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Is Science Education Relevant?

. Until recently, however, we have failed to acknowledge and attempt to map thoroughly the learners’attitudes towards their science classes and towards sci­ ence and technology in general. At least two ... to notice is that mean values in general are well above 2.5 indicat­ ing an overall large degree of acknowledgement of the impor­ tance of science and technology in creating better living condi­ tions

The Efficiency of Linda for General Purpose Scientific Programming

, however, are of little value unless Linda programs execute efficiently. The goal of this article is to demonstrate that Linda programs are efficient making Linda an effective general purpose tool for ... interaction of processes). In Linda, coordination takes place through six oper­ ations that manipulate an associative, virtual shared memory. This coordination mechanism is both simple and general making it

Editorial: Relaunching Cultural Science

Cultural Science Journal is delighted to announce our successful migration to the Ubiquity Press platform. We are now ready to publish submissions received during 2018, which will comprise Volume 10 ... ‘rigorous in method’ but retained a ‘vigorous and general humanity’ (1974: 37). He wrote: ‘The approach I want to describe is that of cultural studies, which is English for “cultural science”.’ Williams was

Help to shape policy with your science

Decision-makers need input from researchers on issues involving science and society. ... A protest in Brussels ahead of the European Union’s vote to ban neonicotinoid pesticides in April 2018.Credit: Isopix/REX/ShutterstockMegan Evans got a crash course in science policy in 2011. As a

Science, Policy and the Developing Frontiers of International Law

SCIENCE HAS ALWAYS BEEN a most important, if not the most important, agent of legal change. The hydraulic engineering achievements of ancient Egypt and China not only determined the laws of land ... structure of society. Where would the law of the sea be without the development of ships and the science of navigation? In a lighter view too we can imagine chariots creating traffic problems (and laws) on

Introduction: new trends in the metaphysics of science

science. It now appears artificial to separate the analysis of the general conceptual tools that are used throughout the sciences, such as cause, law, individual object, process, mechanism, reduction, from ... special issue make constructive contributions to metaphysics of science, either concerning science in general or specific fields of science. Michael Esfeld’s paper “A proposal for a minimalist ontology

Super Science Infographics: Life Science Through Infographics

more. In addition to the general topics, Life Science Through Infographics includes interesting statistics and fun facts throughout the book.

Climate Change: From Science to Practice

Purpose of Review Climate change poses a significant threat to human health. Understanding how climate science can be translated into public health practice is an essential first step in enabling robust ... water, nutritious food, and shelter, with rapid changes having serious consequences for their health and wellbeing. Indeed, climate change threatens the last 50 years of gains made in public health [ 3

Applications of General Residual Power Series Method to Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients

This paper is devoted to studying the analytical series solutions for the differential equations with variable coefficients. By a general residual power series method, we construct the approximate ... . Introduction In the field of science and engineering, many physical phenomena can be described by differential equations with variable coefficients. For example, some physical problems in inhomogeneous media [1

How social science should complement scientific discovery: lessons from nanoscience

This article examines the state of social science of science, particularly nanoscience. It reviews what has been done and offers a series of constructive criticisms. It examines some of the problems ... discovery is critically important for self-evaluation of the cases instant and the future of the social science of science in general. Emerging science has become a term to describe what happens when

Food allergy and anaphylaxis

Food allergy and anaphylaxis David Yue, Amanda Ciccolini, Ernie Avilla, Susan Waserman Division of Clinical Immunology & Allergy, Department of Medicine, Health Sciences Centre, McMaster University ... anaphylaxis (two tertiary care pediatric hospitals and a third general hospital). The study reported an annual recurrence rate of 17.6% with food being the most common cause of these recurrences (84.6%).10 A

How to deliver sound science in resource-poor regions

inspire young people in science. For the past five or six years, I have been the editor-in-chief of the journal Congo Sciences, which I co-founded. We started it because we wanted to bring visibility to ... the journal. For the past ten years, I’ve been trying to create an academy of sciences for the DRC, similar to the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC. We have to try to

4f chemistry towards rare earth materials science and engineering

element reaches 10 and above. It should be also mentioned that the origin of the 4f chemical bonding is weak interaction with long bond length. The foundation of RE materials science is 4f chemistry, which ... dictates the chemical reactions towards the development of novel RE materials. The recent advance in 4f chemical bonding [7] will stimulate the development of RE materials science. In 4f chemistry, the

Indicator system for managing science, technology and innovation in universities

The formulation of standardized measurement indicators of science, technology and innovation at the international, regional and institutional level remains a continuing need. Although there are

Introduction: systematicity, the nature of science?

anything essential or significant about science in general. After all, investigating the “essence” or “nature” of anything has been shown to be an ineffective enterprise in a great number of cases. From this ... ontological, epistemological and methodological problems, we, the guest editors of this special issue, are driven by the belief that raising the question about the nature of science in the most general sense is

Wetlands In a Changing Climate: Science, Policy and Management

strategies and policies reflecting an integrated understanding of both wetland and climate change science. Specific recommendations are made to capture synergies between wetlands and carbon cycle management ... Gillian T. Davies 2 Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, University of Maryland USA and the MD/DC Chapter of the Nature Conservancy , Bethesda, MD , USA 3 Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Astrobiology as Hybrid Science: Introduction to the Thematic Issue

article, these include physics, chemistry, biology, manufacturing engineering, political science, economics, and psychology. Latour (1992) pointed out that purification and translation are necessary to ... sciences. Moreover, in some general sense, a balance had to be maintained between science and its social construction. Too much of social constructivist accounts of science makes one yearn to have more

Structure and chemistry of grain boundaries in yttria doped aluminas

[ 16 ] and has been recently attributed to an effect of codoping of residual impurities [ 21 ]. 4.2 GENERAL FEATURES OF INTERGRANULAR SEGREGATION. The general aspects of GB chemistry of the two ... Côte d'or, 94114 Arcueil , France 2014 The structure and chemistry of grain boundaries (GB's) are investigated by TEM in an alumina codoped with magnesia and yttria and an alumina doped with only yttria

Asymptotics for general nonstationary fractionally integrated processes without prehistoric influence

This paper derives a functional limit theorem for general nonstationary fractionally integrated processes having no influence from prehistory. Asymptotic distributions of sample autocovariances and ... reprints should be sent to Qiying Wang,CMA, School of Mathematical Science, The Australian National University , ACT 0200 , Australia 1 School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics, University of Wollongong

The views of the general public on prioritising vaccination programmes against childhood diseases: A qualitative study

appropriate and whether societal preferences for childhood vaccinations should be used to help inform childhood immunisation policy. Objective To gauge the general public’s preferences for prioritising certain ... analysed using an inductive thematic framework approach. Setting Population Adult members of the general public were recruited using the Bristol and South Gloucestershire open electoral registers, using