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Science Academies’ Refresher Course on Experimental Approaches to Molecular Microbiology and Cell Biology

and Cell Biology' for graduate and postgraduate college/university teachers will be held at School of Life Sciences, Manipal University, Manipal for two weeks from 20th November to 2nd December 2017 ... . The objective of this Course is intended to impart teaching methodologies and to familiarize with advanced topics in microbiology and cell biology. A variety of teaching methods such as lectures

Recent topics in kidney research: morphology and molecular cell biology

morphology and cell biology of the kidney, including contributions from among the most active researchers in this field. The kidney is a vital organ in the human body and is one of the most complicated organs ... biology of mesangial cells: the third cell that maintains the glomerular capillary . Anat Sci Int 92 (in press) Ludwig C ( 1852 -1856) Lehrbuch der Physiologie des Menschen. In two volumes . Winter

Journal of Membrane Biology: Cell Biology Section

that quantitative studies integrating information from multiple disciplines are fundamental to advancing the field of membrane biology. Techniques such as lipidomics, organelle isolation, and high

Single-cell sequencing in stem cell biology

Cell-to-cell variation and heterogeneity are fundamental and intrinsic characteristics of stem cell populations, but these differences are masked when bulk cells are used for omic analysis. Single ... for the relevant papers not cited here due to strict space limitation. 1. Junker JP , van Oudenaarden A. Every cell is special: genome-wide studies add a new dimension to single-cell biology . Cell

Biology of Bone Sarcomas and New Therapeutic Developments

. This review gives a brief overview of their specificities and summarises the main therapeutic advances in the field of bone sarcoma. Osteosarcoma; Ewing sarcoma; Chondrosarcoma; Giant cell tumour of ... MSCs, which orientate their differentiation towards deter‑ mined cell lineages. Thus, the runx2 and sox9 master genes induce a hierarchical regulation of downstream genes modu‑ lated by MSCs and drive

Life versus ‘biomass’—why application needs cell biology

, were invoked to explain life. This molecular explanation of life not only shifted biology into the centre of scientific progress but also stimulated a vigorously developing new branch of technological ... application. The success of biotechnology demonstrated impressively that tools and concepts derived from chemistry could be employed to manipulate biology. Interestingly, over the entire first half of the last

Lung bioengineering: physical stimuli and stem/progenitor cell biology interplay towards biofabricating a functional organ

this approach is how to drive stem cell differentiation onto the different lung cell phenotypes. Whereas the use of soluble factors as agents to modulate the fate of stem cells was established from an ... across the organ. The present review focuses on describing how the cell mechanical microenvironment can modulate stem cell differentiation and how these stimuli could be incorporated into lung bioreactors

In focus in HCB: from cell biology to tissue structure and function

Histochemistry and Cell Biology presents Reviews and Original Articles with which members of the Editorial Board and former coworkers would like to express their sincere appreciation of Detlev Drenckhahn’s ... contribution to the superior quality of Histochemistry and Cell Biology during his time as Co-Editor-in-Chief. Shortly before taking up this position, Detlev Drenckhahn had moved his group from Marburg to

Skin appendage-derived stem cells: cell biology and potential for wound repair

to General Hospital of PLA , 51 Fu Cheng Road, Beijing 100048 , People's Republic of China 4 Wound Healing and Cell Biology Laboratory, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, General Hospital of PLA ... on optimizing the available therapy in cutaneous repair and regeneration. Skin appendages; Stem cells; Cell biology; Wound healing - Background Skin as a barrier for resisting external invasion is

Mean field analysis of algorithms for scale-free networks in molecular biology

The sampling of scale-free networks in Molecular Biology is usually achieved by growing networks from a seed using recursive algorithms with elementary moves which include the addition and deletion ... networks [1]. Some of these systems include the cell [2], chemical reactions [3], the world wide web [4], social interactions [5], etc. It is generally found that many system, though different in nature

Last issue of journal of chemical biology

Experimental Marine Biology and Biotechnology (PiE) & Biofísika Instituto (UPV/EHU, CSIC), University of the Basque Country , Bilbao , Spain 1 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Institute ... of Chemical Biology (ICB), Imperial College London , South Kensington campus, London SW7 2AZ , UK

Systems and synthetic biology approaches in understanding biological oscillators

observed in a broad spectrum of biological processes such as neuron firing, heart beats, cell cycles, circadian rhythms, etc. Defects in these oscillators can cause diseases from insomnia to cancer ... essential components of an oscillator in an endogenous system. The synthetic biology approach makes use of the knowledge to design the simplest, de novo oscillators in both live cells and cell-free systems

Glial cell biology in the Great Lakes region

cell biology. The array of functions that glial cells (astrocytes, microglia, oligodendrocytes, Schwann cells) play in health and disease is constantly increasing. Despite this diversity, GLG meetings ... Department Anesthesiology, University of Illinois-Chicago , Chicago, IL 60612 , USA 2 Department Cell Biology and Anatomy, Wayne State University , Detroit, MI 48202 , USA We report on the tenth bi-annual

Editorial: Cell biology in agriculture and food sciences

sciences. Present issue of the protoplasma is also focused on the cell biology of agriculture and food sciences based on an international conference on agriculture and biological sciences organized during ... arabidopsis thaliana during impaired chloroplast development . Protoplasma. doi:10 .1007/s00709-016-0958-y Romanova AK , Semenova GA , Ignatev AR , Novichkova NS , Fomina IR ( 2016 ) Biochemistry and cell

Virtual Reconstruction and Three-Dimensional Printing of Blood Cells as a Tool in Cell Biology Education

The cell biology discipline constitutes a highly dynamic field whose concepts take a long time to be incorporated into the educational system, especially in developing countries. Amongst the main ... obstacles to the introduction of new cell biology concepts to students is their general lack of identification with most teaching methods. The introduction of elaborated figures, movies and animations to

A logic-based dynamic modeling approach to explicate the evolution of the central dogma of molecular biology

It is nearly half a century past the age of the introduction of the Central Dogma (CD) of molecular biology. This biological axiom has been developed and currently appears to be all the more complex ... Central PMCID : PMCPMC1369155 . 7. Milo R , Phillips R . Cell biology by the numbers . New York, NY: Garland Science, Taylor & Francis Group; 2016 . xlii, 356 pages p. 8. Systems Biology for Signaling

New future of cell biology and toxicology: thinking deeper

- The combination of cell biology and toxicology (CBTo) demonstrates the potential effects of elements in cellular structures, organelles, functioning properties, metabolic circles, signaling pathways, or ... , medical, occupational, and regulatory toxicology. Thus, future issues of the journal will focus on clinical and translational research with an emphasis on molecular and cell biology, genetic and epigenetic

Cell biology and immunology lessons taught by Legionella pneumophila

, 237 - 241 . Xu , L. , and Luo , Z.Q. ( 2013 ). Cell biology of infection by Legionella pneumophila . Microbes Infect 15 , 157 - 167 . Xu , L. , Shen , X. , Bryan , A. , Banga , S. , Swanson , M.S. , and ... ; Luo and Isberg, 2004; Xu and Luo, 2013; Zhu et al., 2011) . These effectors function to re-orchestrate various host processes to allow intracellular bacterial growth. The infection biology of L

Markers of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition reflect tumor biology according to patient age and Gleason score in prostate cancer

Adenocarcinoma (MSKCC, Cancer Cell 2010). Materials and methods We analyzed TCGA gene expression profiles of 497 prostate tumor samples according to 43 genes involved in EMT and 3 hormone receptor genes (AR

Why do we age? Insights into biology and evolution of ageing

Chronic Disease , Liverpool , UK 1 D. Weinkove Durham University , South Road, Durham DH1 3LE , UK The research in the field of biology of ageing has grown over the past decades, due to the increase in ... musculoskeletal, neurodegenerative and metabolic disorders (Waite et al. 1996; Brown and Goljanek-Whysall 2015). As our understanding of the biology of ageing has increased, manipulation of the various cellular