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Opportunities and Challenges for the Emerging Field of Positive Emotion Regulation: A Commentary on the Special Edition on Positive Emotions and Cognitions in Clinical Psychology

The importance of developing a better understanding of positive emotion regulation in both healthy and clinical populations is now recognised. This special edition brings together leading figures in ... psychology movement emerged as a counter-point to the pathological focus in classic clinical psychology. They argue that this has led to an unhelpful fractionation of the field, partly driven by market

Traditions, Paradigms and Basic Concepts in Islamic Psychology

The conceptual tools of psychology aim to explain the complexity of phenomena that psychotherapists observe in their patients and within themselves, as well as to predict the outcome of therapy ... Sheffield , Sheffield , UK 1 Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi , Karachi , Pakistan 2 & Rasjid Skinner 3 Ihsaan (Islamic Psychological Therapy Service) , Bradford , UK The conceptual

Si-Ho Tchou: life of a legend from physiology to psychology

Department of Psychology, The Education University of Hong Kong , Hongkong , China 2 Department of Psychology, Shaoxing University , Shaoxing 312000 , China 3 Department of Cognitive Neurology, Hertie ... Institute for Clinical Brain Research, University of Tübingen , 72076 Tübingen , Germany - Why do the bees renounce sleep, the joys of honey, love, and divine leisure? Why do they get so much pain and

Mindfulness-Based Intervention in School Psychology

/ 10.1007/s40688-017-0141-2. Bishop , S. R. , Lau , M. , Shapiro , S. , Carlson , L. , Anderson , N. D. , Carmody , J. , et al. ( 2004 ). Mindfulness: a proposed operational definition . Clinical Psychology ... of Wisconsin- Milwaukee , Milwaukee, WI , USA 1 Department of Educational Psychology, University of Utah , Salt Lake City, UT , USA 2 Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University , 236 Audubon

#Psychology: a bibliometric analysis of psychological literature in the online media

level of research fields of Psychology. The more accumulated the level of analysis, the higher the correlations. These findings are fairly robust over time and comparable to findings from research areas ... from Clinical Psychology were classified as Clinical Medicine, rendering this by far the most voluminous field (81,762 papers, i.e., 40.4%), considerably larger than Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

Transparency of Outcome Reporting and Trial Registration of Randomized Controlled Trials Published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

reports. The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (JCCP) is the primary trials journal amongst American Psychological Association (APA) journals. The objectives of this study were to review RCTs

"Are you gonna publish that?" Peer-reviewed publication outcomes of doctoral dissertations in psychology

literature. However, the extent and nature of dissertation publication remains largely unknown within psychology. The present study investigated the peer-reviewed publication outcomes of psychology ... States of America, 4 Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine , Seattle, WA , United States of America 1 Clinical Child Psychology Program, University of

Hypoglycaemia in type 1 diabetes: technological treatments, their limitations and the place of psychology

pumps; Psychology; Review - Abbreviations CGM Continuous glucose monitoring CSII Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion HCP Healthcare professional IAH Impaired awareness of hypoglycaemia MARD Mean ... ], achieving this in routine clinical practice can be challenging. Fear is an important motivator in diabetes self-management. Previous experience of hypoglycaemia and fear of hypoglycaemia remain limiting

Physicians’ professional performance: an occupational health psychology perspective

Introduction Physician work engagement is considered to benefit physicians’ professional performance in clinical teaching practice. Following an occupational health psychology perspective, this PhD ... obtained her Master degrees in Clinical and Health Psychology and Interdisciplinary Social Science at Utrecht University. During the course of her PhD trajectory, she was project manager of the Patient

Virtual Reality Exposure in Clinical Psychology

Noonan (English 1102) Idisorders, but also in finding the most effective methods to treat them in order to help patients n clinical psychology, a strong focus is put towards not only diagnosing and ... Trial of In Virtuo and In Vivo Exposure for Spider Phobia." Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking 13.6 ( 2010 ): 689 - 94 . Print. Riva , Gisueppe. "Virtual Environments in Clinical Psychology

The Integration of Research and Practice in Clinical Psychology

One of the most significant debates in clinical psychology in the past decade has been focused on evidence-based practices (Berke, Rozell, Hogan, Norcross, & Karpiak, 2011). This debate occurs in ... early history of psychology. Extending this empirical focus to clinical psychology, Trieweiler (2006) acknowledges the integration of research and practice as an original and defining goal of clinical

Six-year positive effects of a mindfulness-based intervention on mindfulness, coping and well-being in medical and psychology students; Results from a randomized controlled trial

and psychology students participated in a randomized controlled trial. 144 received a 15-hour mindfulness course over seven weeks in the second or third semester with booster sessions twice yearly ... mindfulness and coping strategies can account for long-term effects on well-being. Materials and methods Participants and procedures Of 704 eligible first -and second-year medical and clinical psychology

Clinical psychology of Internet addiction: a review of its conceptualization, prevalence, neuronal processes, and implications for treatment

Clinical psychology of Internet addiction: a review of its conceptualization, prevalence, neuronal processes, and implications for treatment Halley M Pontes, Daria J Kuss, Mark D Griffiths ... . 1998 ; 1 ( 3 ): 237 - 244 . 5. Griffiths MD . Internet “addiction”: an issue for clinical psychology? Clinical Psychology Forum . 1996 ; 97 : 32 - 36 . 6. Griffiths MD . Internet addiction: does it

Humanistic Psychology, Same-Sex Attraction, and Safe Spaces

In this paper, we explore the concept of a genuinely “safe space,” what it might mean, and how such a concept is usually understood in both the discipline of psychology and the larger culture ... in clinical psychology from Duquesne University, where he focused on existential-phenomenological psychology and qualitative research methods. He is the author of numerous scholarly articles and book

Introduction to the Special Topic Section: The Taylor-Hartelius Debate on Psychology and Spirituality

Friedman, PhD, is Research Professor of Psychology (Retired) at University of Florida and Professor Emeritus at Saybrook University. He is a Florida licensed psychologist, holds the Diploma in both Clinical ... Psychology and also Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology, and practices as a clinical and organizational psychologist. He is a Fellow of the

Zombie Perennialism: An Intelligent Design for Psychology? A Further Response to Taylor's Soft Perennialism

In a recent paper Taylor has suggested that perennialist models are or should be resurgent within transpersonal psychology. However, perennialist models such as those of Wilber and Taylor are

PredPsych: A toolbox for predictive machine learning-based approach in experimental psychology research

experience not only in the field of psychology, but also in that of clinical neuroscience, enabling computational assessment of putative bio-behavioral markers for both prognosis and diagnosis. ... experimental psychology. Moreover, we hope that the framework of PredPsych will be inspiring and informative for the clinical psychology community, enabling clinicians to ask new questions – questions that

Addictions—Clinical Psychology: A Modular Course

of all these theories. Given that this book is published by Psychology Press in a series of modular texts in clinical psychology, it is perhaps not surprising that it provides the reader with a great ... 0 MANDY JOHNSTONE Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry, Ritson Clinic, Royal Edinburgh Hospital , Edinburgh EH10 5HF, UK The Author 2012. Medical Council on Alcohol and Oxford University Press. All

Clinical Supervisors

In this exploratory study, the authors surveyed clinical supervisors (n = 138) regarding their knowledge of their supervisees’ problems of professional competency (PPC). Findings suggest the majority ... believe to have PPC. According to Rosenberg, Getzelman, Arcinue, and Oren (2005), 55% of 129 clinical psychology students reported that PPC among peers were often inadequately addressed by university

Section Abstracts: Psychology

Abstracts of the Psychology Section for the 94th Annual Virginia Academy of Science Meeting, May 18-20, 2016, at University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA. ... . L.M. Howard, B.N. Haislip, & K.E. Heron, Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology and Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA 23529. Research suggests African American (AA) women experience less