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Veteran Experiences Seeking Non-pharmacologic Approaches for Pain

approaches when treating pain. Our objective is to characterize veteran experiences with and barriers to accessing alternatives to medication (e.g., non-pharmacologic treatments or non-pharmacologic approaches ... national randomized controlled trial of pain screening and assessment methods. This study was approved by the Veterans Affairs (VA) Central IRB and veteran participants signed written informed consent. We

Feminist Criticism and the Literature of the Vietnam Combat Veteran

Fell though Lorde is a black, lesbian feminist and Ketwig is a white, male Vietnam combat veteran. “I write,” says Lorde, for myself and my children and for as many people as possible who can read me ... LITERATURE of ThE VIETNAM CoiVlbAT VETERAN K aIi TaL For years I have been both a student of feminist critical theory, and a reader of Vietnam War literature by com bat veterans. The two p u rsu its seem

Veteran Treatment Courts

States has a rapidly growing population of combat veterans returning from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Global War on Terror. Predictably, these extended wars have produced a significant percentage ... . Approximately thirty percent of veterans returning home from combat suffer from “invisible wounds,” injuries that are not visible to the eye and, as a result, often go unrecognized and unacknowledged. These

Veteran Literacy: A Case for Veteran Identity Theory in Composition and Literature

, veteran-centric mode of re-interpretation. By drawing on some key experiences as a Hospital Corpsman having served with the Marine Corps Infantry, I will also attempt to construct a preliminary model for ... the in-service literacy of the veteran experience: One of the most important distinctions among veteran taxonomies also lies in the gulf between combat veterans (those who have deployed overseas and

The Veteran

many exotic foods, and write about his experiences. Thi s fiction is available in The M ercury: The Veteran He sat down with trembling hands and tore

Improving Veteran Access to Critical Care: Full practice authority and nurse anesthetists

War I.86 CRNAs in combat zones was a main topic at the Nurse Anesthesia National Congress in September 2015, where Colonel Janet Setnor, a Nurse Corps veteran and the Reserve Advisor to the Air Force ... , please contact Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Recommended Citation - Article 6 Improving Veteran Access to Critical Care: Full

Bailey Anderson: Revolutionary War Veteran

additional works at: Tell us how this article helped you. BAILEY ANDERSON: REVOLUTIONARY WAR VETERAN by Max S. Lale The Island of Skye, largest in the Inner Hebrides ... independence. On November 26, 1807, Sarah Anderson petitioned the state of South Carolina for reinstatement of the pension to which she had been entitled as the widow of a Revolutionary War veteran and for a

The Influence of Veteran Status, Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Traumatic Brain Injury on Inadequate Sleep

between: non-veterans; non-combat veterans with no psychiatric diagnosis or traumatic brain injury (TBI); combat veterans with no psychiatric diagnosis or TBI; and veterans (non-combat and combat combined ... sleep varied significantly by veteran status, with more days reported by veterans with a psychiatric diagnosis or TBI (12.25 days on average) and fewer days reported by non-combat veterans with no

PTSD: Effective Representation of a Vietnam Veteran in the Criminal Justice System

:// - "You know you never get over combat. I don't think you ever do."' On December 18, 1982, Michael Mann, a double amputee and an unemployed Vietnam Veteran, attended a party at ... . The statement was made by Audie Murphy, this country's most decorated veteran of World War II. The quote may be found in SHATAN, Stress DisordersAmong Vietnam Veterans: The Emotional Contentof Combat

A Hundred Happy Sparrows: An American Veteran Returns to Vietnam

8 A HuNdREd HAppy S p a r r o w s: A n AMERicAN Veteran R e tu r n s to Vietnam L a rr y L ee R ottmann For Sister Huynh Thl Mai and 2nd Lt. Peter B. Bushey As all good historians know, the past ... growing responsibil­ ity for the children of Southeast Asia, and as a veteran still trying to find answers to many questions about the war. not the least of which is “Why?* Over and over, my day of my

Applauding the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Florida Welcomes Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

Program, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFF., http://www .va.govosdbu/veteran/vapVCP.asp (last updated Mar. 26, 2013). 56. U.S. DEP’T OF VETERANS AFFAIRS, VA VETERAN-OWNED VERIFICATION PROGRAM— INITIAL ... . § 8127 (f)( 4 ). 61. U.S. DEP'T OF VETERANS AFFAIRS , supra note 56, at 7. 62. Id. at 8 . 63. Id . 64 . See id. 65 . See Florida Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Opportunity Act , Ch. 2008- 155

A Road Less Traveled: My Experience With Peer Advisors for Veteran Education

In this article, Mckenna Jennings, a third-year PharmD student at Purdue University, describes her experience with the Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) program, developed under the ... Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) program at Purdue University in fall 2015. My passion for serving veterans began 23 years ago when I was born at the old Womack Army Hospital in Fort Bragg

Walking on Eggshells: The Lived Experience of Partners of Veterans with PTSD

This phenomenological study examined the descriptions of lived experience among female partners of veteran men with combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) via internet discussion forums ... specifically, partners of veterans affected by combat exposure, it is necessary to obtain a rich account of their experiences of living with a veteran who struggles with PTSD. Without an in-depth understanding

Sarcopenia is Related to Mortality in the Acutely Hospitalized Geriatric Patient

hospitalized geriatric patients, it is unknown whether sarcopenia can also predict mortality in these patients.ObjectiveTo determine the association between sarcopenia according the criteria of the European ... concerning mortality in geriatric patients assessed over a more prolonged period (i.e., beyond 1 y) following hospital admission. Moreover, it is unclear whether the different sarcopenia definitions affect the

Psychosocial Distress: A Case Study of a Male African American Veteran with End-Stage Colon Cancer

This in-depth single-case-study explored the emergent trauma of psychosocial distress of an older male African-American veteran after being diagnosed with end-stage colon cancer. Using a qualitative ... Affairs and has the appearance of a military base, designed in the early to mid-1950’s. Since been remodeling, the appearance is much like a hospital with three floors and shared rooms. Each room houses two

Using the Law to Combat Public Procurement Corruption in South Africa: Lessons from Hong Kong

prevented allegations and suspicions of corruption from being adequately dealt with by the law. This article examines the legal framework used to combat public procurement corruption in South Africa. Using a ... procurement context specifically. This article highlights the legal framework that is used to combat public procurement corruption in South Africa. It also examines the legal framework of Hong Kong with a

Was the Day Hospital worthwhile?

, Brazil and Technical Director of the Domingos Alves Meira Day Hospital, Medical and Hospital Development Foundation, FAMESP, Botucatu, São Paulo State, Brazil Correspondence to     Dear Editor ... for clinics and outpatient units to provide care for these persons considerably augmented. This scenario led the Ministry of Health to suggest the Day Hospital as an institution model to meet patient

Understanding Student Veterans in Transition

study took place at a doctoral granting proprietary university with a significant veteran population and consisted of in - depth interviews. This analysis illustrates how student veterans construct and ... the Post 9/11 GI Bill, or someone in student affairs who understands the life-altering effect a school year combat deployment has on a reservist or National Guardsman. Discussion These in-depth