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Guided Inquiry Animations in General Chemistry

Many people have nightmares about their undergraduate chemistry experiences. I suspect, though, that if Larry Kolopajlo had been our teacher, this would not be the case. Larry's work in this chapter ... Context: General Chemistry for Science Majors General Chemistry I and II are three credit lecture courses, designed for science majors, that meet three hours per week. Their curriculum follows the topics

Interest In Culinary Science Heats Up

culinary science are doing. "The curriculum is based strongly in food sciences and students develop basic culinary skills and knowledge," says Erica Beirman, Iowa State University alumna and culinary science ... science coordinator. “Our graduates work in the test kitchens and research labs where food products are developed.” That’s what attracted Phil Canada who is a junior in culinary science. One of the

The Science Behind Your Food

When people think about where their food comes from, many think of the farmer or rancher-and rightly so. But few think of the scientists working behind the scenes to support our agricultural ... University from 2002 to 2005. In short, I’m happy to keep the flame burning for agricultural, food and natural resource research. It’s an exciting field of science, and one that will continue to offer good

Examination of in-cloud sulfate chemistry using a different model initialization

We first examine characteristics of in-cloud sulfate chemistry of a mid-latitude convective cloud using a different model initialization. Specifically, we studied the relative importance of ... part of the Republic of Macedonia. The cloud-resolving model coupled with aqueous sulfate chemistry module has been employed to simulate the sulfate aerosol aqueous chemistry and wet deposition. The

Effects of Dietary Zinc Source and Level on Mammary Epithelia and Dairy Food Chemistry

observed on markers of blood-milk leak, mRNA abundance of ZnT2 or clusterin, or dairy food chemistry properties. Concentration and source of dietary Zn did not impact mammary epithelial integrity in

The Case for Chemistry

last equation. Think of chemistry as a whole and what it means to your every day living, to your career and to progress in general. ... . Alertness, openmindness, an interest in learning how to do things a better way are attitudes fostered by all science, a nd by chem istry in particular. Chemistry is so much a part of our every day world that

Students with Blindness Explore Chemistry at ‘Camp Can Do’

Students with blindness or low vision are often discouraged from full participation in laboratory science classes due to the inadequacy of current methodological approaches and the lack of ... ’ HANDS ONTO THE SCIENCE The 2009 chemistry workshop, held on the first day of camp, began with a discussion about the scientific method and how it can be used to problem solve. Next was a detailed

Approaches and Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST) in an Introductory Course in Chemistry.

undertaking an introductory chemistry course. Completed inventories (n=103, 85% response), included 30 BSc Biomedicine, 15 BSc Food and Nutrition, 22 BSc Geology, 18 BSc Science students, and a further 18 ... science disciplines, such as engineering and chemistry (Case & Gunstone 2003; Lastusaari & Murtonen 2013; Zeegers 2001) , are less extensively studied. As approaches to study and learning either enhance

Adjudicating the GM Food Wars: Science, Risk, and Democracy in World Trade Law

Director of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Standards at Michigan State University. Brian Wynme is Professor of Science Studies at Lancaster University. We wish to thank Celia Whitaker, Clara

UCF Chemistry Lab Making Strides in Medicine

students, three chemistry major undergraduates, three forensic science undergraduates, and one biochemistry undergraduate. The work we do revolves around a main tool: electrochemical sensors. This is a ... Chemistry Department at University of Central Florida (UCF). A native of Peru, she earned her Master’s and Doctoral degrees at University of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. During her graduate studies she spent

Can Science and Religion Mix?

Religion on the Iowa State campus is more than a matter of attending church on Sundays. Look deep into the thoughts of that aproned chemistry student who is memorizing formulas for his flow sheet ... foods student. They know more than their chemistry equations or pie recipes. They're developing ideas on what they want in life and religion. Their discussions are centered on ideas that go deeper than

Minority Students’ Perspectives on Chemistry in an Alternative High School

proportional to their population; they are noticeably absent from the physical science fields. Little research has explored the circumstances that Latino students encounter in high school chemistry. In this ... , 1993; Jennings, 1993; Zanger, 1993) , and less than ten studies were found on Latino students in chemistry or even in science, in general (Black & Crawley, 1991; Crawley & Koballa, 1994; Flores-Feist

Food Systems 101

spring. It was taught by Ruth MacDonald, professor and chair of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Cheryll Reitmeier, professor and associate chair of food science and human nutrition ... chair of food science and human nutrition. “Everyone makes food choice decisions throughout their lives,” says MacDonald. “The goal was to make students think about food, understand context and evaluate

The Chemistry of the Flint Water Crisis

Politics and science do not always go hand-in-hand. Nowhere was this more clear than in the Flint Water Crisis. Negligence towards growing levels of lead poisoning in drinking water led to incredibly ... :// - Dogo News author Meera Dolasia recently wrote about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. The Flint water crisis is an unfortunate example of science and politics mixing poorly. The crisis

Natural Science

THE trickle of water moved very much like a caterpillar hunting for food. Its anterior was like a smooth, domeshaped wall of water that was prevented from answering the call of gravity by some ... Natural Science Iowa State College Copyright c 1944 by the authors. Sketch is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 1944 James Lucas THE

The Chemistry of Allergies

State University , Bridgewater, Massachusetts , USA - the CHEMISTRY Illustration by Miriam Walsh ach year in the United States, over 5000 people die from bronchial asthma, 40 from insect stings, and ... and IgM have been associated with allergic reac­ tions involving blood vessels and the kidneys. Both IgA and IgE are involved with food allergies which usually occur in people who lack IgA. IgA blocks

An Evaluation of eScience Lab Kits for Online Learning

Higher education online science courses generally lack the hands-on components essential in understanding theories, methods, and techniques in chemistry and biology. Companies like eScience Labs ... prerequisites like algebra and general chemistry. With these aspects combined, the eScience lab kit is a great addition to an introductory forensic science course as it provides safe and interactive hands-on

Using Citizen Science to Quantify Community Garden Crop Yields

define community gardens in the context of the New York City food system and to educate local communities about developing and conducting meaningful research. The project employs citizen science methods in ... plants cultivated in these spaces is largely known, the quantity of food produced in them remains unknown. Farming Concrete is a project utilizing citizen science strategies to measure the amount of food

A Case of One Professor's Teaching and Use of Nature of Science in an Introductory Chemistry Course

In this article I provide a qualitative analysis of one faculty's teaching and answer the following research question: How does one chemistry professor who teaches introductory science incorporate ... was teaching an introductory level general chemistry course for science majors. I observed him in 23 of his 28 class sessions. The ones that I did not observe were either midterm or final exams or