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Mindfulness-Based Intervention in School Psychology

MBI in school psychology. A few meta-analyses have been conducted in recent years for the purpose of synthesizing and quantifying the available empirical evidence regarding the use of MBI with youth and ... research is needed to both understand the workings of MBI and, relatedly, optimize the composition of MBI for use with youth and in schools. The Role of MBI in School Psychology Considering the promising

The Prevalence of ADHD in American Society: The Influence of Parent-Child and Child-Technology Interactions

on a linkage of events created by effects from a lack of parent-child interactions that lead to an increase in technology use which develops behaviors that mimic ADHD-like traits. ... society has forgotten is that beneath a label, there is a child who is troubled, or operating according to discrepant rules. A child bullied on the playground at school may have to deal with a particular

Diversity Of Diagnoses And Student Learning Experiences In An On-Campus School Psychology Assessment Center: Future Directions And Focus

School Psychology Assessment Centers (SPAC) developed at the University-level are crucial in developing competent school psychologists. While many models on how to develop mental health centers are ... DeShae Davis-Gatti M.A. 0 1 2 0 Part of the Child Psychology Commons, Clinical Psychology Commons, Developmental Psychology Commons, Education Commons, and the School Psychology Commons Tell us how this

Like Father, like Child: Early Life Family Adversity and Children’s Bullying Behaviors in Elementary School

adversity. We also demonstrated that the association of fathers’ prenatal hostility and family distress with subsequent bullying behavior of their child at school was partly mediated by fathers’ harsh ... -demographic and psychosocial covariates as they were considered possible confounding factors in the association between family adversity and school bullying: child age, gender, national origin, monthly

"Are you gonna publish that?" Peer-reviewed publication outcomes of doctoral dissertations in psychology

literature. However, the extent and nature of dissertation publication remains largely unknown within psychology. The present study investigated the peer-reviewed publication outcomes of psychology ... States of America, 4 Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine , Seattle, WA , United States of America 1 Clinical Child Psychology Program, University of

Childhood ‘Innocence’ is Not Ideal: Virtue Ethics and Child–Adult Sex

ethics succeed, where other arguments fail, against the moral admissibility of child–adult sexual relations; (3) proposing that such relations can be seen as virtuous in the context of an alternative view ... constitutes normal child sexuality in WEIRD societies (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic), but what is most natural for children and all of us based on our evolved psychology (Henrich et al

Pre-service primary school teachers’ knowledge of informal statistical inference

The ability to reason inferentially is increasingly important in today’s society. It is hypothesized here that engaging primary school students in informal statistical reasoning (ISI), defined as ... children to be controlled for in sampling were merged into one code ‘‘quota factor school or child.’’ The resulting codes were used to summarize the main strategies and arguments used in the open-ended

Protecting the child while preserving the relationship: Using baby’s relational withdrawal to gauge the effect of parental visitation

Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America, 3 Environmental Research & Innovation (ERIN), Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Belval ... placed away from home and their birth parents: Research issues and evidence . Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry , 1997 , 2 ( 3 ), 393 ± 413 . 8. Quinton D. , Selwyn J. , Rushton A. , & Dance C

Unmasking the Teen Cyberbully: A First Amendment-Compliant Approach to Protecting Child Victims of Anonymous, School-Related Internet Harassment

by minors and student speech in the school environment. Second, it reviews and discusses the prevalence of minors’ online harassment or Cyberbullying, including pre-litigation disputes reported in the ... secondary school students. This Article refers to them as the Student Speech Cases.43 2017] UNMASKING THE TEEN CYBERBULLY Because the premise of this Article is that the Child Protection Cases, rather than

The development of the own-race advantage in school-age children: A morphing face paradigm

Previous studies examining the other-race effect in school-age children mostly focused on recognition memory performance. Here we investigated perceptual discriminability for Asian-like versus ... contrast in 3-month-old infants . Infancy , 2007a ; 11 ( 1 ), 87 ± 95 . 16. Sangrigoli S , de Schonen S. Recognition of own-race and other-race faces by three-month-old infants . Journal of Child Psychology

Early Life Stress and Childhood Aggression: Mediating and Moderating Effects of Child Callousness and Stress Reactivity

reactivity in the prediction of school-age and persistent early childhood aggression. A longitudinal sample of 185 mother–child dyads completed a lab visit and mothers completed an online follow-up when ... school-aged, respectively. Physiological and behavioral measures of stress reactivity were collected during the preschool period. Ratings of child aggressive behavior, ELS, and callousness were collected

Humanistic Psychology, Same-Sex Attraction, and Safe Spaces

In this paper, we explore the concept of a genuinely “safe space,” what it might mean, and how such a concept is usually understood in both the discipline of psychology and the larger culture ... ; //scholarsarchive; byu; edu/irp - Article 5 Humanistic Psychology, Same-Sex Attraction, and S Spaces: A Latter-day Saint Inquiry into the Meani Love Edwin E. Gantt Brigham Young University Jeffrey L. Thayne

A Case for Revisiting the Child Welfare Act

In 2017, in D.O. v. Glisson, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit held that the Child Welfare Act of 1980 (the “Act”) creates a privately enforceable right to foster care ... insurance with respect to a child, reasonable travel to the chsildh’ome or visitation, and reasonable travel for the child to remain in the school in which the child is enrolled at the time of placement

School Climate, Academic Achievement and Educational Aspirations in Roma Minority and Bulgarian Majority Adolescents

Psychology, Uppsala University , Box 1225, 751 42 Uppsala , Sweden 1 Department of Psychology, Stockholm University , Frescati Hagv. 14, 106 91 Stockholm , Sweden Background School climate can promote ... child behaves badly in school”, “I have the support of my colleagues in selecting teaching content and methods”, “In this school you feel that you can develop as an educator.” The validity and reliability

Linking Mother–Child Discrepancies to Behavioral Observations of Children’s Anxiety

. Australian Journal of Psychology , 51 , 25 - 28 . 10.1080/00049539908255331. Comer , J. S. , & Kendall , P. C. ( 2004 ). A symptom-level examination of parent-child agreement in the diagnosis ... . 2009 . 09 .008. Damon , W. , Lerner , R. M. , & Eisenberg , N. ( 2006 ). Handbook of child psychology , volume 3 , social, emotional, and personality development (6th ed .). New York: Wiley. De Los Reyes

Testing for an Effect of a Mindfulness Induction on Child Executive Functions

Several sessions of mindfulness practice can exert positive gains for child executive functions (EF); however, the evidence for effects of a mindfulness induction, on EF for adults, is mixed and this ... Child Psychology and Psychiatry , 37 ( 8 ), 961 - 970 . Best , J. R. , Miller , P. H. , & Jones , L. L. ( 2009 ). Executive functions after age 5: changes and correlates . Developmental Review , 29 ( 3

Child Abuse Evidence: New Perspectives from Law, Medicine, Psychology & Statistics: Opening Remarks, November 6, 2015

Michgian Journal of Law Reform at University of Michgian Law School Scholarship Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion innUiversity of Michgian Journal of Law Reform by an authorized editor of ... University of Michgian Law School Scholarship Repository. For more infomration , please 1 Part of theEvidence Commons , Judges Commons, Juvenile Law Commons, and theMedical Follow this and additional works at

Child Abuse Evidence: New Perspectives from Law, Medicine, Psychology & Statistics: Introduction

Introduction to the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform Symposium, Child Abuse Evidence: New Perspectives from Law, Medicine, Psychology & Statistics. ... , Psychology and Statistics.” This event responded to Michigan Statistics professor Ben Hansen’s experience of being wrongly accused of child abuse by a child abuse pediatrician at our own Mott Children’s

Child Abuse Evidence: New Perspectives from Law, Medicine, Psychology & Statistics: Question and Answer Session

A transcript of the Question and Answer session during the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform Symposium, Child Abuse Evidence: New Perspectives from Law, Medicine, Psychology & Statistics. ... Social Psychology, University of San Francisco PB6: This question is for Dr. Barnes. Before signing out a case as child abuse, do you negate the ten or twelve other possibilities that you listed? It’s

Modelling the factor structure of the Child Depression Inventory in a population of apparently healthy adolescents in Nigeria

Background Childhood and adolescent depression is common and often persists into adulthood with negative implications for school performances, peer relationship and behavioural functioning. The Child ... Child Psychology 1989 ; 17 ( 6 ): 647 ± 655 . PMID: 2607056 16. Kovacs M. The children's depression inventory . New York: Multi-Health Systems . 1992 . 17. Weiss B , Weisz JR , Politano M , Carey M