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Ebola management centre proximity associated with reduced delays of healthcare of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) patients, Tonkolili, Sierra Leone, 2014–15

symptoms, case-fatality and adjusted Risk Ratios (aRR) using Binomial regression. Of 249 confirmed Ebola cases, 206 (83%) were admitted to the distant EMCs and 43 (17%) to the district EMC. Of them 110 (45 ... of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) cases during outbreaks: experience from Sierra Leone . The Pan African Medical Journal 2015 ; 22 ( Suppl 1 ): 14 . 9. Pathmanathan I , O'Connor KA , Adams ML , Rao CY

Discovering Drugs for the Treatment of Ebola Virus

animal models, and human clinical data, no therapeutics have been approved for the treatment of Ebola virus disease. However, several promising candidates, such as ZMapp and GS-5734, have advanced into ... , Guinea, Sierra Leone, and the USA, did not produce any statistically definitive conclusions concerning the efficacy of the treatment due to low enrollment numbers [82 ]. Similarly, the Phase II trial for

The impact of active surveillance and health education on an Ebola virus disease cluster — Kono District, Sierra Leone, 2014–2015

Background During December 2014–February 2015, an Ebola outbreak in a village in Kono district, Sierra Leone, began following unsafe funeral practices after the death of a person later confirmed to ... standard case investigation forms, and transported by ambulance to the Ebola holding center at the district hospital and, later, an Ebola treatment unit in another district. Case investigation data were

Characteristics and Outcomes of Pediatric Patients With Ebola Virus Disease Admitted to Treatment Units in Liberia and Sierra Leone: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Background. The clinical and virologic characteristics of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in children have not been thoroughly documented. ... EVD were enrolled retrospectively in 5 Ebola treatment units in Liberia and Sierra Leone in 2014/2015. Data collection and medical management were based on standardized International Medical Corps

Factors Underlying Ebola Virus Infection Among Health Workers, Kenema, Sierra Leone, 2014–2015

in Kenema District, Sierra Leone. Methods. We analyzed data from the Sierra Leone National Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Database, contact tracing records, Kenema Government Hospital (KGH) staff and Ebola

Community Event-Based Surveillance for Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone: Implementation of a National-Level System During a Crisis

Consortium rapidly implemented community event-based surveillance for Ebola virus disease at a national scale in Sierra Leone. METHODS: Community event based surveillance uses community health monitors in each ... system was mainly passive, relying on the identification of suspect cases at facilities and contact tracing. This fueled the exponential spread of EVD across Sierra Leone. The complexity of the response

Strengthening Health Systems While Responding to a Health Crisis: Lessons Learned by a Nongovernmental Organization During the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic in Sierra Leone

international NGO Partners In Health (PIH) partnered with the Government of Sierra Leone and Wellbody Alliance (a local NGO) to respond to the EVD epidemic in 4 of the country's most Ebola-affected districts. We ... Other Patient Characteristics to Mortality in a Médecins Sans Frontières Ebola Case Management Centre , Kailahun, Sierra Leone , June- October 2014 . J Infect Dis 2015 ; 212 : 1752 - 8 . 28. Qin E , Bi J

Impact of the Mass Drug Administration for malaria in response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Background As emergency response to the Ebola epidemic, the Government of Sierra Leone and its partners implemented a large-scale Mass Drug Administration (MDA) with artesunate–amodiaquine (ASAQ ... ) in response to the Ebola outbreak , December to. National Malaria Control Programme. Sierra Leone: Ministry of Health and Sanitation ; 2015 . 17. World Health Organization. Guidelines for treatment of

Barriers to disseminating brief CBT for voices from a lived experience and clinician perspective

metaanalyses have suggested that brief CBTp produces moderate treatment effects when compared to treatment as usual [ 10,11 ]. Consistent with the emerging literature suggesting that symptom-specific ... NHS. This paper presents the findings from two consultations: study one explored the perspective of people with lived experience of hearing voices, and study two explored the perspective of mental

Diversity of inland valleys and opportunities for agricultural development in Sierra Leone

functions may conflict with agricultural objectives, indiscriminate development should be avoided. This study aims to analyze the diversity of inland valleys in Sierra Leone and to develop guidelines for more ... Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Unit, Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice), Cotonou, Benin, 2 Rokupr Agricultural Research Centre (RARC), Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI

Using needle orientation sensing as surrogate signal for respiratory motion estimation in percutaneous interventions

reference needle inserted into a moving organ to estimate the lesion (target) displacement that is caused by respiration. The needles position is measured using an inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor ... unit (IMU) sensor externally attached to the hub of an initially placed reference needle. Data obtained from the IMU sensor and the target motion are used to train a learning-based approach to estimate

Maintaining Maternal and Child Health Services During the Ebola Outbreak: Experience from Pujehun, Sierra Leone

Background: During the Ebola outbreak the overall confidence of the population in the national health system declined in Sierra Leone, with a reduction in the use of health services. The objective of ... 2014, many foreign aid agencies began to leave the areas affected by Ebola, as the situation was considered unpredictable5. When the first Ebola case in Sierra Leone was reported on May 2 3 2014 , DwA

The Sierra Leone Ultrasound Rainbow4Africa Project (SLURP): an observational study of ultrasound effectiveness in developing countries

this problem. We studied the impact of ultrasound at the Holy Spirit Hospital, Makeni, Sierra Leone. Methods This is a prospective, observational study on outpatients presenting at the HSH. We enrolled ... with the implementation of ultrasound services in low-income countries. Moreover, the Ebola epidemic brought many humanitarian resources to Sierra Leone, which could be useful to arrange a multicentric

Mortality among PCR negative admitted Ebola suspects during the 2014/15 outbreak in Conakry, Guinea: A retrospective cohort study

Non-cases are suspect Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) cases testing negative by EVD RT-PCR after admission to an Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC). Admitting non-cases to an ETC prompts concerns on case- and ... /NEJMoa1511812 PMID: 26735992 6. Fitzpatrick G , Vogt F , Gbabai OBM , Black B , Santantonio M , Folkesson E , et al. Describing readmissions to an Ebola case management centre (CMC), Sierra Leone , 2014 . Euro

Performance of the GeneXpert Ebola Assay for Diagnosis of Ebola Virus Disease in Sierra Leone: A Field Evaluation Study

blood (WB) and buccal swab (BS) specimens submitted to a field biocontainment laboratory in Sierra Leone for routine EVD testing by RT-PCR (“Trombley assay”). Methods and Findings This study was conducted ... with Ebola in Sierra Leone . N Engl J Med . 2014 ; 371 : 2092 - 2100 . doi: 10 .1056/ NEJMoa1411680 PMID: 25353969 8. Strecker T , Palyi B , Ellerbrok H , Jonckheere S , de Clerck H , Bore JA , et al

Patients’ Satisfaction with Lower-limb Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices and Service delivery in Sierra Leone and Malawi

were to investigate similarities and differences between Sierra Leone and Malawi concerning participants’ mobility and satisfaction with their lower-limb prosthetic or orthotic device and related service ... people and in Malawi 16.8 million people [6]. Many lowincome countries do not offer formal university education in the field of prosthetics/orthotics [3], which is the case in Sierra Leone and Malawi. This

Offering general pediatric care during the hard times of the 2014 Ebola outbreak: looking back at how many came and how well they fared at a Médecins Sans Frontières referral hospital in rural Sierra Leone

Background In Bo district, rural Sierra Leone, we assessed the burden of the 2014 Ebola outbreak on under-five consultations at a primary health center and the quality of care for under-15 children ... case fatality (30-90%), especially where health systems are fragile [2, 3]. The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa began in Guinea in December 2013 and rapidly spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia and beyond

Assessment of Environmental Contamination and Environmental Decontamination Practices within an Ebola Holding Unit, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone, by assessing environmental swab specimens for evidence of contamination with Ebola virus by RT-PCR. Swabs were collected following discharge of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) patients ... . Fitzpatrick G , Vogt F , Gbabai OBM , Black B , Santantonio M , Folkesson E , et al. Describing readmissions to an Ebola case management centre (CMC), Sierra Leone , 2014 . 2014 ; (Cmc: ): 1 - 6 .

Successful Control of Ebola Virus Disease: Analysis of Service Based Data from Rural Sierra Leone

first detected in Sierra Leone in May 2014 in Kailahun district. Despite high case numbers elsewhere in the country, transmission was eliminated in the district by December 2014. We describe interventions ... ]. Available from: sierra-leone-ebola-emergency-weekly-situation- report- no- 04 -10- 16-november- 2014 . 4. The World Bank Poverty Reduction & Economic Management Unit

Ledermanniella yiben sp. nov. (Podostemaceae), Critically Endangered at the proposed Yiben Reservoir, Sierra Leone

Ledermanniella yiben Cheek is described from the Seli (Rokel) river bed at a single rapid to be flooded by the proposed Yiben hydroelectric dam and reservoir in Sierra Leone. It is assessed as ... , Sierra Leone, in April 2016, the second and third authors encountered a species of Podostemaceae, van der Burgt 1992. The plants were scattered densely along the gneissic rock bed of the river, then at its