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Effects of research complexity and competition on the incidence and growth of coauthorship in biomedicine

Coauthorship growth has been the subject of much research and commentary in biomedicine. Investigations by biomedical researchers into the patterns of coauthorship in their own literatures have accelerated, and ... studies are united by a sound demonstration of coauthorship growth itself, general consensus on several factors predictive of higher authorship, and common themes in the explanations and interpretations put

The coexistence of traditional medicine and biomedicine: A study with local health experts in two Brazilian regions

problems, general pain, flues and colds. The biomedicine is used principally for problems with blood pressure, general pains and endocrine and nutritional diseases. Even with the particularities of each ... , general pain, and endocrine and nutritional diseases, such as diabetes mellitus. Blood pressure and diabetes mellitus are diseases that became known through biomedicine, as previously there were no means to

Crowdsourcing in biomedicine: challenges and opportunities

marketplace workers, health information seekers, science enthusiasts and domain experts. In this article, we review and highlight recent studies that use crowdsourcing to advance biomedicine. We classify these ... research in biomedicine. Amazon Mechanical Turk; big data mining; biomedicine; community challenges; crowdsourcing; games Introduction Crowdsourcing is the process of getting services, information, labor

Model-Free Machine Learning in Biomedicine: Feasibility Study in Type 1 Diabetes

gradient methods are usually employed for the minimisation, which involve the estimation of the gradient ryaðyÞ with respect to the policy parameter vector θ. The general policy update function has the ... carries adequate information about the patient’s general glycaemic status. As a result, the insulin policy is evaluated and updated once per day as based on the respective daily glucose profile. System

Antibiotic prescription and clinical management of common infections among general practitioners in Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden: a pilot survey with a simple protocol

Vilnius University, Lithuanian Society of General Practitioners , Vilnius , Lithuania 7 Strama Stockholm , Stockholm , Sweden 8 Pauls Stradins University Hospital, University of Latvia , Riga , Latvia 9 ... were recruited through convenience sampling in Latvia, Lithuania, and the regions of Stockholm and Västerbotten in Sweden. Participation was voluntary and did not involve financial incentives. A general

The coordination of plural logics of action and its consequences: Evidence from plural medical systems

the empirical case of plural medical systems that are composed of both biomedicine and alternative medicine. Applying mixed methods of a cross-national panel data analysis and a content analysis of ... unaddressed. In contrast, plural systems produce tangible health benefits when biomedicine and alternative medicine are coordinated through government policies or by health care organizations/professionals

General Personnel Issues

complying with the FLSA is not an onerous burden as a general rule. Likewise, paying equal pay for men and women to perform the same work without differentiation based upon sex should come as a matter of

General relativity from causality

massless spin 2, namely general relativity, other theories that utilize higher derivative interactions do in fact exist. These theories are distinct from general relativity, as they permit any number of ... , acausality. This is radically di erent to the special case of general relativity with a single species of minimally coupled spin 2, which leads to subluminal propagation from sources satisfying the null energy

Terrorism and General Aviation

. America’s General Aviation community is a system at risk. From a tactical perspective, General Aviation provides relatively easy access to planes as a tool for terrorism. Likewise, the threat of terrorism ... has increased within the field of commercial aviation, the field of general aviation (GA) may become the next environment for terrorist activity. The Aviation Environment Since 1903, the U.S. has been

Freeform Lens Design for Scattering Data with General Radiant Fields

. Uniformly Refracting Surfaces for a General Field e(x) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.1. A Lipschitz Estimate for d(x, C, w) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.2. Analysis of the Self-Intersection of ... the Surfaces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3. Discussion About the Singular Points of f . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.1. Case of a General Field e(x

General mixture item response models with different item response structures: Exposition with an application to Likert scales

This article proposes a general mixture item response theory (IRT) framework that allows for classes of persons to differ with respect to the type of processes underlying the item responses. Through ... willingness to respond. The mixture model is studied using simulation studies and is applied to an empirical example. Item response theory; General mixture item response models; Mixture modeling; IRTree models

General theory of skin reinforcement

composite skin/sWAT as a bilayer system. In a general case, the composite skin/sWAT will be further described as a multilayered system with different layers i having the thicknesses di, Young's moduli Ei ... stiffer skin layer followed by production of cracks and wrinkles in the skin. From the general theory of cracking of layered materials, we appreciate that under stress, the mechanical stability of the

Integrating traditional indigenous medicine and western biomedicine into health systems: a review of Nicaraguan health policies and miskitu health services

and biomedicine at a national and regional level. To explore this subject further, we conducted a review of the policy impact of UNDRIP on health services accessible to the Miskitu indigenous peoples of ... cooperation in equal terms between traditional medicine practices and western biomedicine [3]. To further support the cosmovision of indigenous communities, Nicaragua’s General Health Law of 2005 calls for

Emergence and establishment of KPC-2-producing ST11 Klebsiella pneumoniae in a general hospital in Shanghai, China

through the geriatric ward compared to those strains found in the neonatology wards. In general, the epidemiological trend of CRKP in our hospital can be divided into three stages. From June 2009 to August

Disentangling Public Participation In Science and Biomedicine

not to vaccinate? All of these things are labeled 'public participation' in biomedicine, yet they capture many different types of relationships between a lay public, doctors or researchers, governments ... and other stakeholders. The stakes of public participation for biomedicine are high, yet we lack an adequate language for distinguishing among the variety of entities, practices, and relationships that

Plant cell wall glycosyltransferases: High-throughput recombinant expression screening and general requirements for these challenging enzymes

agricultural and biofuel crops. The screening results suggest that recombinant cell wall glycosyltransferases in general have a very low soluble:insoluble ratio in lysates from heterologous expression cultures ... : Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, Technical University of Denmark , Lyngby , Denmark ¤ 1 Joint BioEnergy Institute, Emeryville, California, United States of America, 2 Molecular Biophysics and