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Editorial note to: André Lichnerowicz, Propagators, commutators and anti-commutators in general relativity

relativity yet existed, received new input from relativistic physics, the theory of distributions, and the tools of modern analysis and algebra. Some milestones were, in chronological order, the Hadamard ... concepts studied in the Lichnerowicz lectures, i.e. the quantum theory of Klein–Gordon and Dirac fields with the associated propagators, and the physical applications of Clifford’s algebra, but the

Suggestions Towards a Theory of Gravitation.

to this fountain of genuine Jewish learning to study Jewish history, Talmudic jurisprudence, Hebrew language, and the vast Jewish literature from the Bible down to the works of the New York Ghetto ... poet." A provisional programme of the lectures for the first year has already been published, and the officers of the University may be addressed at the Bible House, New York City. - AN AMERICAN


possible benefits from quantum counterparts. The nonclassical features of Quantum Theory introduced as quantum resources which enables possible speed ups or advantages over classical computational tasks ... intelligence and artificial neural networks and also human memory linguistics and anthropology [1]. On the other hand, quantum cognition adopts quantum probability theory instead of classical probability

Relativity and its Precursors.

Galileian-Xewtonian Theory. P>y the side of his special relativity postulate Einstein puts forth a postulate concerning the speed of light to the efifect that, when in a vacuum and tminfluenced bv gravitation ... RELATIVITY AND ITS PRECURSORS BY ROBERT P. RICHARDSON - THE theory of relativity takes its root in a view which, though a commonplace to all thoughtful modern scientists, accepted alike by

Cosmologies with Scalar Fields from Higher Dimensions Applied to Bianchi Type Model: Classical and Quantum Solutions

We construct an effective four-dimensional model by compactifying a ten-dimensional theory of gravity coupled with a real scalar dilaton field on a time-dependent torus. The corresponding action in ... higher-dimensional theory of gravity, and our analysis covers the classical and quantum aspects. In the frame of classical analysis we obtained that two radii of the Bianchi type are proportional, and we

The Mountain Man's Relativity Theory

:// - Article 30 The M M THE MOUNTAIN MAN’S RELATIVITY THEORY My father and I were working our horses up the side of a shale ridge in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming when I first met ... Hilden Olsen. He was making his way east toward the Bruce Camp trailhead, down a coarse switchback laid down across the face of the mountain like long and sharp rolls of concertina wire. Hilden was pulling

Quantum theory and consciousness: an overview with selected examples

description, and adopt quantum theory in different ways. For each of the approaches discussed, these imply both problematic and promising features which will be indicated. ... evolution can be incorporated, and superselection rules can be formulated to derive classical observables from a noncommutative (irreducible) algebra of observables. Quantum field theory yields infinitely

Superdensity operators for spacetime quantum mechanics

Abstract We introduce superdensity operators as a tool for analyzing quantum information in spacetime. Superdensity operators encode spacetime correlation functions in an operator framework, and ... . Griffiths, Consistent quantum theory, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge U.K. (2002).zbMATHGoogle Scholar [6] H.F. Dowker and J.J. Halliwell, The quantum mechanics of history: the decoherence functional

Finite entanglement entropy in asymptotically safe quantum gravity

Abstract Entanglement entropies calculated in the framework of quantum field theory on classical, flat or curved, spacetimes are known to show an intriguing area law in four dimensions, but they are ... . Weinberg, Ultraviolet Divergences In Quantum Theories Of Gravitation, in General Relativity, an Einstein Centenary Survey, S.W. Hawking and W. Israel eds., Cambridge University Press (1980), pg. 790 [INSPIRE

Gravitational Physics: the birth of a new era

General theory of Relativity. Notwithstanding, General Relativity is not adequate to explain the earliest stages of cosmic existence, and cannot provide an explanation for the Big Bang itself. Modern early ... rigorous underpinning in Quantum Gravity. - Gfor the large-scale dynamics of the cosmos — the eneral Relativity, the well-known Albert Einstein’s theory, describes warps in space-time, and accounts

An Optical Scalar Approach to Weak Gravitation Lensing

We assume a thick gravitational lens governed by a Baltz n=1 matter density model. From the gravitational potential we then derive expressions for a Weyl tensor component and Ricci tensor component ... an axially symmetric lens and source. I. Introduction The pre-relativity idea of gravitation was that objects with mass would interact with each other directly. The strength of this gravitational

Einstein and Rastall theories of gravitation in comparison

Visser’s ones. We indeed argue that these two theories are not equivalent. In fact, Rastall theory of gravity is an “open” theory when compared to Einstein general theory of relativity. Thus, it is ready to ... [ 8,9 ]. A key point is that all of the potential alternatives to Einstein’s general theory of relativity (GTR) must be viable. This implies that alternative theories must be in agreement with the

Stratified scalar field theories of gravitation with self-energy term and effective particle Lagrangian

We construct a general stratified scalar theory of gravitation from a field equation that accounts for the self-interaction of the field and a particle Lagrangian, and calculate its post-Newtonian ... parameters from some parameters of the field equation and of particle Lagrangian would be of great help. General relativity, so far the most successful theory, is a tensorial theory of gravitation. But, it is

Classical Models, Sonata Theory, and the First Movement of Liszt’s Faust Symphony

Kollmann, Galeazzi, and Czerny), in order to demonstrate that the movement adheres to those models in remarkably consistent ways. The study then employs aspects of Hepokoski’s and Darcy’s Sonata Theory to ... his primary influence (Classical Form, 3). 4 Hepokoski and Darcy, Elements of Sonata Theory, 354. 5 See, for example, the analyses in Warren Darcy, “Bruckner’s Sonata Deformations,” in Bruckner Studies

Social Theory: The Multicultural and Classical Readings. Charles Lemert.

Book note for Charles Lemert, Social Theory: The Multicultural and Classical Readings. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2004. $35.00 papercover. ... e Journal of Sociology ulticultural and Classical Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarworks; wmich; edu/jssw Readings. C ert. eor y: Th Classical Thi s Book Note is brought to

A Constitutional Right to Police Protection and Classical Liberal Theory: Complement, Not Conflict

argues that the current system, under which the State has virtually no obligation to enforce its own laws, affronts the classical liberal underpinnings on which the United States was founded. The article ... AKRON JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AND POLICY A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO POLICE PROTECTION AND CLASSICAL LIBERAL THEORY: COMPLEMENT, NOT CONFLICT CONFLICT Laura Rae Dove 0 A. The Claims: Substantive

Canonical equivariant extensions using classical Hodge theory

Lin and Sjamaar have used symplectic Hodge theory to obtain canonical equivariant extensions for Hamiltonian actions on closed symplectic manifolds that have the strong Lefschetz property. Here we ... extensions much more generally by means of classical Hodge theory. In [4], Lin and Sjamaar show how to use symplectic Hodge theory to obtain canonical equivariant extensions of closed forms in Hamiltonian

Quantum Man

matter with the appearance of classical reality on the surface and cloudy quantum behavior underneath, the sculpture seems to consist of solid steel when seen from the front, but dissolves into almost ... The STEAM Journal Quantum Man Julian Voss-Andreae 0 0 Follow this and additional works at: - Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No

Art as a Tool in Quantum Mechanics

developments in modern physics, such as quantum mechanics and general relativity, suffer from their notoriously perceived difficulty, thus hindering cultural assimilation. To address this issue, art can serve as ... , the concepts of general relativity and quantum mechanics, the cornerstones of modern science, have remained a seemingly obscure mystery to the masses. While these ideas appear to have had, and continue

Renormalization group properties in the conformal sector: towards perturbatively renormalizable quantum gravity

inhomogeneity, with space-times of vanishing size being required to be almost homogeneous. We initiate a study of this exotic quantum field theory at the interacting level, and discuss what the full theory of ... and M.J.G. Veltman, One loop divergencies in the theory of gravitation, Ann. Inst. H. Poincare Phys. Theor. A20 (1974) 69 [INSPIRE]. [2] M.H. Goroff and A. Sagnotti, Quantum gravity at two loops, Phys