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Super Science Infographics: Life Science Through Infographics

more. In addition to the general topics, Life Science Through Infographics includes interesting statistics and fun facts throughout the book.

4f chemistry towards rare earth materials science and engineering

element reaches 10 and above. It should be also mentioned that the origin of the 4f chemical bonding is weak interaction with long bond length. The foundation of RE materials science is 4f chemistry, which ... dictates the chemical reactions towards the development of novel RE materials. The recent advance in 4f chemical bonding [7] will stimulate the development of RE materials science. In 4f chemistry, the

Communicating Science for Everyday Use

these things that are out there? In the food world, it’s just something so big … I can’t solve everything.” Nevertheless, she persists, publishing science-based content online multiple times a week — even ... difference is in the delivery. “My most frequent audiences are producers and crop consultants, but we also reach the general public when interviews are broadcast on national television,” said Romulo Lollato

Reading Nonfiction Science Literature with and without Arts Integration Activities

This study explores the integration of the arts into the teaching of science nonfiction texts during literacy instruction. Sixty-one elementary students (15 second graders, 25 third graders, and 21 ... later to compare student retention. Each week, the nonfiction book was introduced and studied using the following general, well-accepted steps: preview, text features, addressing science content

Science Theater as STEAM: A Case Study of "Save It Now

understanding, categorizing and evaluating STEAM programs in general. ... , Evaluation , and Research Commons, Elementary Education and Teaching Commons, Science and Mathematics Education Commons, and the Theatre and Performance Studies Commons Follow this and additional works at

Science, Values, and Power: Toward a Christian-Critical Perspective on Responsible Science

This essay critically examines a questionable presupposition of contemporary science—that science is an instrumental means to human ends and as such is a value-neutral project. According to this ... ing and disseminating knowledge without limit; responsibility for answering questions about the value and uses of science in a democratic society, in his view, falls to the general public: Now as then

Weird Science: Frankenstein Foods and States as Laboratories of Democracy

The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard (the 'National Standard') was signed into law July 29, 2016. This Article analyzes the National Standard and posits that Vermont’s Act 120 was a ... ] Vermont’s General Assembly cited several reasons for mandatory labeling.65 The legislature noted that GMOs were increasingly present in the United States’ food supply and yet the federal government required

Sorcery and Science: Honoring the Work of Shirley Lindenbaum

anthropological version of Science and Technology Studies (Gaines 1998; see Rodger and Steel 2016 for a volume in the new CSSM book series). In general, Professional Lindenbaum’s fine work shows us the value of ... Science Foundation, Professor Lindenbaum served on the Advisory Panel in Social and Cultural Anthropology from 1983 to 1985. She was President of the Society for Medical Anthropology ( 1989–1991 ) as

Environmental Forensic Chemistry and Sound Science in the Courtroom

Testimony Involving Chemists and Chemistry, in EXPERT WITNESSING- EXPLAINING AND UNDERSTANDING SCIENCE 67 (Carl Meyer ed. 1999 ). 168. Meyer, supra note 82, at 102. ... is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 2000 Article 1 * Principal of an environmental chemistry consulting practice at Gradient Corporation, 238

Identifying economics’ place amongst academic disciplines: a science or a social science?

, econometrics and the remaining journals, the first two link with mathematics and computer science, particularly econometrics, and thence the sciences. The rest of economics then links with business and thence ... . These two sub groups merge and are then joined by chemistry, physics, a sub group of maths and computer science, and finally clinical medicine and public health. To a large extent the clusterings are

Trust in Food and Trust in Science

Education, Communication and Learning, Gothenburg University , P.O. Box 300, Gothenburg , Sweden - Recent and dramatic knowledge depreciation has raised the need for science to take an active role in the ... public debate and widen the reference frames. Publishing appealing narratives introducing a common reference frame may provide positive identification stimuli. The traditional voice of science has

Capable and credible? Challenging nutrition science

Nutrition science has enriched our understanding of how to stay healthy by producing valuable knowledge about the interaction of nutrients, food, and the human body. Nutrition science also has raised ... . Nutrition science also has raised societal awareness about the links between food consumption and well-being, and provided the basis for food regulations and dietary guidelines. Its collaborative and

Dutch food bank recipients have poorer dietary intakes than the general and low-socioeconomic status Dutch adult population

aim of our study was to assess dietary intake of Dutch food bank recipients (n = 167) and to compare this with dietary intake of a representative sample of the general population (Dutch National Food ... , who largely rely on the content of food parcels, are not able to meet the nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet, and their dietary intake is poorer than the general as well as the low-SES sample of

General Personnel Issues

. They may make pizzas or prepare food twenty percent of the time, but if they have two employees under them and their primary obligation is to manage, they would be an executive employee exempt from the ... primary obligation must be to manage at least two people. However, here the amount of time which can be allocated to ministerial duties, for example making pizzas or preparing food, is in the order of fifty

Science and the Law

- Article 3 SCIENCE AND THE LAW* WILLIAM J. MCGILLt It is a great honor for me to have been invited here this evening at the outset of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Guild of Catholic ... as it affects the administration of science. It is not quite true that all of us are threatening to sue the pants off each other or to investigate the daylights out of one another, but it is also not

Design Principles of Online Learning Communities in Citizen Science

Online communities for citizen science are expanding rapidly, giving participants the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities, from monitoring invasive species to targeting pollution ... . Citizen science projects have become a popular method for scientists to use global connectivity to collect data for their research as well as to communicate aspects of science to the general public (Bonney

Sustainability science for meeting Africa’s challenges: setting the stage

) Mining and the African environment . Conserv Lett 7 : 302 - 311 EIU ( 2015 ) Global food security index 2015 . The Economist Intelligence Unit , London Elsevier ( 2015 ) Sustainability science in a global ... 9 0 IR3S, University of Tokyo , Tokyo , Japan 1 & Alexandros Gasparatos 2 Sustainability Science for Meeting Africa's Challenges 3 University of Cape Town , Cape Town , South Africa 4 Council for

Philipp Frank on relativity in science and morality

that as in science, relativity in morality does not preclude objectivity. The paper deals with the question of which conceptions of relativity and relativism Frank refers to in the context of modern ... reflected in a general feature of Frank’s philosophy of science. Elisabeth Nemeth, Thomas Uebel and others have made clear that Frank held a strong belief that science and philosophy of science could make

Cryo-electron microscopy finds place in materials science

unprecedented achievements in the field of life science and materials science [1-6]. In particular, the 2017 Nobel Prize of chemistry was awarded to three scientists who contributed significantly to developing ... 0 Center of Electron Microscopy and State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University , Hangzhou, 310027 , China SCIENCE CHINA Materials

Saudi Science Teachers

This paper aimed to identify science teachers ... Practices in Alzelfy Educational Administration According to their Perceptions Saeed M. Alshamrani, Ph.D College of Education & Excellence Research Center of Science and Mathematics Education - King Saud