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Quantum theory and consciousness: an overview with selected examples

It is widely accepted that consciousness or, in other words, mental activity is in some way correlated to the behavior of the brain or, in other words, material brain activity. Since quantum theory ... effects since gravitation is the only fundamental interaction which is not integrated into quantum theory so far. Rather than modifying elements of the theory of gravitation (i.e., general relativity) to

Cosmologies with Scalar Fields from Higher Dimensions Applied to Bianchi Type Model: Classical and Quantum Solutions

We construct an effective four-dimensional model by compactifying a ten-dimensional theory of gravity coupled with a real scalar dilaton field on a time-dependent torus. The corresponding action in ... formal question involves how to handle the classical Hamiltonian constraint, , in the quantum theory. Also, connected with the problem of time is the “Hilbert space problem” [5, 6] referring to the not-at

Stratified scalar field theories of gravitation with self-energy term and effective particle Lagrangian

We construct a general stratified scalar theory of gravitation from a field equation that accounts for the self-interaction of the field and a particle Lagrangian, and calculate its post-Newtonian ... . Special relativity also implied that any proposed theory of gravitation should be relativistic. The simplest way is to put Newtonian’s gravitation in a relativistic form. Scalar gravitational theories were

Superdensity operators for spacetime quantum mechanics

Abstract We introduce superdensity operators as a tool for analyzing quantum information in spacetime. Superdensity operators encode spacetime correlation functions in an operator framework, and ... operator tensor formulation of quantum theory, Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. A 370 (2012) 3385 [arXiv:1201.4390] [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetCrossRefGoogle Scholar [32] L. Hardy, Operational general relativity

Relativity Theory Refounded

elaborated for quantum mechanics to relativity theory and in such a way that time and space become creations instead of discoveries and an underlying non temporal and non spatial reality comes into existence ... of relativity theory that makes the existence of a flow of time compatible with the four-dimensional block universe. To this end, we apply the creation-discovery view elaborated for quantum mechanics

Einstein and Rastall theories of gravitation in comparison

Visser’s ones. We indeed argue that these two theories are not equivalent. In fact, Rastall theory of gravity is an “open” theory when compared to Einstein general theory of relativity. Thus, it is ready to ... [ 8,9 ]. A key point is that all of the potential alternatives to Einstein’s general theory of relativity (GTR) must be viable. This implies that alternative theories must be in agreement with the

Tunneling decay of false vortices with gravitation

effect on vacuum decay. After studying the existence and properties of vortices, we study their decay rate through quantum tunneling using a variety of techniques. In particular, for so-called thin-wall ... -breaking φ4 potential), vortices are built out of the true vacuum and are stable both classically and quantum mechanically. (Their classical stability is easy to see: the potential and scalar field gradient

de Sitter relativity in static charts

geodesic. The time dilation and Lorentz contraction are discussed pointing out some notable features of the de Sitter relativity in static charts. ... physical meaning in quantum theory [3–6] or for describing the classical relative geodesic motion [7–9]. With their help we constructed recently the dS relativity [10] in comoving charts [11] and the AdS

General relativity from causality

causal. This makes the spin 2 case very special, and suggests that multiple species of spin 2 is forbidden, leading us to general relativity as essentially the unique internally consistent effective theory ... 2 case very special, and suggests that multiple species of spin 2 is forbidden, leading us to general relativity as essentially the unique internally consistent e ective theory of spin 2. Classical

Equivalent Theories and Changing Hamiltonian Observables in General Relativity

Change and local spatial variation are missing in Hamiltonian general relativity according to the most common definition of observables as having 0 Poisson bracket with all first-class constraints ... .: Classical and quantum field theories in the Lagrangian formalism . Phys. Rev . 89 , 4 - 16 ( 1953 ) 10. Boulware , D.G. , Deser , S. : Can gravitation have a finite range? Phys. Rev. D 6 , 3368 - 3382 ( 1972

Finite entanglement entropy in asymptotically safe quantum gravity

Abstract Entanglement entropies calculated in the framework of quantum field theory on classical, flat or curved, spacetimes are known to show an intriguing area law in four dimensions, but they are ... . Weinberg, Ultraviolet Divergences In Quantum Theories Of Gravitation, in General Relativity, an Einstein Centenary Survey, S.W. Hawking and W. Israel eds., Cambridge University Press (1980), pg. 790 [INSPIRE

Generalised Spin Structures in General Relativity

Generalised spin structures describe spinor fields that are coupled to both general relativity and gauge theory. We classify those generalised spin structures for which the corresponding fields admit ... are coupled to general relativity (GR) as well as gauge theory. In the absence of gauge fields, space–time transformations of spinors coupled to GR can be understood by considering pairs (g, ψ) of a

Remote quantum clock synchronization without synchronized clocks

A major outstanding problem for many quantum clock synchronization protocols is the hidden assumption of a common phase reference between the parties to be synchronized. In general, the definition of ... considerably better than existing classical Einstein synchronization based schemes. Here we only examined the same basic protocol as given in ref.16, which has errors scaling as the standard quantum limit

Simulating quantum dynamical phenomena using classical oscillators: Landau-Zener-Stückelberg-Majorana interferometry, latching modulation, and motional averaging

classical systems are realized using either mechanical, electrical, or optical resonators. In addition to the fundamental interest of such dynamical phenomena linking classical and quantum physics, we believe ... physics, we believe that these are attractive for the classical analogue simulation of quantum systems. Introduction Classical-quantum analogies Classical oscillators are ubiquitous in nature. With

Rational quantum secret sharing

The traditional quantum secret sharing does not succeed in the presence of rational participants. A rational participant’s motivation is to maximize his utility, and will try to get the secret alone ... of quantum. In QSS, the secret is split, distributed and reconstructed by quantum operations. QSS provides more perfect security based on the quantum theory such as uncertainty principle and no-cloning

The Present Situation in Quantum Theory and its Merging with General Relativity

We discuss the problems of quantum theory (QT) complicating its merging with general relativity (GR). QT is treated as a general theory of micro-phenomena—a bunch of models. Quantum mechanics (QM ... collaborations with W. Mayer, as part of his program for the unified field theory, but, again, conceived as a classical-like field theory, modeled on general relativity, and in opposition to quantum mechanics and

Renormalization group properties in the conformal sector: towards perturbatively renormalizable quantum gravity

inhomogeneity, with space-times of vanishing size being required to be almost homogeneous. We initiate a study of this exotic quantum field theory at the interacting level, and discuss what the full theory of ... and M.J.G. Veltman, One loop divergencies in the theory of gravitation, Ann. Inst. H. Poincare Phys. Theor. A20 (1974) 69 [INSPIRE]. [2] M.H. Goroff and A. Sagnotti, Quantum gravity at two loops, Phys

Multilayer Optimization for the Quantum Internet

We define a multilayer optimization method for the quantum Internet. Multilayer optimization integrates separate procedures for the optimization of the quantum layer and the classical layer of the ... source and target quantum nodes. The objective of the optimization of the classical layer is the cost minimization of any auxiliary classical communications. The multilayer optimization framework provides

Circuit complexity in quantum field theory

Motivated by recent studies of holographic complexity, we examine the question of circuit complexity in quantum field theory. We provide a quantum circuit model for the preparation of Gaussian states ... theory for general dimensions. Applying the geometric approach of Nielsen to this quantum circuit model, the complexity of the state becomes the length of the shortest geodesic in the space of circuits. We

Metric for a Temporal Manifold Derived from Special Relativity and Newtonian Classical Gravitational Potential

einsteinschen theorie. Sitzungs-berichte der Deutschen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 3. Halliday , David., & Resnick , Robert. ( 1985 ) Basic Concepts In Relativity And Early Quantum Theory . John Wiley ... teaching path from classical Newtonian gravitational force to a minimum first order accuracy of General Relativity. The method can be used much in the same manner as a simple transformation is used in