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Informatics Support for Basic Research in Biomedicine

and effective treatment of disease), such understanding must be general and not just relevant to the model under investigation. Complexity confounds this paradigm. Comprehensive understanding is needed ... , predications are kept if they conform to the following metapredications, in which arguments are represented as general semantic classes: {Anatomy OR Living Being} LOCATION_OF {Substance} {Anatomy} PART_OF

Effects of research complexity and competition on the incidence and growth of coauthorship in biomedicine

Coauthorship growth has been the subject of much research and commentary in biomedicine. Investigations by biomedical researchers into the patterns of coauthorship in their own literatures have accelerated, and ... studies are united by a sound demonstration of coauthorship growth itself, general consensus on several factors predictive of higher authorship, and common themes in the explanations and interpretations put

The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming

, however, are of little value unless Linda programs execute efficiently. The goal of this article is to demonstrate that Linda programs are efficient making Linda an effective general purpose tool for ... interaction of processes). In Linda, coordination takes place through six oper­ ations that manipulate an associative, virtual shared memory. This coordination mechanism is both simple and general making it

The coexistence of traditional medicine and biomedicine: A study with local health experts in two Brazilian regions

problems, general pain, flues and colds. The biomedicine is used principally for problems with blood pressure, general pains and endocrine and nutritional diseases. Even with the particularities of each ... , general pain, and endocrine and nutritional diseases, such as diabetes mellitus. Blood pressure and diabetes mellitus are diseases that became known through biomedicine, as previously there were no means to

Crowdsourcing in biomedicine: challenges and opportunities

marketplace workers, health information seekers, science enthusiasts and domain experts. In this article, we review and highlight recent studies that use crowdsourcing to advance biomedicine. We classify these ... research in biomedicine. Amazon Mechanical Turk; big data mining; biomedicine; community challenges; crowdsourcing; games Introduction Crowdsourcing is the process of getting services, information, labor

Equal rights for general internists?

recent commentary from The Editors Desk by Carol Bates on BEqual Rights for General Internists?^1. In the editorial, Dr. Bates advocates for equity in dedicated time for academic pursuits between ... medicine is a relatively new area within general internal medicine. Due to the relative infancy of the field, there are few senior members to provide mentorship, potentially inhibiting academic promotion and

Model-Free Machine Learning in Biomedicine: Feasibility Study in Type 1 Diabetes

gradient methods are usually employed for the minimisation, which involve the estimation of the gradient ryaðyÞ with respect to the policy parameter vector θ. The general policy update function has the ... carries adequate information about the patient’s general glycaemic status. As a result, the insulin policy is evaluated and updated once per day as based on the respective daily glucose profile. System

Separation of Powers; Bill of Attainder; Presidential Papers; Chief Executive's Right to Privacy; Nixon v. Administrator of General Services

. Administrator of General Services," Akron Law Review: Vol. 11 : Iss. 2 , Article 8. Available at: CONSTITUTIONAL LAW Separationof Powers * Bill of

Acceptance and barriers pertaining to a general practice decision support system for multiple clinical conditions: A mixed methods evaluation

developed a clinical decision support system that attempted to address issues that were identified in these studies. The system was implemented in Dutch general practice and was designed to be both ... as a strategy to implement guidelines is not surprising given the ever-increasing number of clinical practice guidelines. For example, the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) currently offers

Investigating the genetic architecture of general and specific psychopathology in adolescence

psychotic experiences, negative dimension, depression and anxiety, but, when modelling a general psychopathology factor based on these measures, specific effects above this persisted only for the negative ... negative dimension. Similar factor relationships were observed for the neuroticism PRS, with a (weak) specific effect only for anxiety once modelling general psychopathology. Psychopathology during

Dexmedetomidine as an adjuvant during general anesthesia

, Fukushima 960-1295 , Japan 1 Shinju Obara Vol.:(011233456789) Dexmedetomidine; General anesthesia; Intraoperative; Pain management Introduction Newly introduced anesthetic agents are sometimes clinically ... an adjuvant to conventional general anesthesia using propofol or inhaled anesthetics and opioids has been investigated [ 3, 4 ]. With the anesthetic-sparing property of dexmedetomidine, a reduction

Exact Output Response Computation of RC Interconnects Under General Polynomial Input Waveforms

researchers have proved Elmore delay to be a bound on the 50% threshold delay for RC interconnects under input waveforms more general than step [ 4 ], it has been reported that the Elmore delay can be very ... ramp inputs [ 9 ]. A general approach has been presented to compute the time domain ramp response of finite RC lines. Closed form expressions of ramp input response have been presented for both

Difference of Sagittal Alignment between Adolescents with Symptomatic Lumbar Isthmic Spondylolisthesis and the General Population

This case-control study aimed to investigate differences in the sagittal spinal parameters between the symptomatic spondylolisthesis patients and the general population. Twenty-nine adolescent ... study aimed to detect the difference of sagittal alignment between adolescent symptomatic lumbar isthmic spondylolisthesis patients and general adolescents in the Chinese Han population. Result General

The Conformal Flow of Metrics and the General Penrose Inequality

. Here we show how to adapt the conformal flow of metrics, so that it may be applied to the Penrose inequality for general initial data sets of the Einstein equations. The Penrose conjecture without the ... component horizon the proof was given by Bray in [6] using the conformal flow of metrics. However for general , inequality (3) remains an important open problem. In this paper we aim to study a slightly

Paving the road for biomedicine: genome editing and stem cells in primates

Primate Biomedicine Research; Institute of Primate Translational Medicine, Kunming University of Science and Technology , Kunming 650500 , China Non-human primates (NHPs) are similar with humans in their ... provides an optimal resource to regenerate medicine. genome editing; stem cells; non-human primate - Non-human primates (NHPs) have been proven as a useful animal model for biomedicine, which has

A general double-proximal gradient algorithm for d.c. programming

more general than the convex one. The Fréchet subdifferential ∂F f (x) at x ∈ H of a proper and lower semicontinuous function f : H → R is empty if x ∈/ dom f and ⎧ ∂F f (x) = ⎨ x∗ ∈ H limy→ixnf ⎩ y=x f ... Analysis in General Vector Spaces . World Scientific, Singapore ( 2002 ) 21. Bauschke , H.H. , Combettes , P.L. : Convex Analysis and Monotone Operator Theory in Hilbert Spaces . CMS Books in Mathematics

Applications of General Residual Power Series Method to Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients

This paper is devoted to studying the analytical series solutions for the differential equations with variable coefficients. By a general residual power series method, we construct the approximate ... obtained by RPS. Inspired by this approach, we present a general residual power series method (GRPS) for constructing power series solutions of time-space fractional differential equations with variable

Disentangling Public Participation In Science and Biomedicine

not to vaccinate? All of these things are labeled 'public participation' in biomedicine, yet they capture many different types of relationships between a lay public, doctors or researchers, governments ... and other stakeholders. The stakes of public participation for biomedicine are high, yet we lack an adequate language for distinguishing among the variety of entities, practices, and relationships that

Existence of solutions to a general geometric elliptic variational problem

significantly less H m measure than K itself. Since, in general, f may map the set where D f (x) has rank strictly less than m into a set of positive H m measure we need to additionally assume that this does not ... the limit varifold In this section we finish the proof of 3.20. We first prove a general “hair-combing” Lemma 11.1, which allows to choose a sequence of sets {Si : i ∈ P} such that vm (Si ∩ U ) → V