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EEG-Based Biometrics: Challenges And Applications

. Introduction Biometrics is aimed at recognizing individuals based on physical, physiological, or behavioural characteristics of a human body such as fingerprint, gait, voice, iris, and gaze. Currently, the state ... -of-the-art methods for biometric authentication are being incorporated in various access control and personal identity management applications. While the hand-based biometrics (including fingerprint

Biometrics: Accessibility challenge or opportunity?

modalities such as PIN (Personal Identification Number) or passwords. The assumed convenience characteristics of biometrics are transparency, reliability and ease-of-use, however, the question of whether ... modalities and user category establishing guidelines for future accessible biometric products. - Funding: The authors received no specific funding for this work. Introduction Biometrics have an important

Unobtrusive Behavioral and Activity-Related Multimodal Biometrics: The ACTIBIO Authentication Concept

Unobtrusive Authentication Using ACTIvity-Related and Soft BIOmetrics (ACTIBIO) is an EU Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) where new types of biometrics are combined with state-of-the-art

Correction: Biometrics: Accessibility challenge or opportunity?

is: Blanco-Gonzalo R , Lunerti C, Sanchez-Reillo R, Guest R (2018) Biometrics: Accessibility The fourth author's name is incorrect. The correct name is: Richard Guest. The correct citation OPEN ACCESS

Cryptanalysis and improvement of a biometrics-based authentication and key agreement scheme for multi-server environments

According to advancements in the wireless technologies, study of biometrics-based multi-server authenticated key agreement schemes has acquired a lot of momentum. Recently, Wang et al. presented a ... possession factor, biometric information which possesses the uniqueness further enhances the security of sensitive datas [ 31, 32 ]. Besides, it is exceedingly difficult for adversary to forge the biometrics

Biometrics, JABES and the International Biometric Society

' freedom to attend such meetings and to engage with each other on a global scale. - Biometrics: The journal is a top scholarly publication reporting work promoting the use of statistical and mathematical ... theory and methods in the biosciences. Biometrics was founded in 1945 as Biometrics Bulletin, and the streamlined title Biometrics has been in use since 1947. The journal has published many seminal, highly

Biometrics Data Security Techniques for Portable Mobile Devices

gradually gaining usage. Biometrics; Mobile clients Introduction Authentication in a cyber environment is the process of enabling a device to validate the identity of a specific user so as to allow or deny ... the user’s request to access a system/ network or a service. In this paper, we focus on biometrics (and specifically fingerprinting) as a means of authentication, particularly for mobile devices. We

User-Authentication on Wearable Devices Based on Punch Gesture Biometrics

user according to the biometrics of this action. This mechanism is light-weighted and do not require user to remember any secret code. We develop an authentication system on Samsung Gear Fit 2 and ... this work we identify the user based on the biometrics generated by punch gesture. Since each person has a unique way of doing a punch gesture which reveals the information of one’s identity. And this

Editorial note: Advances in Multimedia Security: Biometrics and Forensics

: Biometrics and Forensics^. Of 30 papers submitted to this issue, 8 were eventually accepted after the stringent peerreview process.

Influence of eye biometrics and corneal micro-structure on noncontact tonometry

Purpose Tonometry is widely used as the main screening tool supporting glaucoma diagnosis. Still, its accuracy could be improved if full knowledge about the variation of the corneal biomechanical properties was available. In this study, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) speckle statistics are used to infer the organisation of the corneal micro-structure and hence, to analyse its...

Identification performance of evidential value estimation for ridge-based biometrics

Law enforcement agencies around the world use ridge-based biometrics, especially fingerprints, to fight crime. Fingermarks that are left at a crime scene and identified as potentially having ... argument should hold true as well and the EV score q should serve as a basic image quality estimate. We test four image sets of ridge-based biometrics. Each image set consists of a reference set R and a

Biometrics based authentication scheme for session initiation protocol

, we propose a novel three-factor SIP authentication scheme using biometrics, password and smart card, and utilize the pi calculus-based formal verification tool ProVerif to prove that the proposed ... achieving a certain level of tamper resistance (Witteman 2002) . In order to solve password guessing attack and smart card stolen attack for SIP authentication scheme, we use user’s biometrics to protect

Fusion of eye movement and mouse dynamics for reliable behavioral biometrics

This paper presents the first attempt to fuse two different kinds of behavioral biometrics: mouse dynamics and eye movement biometrics. Mouse dynamics were collected without any special equipment ... dynamics and eye-movement-based biometrics have been studied previously; hence, this section provides some comparative analyses of previous achievements. 2.1 Information fusion in biometrics Information

Ear biometrics for patient identification in global health: a cross-sectional study to test the feasibility of a simplified algorithm

developing electronic approaches to addressing this problem, with mobile technology at the forefront of these efforts. We investigate the possibility of biometrics as a simple, cost-efficient, and portable ... , iris scanning and facial recognition, but all are less than ideal due to complexity, infringement on privacy, cost, or portability. Ear biometrics, however, proved to be a unique and viable solution

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) Biometrics and Condition

differences in somatic condition, mainly due to the dissimilar timing of spawning. All of these factors make it advisable to evaluate biometrics of this species by stock. The current conversion factors for

Comparison of Mediterranean Pteropod Shell Biometrics and Ultrastructure from Historical (1910 and 1921) and Present Day (2012) Samples Provides Baseline for Monitoring Effects of Global Change

used to produce quantitative 3-dimensional renderings pteropod shells to assess the potential of using this method to monitor small changes in shell biometrics that may be driven by climate change ... comparison of the historical and modern samples; an investigation of the relationship between shell biometrics and ontogenetic stage in modern pteropod samples was undertaken in parallel. We will use the novel

Correction: Insect Biometrics: Optoacoustic Signal Processing and Its Applications to Remote Monitoring of McPhail Type Traps

Republication Its Applications to Remote Monitoring of McPhail Insect Biometrics: Optoacoustic Signal Processing files, which were labeled incorrectly. In addition, Fig 4 was replaced with a corrected version

Insect Biometrics: Optoacoustic Signal Processing and Its Applications to Remote Monitoring of McPhail Type Traps

. We introduce the term ‘insect biometrics’ in the context of entomology as a measure of a characteristic of the insect (in our case, the spectrum of its wingbeat) that allows us to identify its species ... possible problems and permitted the fine-tuning of software and equipment. We believe that biometrics can be applied in various ways on animals, including insects, in order to realize what happens and where

Soft-biometrics evaluation for people re-identification in uncontrolled multi-camera environments

A novel method for person identification based on soft-biometrics and oriented to work in real video surveillance environments is proposed in this paper. Thus, an evaluation of relevance’s level of ... scenario is obtained. Soft-biometrics; Video-surveillance; Person re-identification; Feature relevance 1 Introduction For many areas of current society, re-identification of human beings based on their