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Climate Change: From Science to Practice

Purpose of Review Climate change poses a significant threat to human health. Understanding how climate science can be translated into public health practice is an essential first step in enabling robust ... water, nutritious food, and shelter, with rapid changes having serious consequences for their health and wellbeing. Indeed, climate change threatens the last 50 years of gains made in public health [ 3

Introduction: systematicity, the nature of science?

anything essential or significant about science in general. After all, investigating the “essence” or “nature” of anything has been shown to be an ineffective enterprise in a great number of cases. From this ... ontological, epistemological and methodological problems, we, the guest editors of this special issue, are driven by the belief that raising the question about the nature of science in the most general sense is

Super Science Infographics: Life Science Through Infographics

more. In addition to the general topics, Life Science Through Infographics includes interesting statistics and fun facts throughout the book.

Science and technology in high-entropy alloys

all aspects of our lives, including agriculture, housing, transportation, food, machinery, and defense industries. As illustrated in Fig. 1, in the early stage of alloy, one principal element was fused ... in these alloys enhances the formation of random solid-solution phases 1 State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China 2

4f chemistry towards rare earth materials science and engineering

element reaches 10 and above. It should be also mentioned that the origin of the 4f chemical bonding is weak interaction with long bond length. The foundation of RE materials science is 4f chemistry, which ... dictates the chemical reactions towards the development of novel RE materials. The recent advance in 4f chemical bonding [7] will stimulate the development of RE materials science. In 4f chemistry, the

Psychological Science within a Three-Dimensional Ontology

The present paper outlines the nature of a three-dimensional ontology and the place of psychological science within this ontology, in a way that is partly similar to and partly different from that of ... , and includes social institutions, norms, categories, theories, and techniques. It is argued that psychological science spans over all three dimensions. Although almost all psychological research by

The sensitivity of TIMSS country rankings in science achievement to differences in opportunity to learn at classroom level

assessment framework’s two-dimensional blueprint consists of a cognitive dimension that includes knowing, applying, and reasoning; and a content dimension that includes biology, chemistry, earth science, and ... interpretation holds for the science domains, which vary in their number of implemented curriculum indicators: biology (7), chemistry (6), earth science (4), and physics (5). TICS was negatively skewed, so

Communicating Science for Everyday Use

these things that are out there? In the food world, it’s just something so big … I can’t solve everything.” Nevertheless, she persists, publishing science-based content online multiple times a week — even ... difference is in the delivery. “My most frequent audiences are producers and crop consultants, but we also reach the general public when interviews are broadcast on national television,” said Romulo Lollato

Science Academies’ Refresher Course in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry Modern College of Arts , Science and Commerce Ganeshkhind, Pune 411 016 27 3 The objective of Refresher Course is to update and enlighten the basic concepts in chemistry keeping in pace ... 411016, for two week period during 27 November to 11 1 Sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi The National Academy of Sciences, India , Allahabad 2 at

Editorial: Bayesian methods for advancing psychological science

, IN , USA 1 Joachim Vandekerckhove The simple act of deciding which among competing theories is most likely-or which is most supported by the datais the most basic goal of empirical science, but the ... , leaving something of a recommendation gap for applied researchers. In psychological science, however, a replacement had already been suggested in the form of the “New Statistics” (Cumming, 2014)-a set of

Consumer-friendly food allergen detection: moving towards smartphone-based immunoassays

. Smartphone-based analysis is centered around citizen science, putting analysis into the hands of the consumer. Food allergies represent a significant worldwide health concern and consumers should be able to ... children population [ 1, 2 ]. There are many existing methods for food allergen detection, which can be split into two general categories: protein-based and DNA-based detection. For a general and in-depth

The Science of Sungrazers, Sunskirters, and Other Near-Sun Comets

for the field and the planned ground- and space-based facilities that will allow us to address those science topics. ... Massachusetts Institute of Technology , Cambridge, MA , USA 5 Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London , Holmbury St. Mary, Dorking , UK 6 Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

Prescriptive variability of drugs by general practitioners

Prescription drug spending is growing faster than any other sector of healthcare. However, very little is known about patterns of prescribing and cost of prescribing between general practices. In ... Ireland International Health Analytics Centre (IHAC) collaborative network project funded by Invest NI through Northern Ireland Science Park (Catalyst Inc). The funders had no role in study design, data

Contextualizing technology in the classroom via remote access: Using space exploration themes and scanning electron microscopy as tools to promote engagement in multidisciplinary geology/chemistry experiments

A multidisciplinary science experiment was performed in K-12 classrooms focusing on the interconnection of technology with geology and chemistry. The engagement and passion for science of over eight ... /chemistry lab skills coupled with remote access SEM/EDS session, a 2.5-fold favorable increase in student perception of science coursework was observed. Moreover, the experiment specifically demonstrates

Environmental Forensic Chemistry and Sound Science in the Courtroom

Testimony Involving Chemists and Chemistry, in EXPERT WITNESSING- EXPLAINING AND UNDERSTANDING SCIENCE 67 (Carl Meyer ed. 1999 ). 168. Meyer, supra note 82, at 102. ... is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 2000 Article 1 * Principal of an environmental chemistry consulting practice at Gradient Corporation, 238

Reading Nonfiction Science Literature with and without Arts Integration Activities

This study explores the integration of the arts into the teaching of science nonfiction texts during literacy instruction. Sixty-one elementary students (15 second graders, 25 third graders, and 21 ... later to compare student retention. Each week, the nonfiction book was introduced and studied using the following general, well-accepted steps: preview, text features, addressing science content

Designing cultural multilevel selection research for sustainability science

addition, this research was supported by National Science Foundation CAREER award SES-1352361, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Hatch project # ME021515, and was made possible through the ... explore and test the implications of multilevel selection theory for sustainability science. In the present paper, we build on Waring et al.’s (2015) framework to provide a guide for empirical research on

Science, Values, and Power: Toward a Christian-Critical Perspective on Responsible Science

This essay critically examines a questionable presupposition of contemporary science—that science is an instrumental means to human ends and as such is a value-neutral project. According to this ... ing and disseminating knowledge without limit; responsibility for answering questions about the value and uses of science in a democratic society, in his view, falls to the general public: Now as then

Toulmin’s argument pattern as a “horizon of possibilities” in the study of argumentation in science education

Kim and Roth (this issue) purport to draw on the social-psychological theory of L. S. Vygotsky in order to investigate social relations in children’s argumentation in science topics. The authors ... higher education was completed in the USA at Vanderbilt (PhD, Science Education & Philosophy), Cornell (MSc, Food chemistry) and Northwestern (BA, Biochemistry) Universities. She has worked as a chemistry

Weird Science: Frankenstein Foods and States as Laboratories of Democracy

The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (the 'National Standard') was signed into law July 29, 2016. This Article analyzes the National Standard and posits that Vermont’s Act 120 was a ... ] Vermont’s General Assembly cited several reasons for mandatory labeling.65 The legislature noted that GMOs were increasingly present in the United States’ food supply and yet the federal government required