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Improving marketing activities of small enterprises that produce building materials

The article examines the problems of improving the marketing activities of small enterprises that produce construction materials. We propose concrete measures based on the experience of the most ... MATEC Web of Conferences Improving marketing activities of enterprises that produce building materials small Pavel Shikov 0 Yuri Shikov 0 0 St. Petersburg State University industrial technologies

Towards a more effective and reliable salt crystallization test for porous building materials: state of the art

The durability of building materials with respect to salt crystallization is commonly determined by accelerated weathering tests, carried out in the laboratory. An effective laboratory weathering ... procedures. Salt 1 Introduction Salt crystallization is a major cause of damage in porous building materials (e.g. [ 1–3 ]). Despite extensive ongoing research in this field, the complexity of the problem

Power plant wastes capitalization as geopolymeric building materials

In this innovative study, we are present an investigation over the properties of geopolymeric materials prepared using ash supplied by power plant Iasi, Romania and sodium hydroxide solutions/pellets ... S Web of Conferences Power plant wastes capitalization geopolymeric building materials as Gabriela Ciobanu 0 Loredana Litu 0 Maria Harja 0 0 Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Faculty

Mixed Layers in Copper Based Superconducting Materials

from a partial and ordered substitution of carbon for Hg,Tl, Bi and other M cations building the intermediate layer. The oxycarbonitrates (Y1-xCax)nBa2nCu3n-1(C,N)O3O7n-3 can also be described as an ... ordered substitution of carbon for copper in the 123 matrix. The different families of superconducting materials which are generated by such mechanisms are described as well as the way the different species

Assessment of suitability of some chosen functions for describing of sorption isotherms in building materials

This paper presents results of tests and studies conducted on six common building materials, used for constructing and finishing of external walls. These included: ceramic brick, silicate brick ... the mono-layer coverage of the adsorbent surface 1 Introduction Dampness of building materials is a factor recognized as critical. This can be attributed to the destructive impact of moisture to

Smart lost circulation materials for productive zones

serious environmental hazards and safety consequences. Despite extensive advances in the last couple of decades, lost circulation materials used today still have disadvantages such as damaging production ... used when the drill engineer anticipates that a lost circulation event may occur in a specific zone, but has not yet occurred. In this approach, lost circulation can be prevented by adding materials to

Lignin-Based Composite Materials for Photocatalysis and Photovoltaics

, chemicals, and materials. Among all the fractions of biomass, lignin has been underutilized. Due to its complex structure, recalcitrant nature, and heterogeneity, its valorization is relatively challenging ... preparation of composite materials and their application in the field of photocatalysis and photovoltaics. Lignin can be used as a photocatalyst support for its potential application in photodegradation of

Ageing and exercise: building body capital in old age

interrelated themes emerged from the interviews: “Building body capital for independence”, “Building body capital to maintain vitality and being in control” and “Building resources for social interaction”. The ... findings suggest that group exercise is important for building body capital. The group exercise helped the women in building bodily ability to manage everyday life, maintain vitality, being in control

Photoelectrode for water splitting: Materials, fabrication and characterization

materials, which should possess small bandgap to ensure wide light harvest, facile charge separation to allow the generated photocharges migrating to the reactive sites and highly catalytic capability to ... characterization methods. As the building block, the semiconductor materials have been largely expanded to the long-wavelength harvesting candidates. And many advanced electrode fabrication methods have been applied

Editorial: Building an excellent future

Professor and the Founding Director of International Center for Quantum Materials. In 2011 he was appointed Dean of School of Physics at Peking University. Prof. Xie became Division Director of Mathematical

The release of lindane from contaminated building materials

The release of the organochlorine pesticide lindane (γ-hexachlorocyclohexane) from several types of contaminated building materials was studied to assess inhalation hazard and decontamination ... building materials. An empiric Sips isotherm model was employed to approximate experimental results and to estimate the release of lindane and its transformation products. This helped determine the extent of

Synthesis and characterization of innovative insulation materials

Insulation elements are distinguished in inorganic fibrous and organic foamed materials. Foamed insulation materials are of great acceptance and use, but their major disadvantage is their ... measures the ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of flame. 3 Foamed structure insulation materials Foamed insulation materials of inorganic nature can be produced by the

Solcore: a multi-scale, Python-based library for modelling solar cells and semiconductor materials

capabilities can be grouped into four categories: materials science (Sect. 2), light sources (Sect. 3), solar cells (Sects. 4–6) and large-scale calculators (Sect. 7), each of them tackling a different area and ... scale relevant for research in solar energy. Figure 1 shows how these parts relate to each other and summarizes some of their content. 2 Materials science The materials science modules in Solcore deal

Improving total-building seismic performance using linear fluid viscous dampers

studies use damage indices that are influenced by several assumptions to represent performance. The use of repair costs is a more appropriate measure of total-building seismic performance, and avoids these ... performance, and avoids these limitations. This study investigates the application of linear FVDs to improve total-building seismic performance considering repair costs. The energybased method commonly used to

Failure of structural elements made of polymer supported composite materials during the multiyear natural aging

problems. Polymer building materials are used as substitutes for materials such as brick, concrete, metal, wood and glass, and in addition to traditional materials. Plastic materials are light, can be formed ... complex shapes, durable and low, and also possess a wide range of properties. Plastic materials are available in various forms, colors and textures and require minimal or no color. They are resistant to

Assessment of Natural Radioactivity Levels and Potential Radiological Risks of Common Building Materials Used in Bangladeshi Dwellings

The concentrations of primordial radionuclides (226Ra, 232Th and 40K) in commonly used building materials (brick, cement and sand), the raw materials of cement and the by-products of coal-fired power ... individuals associated with these building materials, various radiological hazard indicators were calculated. The radium equivalent activity values for all samples were found to be lower than the recommended

Building archaeology geodatabase in Iraq using GIS

construction of geographical databases containing all the contents of the place of built areas and areas and internal methods as well as building materials used and build a database of all the contents of the ... database using ArcGIS 10.3 for building and analysing the existing archaeological sites. 5 Geomatics Techniques There are many techniques involved in the field of geomatics. However, in this paper a brief

DHFMA Method for Dynamic Thermal Property Measurement of PCM-integrated Building Materials

Research studies have shown improved energy efficiency with the integration of a phase change material (PCM) in the building envelope. An accurate knowledge of dynamic properties of a PCM-integrated ... change materials (PCMs) in building applications . Appl Energy . 2012 ; 92 : 583 - 605 . 7. Kosny J , Shukla N , Fallahi A . Cost analysis of simple PCMenhanced building envelopes in southern U.S. climates

Rheological and thermal properties of suspensions of microcapsules containing phase change materials

The thermal and rheological properties of suspensions of microencapsulated phase change materials (MPCM) in glycerol were investigated. When the microcapsule concentration is raised, the heat storage ... change materials for enhancing the thermal performance of Portland cement concrete and geopolymer concrete for passive building applications . Energy Convers Manag 133 : 56 - 66 19. Kayacan I , Dogan OM

Durability of Mortar Incorporating Ferronickel Slag Aggregate and Supplementary Cementitious Materials Subjected to Wet–Dry Cycles

. Al-Jabri , K. S. , Al-Saidy , A. H. , & Taha , R. ( 2011 ). Effect of copper slag as a fine aggregate on the properties of cement mortars and concrete . Construction and Building Materials , 25 ( 2 ... . , & Basheer , P. A. M. ( 2005 ). Strength and drying shrinkage properties of concrete containing furnace bottom ash as fine aggregate . Construction and Building Materials , 19 ( 9 ), 691 - 697 . Bijen , J