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Is there a "weekend effect" in kidney transplantation?

The ‘weekend effect’ describes increased adverse outcomes after weekend hospitalization. We examined weekend-weekday differences in the outcome of 580 patients following renal transplantation (RTx ... patients transplanted on weekends. All results remained consistent across all definitions of weekend status. Our results suggest that weekend transplant status does not affect functional short-term and long

Weekend effect: a great problem with a potential solution

hospital mortality were the Simplified Acute Physiology Score (SAPS)3 (odds ratio (OR) 1.10; 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.08–1.12) and belonging to the “offhours” group (weekend and holidays; OR 2.00; 95

Response to: Would Dedicated Emergency Surgery Professionals Improve the Emergency General Surgery Service and Reduce the “Weekend Effect”?

noteworthy data from Table 1.^ - Due to the large number of patients examined in this study, many patient demographics in Table 1 were statistically different between the weekday and weekend groups. However

Implementation of a seven-day hospitalist program to improve the outcomes of the weekend admission: A retrospective before-after study in Taiwan

Objective Patients admitted during weekends may have worse outcomes than those during weekdays. Adjusting the practice of senior physicians over weekends may reduce the weekend effect. Design A ... exist. Objective effect. Design Patients admitted during weekends may have worse outcomes than those during weekdays. Adjusting the practice of senior physicians over weekends may reduce the weekend A

More Than Talking About the Weekend: Content of Case-Irrelevant Communication Within the OR Team

Background Case-irrelevant communication (CIC) is defined as “any conversation” irrelevant to the case. It includes small talk, but also communication related to other work issues besides the actual task. CIC during surgeries is generally seen as distracting, despite a lack of knowledge about the content of CIC and its regulation in terms of adjustments to the situation of CIC...

Transitioning couple’s voluntary HIV counseling and testing (CVCT) from stand-alone weekend services into routine antenatal and VCT services in government clinics in Zambia’s two largest cities

-sponsored weekend CVCT to government-sponsored services in routine weekday antenatal care (ANC) and individual voluntary testing and counseling (VCT) services in Zambia’s two largest cities from 2009–2015 is ... 2003 [ 5, 6 ] and ZEHRP has supported weekend CVCT in Copperbelt clinics in 3 cities including Ndola since 2010. Written invitations for men to excuse them from work, client incentives such as

Effect of weekend admission on mortality associated with severe acute kidney injury in England: A propensity score matched, population-based study

Background Increased in-hospital mortality associated with weekend admission has been reported for many acute conditions, but no study has investigated “weekend effect” for acute kidney injury ... Graduate Entry Medicine, University of Nottingham , Derby , United Kingdom Of the 53,170 admissions with AKI-D in the whole dataset, 12,357 (23%) were at weekends. The unadjusted mortality for weekend

Challenges, uncertainties and perceived benefits of providing weekend allied health services—a managers’ perspective

Background Health services that operate 7 days per week are under pressure to show the increased cost of providing weekend services can be measured in improved patient outcomes. The evidence for

International Law Weekend 2014 Keynote Address

I am honored to follow in the footsteps of previous presidents of the American Society of International Law who have spoken on the occasion of the International Law Weekend in New York.

Alumni Homecoming Weekend Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Community Invited to Enjoy Selection of Events

Alumni Homecoming Weekend 2016 schedule of events. ... Campus News | Posted on September Alumni Homecoming Weekend Sept. 29-Oct. 2 Classic Car Show 0 By: Becky St. Clair 0 Andrews University Homecoming 2016 is scheduled for Friday, September 30, 5 p.m

Spring 2015 Graduation Weekend Events: A full weekend of celebrations and special speakers

Spring 2015 Graduation Weekend details. ... third Commencement services at 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Sunday Andrews University's Spring Commencement is scheduled for the weekend of May 1-3, 2015. Graduation weekend events begin Friday evening with

August Graduation Weekend 2016: Schedule, speaker bios, live stream and more

Description and schedule of August 2016 graduation weekend. ... address titled, “You Decide: Who Will You Be?” at 8:30 p.m. on Friday 1 Andrews University's Summer Commencement is scheduled for the weekend of 2 Contact: PR 269-471-3322 Weithers has worked in the

Weekday-weekend patterns of physical activity and screen time in parents and their pre-schoolers

Background This study focuses on the comparison of weekday/weekend parent-child behavioural patterns (step count (SC) and screen time (ST)) and answers the question of whether achieving the ... –0.84, p < 0.001) for detecting sedentary behaviour on usual weekdays and weekend days [ 44 ]. The output logbook-derived variable was the daily duration of ST (minutes). The variable of daily ST

Everybody's working for the weekend: changes in enjoyment of everyday activities across the retirement threshold | Age and Ageing | Oxford Academic

, participants recalled at least one weekday and one weekend day, and all data were weighted 5:2 for weekdays:weekend days. Socio-demographic and anthropometric data Body mass index (BMI) was calculated from ... the work day ended. Post-retirement, the weekday pattern better resembled the weekend pattern, with higher enjoyment ratings (effect size = ~0.5). Weekend patterns were similar pre- and postretirement

How Was the Weekend? How the Social Context Underlies Weekend Effects in Happiness and Other Emotions for US Workers

In this paper we estimate the size of weekend effects for seven emotions and then explore their main determinants for the working population in the United States, using the Gallup/Healthways US Daily

Do general practitioners prescribe more antimicrobials when the weekend comes?

Inappropriate antimicrobial prescribing contributes to the global spread of antimicrobial resistance. The pending weekend with changed availability of general practitioners (GP) and increased patient ... intention to prescribe antimicrobials. The aim of this study is to analyse variation in antimicrobial prescribing between weekdays and weekend in Irish general practice. All prescribing data over a 15 month

Do studies of the weekend effect really allow for differences in illness severity? An analysis of 14 years of stroke admissions

Sunderland SR Background: an increased mortality rate among patients admitted to hospital at weekends has been found in many studies, and this 'weekend effect' has been used to justify major health service ... whether each factor differed between weekday and weekend admissions, then used logistic regression to estimate the main contributors to variation in mortality rates. Results: stroke severity, measured by

Weekend Warriors: DeLillo’s “The Uniforms,” Players, and Film-to-Page Reappearance

This article argues that what DeLillo refers to as the “radical intent” attached to the early short story “The Uniforms” does not point to political radicalism but instead to a new way of thinking about adaptation. This aesthetically radical form of film-to-page adaptation does not privilege the source text, oftentimes subverting the source’s original purpose outright. This...

Weekend Effect” in Plastic Surgery: Analyzing Weekday Versus Weekend Admissions in Body Contouring Procedures from 2000 to 2010

the last decade. Despite previous studies showing worse patient outcomes on weekend admissions for nonemergent cases (spine, breast, and hernia), there is no comparative data reported regarding body ... liposuction and reduction of adipose tissue (86.83) for weekday and weekend admissions, including demographics, hospital charges, and patient outcomes. Results: A total of 50,346 hospital admission cases of