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Biophysics to bedside — the transition

discover new areas of research. Our early studies were on structure/function relations in biological membranes, leading to interest in whole cells. These led to studies of animals and human subjects

Journal of Membrane Biology: Biophysics

. Both of these examples fall into the realm of biophysics, and numerous other concepts originating from seemingly remote branches of physics have proven their great value in the study of biological ... a new section devoted to Biophysics! Biological membranes display a bewildering degree of complexity, diversity, and heterogeneity at all levels, thus providing an exceedingly fascinating and

The six metal binding domains in human copper transporter, ATP7B: molecular biophysics and disease-causing mutations

Department of Chemistry, Umea ̊ University , Kemihuset A, Linnaeus va ̈g 10, 901 87 Umea ̊ , Sweden 1 C. Ario ̈z P. Wittung-Stafshede (&) Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, Division of Chemical ... is still inconclusive. A number of studies, both biological/biochemical and biophysical, characterized WD-causing mutations which showed that these mutations may have various effects on ATP7B function

Section Abstracts: Structural Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics

Abstracts of the Structural Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Section for the 94th Annual Virginia Academy of Science Meeting, May 18-20, 2016, at University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg ... AND FUNCTIONAL BASIS OF THE LYSOSOMAL PROTEIN PHAFIN2. Tuo-Xian Tang, Amy Jo, Iulia Lazar, Richey Davis & Daniel G. S. Capelluto. Department of Biological Sciences, Biocomplexity Institute, Virginia

Section Abstracts: Structural Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics

Abstracts of the Structural Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Section for the 93rd Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, May 21-23, 2015, James Madison University, Richmond, Virginia ... PROTEIN SYNTHESIS AND DEGREDATION NETW ORKS. Nicholas Butzin, Philip Hochendoner, Curtis Ogle & W.H. Mather, Dept. of Physics, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA, 24061. It is known that all biological cells must

On the prospective contributions of the shock physics community to outstanding issues concerning blast-induced traumatic brain injury

, J.B. , Young , L.A. : Injuries from explosions: Physics, biophysics, pathology, and required research focus . J. Trauma Acute Care Surg . 66 ( 5 ), 1468 - 1477 ( 2009 ). doi: 10 .1097/ TA ... broader shock physics research community to tackle the currently intractable aspects of bTBI research outlined below. - Published online: 15 November 2017 © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as

Systems and synthetic biology approaches in understanding biological oscillators

observed in a broad spectrum of biological processes such as neuron firing, heart beats, cell cycles, circadian rhythms, etc. Defects in these oscillators can cause diseases from insomnia to cancer ... . Goldbeter , A. ( 2007 ) Biological Rhythms as Temporal Dissipative Structures . Special Volume in Memory of Ilya Prigogine: Advances in Chemical Physics . pp. 253 - 295 . New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 52

The Physics behind Systems Biology

perform numerical (‘in silico’) experiments and then draw conclusions about the biological system. While methods from Engineering may be an appropriate approach to extending the scope of biological ... , it may not be the best strategy in a search for design principles of biological systems and the fundamental laws underlying Biology. Physics has a long tradition of characterizing and understanding

Biophysics of protein evolution and evolutionary protein biophysics

’ conformational states, resolution of adaptive conflicts and conformational switches in the evolution from one protein fold to another. Recently, protein biophysics has been applied to derive more accurate ... deep synergy between the fields of protein biophysics and protein evolution. 1. Introduction Biological evolution uses mutations as its basic working material. Mutations occur in DNA molecules through

Biophysics of Mechanotransduction

). Membrane proteins embedded in the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane are functional units performing a range of functions enabling the survival of biological cells. A class of membrane proteins functioning ... as biological force-sensing systems are mechanosensitive (MS) ion channels, which together with cytoskeleton and muscles represent firmly established biological mechanosensors (Martinac 2014). MS

The Effect of Anti-aging Peptides on Mechanical and Biological Properties of HaCaT Keratinocytes

reference genes Ct (Vandesompele et al. 2002) . The experiment was conducted in two biological and three analytical replications. Atomic Force Microscopy Measurements of the HaCaT cells topography and ... transcription factors as regulators of the cutaneous wound healing process . PLoS ONE 9:e89274 Safran SA , Gov N , Nicolas A , Schwarz US , Tlusty T ( 2005 ) Physics of cell elasticity, shape and adhesion . Phys

Interfacial water molecules at biological membranes: Structural features and role for lateral proton diffusion

Institute of Biophysics, Johannes Kepler University Linz , Linz , Austria 2 Editor: Colin Johnson, Oregon State University , UNITED STATES Proton transport at water/membrane interfaces plays a fundamental ... competing interests exist. Introduction Proton transport between membrane-bound proteins along biological membrane plays a crucial role for bioenergetics of living cells [1±4]. An efficient pathway between

Section Abstracts: Structural Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics

Abstracts of the Structural Biology, Biochemistry, and Biophysics Section for the 92nd Annual Meeting of the Virginia Academy of Science, May 13-15, 2014, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond ... PHOSPHOINOSITIDE (PIP) RECOGNITION BY THE TIRAP PIP-BINDING M OTIF. Xiaolin Zhao, Shuyan Xiao, & Daniel G. S. Capelluto, Department of Biological Sciences, Virginia Tech., Blacksburg VA 24061. TIRAP is an adaptor

What affects the probability of biological invasions in Antarctica? Using an expanded conceptual framework to anticipate the risk of alien species expansion

of biological invasion in Antarctica. An almost full enemy release (low pressure of consumers), the high patchiness of the habitat, and the prevalence of open gaps also associated with habitat ... Biology, Biological and Chemical Research Centre, University of Warsaw , Żwirki i Wigury 101, 02-089 Warsaw , Poland Successful alien species invasion depends on many factors studied mostly in post

Biological effects of the hypomagnetic field: An analytical review of experiments and theories

. Further research in the area of hypomagnetic field effects, as shown in this article, is capable of shedding light on a fundamental problem in biophysics—the problem of primary magnetoreception. This review ... magnetoreception. This review contains, currently, the most extensive bibliography on the biological effects of hypomagnetic field. This includes both a review of known experimental results and the putative

Evaluating experimental molecular physics studies of radiation damage in DNA*

produced, are fundamental studies of the molecular physics of biological systems. Such studies are extremely challenging since they require a combination of techniques and experience between the AMP and ... Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMP) is a mature field exploring the spectroscopy, excitation, ionisation of atoms and molecules in all three phases. Understanding of the spectroscopy and collisional

Mesoscale simulations of two model systems in biophysics: from red blood cells to DNAs

Computational modeling has become increasingly important in biophysics, but the great challenge in numerical simulations due to the multiscale feature of biological systems limits the capability of ... problems such as biophysics of cells and tissues. On the other hand, continuum-based modeling has become a mature procedure for analysis and design in many engineering fields, but new insights for biological

Biophysics - Cornell University

Overview of the research Research area focus The researcher is in the area of Biological Physics and the lab group studies physical interactions of proteins and develops tools to observe these phenomena ... Data Curation Profile - Biophysics Notes URL 0 0 Profile Author Author's Institution Contact Researcher(s) Interviewed Researcher's Institution Date of Creation Date of Last Update Version of the

Achievements and challenges in structural bioinformatics and computational biophysics

Motivation: The field of structural bioinformatics and computational biophysics has undergone a revolution in the last 10 years. Developments that are captured annually through the 3DSIG meeting ... under investigation. Alternatively, computational biophysics describes a hypothesis-driven physics-based treatment of biological molecular systems. The ergodic hypothesis guarantees that conclusions from

Biological activity and dimerization state of modified phytochrome A proteins

) chimera with nuclear bodies could not be determined because no fluorescent protein sequence was included in the transgene. Overall, the biological activity of the 88 kD NphyA(1± 615)-GAL-myc6-NLS construct ... , Yanovsky MJ , Braslavsky SE , et al. Functional and Biochemical Analysis of the N-terminal Domain of Phytochrome A . Journal of Biological Chemistry . 2006 ; 281 ( 45 ): 34421 ±9.