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Setting Parameters for Biotechnology

of biotechnology are a source of hope because of the potential good that they will incur for humanity in the areas of human knowledge and health. Nevertheless, after the initial euphoria that comes ... crossing certain lines would be morally abhorrent" (The New York Times , 1997, p. 29) . In order to engage the ethical challenges that biotechnology presents to us there is one basic principle that should

Developments in Agricultural Biotechnology

made in agricultural biotechnology.' New advancements in genetic engineering and testing methods have resulted in easier identification of different plant varieties and have promoted the development of ... transgenic plants and animals. 2 The intellectual property t Partner, Lord, Bissell & Brook, Chicago, Illinois. 1. Biotechnology is "any technique that uses living organisms (or parts of organisms) to make or

Developments in Biotechnology: Ethical Perspectives

biotechnology have been introduced in our generation, for example , organ transplants, chemotherapy for cancer treatment, cycIosporin to reduce reaction of immune system, in-vitro fertilization and embryo

Biotechnology - Ethics, Safety and Regulation

** INTRODUCTION The term "biotechnology" is ambiguous, and the lack of consensus on what it means has been the source of much confusion. One of the broader definitions is "the application of biological systems and ... traits, permitting greater certainty that particular characteristics will be represented in the offspring. The ethics and safety of biotechnology have been debated since scientists first began to

Biotechnology and Consumer Decision-Making

biotechnology is safe and effective. Despite scientific consensus in these areas, consumers appear reluctant to support their use. Research that helps to understand consumer decision-making and the public's ... research in behavioral decision-making, specifically affect and ambiguity, can be used to help consumers make informed choices about major applications of biotechnology. This article highlights some of the

Reach-Through Claims in the Age of Biotechnology

21st century may come to be known as the Age of Biotechnology in much the same way that the end of the 20th century became known as the Information Age. However, while innovations in the field of

A Proactive Solution to the Inherent Dangers of Biotechnology: Using the Invention Secrecy Act to Restrict Disclosure of Threatening Biotechnology Patents

. Parrett Jr. - BIOTECHNOLOGY: USING THE INVENTION SECRECY ACT To RESTRICT DISCLOSURE OF THREATENING BIOTECHNOLOGY PATENTS JAMES W. PARRETT, JR.* Biotechnology is a rapidly expanding field that the ... genetically created and enhanced diseases.' One potential way to address this threat without stifling the advancement of biotechnology is through the United States patent system. The United States Patent and

Bacteriophages and their implications on future biotechnology: a review

Recently it has been recognized that bacteriophages, the natural predators of bacteria can be used efficiently in modern biotechnology. They have been proposed as alternatives to antibiotics for many ... potential uses in biotechnology, research, and therapeutics. The aim of this review article is to enable the wide range of researchers, scientists, and biotechnologist who are putting phages into practice, to

Biotechnology - A Proposal for Regulatory Reform

. Pol'y 117 (1988). Available at: - ANDREW KIMBRELL* and JEREMY RIFKIN** INTRODUCTION Advances in biotechnology,' particularly those in recombinant DNA techniques, have created the potential for ... beginning to change the face of modern agriculture. The development of genetic transfers between a variety of plant, animal, and even insect species through biotechnology, as well as the production of mutant

Enemies to Innovation: Protecting Biotechnology Inventions

modem technology, specifically, for biotechnology? Not as it stands to date. The world market for bioteclnological products is projected to reach between $40 and $100 billion within the next 15 years.4 At ... fast legal protection for their products. There is currently a two-and-a-half year wait before a biotechnology-related patent application is reviewed by a Patent Examiner.6 This is, in part, due to the

Export Controls in the Biotechnology Industry

security concerns and foreign policy. These export policies have already had a serious impact on some segments of the biotechnology industry. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has required ... , International Trade Administration, High Technology Industries: Profiles and Outlooks - Biotechnology 25-27 (1984) (hereinafter "Biotechnology Profile"). See also, Trewhitt and Spalding, The Biotech Industry Lays

Resolving the Dilemmas Between the Patent Law and Biotechnology: An Analysis of Three Recent Biotechnology Patent Cases

Biotechnology is broadly defined to "include any technique that uses living organisms (or parts of organisms) to make or modify products to improve plants or animals or to develop microorganisms for specific use ... ."1 Recombinant DNA technology, a branch of biotechnology, essentially involves isolating and replicating a genetic material, such as a desired gene, from one species and inserting the gene into cells

Value Creation in New Firms: Evidence from the Biotechnology Industry

works at: Part of the Portfolio and Security Analysis Commons Recommended Citation - Article 5 Value creation in new firms: Evidence from the biotechnology

International Aspects of Patent Protection for Biotechnology

Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal Ladas Parry VOLUME IV BOOK 1 - 1993 Biotechnology Session VIII: Patents and Biotechnology International Aspects of Patent ... Protection for Biotechnology t John Richards* INTRODUCTION The British press during the past week or so has been carrying articles about a speech by Dr. Andrew Lindsey of Mansfield College, Oxford. What he

The Future of Biotechnology Litigation and Adjudication

: The Future of Biotechnology and Adjudication Litigation GREGORY N. MANDEL* This article pursues a difficult quarry: forecasting biotechnology issues expected to ... clerk and in private practice, is that the only predictable thing about litigation is that it is unpredictable. Nevertheless, I believe I can provide some useful information concerning biotechnology

Reassessing the Scope of Federal Biotechnology Oversight

The federal regulation of biotechnology is governed by a comprehensive policy recently promulgated by the Office of Science and Technology Policy. This article examines and evaluates the ... of Federal Biotechnology Oversight, 10 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 227 Available at: - Article 8 Follow this and additional works at: http

The New Biology: Law, Ethics and Biotechnology

and Biotechnology, 9 Pace L. Rev. 319, 1989 - The New Biology: Law, Ethics And Biotechnologyt Reviewed by Barry S. Reedft I. Introduction The New Biology: Law, Ethics And Biotechnology is a ... , New Jersey. 1. See GEORGE P. SMITH, THE NEW BIOLOGY: LAW, ETHICS AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, ch. 7 (1989) [hereinafter The New Biology]. The provocative tone of this book is in keeping with his other major

Judicial Decisionmaking in the Age of Biotechnology

judicial decisionmaking. Part three tackles the feasibility of promoting a deliberative democracy within the new Age of Biotechnology. Part four considers forensic or scientific evidence. The final section ... of this essay considers how Elizabeth Taylor, Reva Shane Lewis of the CBS soap opera, GuidingLight, Thomas Donaldson, and the sheep, "Dolly," shape the contours of this new Age of Biotechnology and

Agricultural Biotechnology and Trade: The Unresolved Issues

associated with the regulation of genetically modified (GM) products. THE MAKINGS OF A TRADE DISPUTE The advent of biotechnology in agriculture has, to date, displayed a perplexing, dual nature. On the one ... encroaching regulation that directly affects the diffusion of biotechnology products at various market stages. The E.U. experience is emblematic in this setting. The earlier regulation of these new crops was

Patent First, Ask Questions Later: Morality And Biotechnology In Patent Law

whether patents should issue on such inventions. This practice has important ramifications for morally controversial biotechnology patents specifically, and for American society generally. For many years ... . & Mary L. Rev. 469, 2003 Repository Citation - Article 3 William and Mary Law Review VOLUME 45 No. 2,2003 PATENT FIRST, ASK QUESTIONS LATER: MORALITY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY IN PATENT LAW MARGO A