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Shanyou 63: an elite mega rice hybrid in China

the breeding aspect, hybrid rice provides the advantage of combining elite traits or genes from different types of parents, such as those from subspecies of indica and japonica, into a single variety ... an elite rice hybrid . Theor Appl Genet 112 : 85 - 96 Lin S , Yuan L ( 1980 ) Hybrid rice breeding in China . In: Innovative approaches to rice breeding. International Rice Research Institute , Manila

Development of broadly neutralizing antibodies in HIV-1 infected elite neutralizers

extremely broad and potent. This review describes the immunological and virological factors leading to the development of bNAbs in such “elite neutralizers”. The features, targets and developmental pathways ... infection and in defining viral targets. We now have a detailed understanding of the obstacles we face in eliciting protective antibodies, and this has enabled the design of new immunogens and vaccine

Computational modelling reveals distinct patterns of cognitive and physical motivation in elite athletes

elite Oxford University rowers, and compared their behaviour to matched non-athletic controls. We trained participants on two tasks involving cognitive or physical effort. They then decided between a ... activation and self-regulation. Personality and Mental Health 4, 163–171 (2010). Article Google Scholar30. McNamara, J. & McCabe, M. P. Striving for success or addiction? Exercise dependence among elite

Consolidating or Corrupting the Peace? The Power Elite and Amnesty Policy in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

institutions to mitigate corruption and social violence among leaders and followers alike. Niger Delta · Conflict · Amnesty · Peace building · Elite · Youths 1 Introduction It is not enough to end the war; we ... oil companies to their abandoned oil wells and sites, and an increment in oil production for both local consumption and export. From average oil production of 700,000–800,000 barrels per day at the peak

Finding the gap: An empirical study of the most effective shots in elite goalball

elite level matches including 20,541 shots played in the regular situation (3 vs. 3) using notational analysis. We characterized the shots by using their target sector (A-E), technique (traditional ... path [ 9 ], however, this advantage±if it exists±was too weak to influence goal rate significantly. Similarly, there is no general advantage of a particular ball trajectory. One could argue that the

Collaborative organizational forms: on communities, crowds, and new hybrids

ideal forms—markets, hierarchies, and communities—I propose a framework for analyzing and mapping organizational forms. The framework expands our understanding of the ideal forms and derives a set of ... the information processing capability and capacity of the community enabling it to scale while mitigating the risk of information overload. Communities also face information flow and processing issues

The geography of references in elite articles: Which countries contribute to the archives of knowledge?

countries cited in the most elite publications (the backward—citing—view). “Elite publications” are operationalized as the top-1% most-highly cited articles. Using the articles published from 2004 to 2013, we ... number of references per country and their respective shares of contributions to elite publications. For example, China published 9.85% of the worldwide articles (Table 1), but it contributed only 4.24% of

The Moderating Effect of Guanxi on the Dynamic Capacity and Competitive Advantage of Chinese International Contractors

out in international construction projects owing to their low-cost advantage. However, despite China having large-scale contractors and wide-range business, compared to developed countries, a ... increases competitive advantage. Considering resource dependence theory, the survival and growth of organizations need to draw on resources from surroundings [47], while business guanxi happens to afford

Chicken Swarm Optimization Based on Elite Opposition-Based Learning

is adopted to replace that based on Gaussian distribution so as to balance the global exploitation ability and local development ability of the algorithm. In hen swarm, elite opposition-based learning ... Cauchy distribution to that of Gaussian distribution, and random search of distribution is similar to that of Gaussian distribution with good ability of local development in the later stage. 3.2. Elite

Speed synchronization, physical workload and match-to-match performance variation of elite football players

This study aimed to: (i) examine whether the speed synchronization and physical performance of an elite football team changed between the first and the second half, using match time blocks of 15-min

Business modelling in farm-based biogas production: towards network-level business models and stakeholder business cases for sustainability

activity struggle to turn a profit because of high-investment costs and severe price competition with fossil fuels. One way to address this situation is to re-organize the activity by innovating the business ... strong local spirit, and dare to take risks Upgraded gas, new business possibilities, renewable energy, clean fuel, social benefits, reduction of methane emissions, creation of different financial

Are entrepreneurial cultures stable over time? Historical evidence from China

Are entrepreneurial cultures stable over time? In this paper, we use historical measures of the outgrowth of entrepreneurial culture in China and test whether these correlate with entrepreneurial ... gradually, with social, economic, and institutional development changing the opportunity space individuals face (Turchin, 2013) . Baumol (1990: 3) emphasized, in his allocation theory of entrepreneurial

Understanding Open Knowledge in China: A Chinese Approach to Openness?

This paper examines the development of open knowledge in China through two case studies: the development of Chinese open access (OA) journals, and national-level OA repositories. Open access and open ... too are the messy realities of open access and open knowledge innovation in a local context. In attempting to position open access developments in China within a diverse and contested global landscape

The Myth of Entitlement: Students’ Perceptions of the Relationship Between Grading Practices and Learning at an Elite University

abductive analysis of twenty-nine in-depth, semi-structured interviews conducted by undergraduate co-authors, this study addresses these questions: (1) How do undergraduates on one elite campus understand the ... The Qualitative Report at an Elite U niversity Myth of Entitle m ent: Students' Perceptions of Relationship Between Grading Practices and Clara S. Lewis 0 1 Breanna Della Williams 0 1 Qualitative

Capturing the Elite in Marine Conservation in Northeast Kalimantan

international environmental organizations. We describe how collaboration and friction between members of the elite challenge models that categorically exclude or co-opt local elites in foreign projects. In-depth ... communities. In addition to their local and regional networks within Indonesia the local elite in Berau hold long-term international connections with patrons and Chinese traders (tauke) in Malaysia (Casson

Dynamite in small packages: the Engaged Elite as an Facebook emerging niche market

Cluster analysis. Three clusters, labeled ‘Engaged Elite’, ‘Neutral Masses’ and ‘Facebook Floaters’ were revealed. The results indicate that Facebook remains a feasible communication channel to initiate and ... The African Journal of Information Systems y an na m ite Faceb o in ok s m all packages: the E ngaged e m erging niche m arket Elite as Melanie Wiese - D Article 2 Dynamite in small packages

Author Correction: Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty

Author Correction: Acad. Quest. ( # Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature 2018 M. Langbert The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in the

Negotiation is Changing

Many changes – those we notice, and those that escape our attention until we are quite a ways down a new path – are only the tip of the iceberg of the change that individuals and society are ... finding information via Google, you are more likely to turn to Google the next time you face an information-retrieval task.51 The essence of memory is changing, along with our filing system and the way we

Genome-wide associations for multiple pest resistances in a Northwestern United States elite spring wheat panel

), and Hessian fly (Mayetiola destructor) in regional germplasm, a panel of 408 elite spring wheat lines was characterized and genotyped with an Illumina 9K wheat single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) chip ... America 2 Editor: Aimin Zhang, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology Chinese Academy of Sciences , CHINA Northern areas of the western United States are one of the most productive wheat growing

Chinese Capital and Argentine Political Alternation: From Dependence to Autonomy?

December 2015 diluted the unilateral dependence on China and transitioned to a multilateral dependence on the global capital markets, although China continued to play an important role in Argentine trade and ... Argentina’s financial dependence, predominantly on China, into a dependence on multiple sources of global capital markets. This increased the country’s autonomy in bilateral relation, although China retained a