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The Integration of Research and Practice in Clinical Psychology

One of the most significant debates in clinical psychology in the past decade has been focused on evidence-based practices (Berke, Rozell, Hogan, Norcross, & Karpiak, 2011). This debate occurs in ... early history of psychology. Extending this empirical focus to clinical psychology, Trieweiler (2006) acknowledges the integration of research and practice as an original and defining goal of clinical

Barrows’ Integration of Cognitive and Clinical Psychology in PBL Tutor Guidelines

. In doing so it recognizes Barrows’ integration of the educational and cognitive psychology concepts of two psychologists who have influenced the psychology of education and provides an additional ... doing so Barrows combined previously unrelated knowledge about learning from cognitive and clinical psychology into a new application that extended their reach. To the same extent that Dewey focused on

An Interview with Brian Fisak

The M.A. program in Clinical Psychology was first offered at the UCF Sanford/Lake Mary Regional Campus in Fall, 2013. Recently I had an opportunity to speak with one of the program faculty members ... member of the Clinical Psychology MA program, on the Sanford /Lake Mary Campus, and I also teach undergraduate courses, including clinical psychology and childhood psychopathology. Regarding my background

Applying Computers to Clinical Social Work

work. The paper reviews the use of computers in social work, contrasting the developments in this field with those that hove occurred in psychiatry and clinical psychology. It then describes the two ... social work and the numerous applications to the related disciplines of psychiatry and clinical psychology (Schwartz, 1984) . Gripton (1983) has attributed this difference to four conditions that

The Teacher's Approach to the Study of the Disabled Reader, A Homeopathic Concept

Teachers in the classroom can provide remediation for children having difficulty in making a satisfactory reading adjustment. Students of education, without a background in clinical psychology and

The Efficacy of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Managing Self-Injurious Behaviors Among Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Review

. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) has been proposed as a last resort for particularly severe and treatment-resistant forms of SIB, yet has received little acceptance in mainstream clinical psychology. This paper ... major with a special interest in the intersection of Clinical Psychology and social justice. He is particularly interested in the prevalence of mental health issues in racial and sexual minorities, and

The Psychology of Competence and Informed Consent: Understanding Decision-Making with Regard to Clinical Research

Ph.D. (1992) in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia. Following completion of his internship at Bellevue Hospital, Dr. Rosenfeld spent to years as a post doctoral fellow in bioethics and ... Psychology, at Fordham University. Dr. Rosenfeld received his B.A. in Psychology from Boston University in 1983, and his M.A. (1991) and Ph.D. (1992) in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia

A Grounded Theory Investigation into the Experiences of African Women Refugees: Effects on Resilience and Identity and Implications for Service Provision

The current study aims to explore African women’s experiences of violence during conflict. The research was undertaken in 2009 in part fulfillment for a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology ... National Health Service, Worcestershire. The current research was submitted as partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Degree of Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Katie hopes to go on to carry out further

Generic Qualitative Research in Psychology

Some topics for qualitative research in psychology are unsuitable for or cannot be adapted to the traditional qualitative designs such as case study, ethnography, grounded theory, or phenomenology ... . Percy at Email: or Phone: 208-264-1116 Kim Kostere has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. He graduated from The Union Institute in 1989. He also has a Psy.S. in Humanistic and Clinical Psychology and

Aspects of the Sociology of Psychiatry

, is also enjoys links to other professions such as clinical psychology, psychiatric nursing and psychiatric social work. While in some sense this provides psychiatry the opportunity to be the ... discipline. Examples of the last of these are psychiatry in relation to social work, clinical psychology and nursing. Yet, while taking account of the usefulness of process analysis, it is also true that

Animal Images in College Psychology Textbooks

low-invasive text mention no training or interest in experimental psychology, but cite interests in counseling, testing, teaching, and consul­ tation. The clinical orientation of the low-invasive aumors ... . B. ( 1977 ). Psychology: The hybrid science (3rd ed.). Englewood Cliffs , NJ: Prentice-Hall. Massey , R. E. ( 1988 ). "Impact of humanistic psychology on personality, clinical and counseling texts

Psychology and Lawyering: Coalescing the Field

as one another, nor connecting to each other through their writing or in person. Some commentators focused particularly on cognitive and social psychology,13 some on insights drawn from clinical ... , addressed only certain aspects of psychology and lawyering, focusing quite little for example on insights drawn from clinical psychology, abnormal psychology, or neuroscience.18 A number of us thought it

Introduction to Psychology of Persuasion Symposium

. Rev. 281 (2016). Available at: - Number 2 SPECIAL SECTION: PSYCHOLOGY Article 1 Follow this and additional works at: Part ... of the Law Commons Recommended Citation VOLUME 16 2016 NUMBER 2 INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSUASION SYMPOSIUM Professor Kenneth D. Chestek * In February, 2014, the University of Nevada Las

The Psychology of Continence

reason modern psychology still has to rediscover some very basic aspects of human psychic structure, which were well known to the giants of classical philosophy and theology, such as Aristotle, St. Thomas ... order to fit common language) are often quite different from the needs or, more precisely, "wants" of the sensitive appetite. The clinical phenomenon of bulimia can serve us well for seeing the difference

The Psychology of Religion

seems to have occurred simultaneously with the chanting of the Matras and the heartfelt offering up of the cocoanuts and the betel-leaves in India. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION. To the Editor of The Open

Metaphysics, Psychology and Philosophy.

METAPHYSICS, PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY; PROFESSOR DEWEY'S VIEWS BY VICTOR S. YARROS - FROM time immemorial, philosophy has bceii a compound of which metaphysics, psycholog^y. logic, ethics a'l i ... psychology and its own logic. Be this as it may. however. Professor Dewev's views on questions not strictlv philosophical by his own definitions and delimitations are both arresting and important: they have

The Psychology of Fear.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FEAR. BY ARTHUR J. WESTERMAYR. FROM the beginning of human thought, fear has been regarded with contempt. To fear, to be afraid, is considered the earmark of cowardice, and as

The Psychology of Music.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MUSIC. BY CHARLES KASSEL. - AS poetry and prose are the language of thought so music is the - language of feeling. It is sound grown eloquent. Painting sculpture—nay, even the ... whole being is soothed and calmed. "Music is the most emotional of all arts," says Theodule Ribot in that highly thoughtful and suggestive work The Psychology of the Emotions (Scribners', 1900, page 103