.Almost 60 years ago, Sidney ... Mathematics Commons, and the Social and Behavioral Sciences Commons Recommended Citation - Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 License Cover

Concentration-related metabolic rate and behavioral thermoregulatory adaptations to serial administrations of nitrous oxide in rats

% causes rats to select cooler ambient temperatures both during initial administrations and during subsequent administrations in which the hyperthermic state exists. Thus, an available behavioral response ... of Oral Health Sciences at the University of Washington , Seattle, WA , United States of America 1 Institutes of Health (NIH) NIDA grant DA023484 2 Editor: Andrey E. Ryabinin, Oregon Health and Science

A Historical and Theoretical Review of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies: From Structural Self-Knowledge to Functional Processes

This paper critically examines the historical conceptualization of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy approaches (CBT) as a direct clinical counterpart of the cognitive revolution. The main “second ... Psychology, School of Applied Sciences, London South Bank University , 103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA , UK 5 Sigmund Freud University , Freudplatz 1, Messestraße 1, 1020 Vienna , Austria This paper

Are working memory and behavioral attention equally important for both reading and listening comprehension? A developmental comparison

We investigated the extent to which working memory and behavioral attention predicted reading and listening comprehension in grades 1 through 3 and, whether their relative contributions differed by ... respectively) completed multiple measures of word reading, working memory, and parallel measures of reading and listening comprehension. Teachers and parents provided behavioral attention ratings. Concurrently

Academic performance and behavioral patterns

social network structure. Because most of these analyses were based on a single behavioral aspect and/or small sample sizes, there is currently no quantification of the interplay of these factors. Here, we ... behavioral phenomena observed in colleges and universities can potentially guide research on student behavior in primary and secondary schools. A number of behavioral patterns have been linked to academic

Linking Mother–Child Discrepancies to Behavioral Observations of Children’s Anxiety

information about informant discrepancies by examining mother-child agreement for anxiety subtypes, and by exploring mother-child discrepancies in relation to independent observer ratings of behavioral anxiety ... whether assessments were collected through rating scales (Wren et al. 2004) , behavioral observations (Ollendick and Hersen 1993) , or diagnostic interviews (Cosi et al. 2010) . In a comprehensive

The relation between bystanders’ behavioral reactivity to distress and later helping behavior during a violent conflict in virtual reality

proximate bases . The Behavioral and brain sciences . 2002 ; 25 : 1±20± discussion 20± 71 . PMID: 12625087 19. Decety J , Bartal IB -A, Uzefovsky F , Knafo-Noam A . Empathy as a driver of prosocial behaviour ... reflective behavioral responses to one situation (an emergency) are related to helping behavior in a different situation (a violent conflict). The processing of and the reaction to distress is a likely

Reducing health inequalities with interventions targeting behavioral factors among individuals with low levels of education - A rapid review

Division of Social Medicine and Global Health, Department of Clinical Sciences Malm oÈ, Lund University , Malm oÈ , Sweden 1 Editor: Baltica Cabieses, Universidad del Desarrollo , CHILE Individuals with ... inclusion were: (1) studies with evaluations of non-healthcare-based interventions regarding health-related behavioral factors among different educational groups. Further, these should have been published in

Pervasive indirect genetic effects on behavioral development in polymorphic eastern mosquitofish

and social origins of these indirect effects is therefore critical for understanding melanism-associated behavioral variation in the many species in which it occurs. ... Res . 42 : 65 - 75 . Cohen JE . 1988 . Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences . Hillsdale , (NJ): Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Crook JH . 1972 . Sexual selection, dimorphism, and