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Effects of research complexity and competition on the incidence and growth of coauthorship in biomedicine

Coauthorship growth has been the subject of much research and commentary in biomedicine. Investigations by biomedical researchers into the patterns of coauthorship in their own literatures have accelerated, and ... studies are united by a sound demonstration of coauthorship growth itself, general consensus on several factors predictive of higher authorship, and common themes in the explanations and interpretations put

The coexistence of traditional medicine and biomedicine: A study with local health experts in two Brazilian regions

problems, general pain, flues and colds. The biomedicine is used principally for problems with blood pressure, general pains and endocrine and nutritional diseases. Even with the particularities of each ... , general pain, and endocrine and nutritional diseases, such as diabetes mellitus. Blood pressure and diabetes mellitus are diseases that became known through biomedicine, as previously there were no means to

Acceptance and barriers pertaining to a general practice decision support system for multiple clinical conditions: A mixed methods evaluation

developed a clinical decision support system that attempted to address issues that were identified in these studies. The system was implemented in Dutch general practice and was designed to be both ... as a strategy to implement guidelines is not surprising given the ever-increasing number of clinical practice guidelines. For example, the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG) currently offers

Crowdsourcing in biomedicine: challenges and opportunities

marketplace workers, health information seekers, science enthusiasts and domain experts. In this article, we review and highlight recent studies that use crowdsourcing to advance biomedicine. We classify these ... research in biomedicine. Amazon Mechanical Turk; big data mining; biomedicine; community challenges; crowdsourcing; games Introduction Crowdsourcing is the process of getting services, information, labor

Model-Free Machine Learning in Biomedicine: Feasibility Study in Type 1 Diabetes

gradient methods are usually employed for the minimisation, which involve the estimation of the gradient ryaðyÞ with respect to the policy parameter vector θ. The general policy update function has the ... carries adequate information about the patient’s general glycaemic status. As a result, the insulin policy is evaluated and updated once per day as based on the respective daily glucose profile. System

Generalised Spin Structures in General Relativity

Generalised spin structures describe spinor fields that are coupled to both general relativity and gauge theory. We classify those generalised spin structures for which the corresponding fields admit ... are coupled to general relativity (GR) as well as gauge theory. In the absence of gauge fields, space–time transformations of spinors coupled to GR can be understood by considering pairs (g, ψ) of a

Critical \( \mathcal{N} \) = (1, 1) general massive supergravity

University 6 At generic values , linearized In this paper we study the supermultiplet structure of N = (1; 1) General Massive Supergravity at non-critical and critical points of its parameter space. To do ... - Critical N 1 Introduction 2 3 4 5 2.1 2.2 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 Spectra at critical points Conclusions and outlook A Notation and conventions Linearized N = (1; 1) general massive supergravity N = (1; 1

Paving the road for biomedicine: genome editing and stem cells in primates

Primate Biomedicine Research; Institute of Primate Translational Medicine, Kunming University of Science and Technology , Kunming 650500 , China Non-human primates (NHPs) are similar with humans in their ... provides an optimal resource to regenerate medicine. genome editing; stem cells; non-human primate - Non-human primates (NHPs) have been proven as a useful animal model for biomedicine, which has

General Jurisdiction over Corporate Defendants under the CJPTA: Consistent with International Standards?

General jurisdiction” refers to a court’s competence to adjudicate disputes arising out of a defendant’s activities anywhere in the world. Absent consent or submission, international instruments

The Fundamental Problem of General Proof Theory

I see the question what it is that makes an inference valid and thereby gives a proof its epistemic power as the most fundamental problem of general proof theory. It has been surprisingly neglected ... general proof theory was proposed as the name of a field where proofs were studied in their own right, and was contrasted to reductive proof theory where the study of proofs was a tool used for reductive

Association of sex hormones with physical, laboratory, and imaging markers of anthropometry in men and women from the general population

changed, whereas the prevalence of obesity has substantially risen, especially among men [ 2 ]. Previous investigations on health status of the German general population revealed a higher prevalence of ... in men and women from the general population. With regard to androgens, we observed, that TT was inversely associated with all anthropometric parameters and leptin in men, whereas TT was positively

Prescriptive variability of drugs by general practitioners

Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other sector of healthcare. However, very little is known about patterns of prescribing and cost of prescribing between general practices. In ... care and closely related to the steadily growing workload of general practitioners (GPs) [ 1 ]. In England, patient consultations with GPs increased by 16% in the period 2007±14 [ 2 ] whereas in

Quantum vacuum energy in general relativity

field theory and general relativity. Therefore, we identify the zero-point energy of a quantum system with the total energy density of an empty Friedmann universe. In order to do that, we consider the ... . D 9 , 373 - 444 ( 2000 ) 5. S. Weinberg , The cosmological constant problem . Rev. Mod. Phys . 61 ( 1 ), 1 - 23 ( 1989 ) 6. R.M. Wald , General Relativity (The University of Chicago Press, Chicago

General trust impedes perception of self-reported primary psychopathy in thin slices of social interaction

other undergraduates (targets: n = 105, 57.1% female). Judges completed self-report measures of general trust, caution, and empathy. Target individuals had completed the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy ... associated with targets' self-reports, but only in the complete audio condition. Judge general trust and target LSRP interacted, such that judges higher in general trust made less accurate judgments with

Equivalent Theories and Changing Hamiltonian Observables in General Relativity

Change and local spatial variation are missing in Hamiltonian general relativity according to the most common definition of observables as having 0 Poisson bracket with all first-class constraints ... Lie derivative Poisson brackets for the external gauge symmetry of General Relativity. Fortunately one can test definitions of observables by calculation using two formulations of a theory, one without

Casimir recursion relations for general conformal blocks

the structure of series expansions of general spinning conformal blocks. We find that the terms in these expansions are naturally expressed by means of special functions related to matrix elements of ... show how the Casimir equation in Dolan-Osborn coordinates leads to a simple one-step recursion relation for the coefficients of the series expansion of general spinning conformal block. The form of this

The epidemiology of personality disorders in the Sao Paulo Megacity general population

epidemiology of personality disorders (PDs) in the general population was largely unclear and speculative until the 1990s [ 1 ]. This landscape began to change with the publication of DSM-III [ 2 ] and its ... is no study on the epidemiology of PDs in the Brazilian general population. The main goal of this study is to help fill this gap and contribute to expand the scarce literature from less developed

General bootstrap equations in 4D CFTs

have access to the scaling dimensions of traceless symmetric operators and their OPE coe cients with a pair of scalars. In order to derive constraints on the most general elements of the CFT data, one ... has to consider more general correlation functions. To the best of our knowledge, the only published numerical studies of a 4-point function of non-scalar operators in non-supersymmetric theories up to