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Medicinal and bioorganic chemistry: an Austrian perspective of the chemistry–biology interface

-symposium’’ on medicinal and bioorganic chemistry. In 2015, the Medicinal Chemistry Division of the Austrian Chemical Society (GO¨ CH) organized the third mini-symposium on aspects of the above areas at the ... medicinal and bioorganic chemistry was established in 2011 in Linz; the edition in Graz 2013 was organized in cooperation with the thematic branch of the Hungarian Chemical Society; the 2015 event in

Structure and chemistry of grain boundaries in yttria doped aluminas

Côte d'or, 94114 Arcueil , France 2014 The structure and chemistry of grain boundaries (GB's) are investigated by TEM in an alumina codoped with magnesia and yttria and an alumina doped with only yttria ... worthwhile to investigate the structure and chemistry of grain boundaries. Variations in segregated concentrations of different species at alumina GB’s have been reported by AES analyses and attributed to

Western Faculty Profile: Dr. Robert Hudson

postdoctoral research at California Institute of Technology in the lab of Professor Peter Dervan “one of the giants of bioorganic chemistry”, where he was for just over two years. Prior to that he completed his ... years), and travelling. Professor Hudson’s current research is quite varied and he characterizes it as being “bioorganic chemistry of nucleic acids and analogs”. He also collaborates with researchers at

Special Issue on Heterocyclic Chemistry

Waser Dear readers - This special issue of Chemical Monthly is dedicated to heterocyclic chemistry in all its variations. As (organic) chemists we are all aware of the uttermost importance of ... spectacular achievements and developments in this field. From August 30 until September 2, 2017 the three of us had the honor to organize the 17th Blue Danube Symposium on Heterocyclic Chemistry at the Johannes

Heterocyclic chemistry in a Blue Danube context

chemistry has played a dominant role at the chemistry-biology interface for more than a century. The identification, characterization, and synthesis of heteroatom containing cyclic structures had a tremendous ... impact in many fields, such as biochemistry, natural compound chemistry, or medicinal chemistry, just to name a few. Today's understanding of complex biological processes would not be possible without the

Analytical chemistry for a sustainable society – trends and implications

, Department of Chemistry, Lund University , P.O. Box 124, 22100 Lund , Sweden 1 Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry - BMC, Uppsala University , P.O. Box 599, 75124 Uppsala , Sweden 2 Charlotta Turner ... Analytical chemistry plays an enormous role in our society, such as in drug manufacturing, process control in industry, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, food production, and forensic surveys. It

Molecular evolution between chemistry and biology

out in a well-mixed closed system under constant temperature and pressure, and in the long run approach a thermodynamic equilibrium state. In conventional chemistry autocatalysis is a rather rare ... enzymes from RNA bacteriophages provides a bridge from chemistry to biology: The mechanism of the replication process is well understood in all molecular details (Biebricher 1983; Biebricher et al. 1984

Simulated N and S deposition affected soil chemistry and understory plant communities in a boreal forest in western Canada

where intensifying industrial activities are increasing N and S deposition? species diversity; nutrient imbalance; cation leaching; understory foliar chemistry; acid deposition; soil acidification ... diversity and alter species composition of the understory plant community; for example, the abundance of nitrophilic species would be increased due to changes in soil chemistry in the boreal forest in

Perception of the importance of chemistry research papers and comparison to citation rates

Chemistry researchers are frequently evaluated on the perceived significance of their work with the citation count as the most commonly-used metric for gauging this property. Recent studies have ... . Introduction Significance, importance and impact are all goals that the chemistry community strives to maximizeÐa breakthrough discovery, an important finding, a methodology that fundamentally changes the way

mechano-chemistry of a monomeric reverse transcriptase

external force. Hence, experimentally characterizing these responses can shed light on the mechano-chemistry of RT. Here, we use optical tweezers to elucidate the mechanism of translocation of the Moloney ... previous works did for other enzymes. Therefore, we suggest that this approach may be of use to study the mechano-chemistry of other SD competent polymerases. The retroviral genome is rich in secondary

The Youth Workshop Conference “Current Problems of Organic Chemistry” (March 12—16, 2018)

Contacts: Sergei Sergeevich Patrushev, Secretary of the Organizing Committee, N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the RAS 9 prosp. akad. Lavrent ́eva , 630090

Characterization of Phase Chemistry and Partitioning in a Family of High-Strength Nickel-Based Superalloys

tomography and electron microscopy. Phase chemistry, elemental partitioning, and γ′ character have been analyzed and compared with thermodynamic predictions created using Thermo-Calc. Phase compositions and γ ... resist deformation by promoting cross slip of partial dislocations onto locked planes.[ 5 ] This deformation mechanism is heavily influenced by c¢ volume fraction and chemistry, as c¢ forming elements

Sustainable environmental chemistry and technology with focus on the Mediterranean area

, and the Full Professor, Dr. Dimitra Voutsa, both from the Department of Chemistry of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. treatment, and reuse, and membrane development for drinking water treatment. He ... is the delegate of Greek Chemical Society at the Division of Chemistry and Environment of the EuCheMS. Dr. Dimitra Voutsa is a full prof e s s o r o f E n v i r o n m e n t a l Chemistry at the

Steven Farmer: Strange Chemistry: The Stories Your Chemistry Teacher Wouldn’t Tell You

coherent whole. The author has composed over a hundred articles on various topics across the whole spectrum of chemistry ranging from the initial chapter on the nature of the chemical bond to the composition

The CompTox Chemistry Dashboard: a community data resource for environmental chemistry

sciences and computational toxicology communities. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) web-based CompTox Chemistry Dashboard is addressing these needs by integrating diverse types of relevant ... identification of chemicals using mass spectrometry. The contents of the chemistry database, presently containing ~ 760,000 substances, are available as public domain data for download. The chemistry content

Rearrangements in the Chemistry of Heterocycles

Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds Rearrangements in the chemistry of heterocycles Professor V. A. Mamedov 0 0 A. E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences ... for your consideration. Hopefully, this thematic issue will be interesting and useful both for researchers in the field of synthetic organic chemistry, as well as specialists involved in medicinal and

Towards a new discipline of Condensed Matter Chemistry

determine their fundamental chemical properties and reactions. Yet, the current knowledge system about chemistry is predominantly built upon individual molecules, perfect crystals and their relationships ... is clearly far from being adequate for capturing the essential complexities of the actual chemistry that takes place in the form of condensed matters. Again, take reactions between solid-state matters

Factors affecting the number and type of student research products for chemistry and physics students at primarily undergraduate institutions: A case study

chemistry of undergraduates at four Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) from 2004–2013, statistical analysis indicates that the gender of the student does not impact the number and type of research ... Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio, United States of America, 4 Department of Physics, John Carroll University, University Heights, Ohio, United States of America, 5 Department of Chemistry